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hamdulillah all praises you to Allah, the One and the unique, he alone It is when we worship, and it is his aid that we seek. He is the Lord of the oppressed when he hears the drop of the week, brothers and sisters, there is a crises going on that we are all familiar with. And it is one that perhaps clouds the good experiences we're expecting for a normal bond. But it is still worthy of our attention. And we need to address it head on. And this is but the first of insha Allah many more lectures and holebas and gurus, brothers and sisters, we live in different times, Strange Times. And the World Health Organization has alerted the global community to the rise of depression and suicide

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across the globe, not just in North America, the CDC, of our own country has mentioned that in the last 10 years, suicide rates amongst those from 15 to 25 have increased an astronomical 65%. In the last 10 years, suicide rates in this age group have skyrocketed. 15, just 25 years old, they have gone up 65%. Now psychiatrists and researchers are trying to figure out why. And we have the right to have our opinions. And perhaps there's no doubt that this over materialization and this narcissism and this hedonism and this social media, and the breakdown of families and friendships and the breakdown of religion, perhaps we can all pontificate. And perhaps we're all right. But you

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know, brothers and sisters, it doesn't change the fact that suicide is on the rise. It doesn't change the fact no matter what your opinions are about why it's happening, it is happening, no matter how irritated or how callous, you feel, it doesn't change the fact that this is a phenomenon that needs to be addressed. And you know, I will be the first to say, I grew up in the 80s, born in the 70s. I don't understand why this generation seems to have everything that I could have only dreamed about. I don't understand why. But the fact that I don't understand does not change the reality that it is actually happening. And unless and until we snap out of our arrogance of not

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understanding and began to empathize. This is one of the problems that are speaking to the adults now to the parents in the audience. I am a parent too. I do not understand why this is happening. It totally baffles me when this generation seems to have everything. And yet still there is an emptiness. And of course, I have my opinions. But in the end of the day, those opinions are not going to solve the problem instantaneously, we need to deal with the reality. And unfortunately, mental health and struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts. It is something that we consider taboo to even discuss, we don't even bring it up in our lectures. If one of us is suffering from

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mental depression or illness. We think it's something to be ashamed about. We don't want anybody to know about it. If a child comes to us, a teenager comes to us, we completely dismiss it away, oh, man up be a young man, I had it worse than you. I had this and that. And we don't understand times have changed. I don't understand why. But times have changed. And the psychology the psychological makeup of this generation has changed. Dear Muslims do your parents. We're all aware of painful events that are taking place in our own communities. We cannot be blind to the reality of what is going on. I encourage all of you to reorient your frame of mind from being cynical to becoming

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sympathetic from being dismissive to becoming empathetic. Understand that this is a new generation with new trials and tribulations understand that the goal is not to be nasty and mean the goal is to save lives and to save a man. And in order to do that, we have to begin with ourselves. We have to acknowledge there is a problem in so many communities there is no question our own is one of them. That depression, that bad thoughts, suicidal thoughts are on the rise. And these young men and women don't even know where to go to because if they come to me or you generally they are dismissed, they're told to shut up and go and man up about it and what's the big deal then you have everything

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and I had it worse and etc, etc. And that's not going to solve the problem. So everything begins with a reorientation of our own paradigm. Understand, there's a problem

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Understand it's a new problem, a new phenomenon. Every single psychiatrist is pointing this out. Every single major organization that deals with mental health is telling us that this is an a phenomenon that has never been observed in human history, the rise of depression in the younger generation, it has never been observed in human history. It's not the fault of our children that they're born in this generation. It's not their fault. You cannot blame them for something beyond their control. They are a part of the culture and society. So we need to empathize. I am not a psychiatrist. But I will tell you, we need the help of professionals. We need the help of those who

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understand these issues. If a young man or woman comes to you, and they open up about bad things about depression, about a staff role or suicide, this is a warning bell for you. Do not dismiss this cry, do not consider it to be something that is trivial. immediately get professional help. Most important, dear parents most important, do not dismiss and make that young man and woman feel bad. empathize, hug. Love. That is all that is required for a parent just love. Tell the young man and woman maybe I don't understand what you're going through. But I'm here for you. I'm always going to be here for you just expressed to them that don't ever think about the option of suicide. Because

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suicide and I speak out to the young men and women here as well. Suicide is a drastic, it is a permanent, it is a haraam solution to a temporary problem. We don't want to go down that avenue. We are all here for you, young men and women. And I speak to every single member of our own community on behalf of all of us and the board and especially of the religious clergy, every one of us is here for you, dear sister and brother, if you have an issue, I know that you have an older brother in me and in our environment in our shoe, any one of us is here for you. I swear to you as a light is my witness. If you come to me struggling with a personal issue of depression or suicide, you have my

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full attention, I will make time for you Come to me, I'm making an announcement right here. If you feel that I can help and if I need to, I'll put you in touch with anybody that's more professional. I'm a person of religious background, maybe a little bit of religion will help you but if it's not going to be enough, I'll put you in touch with the experts but realize we are all here for you. I might not understand your problems, but I do care about you and I want what is best for you. And I know because Allah says so I know that tomorrow is going to be better than today when an hour Hera to hydralic Amina Allah and I know that Allah subhana wa Taala loves you more than I can ever love

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you. And that's why in the very verse about suicide, what does Allah say? What are takatsu soccom in Allah? How can I become Rahim Allah, Allah uses the word Rahim in the very verse about suicide. Allah reminds you who he is, he is Rahman and Rahim This is his characteristic, I might not feel your pain, but Allah azza wa jal knows and realized your brother and sister, Allah will never put you in a situation more than what you can bear. Now you can leave for law who enough son in law was Aha, dear brother, dear sister, if I don't understand your pain, Allah azza wa jal knows and guess what he puts you in that situation, knowing that you have the courage and the faith and the

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fortitude to pass that situation. Allah would never put you in a situation knowing that you would fail know the fact that you're facing that situation. The Quran tells us that Allah knows you can pass with flying colors, you have it in you, you have it in you because Allah has promised that you have enough to pass any test that he places on you, but you have to show some courage and you have to get help. Don't be ashamed of getting help. We are all here for you. If one elder turns you away, don't be Don't be a dissatisfied come to others come to me come to other people of our community. We are all one large family. This is the Muslim Ummah We are here for you find faith and find family

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and find friends and if need then go to therapy. These are the ways that we overcome our daily challenges. Dear brothers and sisters, struggling with depression struggling with difficult thoughts. This is a part of life. The solution is not just to take your life No, never never. The solution is never to expedite your own life. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said life is always going to be better for the believer the moment any time that he has is better because he takes advantage of that time. So do not expedite that which is inevitable. One time will come we all have to leave we leave it to Allah subhana wa Tada. Dear brother, dear sister, Allah is that Iman

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and Allah is Rahim. Allah is your Creator, turn to him for help first and foremost and then turn to others who are loving and caring about you and know that Allah subhana wa Taala loves you more than your mother and your father as our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Allah

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