Concept of God in Hinduism

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The first is the concept of God. They understand what is the concept of God and Hinduism.

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If you ask the common Hindu, that how many gods does it believe in? Some may say three, some may say 10, some is 100. Some is 1000, while others may say 33 crows 330 million. But if you ask a learning Hindu, who's well versed with the scriptures, he will tell you that the Hindus should believe and worship only one Almighty God.

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But the common Hindu, he believes in a philosophy known as pantheism.

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The common Hindu says that everything is God that we've got, the sun is God, the moon is God, the human being is God, the snake is God. What we Muslims say everything is God's, g od with an apostrophe s, everything belongs to God, that He belongs to God. The sun belongs to God, the moon belongs to God, the human being belongs to God, the snake belongs to God. So the major difference between the common Hindu and the common Muslim is the common into says everything is God. We Muslims say everything is God's God with an apostrophe s, the major difference is only the apostrophe s. If we can solve this difference,

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if we can solve this difference of Apostrophe S, the Hindus and the Muslims will be united. How would you do it? tala Vila calm within Sala embedded Amina Come come to common terms as the US and EU, which is the first term I learn out with the Illa Allah that we worship none but when Almighty God. Let us try and understand what the Hindu scriptures have to speak about Almighty God in Hinduism.

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Amongst in the Scriptures, are the sacred scriptures are you punished?

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It's mentioned in the channel you're punished.

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Chapter number six. section number two was number one, it says a comm idiom. It's a Sanskrit quotation, which means God is only one without a second. It's mentioned in the last

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chapter number six was number nine.

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Now Jessica says Janita, Deepa, often there are no lords. He has got no master. Almighty God has got no parents. He has got no mother. He has got no father. He has got no superior.

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It's mentioned in this way slash.

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chap number four, was number 19. Notice it with the majesty which means of him. There is no likeness. Almighty God has got no likeness. It's mentioned in this

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chapter number four was number 20. Almighty God is imageless. No one can see him with his eyes. No one can see his form with these eyes.

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And amongst into scripture,

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the most popular is the Bhagavad Gita. It's mentioned in Bhagavad Gita. Chapter number seven, was number 20.

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All those whose intelligence has been stolen by material desires, they worship demigods. But with the touch up number seven, verse number 20 faith that all materialistic people, they worship demigods, including idols,

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and amongst the Hindu scriptures, the most sacred of the Vedas.

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It's mentioned yesterday with chapter number 32 was number three, notice it with the majesty of him. There are no images, Almighty God has got no images he's unborn

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only he should be worshipped.

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It's mentioned that you read chapter number 40 was number eight. Almighty God is imageless and pure. It's mentioned chapter number 40 verse number nine, and the heart number Vicente Yeah, awesome whoo pasty, and that

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means darkness provision t means entering. And Assam booty means the natural things like fire, water, air. So your job a chap number 40 verse number nine says they are entering darkness, those who worship the natural things like fire, water, air, etc. And there was continues they are entering more in darkness, those who worship the sun booty, that is the creative things like table chair, idols etc.

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It further mentioned in the

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book number 20. And number 58 was number three. Dave mahasi. Verily, great is almighty God and amongst the Vedas, the most sacred is the regret.

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It's mentioned with book number one, m number 164. was 46.

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It comes vipra Buddha wanted to take one go

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is one sages call him by a variety of names and the same message that God is one and sages call him by a variety of name is repeated in rigveda book number 10 him 114 was number five

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and regret alone in book to him number one gives no less than 33 different attributes to Almighty God.

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One amongst them

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is mentioned in the grade. Book number two him number one was number three is the Hama

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Bahama is called the greater

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if you translate into Arabic, it means kalloch we Muslims have got no objection if someone says Almighty God is colleague or creator. But if someone says Almighty God is creator, we've got four heads and on each edge is a crown we Muslims take strong exception. Moreover, you're going against the tacit Upanishads chapter number four what's the 90 received? Now festivity masti often there's no likeness.

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The other attribute given

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in the grid, book number two, him number one was number three is Vishnu. Vishnu is called the Sustainer it means the cherisher if you translate into Arabic, it is somewhat similar to rob. The Muslims have got no objection if someone calls Almighty God as Rob sustainer or Jerry show or Vishnu. But if someone says sustainer with Almighty God who is relaxing on a couch of snakes traveling in the sea of flying in the air on the board Garuda I have four hands. One right hand is a chakra this case the left hand, here's the conch we Muslims take strong objection. Moreover, you're going against schedule with chapter number 32 was the material he says no, that's it but he must

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have him there are no images Almighty God has got no images.

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It further mentioned in the great book number eight him number one was number one martyr than the sunset.

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Praise Him alone. He alone deserves worship.

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It's mentioned with book number six him number 45 was 16. Yeah, it musty

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praise Him alone. He alone deserves worship.

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And the Brahma sutra of Hinduism is a come from duta nasty, nasty kitchen. But when he hit do serrana he, he he there is only one God not a second one. Not at all. Not at all, not in the least bit.

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So if you read the Hindu scriptures, you should understand the concept of God in Hinduism.