Abortion is Haram in Islam

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Salam Alaikum

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if the soul is breathed into the fetus after four months, then why is it that abortion before four months is considered as killing? This is a question that if the soul is bedded into the fetus at four months, then why is killing before four months, counted as ram systems realize that taking life is prohibited.

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For example, we know that there are many of the living creatures wonder soul

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and soul is not there are many living creatures. But if you kill that living creature that doesn't mean is allowed. You can't even kill a spider four without any reasonable form of solid killing any living creature, whether it has sold or not, if killing a creature with a soul carries because

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that's a different question altogether. So we have to realize that killing living creature per se is haram sustain Islam. So you can't say that just because animal has got no soul I can kill an animal. If we have a reason which is formula in Islam fine. So that is the reason even in Islam once it has formed a zygote. The sperm and the ovum have joined the former zygote. Then destroying that life becomes Haram in Islam. For them secretion system