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And then hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen handily learning men over when a stain or when a small few

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when so few will be when he when a room will be learned in a short movie and foresee now women see Dr. Melina

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USD Hello fellow Manila wanting you to live further ahead here

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we shall go

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whoa whoa Hello hola Sherry Gala. Last lash had to NSA Donna Mohammed and other do who are also yeah you have levena amla top a lie party how to call de tiempo tune in when the tools the moon Yeah, you had nurse with top

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lady Hi Dr. Coleman. So

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hello, come in has Oh jaha that Semin humeri Jan and Kathy Oh, when he says

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taco la Hilaire de Tez una de he will or harm in no war How can I let him ropey that? Yeah,

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yeah, you Helen enameled takala Whoa, cool. Oh, Colin city that your local mannella Can we all feel comfortable welcome. One nail to 11 rosu level falcoda phazzer falls in our FEMA, another roofer in the US about palha de heatable law. Ohio Ron had he had you Mohammed in some Milan while he was settling with Chevron lumborum. To feel cooler coolum Desert in bit I will pull up the Dragon Ball and I will call boletin Phil nor Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Hilary and zela Allah Abdi Hill Kitab Oldham Yahuwah Alhamdulillah Hilary had an early head I wanna

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terrier Lola and hidin Allah Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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All praises due to a war the Lord of all the words we want to start this cook by the sermon by mentioning a story that's related by Nana Papa Ronnie Albay happy

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fish are the demand.

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And another sources

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usually on engineer Omar but more popularly narrated amongst the people on his father Omar bin on top rhodiola.

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So the story goes that Omar or Emily Roma was entering Mecca coming towards the sacred precincts

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of Mecca, and his soy Shepherd descending from the mountains with a flock of sheep.

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And he said to the shepherd, sell me one of the sheep.

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And the shepherd replied, I'm a servant, I don't have the authority to sell you one of the sheet.

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I don't have my Masters permission to sell you one of the sheet. So me or Omar on the other hand,

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he said, well just sell it to me and then tell you master that is that a wolf at a caliber?

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And the servant, he looked towards the sky?

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And he says no.

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Where's the law?

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So my master might not see me.

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But a law sees me.

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My master might not be aware

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of what really happened to the sheep.

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But a law sees all and is aware of all things. So where's the law?

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So why don't we start with this story, brothers and sisters.

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We recently passed the

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milestone commemoration of the events of September 11 2001. He serves as a watershed event of sorts for the history

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in the history

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of Islam and Muslims in this country.

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And things have progressed to such an extent that many Muslims

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feel so shaken or weakened

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in terms of our worldly power,

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And so compromised in terms of the narrative that's been constructed about Islam and Muslims, that some people will do almost anything

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to get by,

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almost disappear,

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not to rock the boat to accept any thing that's predicted as portraying or representing Islam and Muslims.

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So we present the question that the shepherd presented to him the Omarosa and en la

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where is the line all of this?

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We compromise and apologize Islam almost into an Iraqi unrecognizable form, where is the law?

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Where is the law?

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Sometimes we engage with the world as if the world is Jenna.

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As if we're in the position of the people Allah or the Messenger of Allah rather deny belief to

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when he said it dunia signal movement were genital caphyon.

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Since a prison for the believer,

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a place that a person looks forward to being released from

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to go home to, to leave and to go home to their loved ones, to go home to home cooking, to go home to a comfortable bed, to go home with those things that are pleasing to one so that one doesn't find in prison.

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But sometimes we act like this is our agenda.

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When is not the agenda for the believers that don't yet cG lotman agenda to caphyon as if this is it, this is our final destination. There's nothing beyond this. So all of our pleasures must be attained in this world, all of our happiness must be attained in this world, even perfect justice must be attained in this world. So we get riled up about everything. And basic concepts, which a lot of Tyler has revealed in his scripture, and the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has instructed us as means to attain to a higher station in Jannah become lost because we're seeking to maximize everything we can possibly maximize in this law station of the dunya, which is literally

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its name that dunya now which is low,

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Khufu had Danya. The clusters are hanging low, they're accessible. this dunya is accessible, we can see it, we can smell it, we can touch it, we can feel it, we can taste it, we can smell it.

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And we can do any of that with Jana.

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And so because it's so accessible for some people, it becomes everything. And there's nothing beyond it. And because there's nothing beyond it, we need to get everything here, we need the ultimate house here. We need the ultimate car here. We need the ultimate worldly, the ultimate job, the ultimate this, that or the other here.

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As if the delights of Paradise which are proud prophets, Allah Allah He was sending them there has described as being indescribably incomparably greater than anything here. I'm the law Hindi rivetti Hassan hain. mela, I know the right at loon Stanley Aquila Potter, Allah can be Bashar. Allah is prepared for his righteous servants. Phil Jenna in paradise. There was no ISB held. You think you've seen a house here? You haven't seen a house compared to the house of genda there was no ear has heard. You think you heard some beautiful nasheeds or some beautiful singing or some classical Turkish music.

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This is what's in Jamaica is incomparably greater than that.

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You think you've imagined and dream of something so incredible. You didn't want the dream to end.

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There which is engender cannot even be encompassed in a dream

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but we forget

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And most importantly we forget that Allah subhanho wa Taala is in charge that Allah is in control that all of these events they're just test and tribulations and trials that Allah subhana wa Taala has created to test us. That's all it is. is no more it's no less, but we make it more and we make gender less.

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Hello Tyler reminds us beautifully no for en

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Motorola Bella

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dunia Kayla and zelner woman a center for hellotoby Hina virtual org for us the hashing on tofu her reaction will count or low I Lokhande Shea and Matera. So for for them

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the likeness of this worldly life methanol hire to do your work the rebula method and hire to do is like water which a lot Hi, Alison is down from the sky. Can there and then now I'm in a cement which we sit down from the sky.

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So Allah subhana wa Taala has likened this world to water.

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And the reason that they say one of the reasons for this parable, or this similar simile rather, is that like water the world, it has no permanent shape or form is constantly changing, or permanent place. Water is constantly flowing is constantly if it's sitting still it's evaporating. It's being absorbed into the earth.

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It has no permanence.

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And if it's flowing, it definitely has no permanence. This world has no permanence is constantly moving. It has no stability. There was has no stability cannot give stability. People attach their hearts to the world and wonder why they're miserable.

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and wonder why they have no contentment that they do Shay and now you're on to their what's that something can't give it to others. The world which lacks stability, which lacks permanence cannot be a source of stability to others is not in his nature.

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Studying the nature of the world is shifting is changing the tides come in they go out the waves they form they crest they break against the shore they disappear.

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This is the world

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and another reason they say is water

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who is taken moderately

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it provides benefit.

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So we need water.

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We can live without water.

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But when it is taken in over abundance, it becomes harmful

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if water flows if it flows moderately and Jitney from the skies ideal for cultivation

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of crop or the cultivation of crops. But when it comes down in a gushing torrent of floods, it washes away the crops and washes away the topsoil is of no benefit.

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If we drink moderate amounts of water, it replenishes our bodies. If we overindulgent, drink too much it can become harmful for us and we have various medical conditions. Likewise, the dunion if we take the doing it in reasonable portions is a benefit for us.

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But if we overindulge in the dunya it becomes harmful like the water

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the moderate portions of dounia that can cultivate our spirituality that can provide a foundation for our flourishing as families as societies will over indulge in becomes like the destructor for flood that destroys individuals and destroys character and destroys families and destroys societies.

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were recently in a part of the country where you see many many houses for sale.

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One of the main reasons

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is divorce. Both couples are working to pay the mortgages they get a divorce one paycheck can't pay the mortgage, they put the house up for sale or they foreclose

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too much, don't ya?

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Too much. Do ya?

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So a lot of Tyler says, * teletubby Hina battle orb. So the water comes down from the sky and it nurtures the vegetation. And then it becomes so lush that the branches and the plants and the leaves become intertwined and entangled with each other.

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But then what happens

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for us by Hashem enter through Hurriya. And so we look at the beautiful lush orchards and groves and vegetation, we can find it here in California.

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You go in there before the harvest, the field is green and lush and beautiful. You come after the harvest, what happens? They stop the irrigation. It dries up. It's decomposed decomposes, and then the wind blows in about

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and this is the likeness of the world. It can become deceptive we look at it, but we don't realize is it's it's limited. It has a time span. It has a lifespan like those crops, like the vegetation, like the tree, it has a lifespan.

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And when its lifespan is up, it's of no use any longer for us to grow, hurry.

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It becomes like

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it becomes it decomposes. And it breaks up and it shatters. It dries out is lushness is gone.

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And then the wind just blows it to and fro

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will count alone either couldn't initiate a lock.

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And unlock law has power over all things.

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And then well then Luna Xena to the Hyatt in dunya. Well the piata saw they had to hire on end Allah because Allah

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Allah Allah,

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wealth and children

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people chasing wealth

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which is like that, that vegetation,

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which has no permanence.

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They give the life they tend to haraam they compromise the principles.

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For what

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and then when they're rude and children

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xenu to hire.

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These are just adornments of this worldly life. They are not the essence of this life.

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The icing is an adornment for the cake. It's not the cake is not a substitute for the cake.

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It's an adornment for the cake and beautifies the cake

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by but very few people would eat the icing without the cake. Too sweet.

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Too sugary.

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I know it's harmful.

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There's nothing to balance it out.

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Well, and children are not the essence of this worldly life.

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The essence of this worldly life is worshipping Allah subhanho wa Taala if our wealth of our children assist us and help us to worship Allah, it's a good thing.

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And the thought wealth in our children, turn us away from the worship of Allah.

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Then there are bad things and they're harmful, will not follow through genuine insert inelia magoun Allah says I've only created the jinn and the humans that they worship me. We're here to worship on love brothers and sisters. This is why we're in this world.

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And the worship of the law transcends the vicissitudes of the world.

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Whether there was a 911 or no line 911 we have to worship a law. Rather people love Muslims or hate Muslims we have to worship the law. Rather we have power and influence in our society. Are we despised

00:19:22--> 00:19:35

and looked down on we have to worship Allah. Rather will rich or poor we have to worship Allah. Read we live in suburban communities or ghettos and barrios we have to worship the law.

00:19:36--> 00:19:45

Before human beings were put in this earth on this earth to worship Allah will not follow through and say

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I'm only created jinn and human that they worship me. Yay Betty in the hello to Kennedy better to tell all my servants, as Alon mentions in the Hadith, quote,

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See, I've created you for my worship don't play around. Follow tele

00:20:07--> 00:20:08

don't play around.

00:20:11--> 00:20:17

Don't play around chasing the world. This sport and amusement

00:20:18--> 00:20:23

don't play around trying to please This or that politician.

00:20:25--> 00:20:30

We have to be strong in our worship. Why? Because politicians come and go.

00:20:33--> 00:20:37

How many political regimes has Islam outlived

00:20:39--> 00:20:41

is outlived monarchies

00:20:42--> 00:20:53

is out live potentate supernates is outlived our nationalism, or this that or the other national law, ism.

00:20:55--> 00:20:57

Without live jihadism.

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All of these things that we see today, though, they come and they go, Islam will be here.

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And it will be here because the lawsuit handled the Tyler he raises up the livers whose hearts are attached to this religion whose hearts are filled with the love of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu was setting them whose hearts are filled with the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And they hold on to this religion, they hold on to the Quran.

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And they keep it alive.

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And if a generation or people come, who are overwhelmed by the world, and they're so caught up with the world, and they're so concerned with the world, that that becomes their greatest concern. And it can happen and the fact that it can happen is testified to by the fact that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us to pray, Allah whom I led to Allah dunya at Bara, hidden Nina Willem de la or LA don't make this world The our greatest concern nor the extent of our knowledge. Why are we taught that from the town of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu I while it was said that, if it were not possible for the world to become our greatest concern, and to become the extent of our knowledge

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and when there is a people who that is their state, what does the law say?

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What we're in Willow, yes. Coleman or eurocom Mela, your co one.

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And if you turn back

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if you become so obsessed with the world, if you become so wrapped up with the hearing now that you can look beyond it to the

00:23:05--> 00:23:13

to the hitter after the hearing now blinds you to the Hereafter, Allah says he will bring another people

00:23:14--> 00:23:25

within teta Willow in your place. Yes. Poland have a euro code. He will substitute another people in your place for malaria corn,

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and then they won't be like you.

00:23:30--> 00:23:39

They won't be like you. What would they be like? Yeah, you hella Dena. Me are tentative Devlin command Dini.