Four Madhabs and why do they Differ

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The next question posed by Abdul Karim from Lahore, Pakistan. If all the Muslims believe in the same Quran and the same Hadith, then why are there four mud hubs? And why do they differ?

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This is a very important question and a very sensitive question.

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The rest of the question that if the Muslims believe in the same Quran, and believe in the same Hadith, then why are they former Dubs? And why to the difference?

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I do agree that as far as the LSO novel Jamaat is concerned,

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major chunk of the Muslims all of us believe in the same Quran. We believe in the same idea we believe after the Quran is the Buhari the most important than a Muslim is there then you follow the quotable citta that Abu Tao Tirmidhi the nickname magia fullness fitness i The four are the main collection of the quarter peseta and the unanimous agreement between this the Quran and the cannabis sector number one after the Quran Buhari then Muslim and then the other four books after the regatta your question that why are there for meetups and why do they differ?

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As far as

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the four popular meetup that we have today

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and we follow the four Emma's that Imam Abu Hanifa

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Imam Malik Imam, Shafi Animam me humble. May Allah have mercy on them all. I love all the four months I respect them all. And I really pray for all of the May Allah subhanho wa Taala Gan the mercy and may Allah put all of them in genitive FreeDOS Allah.

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Let me correct you first, that the four modahaus became to explain to the Muslim ummah.

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Islam in detail, let me tell you that they don't differ always, they differ rarely more than 90 to 95% all the former they are the same.

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They may differ in some issues may be minor issues. I find it the major issues of concern about Salah we have to pray five times regarding the recording guide all the former that they are saved in the minute aspects of Salah or if they may differ here and there, but they are minut differences. It's not a major difference at all, it is not worth fighting over it. So let me tell you that 90 to 95% of all the former they are the same, exactly the main difference, small issues, and very few all these four Amis they said that if you find any of my fatwa, any of my wording which goes against Allah and His or school, which goes against Quran and Hadith, then you throw my first one, the one.

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So all the four months, they've agreed great scholars.

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And they came to explain the deen to us

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regarding why do they differ if we follow the same Quran and the same idea, the very important question and this question troubled me for many years

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Alhamdulillah Allah has blessed me that I have met many scholars from all the former the head

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and I interacted with many of them many hours and spent time with them. And

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I posed the same question why do they differ and the reply they gave was there some less satisfying some more satisfying, but there's no convincing reply for the masses.

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And the lesson Maham the laughter meeting this color from all this format I had my vision of Islam and the differences Alhamdulillah expanded Allah. Allah clearly mentioned in the Quran in surah nine chapter three verse 103, what the theme will be oblige me to hold to the rope of Allah strongly and be not divided. We Muslims are supposed to hold the rope of Allah that the Glorious Quran and the Hadith, and all its Iijima all the LS for novels among the Muslims we believe in the Quran and the Hadith, then why are the differences

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to explain to common man, I will give you some examples and always believe in explaining people by giving example with the understand.

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I would like to ask a simple question to the people who know English. What is the spelling of the word color?

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Can you guess?

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Give the reply. You can give the reply on the WhatsApp. You can give the reply on the Facebook you can give the reply on YouTube. What is the spelling of color? I'm not getting any reply. What is the spelling of color

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what is the spelling of color?

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Some may say the spelling of color is c o l o u r.

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Some may say the spelling of color is C O L O R

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which is correct. A person who is well versed with English will tell you that the first spelling is the spelling of British English ce o l o u r is the British spelling for the word color Si O L O R is the American spelling for the word color. I must mean the question which is correct ce o l o u r or CO Lor and again you'll have different opinion some will say C or l o u r is correct if the British some will say C O L O R if it's an American, some will say both are correct. But, even if they differ, you will never find them fighting over this issue. Let me defer a British I will say ce o l o u r is correct. I'm an Indian. We were ruled by the Britishers and quite a large portion of

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the world was ruled by the petitioners so all those who are ruled by the British and we were British colonies we will follow a British English spelling of currency or Lor the American will say co Lor we agree to both

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a British I would prefer you and all you are but if someone says you Lor fine. We are going to differ same with American he will say C O Lor but he agree if you believe that the better but they agree with your ello you are also similarly this is just an example I've given you How do you pronounce or FTE and

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how would you pronounce or FTE some will say often some will say often.

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Previously will often then it became often now new people are seen often is correct. D is not silent. It should be pronounced some cities and and then the big debate for that. But we realize that both are correct known ways. Similarly, the schools of thought for that we have actually there were many times and hundreds of Imams and scholars. The four Imam Abu Hanifa Imam Malik Imam Shafi Imam, MO The number may Allah have mercy on them all. May Allah grant them genitive for those who all they were more popular. Or maybe the students made them popular. There were many other Imams, many other sheiks many other scholars. But before their teachings became more popular, maybe the

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students made it more popular. And that's how we have these four major mother hips. But all these four great scholars and for a mass they never came to bring a division in the Muslim ummah they explain their point of view

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because if it very clear cut in the Quran, there is no problem at all. If we've taken out the the different comes when there is a difference open. Now why is there a difference of opinion? I will describe that previously as to think okay fine, you know maybe the differences in the Hadith some people say say Hadid some people say that the different that is not the real answer, that maybe in some cases

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after meeting so many folks has and scholars of the different mother hip.

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I've come with this example of the spelling or the example of pronunciation. So similarly the mother had different what is the major reason according to my study,

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there is a full effect

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that in areas where it is not very clear cut, Quran says alcohol haram there's no faking it Allah says Hara

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so no one will differ a lot or a lot of people that come when there is difference in understanding the Quran or the Hadith etc then the fixed part. So as far as a full ific is concerned, there are different criteria for giving you a ruling on fic.

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Some may have five criteria some may have six, some may seven some may have nines or maybe even 10.

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I will not discuss in detail time does not permit and difficult for common men to understand.

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I'll give a few examples for better understanding number one differences difference in the criteria as far as the first two criteria are concerned.

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It is the same number one criteria in all modahaus all schools of thought it is Quran number one there is no difference in it.

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Number two is the Moto Uttaradit. All the schools of thought believe that number two criteria for fish.

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If the Matamata what is the mood of authority? There are very different classifications of it

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each one of the classification depending upon the narrator's, the chain of narrators, whatever that means a hadith in which there are various chain of narrators in every generation. That means that hadith has been narrated by various many sabas, who heard the Prophet said that, then the next generation turbine, there are many turbines who repeated that hadith, then the Tabatabai and many turbine repeaters. So, in every generation there are various mini generators. So, in one of the classification of Hadith, it is based on aerators

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it is maybe a very single chain of Hadith, then they've had it one narrator is there at any much the only one narrator. For example, the very famous or did the first hadith of say Bukhari, Omar Abdullah when he said that the Prophet said in Armenia,

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your actions are based on your intention. All you find this hadith in Bukhari and Muslim in various books of Hadith, but the only one Saba narrated it, so if any of the stages were the stage of Saba that are by not debatable in any of the stages of narration, if any of the stages are only one Narrator coming in all that it becomes a hot topic. So there are various chain of narratives but all the narrators end to Omar Abdullah one and then Mara dalawa narrated what the Prophet said. So it become the other day it may be I'm sure that it is there may be two or three narrators and it keeps on various category the highest category is moto Moto, that means thermal generators at every stage

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that we every stage have made inheritors number in our fleet has to be more than four or five, every stage Some are 20 some are 30 at every stage.

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So number one

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is the Quran. Number two is the myth of alternative.

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All the schools of thought agree that the number two highest category of evidence after the Quran is the mortality.

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Third category onwards. The third criteria of evidence differs in different schools of thought

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from my five criteria, some are six or seven some have 10 criteria, in some schools of thought the third criteria highest criteria of evidence is

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even harder, as long as I had it even had no problem it can be a maturity, it did the third half and some schools are no no no, the third after the mutawatir hadith is the orphan is the custom that if the people of Medina did this act, it is a custom It is the third higher than even say Hadith, which is the other day some will say no, it is a US energy. So, different schools of thought have different criteria in order first to the same, the third may be a deed some may say no or the custom, some may say class energy other group before it becomes harder this the fourth becomes custom in some schools of thought. So, from the third onward, it differs. So based on this

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difference, some may prefer custom as a higher so if it is not there in the Quran, if it not there mutawatir Hadith it is an added to this clause

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that says it is another depending on the north.

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So, I will not believe I will give more importance, customer importance. So the differences arrive in what you give more importance to you will give important more to offer the customer, do you give more importance to chaos and ology or do you give more importance to Hadith from third level it keeps on differing in different schools of thought. So because of that what you give more importance to differs. That's how the ruling differs, but all these rulings are minor.

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What do you have to understand that we have to respect the ruling of all the four schools of thought

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because all the four schools of thought are based on Quran, they are based on Hadith, but the level of importance may differ. Some schools of thought say they may have a criteria if you're talking about salah

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it should be amatola Tara this because Allah the Prophet paid in public, almost all the servers saw him. So if you give about salah Hadith, though it is a he will not follow if it is Allah it has to be able to form with Allah did not follow the thinking. You may agree or not agree. You may say no it hasn't it once reported it it is sufficient for me it's as I had it fulfill the criteria of Fi it is sufficient for me other school offers you know if it's other matters, I will believe in added but salah, such important thing Prophet prayed every day five times a day, it shouldn't be able to water difference opinion. So how do you differ? So the third and the fourth and the fifth level of

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criteria after the first two differ?

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So this is the reason why the major differences there in the four schools of thought

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it may be difficult for people to understand number two.

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The difference may also be that you may differ that whether it's a say Hadith or not. Some methods are Saturday's Hassan editions, the lowest level of failure, did somebody say No, at the day if I did. Today, if I did not a hijab

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is not an evidence for saying something is far or something is haram. It may have other values. So the Wahhabi theme may differ. And when the default the default minute or message, somebody says I haven't is the lowest category of classifying Hadith on the basis of whether they say they for Mozu is another classification. So you have the default, there are 10 types of society then comes if then come with more due time, we're not going to go into details. So the second type of difference of opinion in fake besides the criteria is whether the Hadith they say are the

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few third, maybe difference in understanding the Hadith. For example, the Hadith of the Prophet Musa al salaam, that after ruku,

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the Prophet stood, and he kept his hands where there were

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some schools of thought, I'm not mentioning the names purposely, some schools of thought, say, the prophet

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kept his hand

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on his chest before even to recruit the hands on the chest. So after ruku when they get up, they keep the hand on the chest,

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the other eye Murthy know, before starting the Salah, where were the hands, the hands were the side. So, when they get up from ruku they keep the hands on the side. So, here you understand that the differences because understanding that it

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all of them agree that the DTC but one fuqaha agree to this hadith refers to wherever the hands before going to the other focus, agree that it was before starting salaries are so different in interpreting that it so one is because of criteria which is the major difference. Number two is that difference in whether it's a failure they've number three and understanding that it similarly they can be a different than understanding the Quranic verse also.

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For example, the verse of the Quran says that when a woman touches your will do bricks.

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So one FOCA agrees that physical touch Brexit will do the Arabic word of Messiah coming from the word la masa, Lama says go to meaning Arabic one means the sexual touch, one means a physical touch. So one foci takes it as a physical touch and the physical touch breaks and we'll do the other focuses No, it means sexual touch. So physical touch does not make a move to so the differences are there in understanding

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the meaning of the verse of the Quran. So because of the differences, whether it be difference in criteria, whether it be difference in whether it's, God forbid, whether it's the difference and understanding that the whether the difference in understanding the verse of the Quran, because of this, the differences are there, and the differences are minor.

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We should not fight over it. What we find today that because of the issue, there are some people who did study for a few months, a few years, and they start saying that okay, my three kids the best and is only right one, which is wrong. All these are great forecasts, we love them or respect them all. Even they among themselves, when they differ they respected. They agreed with the view what they said, my view I think is observed. It is better. That doesn't mean you are wrong. But today, most of them you're wrong. I'm right. What I say even I am right. To say I am only right in the big problem. Or you can say I think this is absurd. This is better than you can say. But today what we have no

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I'm only right, you're wrong. Because of that there is tension and there is fighting. We Muslims should be united. These are petty issues, the differences are going to be there. There were differences in the Sabbath, we should not fight over it and we should agree that we agree to disagree. We should not fight over it and all the issues are not on the major issues. There are minor issues. So I request the Muslim ummah, that we should be united, and we should respect the Imams and we should respect the scholars and seated that we follow the Quran and the Hadith as close as possible. of them to the question