Concept of God in Hinduism According to the Vedas

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Among the scriptures of the Hindus the most sacred or the way does the basically four way does that equate the jewel with the thumb weight and the trouble with

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if you read the edge weight, it's mentioned in chapter number 32 was number three, not to separate the majesty of him, there is no image. Almighty God has got no images.

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It's mentioned that your weight chap number 40 was number eight, that Almighty God is bodyless and PR and the next was of graduate chapter number 40 was number nine faith that unpardonable Vicente yah has some good capacity that they are entering darkness, those who worship the Assam booty or some moody means the natural things like air, water, fire, and the worst continues. They are entering more in darkness. Those who worship the some booty, some booty are the created things like chair, table idols etc. Who says that they will wait chapter number 40 was the benign

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further if you read it's mentioned in that terrible with chapter number 20. Him number 58 was number three, the MaHA OC, were really great as Almighty God

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amongst the Vedas, the most secret is the great.

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It's mentioned a great book number one, him number 164 was number 46 That phages and saintly people call Almighty God by various names.

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And if you read language, book number two, him number one, there are various attributes given to Almighty God. One amongst them as mentioned dig with

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book number two, him number one was number three, Brahma if you translate Bahama into English, one of its meaning is the Creator. If you translate into Arabic, it means colic.

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The Muslim Muslims have got no objection if someone calls Almighty God as Catholic or creator or Brahma but if someone says that Bahama is Almighty God, we've got four heads and on each head is a crown we Muslims take strong objection to it. Moreover, you're going against SATA SATA or Punisher chap number six was number nine he says not tested Fatima Asti have him there is no likeness. You're giving an image to Almighty God.

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And the beautiful attribute given in the great

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book number to him number one was number three is Vishnu. If you translate vision into English, one of its meaning is the sustainer. The cherisher if it asked me into Arabic, it means Rob we Muslims have got no objection if someone calls Almighty God as Rob All Sustainer Archer the show, oh Vishnu but if someone says that Vishnu is Almighty God we've got four hands and one of his hands is a chakra that this case and one of the hands is the Lotus we Muslims take strong objection to it Moreover, you're giving an image to Almighty God you're going against the Agile way chapter number title was number three which says not tested Fatima Asti have him there is no image

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as mentioned Rick with one number eight chapter number one was number one, March the new the sunset, All praises are due to him alone, worship Him alone.

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It's mentioned in the grade.

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More number six, hymn number 45 Verse number 16. Yeah, it must be he there is only one God worship Him alone.

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And the Brahma sutra the fundamental creed of Hinduism is a gum brown dusty and nasty. Nia nasty Kenshin Bhagwan aka Lutheran here, now he has a he has a Robin here. There is only one God not a second one. Not at all. Not at all, not in the least bit. So if you read the Hindu scriptures, you should understand the concept of God and Hinduism.