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wa Salatu was Salam ala ala Nabi Ababa, honorable Prime Minister, esteemed guests, students of other university and everybody that has come to attend a salaam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. It is something to really think about that in the illiterate Bedouin Society of a seventh century Arabia, in a land where there was not a single library, much less University in a place and a city of Makkah, where less than 1% of the people could read and write. Allah chose to begin the revelation of the final book with the word Accra, which means to read, what an amazing choice in a land where nobody could read. And reading and writing was unknown, there was no madrasa. There was no school,

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there was no professor, Allah chose to begin the revelation with Accra. Why? Because Allah subhana wa Tada is indicating that change must begin via knowledge. Change must begin via education. That's where everything begins. You will only change when you have that education, when you know what to do and how to do it. And that is why our Prophet sallallahu ala he was setting them became the greatest leader, the greatest mover and shaker via the knowledge that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada bestowed upon him. Knowledge is what transformed our OMA from being a backward paganistic society in Arabia to ruling the world in less than 100 years from China to under those Islamic civilization became the

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global leadership. And this is incomplete congruence with what the Quran teaches us or our banner Atina for dunya Hasina. Woodfill accurately Hasina. All too often we believe that religiosity is separate from the deen and dunya that when you become religious, you have to leave this world. On the contrary, Allah says the best Muslims, they are the best in this world and there are going to be the next the best in the Hereafter. And that's what our institutions have done. Our institutions trained people in the sciences of the deen and the sciences of the dunya there is no dichotomy between religious knowledge and between secular human knowledge the both are from ALLAH SubhanA wa

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Tada, the one is divinely revealed, and the other is divinely gifted. So that we can, we can use our faculties to learn and to educate. And therefore it is something that really brings a great pleasure to me to see a university local audit that is trying to synthesize the way that it used to be synthesized religious sciences and secular sciences. We form over here in sha Allah Allah, the next movers and shakers, the next leaders because in the end of the day, knowledge is not meant just to transform you. It is meant to transform others knowledge is not meant to just enlighten you to change you. It is meant to impact other people in the Quran we are told the methodology of the

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Prophets the goal of the prophets is in UI to inland Islam. Hi, Mr. Thought I want to bring about reformation and positiveness wherever I go. I want to bring Islam we all understand Islam or the word in order to inlet Islamize thought, I want to make a change to the best of my abilities. It is not an Islamic to want the best of the deen and dunya. In fact, one of the Quranic DRaaS tells us that the righteous desire to be changers makers, that righteous desire, ethical leadership, one of the Quranic doors, what you're dealing with Tokina Imam, oh Allah make us leaders of the righteous. We ask Allah we don't crave leadership for the sake of ego

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We don't crave leadership for the sake of prestige for the sake of honor. We crave an impactful relationship with society such that the righteous take us as role models, we want to make a change. And the best way to make that change is by being ethical leaders by being visionaries. Every single prophet came with that change that change begins with knowledge and with the self and then you take that knowledge and then you change other people and leadership does not necessarily mean only political, you can be a leader in business, you can be a leader in management, you can be a leader even in your household leadership can be done at every single strata of society. It is done by

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following the Sunnah of the Prophet system, and by being the best that you can be our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah loves that when one of you is assigned a task, you do it to the best of your ability, you do it with perfection. This is an authentic hadith, Allah loves when you have a responsibility, you do it to the best of your capability to do it is religious to be ethical leaders. It is a part of our religious framework and our mandate to create change, positive change, wherever we go and to be role models. The Prophet Isa pray to Allah, O Allah, ich Agni, Mubarak and a nama could make me bless it wherever I may be the great student of the process. And

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even Abbas he commented this dua means that isa prayed O Allah, wherever I go, I make a positive transformation of ALLAH, any gathering I'm in make it a positive gathering make it something good for me. This is all in the norms of ethical leadership and Subhanallah brothers and sisters and Hamdulillah. I am of course Pakistani by Origin born and raised outside of Buxton, and I want to say something from my heart about this people of Pakistan, my people, I have traveled the world I live in America. One thing about our people to Pakistani people, one thing about them, wherever they go, they become active in Islam. They're the ones that build the misogyny, they're the ones that build

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the Islamic schools and hamdulillah our comb our people, they have a love of Allah and the love of the Prophet salallahu audio setup and a love of this Deen I have traveled to over 50 countries. And I say this not just because my origins are from this country. I do not know of any other nation state overall, in which the love of this deen is so deeply set in the psyche of the people. And that is a very, very positive reality. And that is why anything that happens here has the potential to transform the global scene. I firmly believe that we can have a revival from this region and under the leadership of our honorable Prime Minister with this vision of other university where we teach

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leadership and management skills in light of this era, we take the best of what the West has to offer and we take the best of our deen and we combine it together to form a new breed a new leadership in which insha Allah Tada we will demonstrate what it means to be a righteous Muslim grounded in the humanities grounded in management grounded in the sciences and that is the ultimate goal of our banner Arjuna for dunya has an orphan our karate Hasina, we will demonstrate that we can do this we shall do this my vision is sha Allah is that this isn't just the first such university it will be the first of many more universities and it will be the springboard from which many other

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such visions are formed and whatever humble contributions I can make under the leadership of our chairman and all of the faculty I am happy to do so just Nakula who came on was set on why they come rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

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