Is Coronavirus a Punishment from Allaah

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The next question from

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mafia, India? Is COVID-19 a punishment from Allah? Or is it a test? If it's a punishment, then what new sins have we done in this era, which even our ancestors haven't done? That has made Allah angry with us.

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Let me first tell you the basic

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guideline and outline, that whenever there is a calamity, whether it be an epidemic, whether it be a pandemic, whether it be floods, whether it be rains, whether it be an earthquake, any calamity, it can either be a punishment, or it can be a test. If the people are sinful, then most probably, this is a punishment for them. In that same area, they be people who are very good, we're very pious, who may be praying five times a day maybe following the outcome of, of Allah Spanos, Allah and the prophet and even the affected. So in such cases, if you're on the straight path and are not doing anything, then this,

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this calamity, it's a test for you. So at the same time, that same calamity, can be a punishment for some people can be a test for some people. If you're on the straight path, it's a test and the last testing you that if I left giving you difficulties, yet, do you worship alone? Not yet, do you think alone, so these calamities are a reminder to us

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to get you closer to Allah subhanaw taala so it can be both. So you yourself can decide whether this calamity is a punishment or a test if you're far away from the deen if you're breaking the laws of Allah subhanaw taala and are missing your masala solemn if away from the Sunnah. Then be sure this is a punishment. If you're on the straight path, offering them Salah, you have given us a copy of fasting you're following the five pillars and all the gram of the Quran. Then, rest assured that this is a test for you. And as a beloved for masala Salim said.

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It's mentioned se Bukhari one number 700 number 5734, as I share my lab up with the wife of the Prophet said that, that the Prophet said that Allah has been the plague as a punishment, on whom he wishes amongst that believers, but for the believers, it is a blessing.

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And if the believers

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remains in the deflected place of plague, with sincere faith, and agree that whatever happens, will happen with the will of Allah and having faith in the father, then he will get the reward of a matter. This is mainly for plague, but then extended to other diseases, as far as the reward is concerned,

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regarding a question, yes, it can be a punishment, it can be a test, regarding a question that what new things have we done in this age that Allah has sent this calamity?

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I mean, I believe the world every day is going far and far away from Allah subhanaw taala. It's going more and more further away. And you see what was in the past, today, something different, the fire actually is increasing, the obscenity is increasing, the Sena is increasing, homosexuality is increasing. And you will see that there are many of the signs of that hora sama, on my Facebook if you go and doing the signs to have the ends of the world. And the three sections to it, the minus signs and the major signs, the minus signs are divided into minus signs that have already occurred and minus signs that have not yet occurred. For the end of the world, I finished the minus sign that

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have already occurred and minus and that have not occurred in shall after I'm done. I continue with the major signs of

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the end of the world and the 10 major signs which have got some signs in it.

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And I did say that there will be times when women would be crowded, but would appear naked. They'll wear clothes, but actually they'll not be wearing clothes. You know, and you find now today people the ladies wearing dresses are so short, most of the body feel they were transparent and all these things. So there is so much of a rush. There's so much of obscenity, there's so much of and it's become more public. Previously, yes, maybe it was done on an individual level. It was done on a society level but not in all over the world today. You can see on the television channels you can see on the social media, you can see on the Facebook you can see on the YouTube, so it has increased

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to epidemic level or sorry pandemic level. Because all the social medias available throughout the world, if I'm playing pandemic level, and we pray to Allah subhanaw taala that we keep away from all these major sins, and also the minor sins and favors from the punishment of last minute

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Allah and little faith in Allah subhanaw taala and let this be a test for us so that we can prove it on this monitor.