Want To Fix The Ummah Fix Your Bed First

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Now we need to solve the problems of DOMA. You can't solve the problems of your bedroom and you're going to solve the problems of your own mind. You know, we are always complaining about the state of the OMA.

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All of us.

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All of us complain about the state of OMA, but basic things which make a decent human being which are interested.

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Basic things which make a society vibrant progressing, we're not interested. How about hard work? How about punctuality, however, cleanliness, however, not being self centered.

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And all these things are mentioned in 1000s and 1000s, of Hadith, and verses of the Quran. But we look at something which is not out there, we want something really complex for the ummah. How about your connection with Allah? You know, we say, oh, we need the help of Allah. The hell will Allah help those who help themselves? Do you see the Sierra? So how about starting with something about aspirations and achievements, some basic, which kuffaar Do not Muslims do. But now that's not a foul deed. That is the power of the power discipline. However, humility, we are the only people who place our heads to Allah subhanaw taala on the ground, such that the most action of place of our body of

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faith replacing on the ground in humility, soon as we finish up the arrogant starts again. How about these basic things, rather than looking for this amazing, you know, this is the problem. I believe the Muslim community has amazing talent, if you don't have the temperament for it. You can have talent, but if you don't have the temperament, you achieve nothing in life. If you don't have the ability to follow, if you don't have the ability, any discipline, if you're all full of arrogance, you'll achieve nothing. And all this is mentioned in the deen of Allah subhanaw taala. So instead of looking far away for you know why they say you know, people like big morals stances, big more

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ethical stances, it makes them feel good, and you have to do a lot less. However, when you go home, you sit with your spouse you speak to her, simply your children speak to them. How about when you go home doing a real Hitman for your parents? Put your phone down, be less selfish, and sit with your mom and dad and do some edema? Press your mom's feet? How are these simple simple things? Which are the cornerstone of any society? If you don't know the basics of your deed? You're not interested in your deen, why are you talking about law things which just make you feel good. However, when you get up in the morning, you make your bed so your mother doesn't have to make your bed. However, when you

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eat your food, you pick up your dishes and you wash your dishes. Your mother's wash your dishes, what 2030 years What are you doing now? Now we need to solve the problems of the OMA. You can't solve the problems of your bedroom and you're going to solve the problems of your own ma