Hypocrisy Of France On Freedom Of Speech

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And I was checking it's really interesting

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that the hypocrisy, especially of France, France takes the biscuit in all honesty.

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You know, they speak about freedom of speech and values. It's got nothing to do with values. I tell you what it's got to do. It's got to do with double standards. Look at France is record.

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Freedom of speech is very good for those who are, who don't have a voice. It's good.

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But a freedom of speech can also be a smokescreen. For those who are in the corridors of power, who are the media?

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Who are the institutions of power when they all gang up against a minority, then freedom of speech can also be a smokescreen for bigotry for racism and Islamophobia. Like we've seen in this country, like we see in France, really interesting a country. You know, who loves to speak about freedom of speech, but you don't allow women freedom of expression. You don't allow women to wear a ties that they want to, because the hypocrisy and we should understand that the world not just France, the world uses Muslims as a pawn as a political pawn when they want to China the wiggers

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manemma the rohingyas Modi's India,

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even the mayorship of London, Zac Goldsmith, when they want to use when they want to create the other the enemy, what do they use, they use the Muslims. And I was checking is really interesting

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that the hypocrisy especially of France, France takes the biscuit in all honesty.

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You know, they speak about freedom of speech and values. It's got nothing to do with values. I'll tell you what it's got to do. It's got to do with double standards. Look at France is record 2005 there was an advert which they banned because it insulted the sentiments of the Catholics 2005 2009 Charlie Hebdo they sacked a cartoonist who was a cartoonist for 20 years. Because he came out with some anti semitic sentiment sentiments. at the very same time they were insulting the Muslims. Week after week

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the government forced the prosecutors

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to try to ban the BDS and the anti discrimination laws, freedom of speech.

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You deny the Holocaust, you can get up to three years in prison.

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But when it comes to the Muslims, Suppan a lot is different double standards hypocrisy, to the degree that after the first stabbing, and listen, I'm not here condoning the stabbings. If you don't like a law of the country, you got two options. You either your three options, you either abide by it, which you all have to abide by, or you work to change it or you leave the country.

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That's your options that you have. Otherwise you have anarchy. we abide by the law of the land. Even though we might dislike the law. We don't have to agree with the law. But you have to abide by the law of the land. So after the first stabbing,

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and I really found it honestly interested in the first stabbing

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I don't know justifying it, I'm just putting into a context.

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You when you have Muslims in your classroom as a teacher, shouldn't you take into consideration the sentiment of the children, even if you told him to leave the classroom

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with equal education gone there.

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You got to move to France to see the reality in France, honestly ghettoized

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lack of education.

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The prisons are brimming with Muslims. According to The Washington Post, and the telegraph. 70% of the prison inmates are North Africans, you have no opportunity in life.

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And then on top of that, the final thing after all that after making them sidelining them, making them feel like Fifth Column A second class citizen, then you take that thing which is the dearest to them. One person

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One person stabbed, maybe we would if you had 10 maybe we would have 20 maybe we had 50 people who are gonna commit a terrorist act there from your 6 billion you are these 20 individuals. Does it justify the government projecting the images of Charlie Hebdo of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam on the buildings.

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I would call this childish, not childish arrogance.

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Its colonial hangover.

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France has 6 million Muslims and the government is sick and tired of the migrants. Well, then you should have gone and colonial eyes their country's killed 10 million of the individual but 2 million in a terminal 10 million Algerians Ljd died

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and the French colonial law so what you what you sow

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is what you will reap