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There are certain qualities which we have lost. One of them is the quality of honesty.

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One of them is the quality of mercy for one another compassion, empathy. We've lost these qualities that that make a person have that beautiful, beautiful manners that the prophets I send him said in NEMA boys to leotta Mima macadam, Allah, I have been sent to bring about to perfect good manners, but we've lost these qualities and as a result we've become diseased as an oma,

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what is the cure? We have to go back to unconditional honesty. If you're talking to your children, be honest. Don't think because their children it's okay to lie to them. If you're talking to anyone, be honest, be in the habit of being honest. Because until we go back to these beautiful manners, we will not fix our condition. See, we complain a lot about the type of leadership that we have, don't we? leadership in our massages, we say Oh, it's not it's corrupt leadership in our countries. It's corrupt. Do you know why we have corrupt leadership? Because our leadership is a reflection of us. It's a reflection of what we are inside. If we want the leaders to be better, we have to become

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better. We have to be come honest, if we want our leaders to be honest, because they are a reflection of who we are inside.

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Changing ourselves in the law, holla yoga yoga mat Coleman, Hatha Yoga, Maddie and fusi him. Indeed Allah will not does not change the condition of a people until they change what's inside themselves. If you want just leaders, be just in your own families, be just in your organizations, at your schools. In your masajid we can't even have a proper board in the masjid and we're going to talk about justice at the at the state level.

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We have to start to change ourselves. Going back to that beautiful character, to stop being harsh, to stop having a hard heart. You know, one of the problems we have is we think that when you become religious, it means you have to be really mean, right? You have to be harsh. Sometimes people as they become more and more religious, they become more and more harsh with their families. All of a sudden, everything is haraam. And now they just they've actually become more hardened. That's not what it means to be religious. The prophets I said to them was the softest of people. He had the softest of hearts and he said hi eurocom hydrocone Allah, the best of you are the best to their

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families. It's not that the best of you are the best to those in the masjid or the most polite to the people at the cash register. But the best to your families. That's actually the litmus test of your righteousness. How do you treat your family when you get home?

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That is the litmus test put down by the prophet sighs setelah we have to go back to good character in NEMA boys to leotta Mema makaira Mela club I have been sent to beautified to perfect beautiful manners and character.

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We have to go back to mercy between one another compassion empathy.

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Now human I had to come into your head Buddha as he he may or may not say that none of you truly believe until they love for others what they love for themselves. We have to be a people who care about one another.

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We cannot have this Neff CFC attitude. And if we do, it's a sign that there's a disease internally.

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one of the diseases that is plaguing us as a community, both individually as well as collectively is the disease of despair.

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I believe that we have fallen into despair.

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Many of us feel as those who came before us felt

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that Allah subhanaw taala actually asks us rather and has septum and third hole janitor while Amma Tikka Masala Latina Holloman publico Do you believe Do you think that you will enter Paradise without going through that which those who came before you went through my set Humala, best seller or de la was on Zillow had a akula Rasulullah Dena and Omar who matter nostrum la those people who came before

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For us, they were tested, they were given adversity. They were tried, they were so shaken, that even the messengers and those with the messengers asked meta Nasrallah, when will the help of Allah come? I think that we feel like that right now. And many of us have fallen into despair. But Allah subhanho wa Taala does not want us to fall into despair. Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us at the end of this a

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Allah in nostra la Hippo deep indeed the help of Allah is near akuna Kohli Heather was stuck for a lonely welcome in no Hakuna Rahim subhanak Allah behind Dhaka shadow en la ilaha illa and a stuck for a quarter to Blake

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