What many of us know about God is wrong!

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One of the biggest mistakes that we many of us grew up with is that we grew up with a concept of Allah subhanaw taala as being something like a police officer waiting to put you in jail, and this jail is called Gehenna. Okay, so many of us grew up with this concept of, for example, the first terminology, the type of terminology that we first learn as we're, as we're being developed in our Islam is how long?

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Right? jahannam? These are all little children who don't know anything else? No, Hassan, and Johanna, am I right? And this becomes like the first concept introduced to our children. And so our children from early on, they are taught that Islam is a list. Islam is a list of things that you can do. And then the punishments that you're going to get if you do them. And then a list of things that you can do, but the list of things you can't do seems a lot bigger. This is the concept many children grow up with, is that Islam is just a list. Okay? We, it's hard for us to eat this, it's hard on for us to wear this, it's hard on for us to act like this. And while all of these things are

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necessary and important, don't ever think that rules are not necessary. We need rules to drive what happens if we had no red lights, no yellow lights, no green lights, right? No stop signs, we need rules. But there is something very crucial missing. And that is that we have the wrong concept of who it is. We have the wrong concept of who our Creator is. Many of us don't actually have a friendship with a loss of time of God. Why? Because many of us just grew up thinking about Allah, as a police officer waiting to put us in prison. And that prison is called gender. And so this is actually a problem. Because when that person grows up, and now we have youth, and then we're

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wondering, why aren't the youth coming to the masjid? Why aren't the youth involved? Why are many of the youth actually leaving Islam? There's a reason this is happening. May Allah subhanaw taala protect our youth, many people are not taught the right foundation, the right attachment to their Creator, because they are taught their religion as just the list as just a list of huddle and head. And when you do that, here's what happens. Imagine you have a child, and every single day you tell this child from the time they're just you know, in diapers, that you better watch out for the police. Because if you make one little mistake that police is going to come is going to arrest you

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and throw you in prison. Then the next day you better watch out You better watch out one little slip up and that police is going to come and throw you in jail that police is and you know what you better watch yourself because that police's Aren't you feel me? So what happens as that child grows up? And how and what kind of relationship? Is that child gonna want to have with the police? Anyone? Is that child going to see the police and say you don't want to be close to the police. I want to be friends with the police. I want the police and need to be you know, close, close buddies. I'm going to go and express my, my needs and my emotions to the police. No, in fact, that child will just want

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to avoid the police. You understand? If the police is over there you go that way. Does that child love the police? No, the child fears the police, but wants nothing to do with the police. You catching what I'm saying? And so many of us grow up with that type of relationship with God. That type of relationship with a lot where we fear a love and not in the healthy way. In other places fear a lot right? Fear of love. That's that's important fear of love. But what is healthy fear of love? This is not the type of healthy fear of Allah. How do you know? I'll tell you why. Because healthy fear of a loss and carefully healthy fear of a law makes you want to run more towards a less

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healthy taqwa it's called healthy fear is called. This is a consciousness of a person. But here's how you know that it's healthy and it's tough. What is that it will make you want to run to alone. It will make you want to get closer to a law

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As they say, you will escape you will you will run from Allah to Allah. What does that mean? It means that you will run away from a lot of anger, and Alas, punishment and a lot of displeasure by doing what by running to Allah, not by running away from home. And if you find yourself running away from Allah, if you find yourself trying to avoid God and avoid religion, you know, this, this this phenomenon that we have with our youth of I just don't want anything to do with it. I don't want to go to the masjid and I don't want anything to do with religion and maybe I don't even believe that is not healthy that that is born of an unhealthy fear that was planted into that child. And it

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starts very young. The same way that the person is trying to avoid the police.

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That that's how that person is trying to avoid a lot. Just keep me with Why Why? Because you know what, any mistake I make, I'm going to hell right? I you know, if you're, you hear crazy things like, Oh, yeah, I'm gonna go to hell anyway, somebody will do what I want weird stuff. But this type of mentality needs to be unlearned. Why? Because Allah subhanaw taala is mercy supersedes His wrath. Allah subhanaw taala is not like a police waiting to put us in jail. Allah subhanaw taala is more merciful to us than a mother is to her child. And I want you to absorb what that means. I want you to think about a mother for her child, I want you to think about what a mother would do for her

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child what a mother would do to protect her child. And then I want you to think about a love supplemental data and how it was Mercy is infinitely more than that. A loss Mercy is the source of all other mercy.

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Allah subhanaw taala is not waiting to put us in how Allah is waiting to forgive us. Allah is waiting to have mercy on us. And so there's a lot of unlearning that we have to do when we understand who Allah subhanaw taala is, because that will later on in life affect how we understand everything that happens in our life. You see, so if you think about Allah, as just wrathful it's just waiting for you to mess up, you know, then when you fall,

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you will actually fall into despair.

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Because your understanding is that leads me

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or allies punishing me. See, these are the types of understanding that you will have if you fall, if you think about a lot as a police officer, then when you fall, you're thinking will be a was angry with me. Allah hates me.

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Of Us punishing me it'll be a very negative concept of who Allah subhanaw taala is, and that negative concept will lead you to despair. One of the most important tools

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that we can have in this roadmap is something called hostname. 101 of the land means to have a positive opinion of Allah soprano that that is what we have to we have to change from the root