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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala l mursaleen. Sayidina. Muhammad while early he was the he was sending him to sneem and cathedra. Rob burner like Al Qaeda young boggy Gilardi watching will allow the miso tonic. So Hannah Carolyn, Ethan and Ollie can enter QMF Natal and fcwc Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh hamdulillah a great honor and great pleasure to be here.

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Now you know why the New York Times does not necessarily contain all the news that's fit to print. In any case,

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we will begin by referencing one of the verses that our sister mentioned by way of introduction or loss of Hannah what Allah mentions are the Billahi min ash shaytaan the regime kulu nacinda to load when what phone Jorah comio metal Tiana feminine and in the Hillel jen zapad fez woman hired to dounia Mattel guru for the every soul will experience that

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all of us are heading towards a common fate in this world, each and every one of us here will die is an unavoidable inescapable reality.

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It's an unavoidable, inescapable reality. Our time in this dunya will pass. Imam Ali radi Allahu anhu

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is mentioned as having said or talent at dounia mood Puritan

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lF Hara Baka Bella 10

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Willie coonley our Tallaght

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f Hara. Baka Billiton Wali coonawarra hidden min Houma Abner. So kuno min Abner Cara Wa tokunbo min Abner dunya fell yom this another saying so is reported as saying the world is behind you. And it's moving away from you.

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And other words will never catch the dunya. So anyone who's obsessed with chasing the world is excess obsessed with something that will only be a source of great, great frustration because we will never catch the dunya if you get the house that you want, you'll think you've caught the dunya until you see someone with a bigger or nicer house. If you get the car you want. You get your Mercedes and you think you've caught the dunya until you see someone with a Bentley and say what was what was that? Oh, that's a Bentley. That's what the real rich people drive. And then you're no longer rich you become poor because you become in need.

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If you get anything in this world, it will never satisfy you will never catch the doing your why because our talented dunya would be rotten because it's moving away from us. How can you catch something that's moving away from you? And the Ashura is coming towards us. And it starts with our death. mobila 10 wertha halat and our hero to mocha Bella 10 is coming towards us is moving towards us. In other words, we'll never get away from the Acura coolness in the echo to load. Every soul will experience death. Each and every one of us is inescapable. So we need to prepare for our death.

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We need to prepare for our death by making sure that we do good in this world. Mmm Ali is also related as saying

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menza he menza fit dunya Han attalla Masri that whoever divorces their hearts away from this world, the calamities of the world become easy to deal with. Because we understand this the nature of the world on the one hand, and on the other hand, our hearts aren't attached to it.

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Hearts aren't attached to it. So it becomes easy for us to deal with the calamity with the losses the hardship, difficulties, er, disease, frustration, unfulfilled

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expectations, it all becomes easy to deal with menza dounia han at Alabama free that

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when they when they were one that women

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are Taka that elote Sarah felucca rot and the one who anticipates death. The one who anticipates death, hastens to good deeds, because he or she knows number one, when the death comes, there's no more opportunity for good and the to create a balance within us. On the one hand, our hearts are attached to the world. And so we we come to not be overwhelmed by the losses, the frustrations, the setbacks, the hardships that the world brings to us, because our hearts aren't attached to it. On the other hand, so that would push us away from the world and it would seemingly push us away from worldly involvement, but the balance comes on then there are attackable modes, the one who

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anticipates death, Sara Finnell, Hara hastens to good deeds, because we know because death is coming. And because it comes unexpect unexpectedly jet and motorbike titan death comes unexpectedly, then we know any moment, we will have no more opportunities to do good in the world. And so we hasten to take advantage of the opportunities that Allah tala presents us before our death. If we have an opportunity to assist somebody, if we have an opportunity to feed someone who's hungry, if we have an opportunity to restore relations between contending parties, if we have an opportunity to try to relieve someone suffering, if we have an opportunity to even Pat rubber child on the head, if

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we have an opportunity to try to console our spouse, or our children or our parents, our loved ones, we take advantage of every opportunity we have in this world to do good. Rather, it's great or small, because we know that opportunity is never coming back. And tomorrow is promised to no one coolness in that little note, we're in the network found Georgia communal piano, and you'll be given your recompense on the Day of Resurrection. There is no true recompense for our good in this world. Because whatever good we receive whatever benefit we enjoy, whatever reward that accrues to us because of something we might have done, is fleeting, is temporal. It is many times associated with

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grief. Sometimes it might be pleasure, but it's accompanied with pain and loss when that pleasure goes away because there's no enduring pleasure The only enduring pleasure we know Assad to add idea is in the next world. So we will be given our perfect and our just, there's no perfect justice in the world. recompence Yo, Tiana, we're in number two what photo Jorah calm yo mellow piano ferment and aneri who is whoever's pulled back and distance from the hellfire.

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What are the halal agenda and entered into paradise farecard fers, that is the true victory. That is the true victory. That is the enduring victory. We have victories in this world, but they don't endure.

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They don't endure. We have setbacks and defeat in this world. They don't endure. What till 10am do there will have been a nurse these outcomes of victory and defeat, strength and weakness, power and impotence. We alternate between the lations, Yeoman lekawa, Yeoman eyelink there will be a day in your favor in a day that's against you a fortune or an outcome in your favor. One that's against you in your car. If some setback or injury has afflicted you for cod muscle coma,

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then your adversaries have been similarly, similarly afflicted. They don't win every battle. Neither do you

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They don't suffer every defeat. neither do you. Their power does not endure. Neither does yours Kula Houma. Nellie can move to tin mccrimmon Tasha tenzer in mocha amendement. Tasha was to resume and Tasha, but to the new man, Tasha, big killer here in the Kyla coalition Kadir Allah gives the power and the strength and he takes it and he withdraws it. To test us. This is the nature of the world. This is the nature of the fate of nations. And so we understand this, and we understand the true victory that will never be followed by setback, the true victory that will never be followed by defeat, the true victory that will endure is the one that we receive your medal piano on the Day of

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Resurrection for cadfael fares when men hire to dunya what is the life of this world? In the metallic galore except a deceptive

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enjoyment? We think and enjoy. We enjoy it, but it deceives us we enjoy it, but it's followed by grief. Some of our our people may Allah have mercy on them. They're affected by the popular culture, they get involved in the drugs and the alcohol and the party life. And they think is good until the next morning.

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Where the guy who says I love you, oh, you're the most beautiful thing since beauty itself was invented.

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You're the apple of my eye, the sunshine of my life. And then something happens and then the next morning that guy's gone. And he's moved on to his next victim. Like a wolf has devoured the sheep now moves on to the next sheep. And you're left there with nobody with nothing. And that happiness that fun. The party's over. Now it's only heartbreaking setback.

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is deceptive. We think we enjoy it. It's a cut it's cut off is Tim poro is followed by pain and agony. It's a company with grief and worry. I hit it big I won the lottery. Now I have to worry about everyone. Are they sincere? Or do they just want to take my money? Not that we should be playing the lottery. I'm just saying

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do they want my money? Are they sincere?

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I have to get guards now. People think I'm rich. Maybe I'll get kidnapped and held for ransom or my children be kidnapped. I can't send them the public school anymore. I have to find a good school private school after pay money for their education now, because I can't trust anyone. So the good that we think comes is accompanied by grief is accompanied by worries is accompanied by heartache. This is the nature of the world is deceptive. The again the true and lasting enjoyment. It comes in the next life. This is the nature of the world. And then but this is not to say again just as mmid Mazda Honda Fit dunya Hana taleghan mostly that divorce from the world. on manual tackable motor.

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Sara Phil hi rod involvement in the world. There's a balance what comes after this verse that's warning us against the deceptiveness of the world. And not to give ourselves to the world led to blueness VMware de kumaun fujichrome wallet has Myrna minella Dino Toki taberna publikum wamena Latina ash, Roku, adenine kathira when toss boo attacked aku in Delhi common asmin more divorce yourself from the world. Now you're going to be tested in the world. You're going to be tested with your wealth spending feasibility lab, or holding back.

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You're going to be tested with your wealth. You're going to be tested with your lives in the world to sacrifice the struggle, you're going to suffer. You're going to be tried in your worship to head Jude three is trying this summer. cm is going to be a big test for the body, not to blow 1pm when he comes home, fusi calm. We're going to be tested in our wealth. We're going to be tested in our bodies, disease and injury. When he avola torture

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and we seek refuge with the law and we ask Allah for his protection. We ask Allah for his protection.

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But some people they're tested that way. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam prepared us. You taught us to pray. Allah hum in the SLK Calvin Shakira on your ally, I asked you for things

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For grateful appreciative heart while he said and there Kieran and a tongue that's constant in your remembrance where bill Webb were just said and

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Alan Bella and Bella Bella is sovereign, and a body that's patient in the face of tribulation, in the face of disease in the face of hardship, torture, hunger, whatever might afflict me in my body. Give me patience. Yeah, Allah. Give me patience. Yella just said an island Villa is sobre la tabla una family come when fusi come in the world. While a testimonia Malala Dino O'Toole keytab among public Kuma, minella, Dinesh, Raku, and then kathira, and you're going to hear in the world from those given the Scripture before you some of them, not all of them. And from the idolaters, not a little bit, not a small sprinkling, much abuse, much slender, much defamation. And then kathira.

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When toss Viru if you patiently persevere, keep doing the good things you're doing. Keep representing the high lofty principles that you represent. Keep engaging in the struggles that you're in, that you're engaged in, great and small, seen and unseen. And the most significant ones are unseen. They're not out in the limelight, placing us in the limelight. They're the little things that happen in our interactions on a day to day basis, with our friends, with our neighbors, with our co workers with our fellow students on a day to day basis.

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keep persevering. When Tasuku attack taco and we remain mindful of Allah. It took a tequila hatefulness

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cannot call Salalah Haile, who was selling the bizarre madam ninja then it tequila hazlemere couldn't be mindful of the law wherever you are. If you're in America or Palestine, if you're in Tunisia, Algeria, if you're in Morocco, if you're in Egypt, or you're in Chicago or Houston or San Francisco or New York, remain mindful of Allah and all times and places if they're good times and people love us. Is this a national hug a Muslim day? Oh, you guys know is hug a Muslim day. Come here Fatima. No, no, you go hug.

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I'll hug the girls. Oh, goodness, Helga Muslim de F is haga Muslim, there is hate a Muslim day. We remain mindful of Allah. If it's good times or bad times, easy times a hard times. We remain mindful of Allah subhanho wa Taala observant of His commandments and prohibitions, then that he can then asmin more. This is firmness in our resolve. This is focusing our purpose. This is our religion, brothers and sisters is balancing between the two. But understanding ultimately,

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our affair is towards the app. However,

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ultimately, our fare is towards the accurate and we enrich ourselves. We detach ourselves from the world we try to purify our hearts and our souls. So that we have this spiritual foundation to gauge engage the world with courage and vision and passion. It doesn't happen in a vacuum is not built on nothing. We can't just engage the world in a vacuum. We can't engage the world because the world is difficult. It's challenging, it's hard.

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Without a foundation, you can build these lofty buildings that you see in downtown Chicago, the Sears Tower, or the john Hancock building, or the Trump Tower. You can build them without a solid strong foundation, or they're the first storm that blows in off of Lake Michigan. There goes the Sears Tower timber

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because there is no foundation, there has to be a foundation and the foundation of the believer is his or her spiritual foundation. When we were moved by a lie, we're move for a line we're moving towards a law and we move with the health and the the assistance of Allah as a meme. Now when we it reminds us in his weird Bismillah would be left woman Oh la, la la la y la la la la la hawla wala quwata illa Billah. That's our foundation. That's our foundation. That's what gives us the strength necessary to engage this world without losing our faith without becoming frustrated without being easily deterred, or giving up without becoming

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burned out activists who just don't fill it anymore. I just don't feel it anymore will always fill it because we're filled with it will always fill it because we're filled with it. And we're filled with faith, and we're filled with the spirit of this religion and our hearts are illuminated with the light of truth and the light of knowledge and the light of conviction and the light of love and devotion were filled. We will be able to always fill it no matter what's happening in the world. May Allah give you tofik give us tofik Mela keep our hearts together for Ella Fabien Upolu become my women we never turn away from each other we'll let her die But who will let her dad who will let her

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daboo Why? Because amongst other meanings, when we turn our backs to each other, we turn our hearts away from each other. Now hearts always be united was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah