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Then hamdulillah in the middle who is dying who stopped

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when I stopped few who went to LA he went to Aruba. We let him in schoharie and fusina women see adyar Marina

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de la who Fela moody Laila. One main Good

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Why shall one ilaha illa Allah Who is the hula Sherry Kala well as shabu NSE. Then I'm Mohammed Abu. We're assuming?

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Yeah, you have leadin Amadou pakula Auto party. How auto party he will tell mu

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one two mostly moon Yeah, you Henderson taco.

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taco minutes natso wahida. Mahalo. Carmen has Olga betterman whomever began and Kathy Otto.

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What taco lady has a good idea he was our ham. In en la hey, can alikoum Rafi

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Tacoma pu colon sadita your slash Hello? Come on.

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We all feel

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when they go

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Rasulullah hufa faza 1000 Avi aubema and Barbuda in the US our heavy duty taboola the hiral heavy head you Mohammed in the sun Allah who and he will sell them. While shoutout

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the akula that attended our cooler the rotten banana. Cooler Bala Leighton Fillmore

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and hamdulillah he led he had done and he had

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no Noah and had an Allah

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and hamdulillah Hilah De Anza Allah Abba de Kitagawa lambda Allahu Allah.

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen All praise is due to Lord the Lord for the world's

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he thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for the great blessing of Islam.

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Our email id with the Polish Rabi Allah and who

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is related to have said in the min lemon Nyima dunya and yet to Cali Islam and enlighten them from the blessings of this world is that Islam suffices as a blessing.

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And he also is related to outsert radi Allahu Allah which

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then out of that dunya hairnets on a three band, the one who knows the nature of the world calamities become easy to deal with.

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Because one who knows the nature of the world understands that the nature of the world is that is this is the abode of trials and tribulations of hardship of difficulty of struggle. That's the nature of the world. So when one knows that one doesn't expect ease, and when the ease does come, one appreciates it and enjoys it and savers it but understand it's not going to last forever.

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It's going to be rethought, followed by more hardship, more trials, more tribulations. And that's how the world is. And again, when one understands that, then one can live at peace with himself and at peace with others that peace with herself at peace with others.

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He said this as a precursor

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to a reminder connected with tomorrow being the 20th.

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year since the events of September 11 2001. challenge this country, in fact, challenge the world.

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And it's sad to say

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and we won't get into a political rant, but we'll just say this is sad to say that the test this country was presented with by 911 it failed miserably.

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And we'll leave it at that.

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When these things happen, we

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should try to be reminded

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should take reminders, guidance and insight

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from it

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from them as most of them come

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Unity here in North America.

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One thing we shall understand if 911 precipitated hardships and difficulties, struggles that we had not previously experienced. For some people in some communities that was just another day in the dunya.

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But for some it presented a new set of challenges a new set of realities, a new set of situations that involve the new types of struggle.

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And we should understand again, that should not be surprising,

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because our religion,

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which is a religion, that is the heir of not just the legacy of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was the culmination of the prophetic legacy. And we have inherited this legacy, as he himself said, that we're also told MBA, that the scholars are the heirs of the prophets. And this oma is the heir of the Prophetic Mission. And one thing all of the prophets had in common is they in their communities struggled. They know communities were persecuted. They in their communities, in some instances were forced into exile. As we know, all too well in the story of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, there were two migrations of exile to Ethiopia. And then there

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was the great right there migration to Medina, at that time, what was known as yesterday.

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This is the nature

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of the prophetic loving legacies. So as the heirs of that legacy, we should not be surprised when a loss of Hannah wattana presents us with situations that force us to struggle that forces us to deal with difficulties.

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So reminder,

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is made very, very clear in the corner and will just relate to versus in that regard.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala he tells us our OBD ii minashi Ponyo Raji m huseby, Tebow Hello Jan.

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De cometa who lead in a hollow publican, mass set home message home that's a water bottle raw he was zero was always in your corner Rasulullah leadin alma mater, Knox law, Allah in the last row law he already do you think

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you will enter Paradise,

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when there is not yet come to you? the likeness of those who preceded you the likeness of those prophets and their communities who preceded you?

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the likeness of what afflicted musante salaam, what Ben is right in the likeness of what afflicted Moses and the children of Abraham of Israel

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and similar struggles that we find in the stories of the prophets, unnamed center.

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When there is not yet come to you the life of that which afflicted those who preceded you.

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There was there were visited there were afflicted

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with hunger.

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They were afflicted with

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starvation. There were afflicted with exile. They were afflicted with calamities, they were afflicted with all sorts of difficult searching situation with summarising filled that say what barah II and they will shake in was Zulu.

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So if you were shaken,

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if you're old enough to remember 911 if you were shaken on September 12, and the months and weeks and months thereafter, or the years thereafter, if you were shaken, understand, you will not experiencing anything that those who follow the profits before you did not experience was Zulu, Zulu. They were shaken.

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Until they said when comes the help of Allah

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Mehta loss law

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when comes the help of Allah

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so if your circumstances even

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outside of the context of September 11, just living your life and trying to hold on to your religion and practice your deen and be and deal with the everyday hardships that that brings. If that shakes you, you should know that you're in good company.

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And you should know that it's nothing new.

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And there are a lot of promises relief, meta nos with La La in Los Rola here called Eb verily the help of allies near

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very the help of the laws here

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is there. For in the mile us we use raw.

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When we translate that a lot of times people say hardship brings ease or after hardship there is ease. But that is not what the text says. says it doesn't say in the Bible, or sorry, your serraj. It says in the MA nursery use raw, verily with hardship there is ease

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with hardship, there's ease.

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And that the witness comes in turn into a law in the midst of that hardship.

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And then we experienced the ease. That is comes in remembering the law in the midst of that hardship. Because our natural inclination is to forget about Allah and focus on the hardship.

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Then all we experienced, all we know is the hardship. But when we focus on Allah subhanho wa Taala. And when we remember our loss to kind of attala we understand that hardship is external, it is something outside of ourselves, but the source of the ease is inside of ourselves.

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And be Vickery les popma inula, kulu, does not the remembrance of Allah bring comfort to the heart.

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And so we take anything brothers and sisters, from the events of 911, or from the events in our lives, when we have our personal nine elevens when our personal world is turned upside down, when I when we pay face in our personal lives, threats to our security or our well being or perceived threats. Turn to Allah brothers and sisters, remember Allah brothers and sisters, and you will find in your heart, the source of all comfort, and all ease lsvt can be

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taught in no localu surely the remembrance of Allah brings peace to the heart. And then we become people

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that are a source of hope for others.

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Because whatever we are dealing with whatever we are suffering, people who are dealing with the exact same things, the exact confronted with the exact same realities are dealing with it without faith.

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What if you're dealing with whatever you're dealing with, and you didn't have faith,

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you didn't have a law, you didn't have that source of comfort, you did not have that refuge that you can flee to that fear who and Allah flee to Allah, for view didn't have that.

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But you still had your problems, and your hardships and your difficulties and your struggles and your challenges but didn't have Allah. But because we do have a law. We do have an avenue to gain peace and confusion, stability and confusion, direction when people are lost. And what happens? People start looking at us.

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They say look at those Muslims. Look how they're dealing with this hardship. Look how they're handling these waves of oppression

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and bigotry and hatred.

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How come they are?

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Whatever they have, I need it.

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But we don't have that,

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then we're not we're not a source of hope for anyone. And that's why it is critically important.

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It is critically important for us during times of difficulty, hardship and struggle to hold on to our religion as we received it, not as has been re configurated

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to give a sense of comfort, don't look like a Muslim, and no one will will look at you with those hateful stares.

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Don't think like a Muslim.

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And you won't find any dissonance with all of the corruption and deviation that you find in your environment.

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In fact, shaitan will stay to say yes, forget about Islam all together. It's too difficult. It's too hard.

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Just forget about it.

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No, given up, become a Buddhist, you can keep religion and you don't have God.

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No, this this is This isn't how

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this is not what our ancestors demonstrated to us. They demonstrate a fortitude. We all know when the Muslim world was run over by the Mongol hordes. When millions of Muslims perished, when village after village, the skulls the decapitated skulls were stacked up in pyramids.

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The Muslims rose from those ashes, they never lost the sense of their moral superiority.

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They never lost the sense of their connection with the law, Tyler, they didn't sell laws that abandon us, they said Allah is testing us. And because of the confidence that they maintain, despite the calamity, far worse than anything we can even imagine being confronted with and our circumstances. Despite that, they're not those mangoes in the eye, and they tell them you murderous hordes, you need to slow you need Allah. And that brought them into Islam within two generations.

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That's where we come from. Those are our roots. That's our heritage. Those are our people.

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So when we compare what we're confronted with, with what they were confronted with, and how they stood in the face of those challenges, and they never fall down, they're not gonna weaken. They never compromised. They didn't change their religion. They changed the ones who are trying to get rid of their religion and brought them into the religion

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no law give us tofi man you read the letter B here hire an effective affecting the Wonder alone what's good for him he gets him or her a sound sound knowledge of this religion. May Allah give us some knowledge now a lot Allah bless us a lot how to bless our community a lot of times and bless our sisters. They're on the front line.

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Someone comes up to you wanting to moslems you did 911. They said like Well,

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actually, I just wear this because it's hot outside.

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rather take the coffee off to the shisha flexing muscle is Muslim.

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Whether It's Your sisters,

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honor your sisters, if you're single now your sisters.

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So we can have strong Muslim families

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can be a source of nurture, for the next generation who we give this message to, and is still in into their hearts.

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And the next one and the next one and the next one. And the show people anyone who thinks Muslims are going we're not going anywhere.

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We're gonna be right here. We're going to be praying, we're going to be fasting. We're going to be proud. We're going to be holding our heads high. And we're going to continue that legacy that was bequeathed unto us by the struggle the hardship the blood, sweat and tears of those who preceded us. May Allah have mercy on them. Well, ladies and gentlemen, by the hymn your own or have been feeling we have when in Allah Dena Saba Coonamble Eamon will attach alfio pulumi now, Nadine,

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Rob, and Rob Benner in Nicaragua for Rahim, and those who came after them. They say Our Lord forgive us

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and our brothers, and generically our sisters who preceded us

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in this faith, and don't make in our hearts any rancor

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towards those toys them. Our Lord Verily, you are compassionate. You are merciful. Our kulu Holyhead was stoked for Holly welcome, Melissa, meaning you're probably stoked

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen was solid with Santa minor say he didn't were sitting. Say you didn't know how early he was sadly he was

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number one

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you saw lunarlon ad

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revenue Sadhguru and he was sending Taslima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik, ala Sayidina Muhammad omana. And he was talking he was under hamdulillah. To just revisit this stay theme of struggle. We have struggled and then we have celebrations.

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We struggle all day and then we go home.

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And we celebrate. We break bread with our families, we play with our children.

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We we enjoy the company of our spouses, those are married of our families, our friends. On a week we struggle all week, we go to work, we go to school, we study them, we help Dumas the weekly

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and we celebrate and we come together we enjoy the blessings of community. We listen to some guidance for ourselves and our religion, to edify our hearts, to uplift our spirits. We have our annual aids

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you do not have which recently passed, he will fit.

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And we celebrate we've gone into the park. We pray with all the community and the children his rump and stomp and we eat and we enjoy ourselves and then we get back to work.

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So we have struggled for sure. But we have we need

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every day sit in the evening with a little core and do our weirds our rod litanies and we will rejuvenate our souls.

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And so this is this is the this is life. And then when we leave this world we have the big Arena in front of us. So that's the other worldly, the day of the warrior, would you who yonder in Nadira would you who love your maid now believe it or not the hair now the aura and faces will be illuminated that day gazing upon the Lord however that will be but it will be a reality.

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So May Allah bless us to appreciate those moments

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of relief. And now a lot of blood says to appreciate the struggle.

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Because that's what makes us better people. That's what makes us stronger. That's what distinguishes our so that we can be a hope of a source of hope for others.

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This is Islam those insistence This is Islam and may we appreciate this religion and the sacrifices what what struggles the path into a solo life

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for us to be able to enjoy these blessings you know, the more to well Our time has expired. So we all have time No need to enumerate them. A lot of time a blessing. Allah Allah bless your families. May Allah tala bless this community made a lighthouse continue to be a source of light.

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And these increasingly dark, dark dark times and environments almost hidden muslimeen one must be mad and one meaning meaner.