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I became a Muslim

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Zakir Naik

Channel: Zakir Naik

Episode Notes

I was a Hindu who met a Muslim boy 3.5 years ago because of whose Dawah I became a Muslim

Episode Transcript

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difference shall be the last question

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before we end the session, this question is from Isha a report from Jharkhand, India. I am born in the Hindu family, but from the past few years I am a Muslim Alhamdulillah my family's absolutely anti Muslims. And after this Corona and Jamaat incidents, the hatred for Muslims have doubled. I met a boy three and a half years back. He is the Muslim by Bata Hamdulillah. He gave me the knowledge about Islam and Allah gave me the hedaya and I became a Muslim by heart and soul. Now I want to marry him so that I can follow Islam and inshallah I will.

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But till the time I'm here at my parents house, I have to face many troubles like I have to hurt the cruel words against Muslims. They criticize Muslims, they say bad things about Muslims. They forced me to eat Prasad. They scold me when I do hijab, they scold me when I say good things about Muslims. They stop me from fasting. They actually don't know that I'm a Muslim now, but they have hints. They put question on my character and many other things. What should I do till the time I'm here? Third, the boy I want to marry who gave me the knowledge about Islam never forced me to convert. My family members see news channels such as arch TOC and Republic TV, and they keep on criticizing my

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religion, Islam. They are hardcore BJP parties. Regarding the reply to your question sisters, Allah says in the Quran in surah Fossella chapter number 14, one was number 34, that Repel evil with goodness, you may never know the person in whose heart is evil, he will become your friend, the person who is your enemy, he will become your friend. So Allah advises Repel evil with goodness. So even though your family members against you, they're cursing you, they're criticizing you, they're attacking the Muslims. You are the good Muslim, and I congratulate you that you've accepted Islam. May Allah support you, you as a good Muslim should respect your parents to respect your family

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members. If they are against you, you have to be better. You have to be kind to them. You have to be merciful for them. They should say What kind of daughter is this? We are taking her back in sizing she's yet kind of yet loving. You have good love your mother Moo. You have to love your father more. You have to love your brother move. And they should find a marked difference between Isha what was before becoming a muslim and Nisha, after she's become a Muslim, you should obey them. Only those things that they tell you which is against Quran and the Sunnah against the commandments of Allah and the thing of the Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem, against the Sharia. Those are the only things you

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have to obtain from Allah says in the Quran, in Surah lukeman, Chapter 31, verse number 14 and 15. And step number 29, verse number eight, that you have to be kind to your parents. But if the parents do jihad, strife and struggle to make you worship somebody else besides Allah, then don't obey them. So only this time when they asked you to do share it to idol worship, don't obey them, when they force you to have Prasad, don't obey them politely refused them. Don't be rude to them. And they should be a marked difference in your behavior.

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Love them. Even if they criticize you, then I would request you that ask your friend, what you close to Islam and confirm that does he want to marry you?

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You may never know few particulars to Islam. He didn't force you. But ask him directly. Do you want to marry me? And how long will it take to marry? ask a direct question? Don't feel shy. If he says it's a few months, no problem. If it is too long, then I will tell him that I cannot practice for long Islam in my family. So to see to it that you have to tell him to talk to his parents and find like the marriage as soon as possible. And if he's trying to give excuses, no, I will give you the answer after three years after four years, then give him an ultimatum. You give me the answer within a few days or a couple of weeks when I go to marry and see to it that it is very soon in the next

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few months. Maximum a few more months, but don't delay it too much. If you find that he's not very firm, I would advise you look for someone else who is a good Muslim, or convince him to marry you fast and marry this person according to rules of Sharia taking the permission of his parents. Inform your parents in the moment he agrees that you have become Muslim. You are an adult you have a right to choose your life partner and hamdulillah after

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If you tell your parents that you have become Muslim, it becomes your duty that you have to do Dawa to them. But see to it that don't behave rude with them. If they are rude to you, you should not be rude to them because paradise live beneath the feet of your mother. Your mother may not be in paradise, but your paradise lies beneath the feet of your mother. Be kind to her. Be respectful to her. And it's your duty that you can then give my talks on similarity between Islam and Hinduism and other lectures of mine. Slowly, slowly talk to them, only when you talk to them, and you speak to them nicely kindly with love and affection. And I pray to Allah subhanaw taala that may give Daya to

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your parents and all your family members, so that all of you inshallah can enter Jannah