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The day of ‘Arafah was the day when Allah sent down this beautiful verse to his noble Prophet ﷺ: “This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favour upon you and have approved for you Islam as religion”. [Surah Al Maaida, 5:3]

In this powerful lecture taking place at ‘Arafah, Shaykh Yasir Qadhi discusses about the Day of ‘Arafah, the Prophet’s ﷺ last speech, and the importance of acceptance of Hajj.

The Day of ‘Arafah is symbolic for us. It is a day when Allah gathers Muslims to draw a lesson in achieving unity and harmony and promoting tolerance and forbearance.

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi takes us on a profound journey about the importance of taking advantage of the opportunity on the Day of ‘Arafah and engaging in acts of obedience to our Lord while strengthening our ties with the members of our community.

May Allah SWT strengthen our eeman. Aameen.

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Today is the last day of the entire year

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that these 10 days

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are the best days of the entire year. And out of these 10 days the process of writing

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and the day of sacrifice are the days that are in our ears or people have done. So we are blessed by our last lesson.

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Not only this, the location that we are in less than location, we are in the

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city of Mecca where the first mosque ever established for mankind is there. The most elected location in the world is the city of Mecca and its surrounding areas. We are currently in our thoughts. And we are close to the sacred receipts of muslin in a minute. And our price is at location, according to our lectures in our industry were

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accepted in repentance of our father, when he came down to this room, and all of us is that blessing locality, according to authentic traditions,

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first extracted ourselves out of

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that in the value of our past, a lot extractive

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serves of mankind.

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So we weren't really in our, our hands will create your own display, we came into existence with a spiritual insistence on the things of our power. So the time is really the place and we are in a state, our state

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is the only state we call it because the the state great the meaning of it, it is a sacred state. So we are in a sacred time, and a sacred place and a sacred location. On top of that we are doing the most sacred of good deeds, there is no good deed that is.

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When is the single greatest

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the most rescued state listed,

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we are blessed and blessed and blessed.

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And the planes are our brothers and sisters and the day of our heart is one of the most important if not

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days of the year.

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That never is shaped,

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despising of himself, and more regretful and more thrilling than he is on the day. Because of what he sees

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the best blog that anybody can ever make.

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The best blog that anybody can ever make.

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There is no drive that is better than the blog

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that has all of it is an hour or two hours.

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The essence of

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purpose, our primary purpose of spending 1000s of dollars coming off from family and friends, traveling depriving ourselves of sleep, being tired is because of today. And

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that on the day of our Lord Himself comes down to the lower heavens and alive so jump to the angel.

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Look at the service of life. Look, they have come from every corner of the world.

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every nook and crevice in the road.

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They have come

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they're tired

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They're dusty, they're disheveled. They're not wearing their fancy suits with ice. They're not. They're not claiming they have given up the luxuries of this world, the conference. They

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were in in a very tired disempowered state. And they haven't even seen me that allows us to the angels.

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Says, they have come asking me and I call you to testify that I am going to give the

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most to the angels about me and you, and we are not worthy of that. But I was mercy allows us for that. Today is the day of our brothers and sisters, a non Muslim came to me. And he said,

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it has a verse, that is we had it as they were from the tour.

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We will take that day as

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a day of celebration for my son What first he recited.

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Today, I have perfected my favorites upon you. And I've chosen Islam.

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If we had this,

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we would have taken that day.

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My voice

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Can you guys hear me in the back? I can do

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that. I know exactly when it came down. And I know when it was revealed. He said it was revealed on the day of our when the process of a law why they will send them what standing in the plains of Africa. So the day of our fight is the day that first came down. And we are currently on that date. So brothers and sisters, today on this day of out, let us reflect let us think about where we have come from and where we're going to go back to today. On this day. When all of us have gathered tired and hungry and thirsty sleep deprived. Let me remind you of two simple facts that all of you are experiencing. And you don't need me to prove to you The first of these facts, brothers and sisters,

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despite the fact that I am tired and you are tired, despite the fact that we are sleep deprived, despite the fact that we're sweating, we're not wearing our good clothes, we're not in our usual state. Despite all of that, I guarantee that the inner peace that you are feeling, the inner happiness that you have the inner Sakina you feel as if you're doing something worthwhile, you feel productive, you feel spiritually strong, that feeling of happiness, brothers and sisters, that feeling of productivity, all the money in this world could not buy it. The amount of internal satisfaction that we feel right here and now it came to us a reality. And that is brothers and

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sisters, that the real happiness is the happiness of the soul, not the happiness of the body. The real happiness is the happiness of the soul, not the happiness of the body. If we only give our body pleasures, the soul will wither away. And it is not the body that lives forever. It is the soul that is forever. Brothers and sisters money, wealth, material possessions, that does not buy happiness, and you know that as well as I do. That does not find material happiness. ultimate happiness comes from a connection with Allah subhana wa Tada. Allah says in the Quran, and

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what we'll find out No.

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Whoever does good, whether they're male or female, and they have a man, we are going to grant that person, a sweet life, a beautiful life, higher,

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beautiful life. It will not come from your fame, it will not come from your fortune. It will not come from your material possessions. Whoever believes and does good, we shall grant him a beautiful life. That beautiful life comes with the worship of

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brothers and sisters. Is it not sad that we take care of our bodies, but we neglect our souls, the body is going to perish. The body is going to rot in the grave. It is the soul that will move on. Why is it that we take care of our body and the body is a temporary vessel we give it its pleasures, we give it its food and drink we satisfy its desires but the body is not going to remain

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mind body and your body will perish the vessel within it. That is the soul that will move on. And hatch teaches us what happens when we feed the soul what we're doing right now we're feeding the soul and the soul for the first time for many of us, it feels alive. Doesn't it feel good to be alive? Allah says in the Quran yeah you alladhina amanu are you believe is that Jeevan de su li either Dr. Kumar,

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respond to the call of Allah and His Messenger, one day call you to that which will give you your life to that which will give you your life. Allah is speaking to the living. And he says, If you come to me, I will give you life. Why? Because this verse is not talking about the life of the body. It is talking about the life of the soul. Because you can have a living body with a dead soul inside of it. Even if the body is walking on the face of this earth, the heart can be dead. We don't want that we want our souls to be alive. We want our room to be nourished. So Hajj teaches us brothers and sisters hatch teaches us that the real happiness comes with a connection with Allah subhana wa

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Tada. The real happiness comes in our worship of Allah, our lives attain meaning when we worship a law, our lives attained nobility when we connect with a law and that is an important lesson of hygiene. The second that all of us are feeling right now and you don't need me to walk around it. You know it as well as I do, is that sins, distance us from Allah.

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disobeying Allah distances us from Allah. As we stand today and out of fact, every one of us including myself, we should think about our sins that we have done. We should confess to Allah our sins, we feel guilty, we feel unprepared, we feel unworthy of Allah's mercy. This is the reality what happens when we commit sins, so we should make a sincere intention to Allah that we do not return to the lifestyles that we had before we came for my brothers and sisters, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Our prophets have a lot why they said

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that a lot. So it just says in the Maya topbet Allahu Allah accepts from those who have done so one of the signs of a deed having been accepted. One of the size of your hedge having been accepted is that your lifestyle after hedge will be markedly different than your lifestyle before hedge. If you truly want to ask yourself, How do I know that my height has been accepted? Then ask yourself, what will be my lifestyle after Hutch? If you return to the exact same lifestyle, if you return to the exact same deeds, if you return to the exact same city, then in reality, your hedge has not impacted you. Your hedge has not done anything for you. But if you make a difference, if you try your best,

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if you try to overcome the sins that you have, and you try to live up to the failure of Allah, then in sha Allah insha Allah the Hajj has been accepted. Brothers and sisters, look around, you see what is happening in the world see the reality of the oma and thanka law that we have been protected from much of what is happening in the oma look at the situation of our brothers and sisters in Burma. How pathetic of a situation. Look at what's happening in Syria right now. Look at what's happening across the globe. In China, 1 million Muslims have been put under jail, incarceration counts. Imagine brothers and sisters imagine those bits happening to us.

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So the least that we should do is to show our thanks to Allah, we in the West have the freedom to worship along we should not go along with those freedoms and then demonstrate the thankfulness that we have in our actions. Brothers and sisters, those societies that are currently facing that persecution, they never thought it would happen to them. They never thought for a second that they will be under that persecution, but this is a loss other you cannot predict it. And that is why it is so important that in times of peace, in times of sale of non violence, we show Allah subhanho wa Taala Our thankfulness What does the law say in the Koran the two best blessings are a lady who made

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jewelry, man or woman. He gave them food so they're not hungry and he protected them from civil war and bloodshed. Good enough if we have these two blessings, food to eat and a lack of civil war.

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We have been given those blessings.

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Brothers and sisters today.

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Today is the best day of the year. Today is the day to confess your sins to Allah and cleanse yourself of your sins. Allah subhana wa as you can see that

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What it says to the angel I call you to bear witness I have forgiven all of them today is the day of forgiveness, the promise of the law, it was said that said, there is no day in which a person has more of a chance of being freed from Jannah than the A of our there is no day that a person has more of a chance to be free from China than the date of our realize brothers and sisters, that only those who take advantage of this day will make throughout the day will be given that real happiness, at least three of these brothers and sisters the best.

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And that is when we combine our weather for the next five, six hours, there is plenty of time for law, so that every person that wants to take advantage of that time may draw to a law and most important draw the two should make is the draw the two and it rightly guided is enough to all

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of our children, brothers and sisters, we live in a land that is full of non Muslim, if we do not have our religion down.

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Literally, brothers and sisters, if you're not good Muslims,

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were one of our children.

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For the sake of a law for the sake of your own, and for the sake of your children turn around, it is never too late to repent today.

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Today is promising a lot on your life. Today is the day you want to literally go back in

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the day as if your mother gave birth to you. That's exactly

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make this a turning point make it a new beginning, a spiritual rebirth. Brothers and sisters if you are not going to take advantage of

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and you are in alpha and you are in touch and you are in this state that I asked you by a law What

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if alpha does not prepare you for the demo? And what

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are you waiting for the Angel of Death to knock on your door? Are you waiting for death to come to you to be lowered into the grave? What will make us up inside of

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all mankind? What has caused you to be deceived about your average interest? Why are you Why are you in self delusion? Wake up brothers and sisters before it is too late.

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We are in trouble. Our children are potentially in trouble what will cause us to wake up

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And to all of you let out or left today be that wake up call and realize brothers and sisters realize that this wasn't the first time giving off. I taught you that

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we were created ourselves were created in our own time. Today we are and you learn from another country as well. That judgment day would be in the plains of Africa somehow in the metaphysical world.

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And judgment will be in our brothers and sisters you are created an alpha and you will end up today

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Now is the time to prepare for the day you will meet Allah subhana wa tada now's the time you prepare you know the questions you know the exam alone will ask you I gave you life What did you do with it? I gave you work? What did you do? I gave you time but the questions are there different answers have to be prepared. While it is as simple as that today is the day of our repent to Allah from our sins turned to a lot of promise and a new beginning.

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Because if you don't want we'll help you and make a sincere intention to a law and order law

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or law you will help me

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turn my life around for the better I will worship you the way you deserve to be rewarded. And if I if I

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if I step over, you will forgive me because

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brothers and sisters Let us pray 12

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more we asked you and every name that belongs to you. We asked you every one of you divine attributes that you forgive our sins today or we're wrong. No one forgives sins other than you What are your

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thoughts? We asked you to forgive our sins? Or why we asked you to accept our repentance or why you are the one who forgive our father either when he disobeyed children and other and we just really like our father's story. yada, yada, yada, yada yada. No one forgets other than you know what you races other than you No one can conceal other than you

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conceal ourselves in this world.

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seal them from the eyes of others and conceal them on Judgement Day on law accept our, our law guidance to the straight path for none guys other than you, or when we asked you for the sweetness of

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grant us to taste the sweetness of you not make it more stringent than any other misty and we understand or a lot drowned out Augustine's of your sweetness only love, allow us to love worshiping you more than we love. Our sins are allowed to come to you confessing, confessing our sins. We testify that every blessing you have given us we are used against you to disagree you are

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given us we are using our eyes.

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we confess

00:20:51--> 00:21:04

our sins, we come to you with a mountain of sins, but we know that your Rama is infinite. We know that your mouth knows no bounds, yada, yada, forgive our sins, close our

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eyes to return like our mother's giving birth to us, except our hedge

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to be frowned upon.

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And there

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are a lot of branches the level

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of worship if you want

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to protect our children or protect our children,

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our children,

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our children,

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our children.

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religion. Reserve is not

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many companies

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the way you deserve to be worshipped.

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Mercy is more worthy of our

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own loving put our trust in your mercy more than our own deeds. We confess our sins our money, but we believe that you're infinitely more than our sins, forgive our sins and

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allow us to love what she can do and allow us to die in pursuit of worship our Lord we ask for that every year and ours is better than the previous year and that the best year we did was our final year asked you that

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you plus have to say

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I like to not humiliate them in this way for the next hour.

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Or more conceal our sins in this way. Or loving our skills heavy on judgment day on our skills heavy on judgment day. Our law allow us to be shown to be in worse shape when there is no shade other than brushing our teeth from

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overflowing. Thank you, we thank you on that table and we will be hot and thirsty and there is no lecture other than the water from the content of our promise number one Why don't you send them We thank you all along for Twitter for recognizes us and you're assuming cause us

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to drink from the fountain of the promise.

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You're allowed to drink from that fountain drink that will forever cause it to never be thirsty.

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We testify we love your food, even if we haven't, even if we haven't followed you the way that we deserve your love grants us Tisha of the prophecy.

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Y'all love grant us the show Tisha of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa send them yo la grande just to ship out the Prophet sallallahu I think he was sending him Oh, Allah causes us to enter agenda without accounting for our sins. Allah causes tend to agenda with the first batch of people Oh Allah, we asked you for your dose even though we know we do not deserve it. Although we still asked you because you are the ketene who gives? Oh well we asked you that we live upon and we die upon EMA and we are resurrected with the prophets and the noble companions and what a noble companionship they are was set up