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The next question posed by brother Abdullah from Tamil Nadu India, if Dawa compulsory

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Yes, Dawa is a farm. It is compulsory. Allah subhanaw taala says integrates Quran in Surah Al Azhar chapter number 103 was the 123 he says while us in in Santa Fe because he lives in Amarillo, Amarillo, solly hottie Fatah. So Bill happened to us over the summer, that by the token of time, man is rarely in a state of loss unless taking the oath of time, that man is rarely in a state of loss except those who have faith. Those who do righteous deeds, those who exhort people to truth and those exhort people to patient and perseverance. This story

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is the Rahimi job. It is the path to gender. It is the criteria for any human being good Jenna, and Allah save in the Surah Surah Al Azhar that humankind is in loss isn't casada except if we have four things. Number one is Eman. Belief faith. Number two is that I change this I'm going to solid hat. Number three is what are some ad hoc, inviting people exhorting people to throw that in doing Dharma and Islam and number four is what was the sub inviting people to patience and consistency. So for any human being to go to Jenna minimum four criteria required a man that is believed righteous deeds, and why do people the truth, thou or Islam and inviting people to patience and perseverance,

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if any one of these four is missing, you may be a very good Muslim, you will be pretty five times a day you may have gone for hygiene, you may be giving the card you may 1 in the month of Ramadan, but if you don't do Dawa, if you do not invite people to the husk,

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then according to Surah, Al Azhar, you shall not enter Jannah if Allah was to forgive you, and Gan to Jenna that is Allah prerogative, but if you do not do thou found to serial acid You shall not enter genma According to him, um Shafi he said that if this sutra alone was revealed, it would have been sufficient for the hedaya for the guidance of humankind. It's such a powerful surah

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and one of the criteria to good agenda is tava. So dhaba is compulsory. It's not optional. Some people say it is for the cafe. No it's not for the cafe. It is for the end. It is compulsory, every Muslim should do Dawa and Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran

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in surah alleman surah number three at 910

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fish kuntum Cara Amato creatures Lynas, say Muslims, he had the best of people ever for mankind that musona bill Murphy was at home and Mankato Nabila because you enjoy what is good and familiar design and believe in Allah. Allah is calling you a Kira oma because the best of people because you enjoy what is good and forbid what is wrong and if you do not enjoy what is good, and if you do not forbid what is wrong, if you do not do dava you are not fit to be called as oma you unfit to be called at the best of people.

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Therefore, to endow inviting non Muslims to the truth of Islam is compulsory that there isn't a law called the US Kira oma. Allah also says in the Quran in surah forcella chapter number 41 verse number 33 woman has to call a man boiler like that who is better in speech than one who invites people to the view of Allah subhanaw taala woman has to call mimin Doyle Allahu wa millefolium Allah in a liminal muslimeen, who is better in speed then want to invite to the way of the Lord who works righteousness and faith that I'm a Muslim, the best profession, according to the Glorious Quran, is a person who invites people to the truth of Allah subhanaw taala who is a die, the best profession

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for a Muslim is a die. What are the Beloved Prophet? For the Messenger of Allah? He was a die for Dawa is compulsory and if you read the Quran, one third of the Quran is talking about the non Muslims. About delicata about the Jews and Christians cool Yeah. Cool. Yeah, I

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think say to the one who rejects the faith, say to the non Muslims, Allah says, Kali Hello Kitab See, or allocate up, say or Jews and Christians. So all these alleged telling you to tell them

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Allah says cool 332 times in the Quran, tell them tell them tell.

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In our Salah in the masjid the mom is reciting full hollow phase allowing only

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Everyone in the mosque are Muslims. They believe allies one so who is the Imam Ali? He mommy's telling us Muslims that when you go out of the mosque, say to those who don't believe in one God, that Allah is one. How many of us Muslim do that?

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They must be the deciding Kajal coffee don't say to those who reject faith. Everyone in the mosque, they have faith

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alleged telling the Muslims to go and tell those non Muslims tell them

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Allah think gulia handle kita theory People of the Book say or Jews and Christians. Allah says Allah Taku selasa do not say Trinity, how neophyte Muslim foreigners or foreign one third of the Quran is telling you tell to the non Muslim tell to the LA kita. Tell to the unbelievers. How many Muslim to da da for the end, it is one of the criteria to good agenda. If you do not do our under normal circumstances, you shall not go to Jannah if Allah wants to forgive you, as Allah says Allah will forgive anything except the sin of shelter and allow us to put in gender that's our last prerogative. But Tao is compulsory for the end, and every Muslim should do as much as possible. It

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is the best profession