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Alhamdulillah! Hindu Woman Accepts Islam

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Zakir Naik

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I just want to take Shahada

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Masha, Allah, the sister

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the sister at the question earlier, and I believe we're in the sister. Yeah I'm Hindu. Yes, the sister had earlier question. Masha Allah gave her that and she wants to accept Islam. I want to ask your sister Do you believe there is one God? Yeah, I believe Do you believe that Almighty God has got no images? Yes, yes. And you believe that there's no one to worship besides Allah I mean, do you believe that there's no God but Allah Yeah, I believe. Do you believe Prophet Muhammad is the last and final messenger of this God? Yes, I believe in shall I say in Arabic and repeated sister.

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I shall

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I say in Arabic and repeat the sister slowly okay. I shall do hi shadow. Allah, Allah ilaha illa Illa Allah, Allah, Masha, Masha, Allah, Muhammad and Muhammad, Abu Abu

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Rasul Allah, Masha Allah.

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Sister I just say the conflation. I just mentioned the translation sister repeated the translation which is much more easier. I bear witness.

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I bear witness I bear witness that that there is no God, that there is no God but Allah mat Allah and Prophet Muhammad and Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger, the messenger and servant of Almighty God and servant of Almighty God Almighty. Mashallah, sister. You are a Muslim, my last Mother of audio

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and my lagrande Jana

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and sister as I mentioned earlier, if you have any question any queries, please don't feel shy you can contact the local organizations here. If any questions you can even send an email to organization, Islam at iref dotnet. We have a lady swing which takes care of any questions, any query any problems you have, and sister situate that as you keep on learning whatever Islam slowly and steadily main thing is Eman. believing the practice keeps on coming slowly and steadily. Whatever you learn, you can ask questions you can keep on following and slowly slowly inshallah inshallah you can keep on following all the tenets of Islam. Thank you. Well, my sister, is there

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any organization which can teach me how to pray how to do other things? I'm sure there is an organization that will be

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organized. I know in Dubai that a bit I'm sure there are lady organizations. And I think this is the Yasmin who is the wife of my friend but then I moved in. Surely sister Jasmine will be somewhere in the ladies, when they have a lady's organization, you can contact the volunteer and they'll help you out in teaching you how to pray, how to offer salah and the other aspects of Islam. Thank you, sister.