Don’t Let Shaytan Justify Your Neglect For Allah

Zahir Mahmood


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and honestly all this is about the belief in the unseen that's it. A man with a biller, olive Lommy with early Kentucky Tabu larae Buffy huddling with the kid and Latina Europe maneuverability soon as Allah speaks about the first quality that they have this firm conviction in the unseen

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shutdown promises you shutdown promises me what is the promise? You know come Juma right at the end you got to go back to work

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after okay you done your Joomla fine once in a week fine. done enough.

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Now you're back at work Muslim busy.

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Busy for God asleep

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the car time Oh yeah, it's the car you can do some thought when

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you have beef with your parents, your beef with your wife. Anybody shed dawn in your mind and your demented mind justifies the for us justifies it.

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That's what we do.

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Allah says forgive you want Allah to forgive you but you don't want to forgive

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but shutdown justifies it.

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But the same shutdown will say I had no so follow up on your I had no authority upon you.

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Blame yourself. Don't blame me.

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You know, when something goes wrong at work, or something goes wrong and you lose some money or something happens, you want to blame the other person if it's somebody else's fault. Imagine on that day

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how you will want to blame shutdown shutdown will say Don't blame me blame yourself.

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So this belief in the unseen