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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi discusses in this lecture the factors that break Wudu, how to do Ghusl, when should we do ghusl or the factors that necessitate Ghusl.

Factors that break Wudu:

  • Any material coming out of private parts such as stool, urine and wind.
  • When one goes into a state of coma.
  • Eating camel meat.
  • Sleeping about which the different opinions are discussed.
  • Pre seminal fluid.
  • After carrying the dead body.

The factors necessitate Ghusl:

  • Ejection of seminal fluid.
  • Wet dreams
  • When a man enters a woman.
  • After her menstrual cycle is over.
  • After one’s death.

What is Tayammum? When there is a scarcity of water or absence of water, we wash ourselves without water with pure sand . Tayammum is done for both minor and major impurity. How does one do Tayammum? Shaykh Yasir Qadhi elaborates appropriately.

The factors that break Wudu break Tayammum. But if one finds water, then the existing Tayammum is null and void and we should perform Wudu.

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi  discusses the topic of blood in the case of women. They are of 3 types:

  • Haaiz
  • Nifas
  • Istihaazah 

Things that are prohibited during this state are also clearly explained. Listen intently.

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Alhamdulillah wa Mehta who want to start you know who want to sell Pharaoh who when I was a villa Himanshu Rudy and fusina RTR Medina, Allahu Allah Masha Allah Allah who woman you little fella ha de la

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la la la la de la sharika foreshadow under Mohammed Abdullah who was sort of tired What do we do yesterday

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What do we do?

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We define what is definition of

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removal okay.

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Spiritual Okay, we also did what

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he canceled right? We did what what else utensils we said

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etiquette the restaurant we will do how to do properly

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this work. Okay. Now today we're going to discuss

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the factors that break rules. Also we're going to discuss how to do hosel and what are the factors that necessitate hosel we're going to discuss right which is when you have no water and if we have time we're going to discuss women's blood also menstruation and Nicholas and others. Okay, so we start off with no Walker that we'll do which is the factors that break will do.

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And we say that

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Firstly, there is a big difference of opinion over what are the factors that are equal or not, but some things everyone agrees upon. Okay, so everyone knows for example, that anything that comes out from your private parts of stool or urine or winter breaks your will this is a GMR This is consensus everyone agrees upon this, okay.

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Now, most of the analysts they also said that anything else that comes up from permit parts also for example, okay, so for example, the sisters asked about the liquid that comes out, okay, based on the fact that most scholars said that it breaks through this is why I also said it breaks your will. Okay, that anything that comes up not necessarily urine and stool and wind, or other objects or other things, too, that comes out from your private parts, okay. And this seems to be the correct thing and also is that anything that comes out of your private parts, it breaks the rules. Okay? So whether it's wind or gas or urine or stool or feces or anything that comes up from the drivers

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whether it's water the moisture anything that comes up it breaks you a little

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also what breaks your will do is if you're if you go into a coma or if you go into unconsciousness Okay, this also if you wake up then you have broken your window okay.

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Also what breaks you will do

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is if you are now we're getting to the international so let me go restore enough Okay, another thing that breaks the window for short is eating camel meat eating camel meat the process of them said or a person has to process them Should we do will do from eating goat meat processed said no. Then he was actually renewable from eating camel meat. So the process said yes, you will do when you eat camel meat and it's reported in Muslim Okay, so this is a clear and explicit Hadith which says which tells you that when you eat camel meat then you will do is broken. Now we're going to get to other factors which need a little bit of explanation Okay, now the biggest or one of the most important

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differences opinion over what brings you a little is sleeping, sleeping sleeping rituals. And I think they're like eight or nine opinions regarding this issue each one is a slightly different one. Okay. However, in my humble opinion, the

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the criterion for sleeping to break your rule is that when you go to sleep in a manner that you totally lose consciousness. So everyone knows when he's sitting in class for example, I hope it doesn't happen in our class but in many classes, you're just not off gently. You know, you're not really unconscious right? I mean, if someone says something loud to you wake up and hear it. So you really have possession of some type of you know, you're not really fully asleep, you're not in a deep sleep. This doesn't break your will. Okay, but a full a deep sleep in which you totally lose consciousness. You know, you have no idea what's going on around you which is a how we go to sleep

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at night or something. This breaks you know, the point is there's a number of different ideas which seem to contradict you. That's why the scholars have different one it says that I know we got was from a non affiliated world but that's the the eye

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now is like the drawstring what is the drawstring a drawstring is if you have a pocket or a

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a leather pouch, then they will have a string on top of that that will make it tight. Okay. Bridges closes the thing is like the the capitalism thing. So the process Can you give an example or the parable it says that the eye is acting like a drawstring for the anus for the private course. So it protects any guy

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from coming on under this one when you're awake, then you realize when you emit gas or not. Okay, so the president said that the eye It is as if it's acting like that we cast or the the drawstring of the anus. So whoever goes to sleep, let him do his authentic, it isn't a Buddha or whoever goes to sleep that can do. Okay. So you might think okay, that means anything. But now we come to other energies which seem to say something else. And that is, for example, the Sahaba they will be waiting for the Isha prayer, and the processor would come out late, so some some of them would go to sleep in the masjid. Okay. And then when the process of them came in, they would wake up and they would

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pray without doing all the work.

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Now the process of Southern sleeping, but he didn't tell them to go make Udo. Okay, so in order to combine or reconcile these two headings, that's how there are so many different opinions, many scholars, they said that if you're sitting upright, with your back to a wall, and you fall asleep in this position, then it doesn't make you do why is that?

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Why did he specify this position?

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Because if you're sitting in this position, no, no gas can come up. Okay? If you sit with your back to a wall, right, and you're sitting firmly on the ground, no gas can come out. So they said that the problem was sitting like this, therefore, it was allowed. Okay. And this is, this is a good opinion. I mean, you know, you can't really, it's a good opinion, but a lot one, I think the stronger opinion, is you take it back to the type of seat that you have, if it's just a slightly bigger prospect, imagine just having a wedding, and they just want to sleep, right? It just went to sleep in this fashion, a slight sleep. In this case,

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you can say that the window does not break, because if some guy came out, he would have woken you up, he would still be conscious of what's going on. Okay, over a deep sleep, even if you go to sleep with your back to the wall that is possible that gap and more than guests will come out and you're not aware of it, you know, so a lot of random. In my humble opinion, this is the correct opinion. But like I said, there is a real strong externality and I'm telling you the law so that you know that, you know, it's up to you which which there are two supposedly contradictory ideas. So what is the correct opinion out of these two? On the one hand, the president clearly said that the eye is

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the drawstring of the anus. So whoever goes to Silicon Doodle, and the other hand the processor of solder to have the sleeping the property will be sleeping waiting for Asia, and then they will wake up and pray. So how do you reconcile these two? The scholars they have different ways of reconciling these two headings. And the way that I presented is perhaps what I feel to be the stronger one Okay, that's the first quote unquote controversial thing so so for how many factors that we listed every Google

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how many mentioned the first one is

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anything that comes out of your private parts so now this actually includes many things it includes urine and feces and stool will same thing when anything else like the the moisture that comes out of the water that comes out? Even stones you know, kidney stones, for example? Okay, according to this opinion, if it is excreted in urine, or physically without doing it will break the world according to this even anything that comes out of the two primary parts. Okay. What was it What was the second thing?

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unconsciousness The third thing,

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eating calamy The fourth thing right now is sleep. And we set a certain type of sleep a very heavy or a deep sleep. But like I said, there's a difference of opinion. Another very controversial or not controversial difference of opinion, strong difference opinion is touching the private parts touching one penis or anus or the woman's touching themselves. Okay? If you touch it, when you're cleaning, you're cleansing yourself for something, does that break your will do or not? Okay, well, obviously, if you're in the restroom, and bricks will do for other reasons, because you just did something. But if it's if you just touch your So suppose you're taking a shower, okay, and you just

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touch your private parts. Now, when we say touch, we mean by the palm of your hand, not by any other, like, for example, if your leg touches your private front, obviously, it's not going to break you. Okay? Obviously, it's not because you're like, I was always such a private person. But when we mean by the palm, or the front part of the head, not even the back, not even the arms, we need the palm of the hand. Okay, if you touch your private parts, either the front or the back. And when we say the back part right side, and again, burden sisters, we shouldn't be embarrassed about mentioning these types of things right now that we find it amusing this as part of our religion, you

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know, as part of our religion. So we have to sometimes be explicit, not in order to make ourselves feel embarrassed so that we know our religion, and we worship Allah subhanaw taala properly. So if a person touches his front private part, or his back pocket, and by the back part of us, we mean the actual game is not the buses around it, because that is not a private part of the sense that is legit. But the actual, whole the actual anus this is what we're talking about if we touch it, because the speaker will do or not.

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Now what why is there a difference of opinion? Again, there are two supposedly contradictory hobbies and again, there's no real contradiction, but it's just how do we reconcile that? On the one hand, there's a hadith of

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vuestra been supplying the hadith of Basra Vint Cerf one way in which the process of them said whoever touches his private parts whoever touches the Hadith says penis for represses his penis, let him do and obviously the women fall in the same category if they text their private parts, let them do another narration explicitly says whatever man touches his penis a woman touches her vagina Isn't she they have to do will do. Okay explicitly mentioned both men and women.

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On the other hand, we have the habit of qualitative analysis. Another company and functionality said that

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he also was one of us touches our private parts does he have to do due to the partisan said, is not your private part just a part of you that is not your your penis, it is not your penis just a part of you. In other words, just like if it's your hand or your nose or your ears or anything, it doesn't break your will. Likewise, your penis is broken. If you touch it, it's not going to break your will. Okay, my question for the woman is to test their privacy versus black numbers. The question arises, how do we reconcile these two headings? And once again, there's like four or five opinions. The one that I personally lean towards flow for sure. First of all, it's safer to do a

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little future purpose for sure you get out of the differences of opinion. I mean, no one says you shouldn't do a look at your preference. It's better to do that anyway. But some say it doesn't break it will do some say it does. So in my humble opinion, the way to reconcile these two is that if someone touches it consciously, in other words, intending to touch his private press, for whatever reason he touches, it doesn't matter if he touches his private parts unconscious, consciously, and dyspraxia. And if you touch it, unconsciously, you're not intending to touch it. So for example, you're taking a shower, and you just start drying yourself unconsciously attach your private parts,

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you don't intend to touch it. This isn't curriculum. This is the opinion that I follow in Sydney in Santa Monica. And another strong opinion which also makes sense is that if you touch your private parts with desire with pleasure, then this breaks you will do and if you touch it, for other reasons for washing, or somebody that doesn't break through, but I personally mean for the opinion that if you touch it consciously, it works, you will lose. And if you touch it unconsciously, it doesn't preclude some scholars, they said if you touch it, no matter whatever reason you touch it, for instance, regularly. And this also is a good opinion. And it's a safer opinion. It's a safer

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opinion. Why, because either way you're safe. If it makes you do it doesn't break it with you, you might as well do it again. Is that clear? The reason I'm going through this stuff is because there is a strong difference of opinion in general I don't go into detail but in these two three issues, there is a strong difference of opinion and I feel that you should be aware of it and I don't want you to come up come and tell you my opinion on what you tell me there are other opinions out there. And you know, ask other scholars ask other people with with and then follow what you feel as as closest to the colonists. And now obviously, if you take your own private party because obviously if

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you touch another person that's your spouse's your wife's private price, it also breaks you okay? So doesn't matter in order to protect your own or your wife's terrified it also says it breaks your will likewise. And I realized though, if you touch for example, your wife's private parts, it breaks your will do not hurt. Okay. It breaks you because you did the touching the one that does the touching that will do is broken. Okay. Unless, of course, some another part of the breaks will do obviously, we're getting there right now is preassembled fluid. Okay, which is a fluid that is released when a person is is in a state of sexual excitement. So unless of course, a person is

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releasing criminal code in this case, obviously as good as we can anyway, doesn't matter if he touches his private part or his life, it doesn't matter. Okay.

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Clear. Understood. So so far, how many things do we have? Six. Okay.

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One aspect which the scholars say it's recommended to make Lulu force is what after you wash a dead body

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after you cut, so you have to carry this body. Okay, even if you wash it is recommended to do so but it's not a necessary. Now a question that arises how about if you vomit? Does that make you do enough power? If you vomit, does that break you will do or not. Many scholars have said it does recusal many scholars says no, it doesn't make you look okay.

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Once again, the reason there's a difference even over this issue is because there is no clear cut Hadith that says whoever rhombuses rubrics, whoever Varmus is rubric says no such leaf like that, okay. So, the scholars have different does the will does vomiting breakable or not, and the opinion that I lean towards is that it does not break through but it is strongly encouraged to do after it does not break the rules vomiting does not break through the why because had vomiting broken the rules the processor would have actually mentioned the very fact that the process a lot of what you said and did not mention vomiting shows you that it doesn't break you and vomiting is something

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which everyone does every single one of us probably sometime in the right time. despite that fact the processing didn't instruct the Muslims that when you want me to go through but he did instruct them when you when you you know pack gas or wind or stool or urine or feces or this diversity was he told him this. But concerning for me, he didn't say anything. So the reason or the opinion that I lean towards is that vomiting does not break it was because had it broken your window, the processor would have mentioned it however it is strongly strongly encouraged to do after someone moments. This is because there is one Hadith in which the participant would go that says processor vomited once

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and he did. He vomited once and he did. Okay, so this Hadith, it doesn't tell you or you cannot derive from this Hadith, that vomiting breaks the world, but you can derive that it is strongly encouraged to do after someone. So while we think does not break the rules, but if you do follow it then it's best to

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do likewise the same the same ruling applies to bleeding and the same ruling applies to bleeding if you bleed. Now small amounts of blood is not I mean by consensus doesn't break the little micro nasal blood or something smaller and a few drops, okay? It doesn't break the rule by age unless it comes out of the private parts, right? Otherwise it doesn't break the rules like if you have a little cut small cut doesn't make the difference in opinion is when you have a large amounts of blood you have a severe Ward and it's just flowing the fabric you will do or not. Now firstly, blood, like we said is according to the vast majority of scholars flowing blood, a lot of life not

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aluminum. So whether it breaks your will do or not, you cannot pray with that blood on you. You have to wash it or you have to clean the clothes or something. Now the question arises does it make you another two separate factors? Okay. And I mentioned this last lesson two

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brothers and sisters should realize the difference between nudges and between breaking booboo. urine is, okay, if you're in with the fall on you, it doesn't break your will do. You have ledges you have to clean the edges. But you don't have to do before train. Okay, you understand that point? Likewise, bleeding? If you're billing effectively, that blood is nudges. But does it break you will do or not is a different question.

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Okay, is that clear? Yes, no?

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Okay, that's how we're gonna come to you.

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Now, so the correct opinion is that the bleeding does not break the rules, because of the fact that the same reason that we gave Obama What reason do we get provided?

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He didn't specify specifically say, and it's something which everyone I mean, every single person, especially during those times in Java, so they're bleeding a lot, you know, the process of never mentioned it both. Okay. And also the incident that the brother mentioned that Sahabi was praying once, and an arrow came and struck him while he was in Egypt, and the blood was flowing out of him. Okay. So that could be used, you know, to show that doesn't break a little. Another factor that does not break your rule. And the reason I mentioned the factors that don't break you do is because some people might tell you they do. So I'm telling you the opinion that they don't want to do is to touch

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a woman just to touch a woman, I'm not talking about a private place just to touch a woman. Many of the scholars, they say if you touch a woman in breaks, you will do but this is not true. And this is very clearly not true because the processor, Ayesha herself narrative that the processor would kill some of his wives, kiss them, not just touch and it gives us something which is a sexual nature, okay, you would get some of his words and then go to pray without doing woodworking. So you're allowed to touch your wife and you're allowed to touch if you touch your sister or your mother doesn't break your will the touching woman doesn't break through to some people they say that, but

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this is not true. And this is clearly true. If the processor can even kiss, kiss his wife and then Gordon pray, right, this shows you that doing this type of act is number two. Now when would it break the rules?

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If it led to arousal and sexual and not necessarily arousal, the difference in arousal and presupposes a man can be aroused without emitting any food, okay? If he is aroused, right, this doesn't mean that his wounds broken only if seminal fluid or that prism, three seminal fluid is ejected, not really adjusted, but released only at this point in time, it will be broken. And we said that a small amount of preassembled food just like a small amount of blood is forgiven, you can ignore it. Okay? And everyone knows what a small amount is for himself a very small amount he can ignore it if it's continuous or a large amount This is when he has to be strict and his elbow is

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broken. Okay, so how many will do is we have total

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things that break the

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nine what is the first one

00:18:38--> 00:18:42

let's go over this quickly because you have to know these things. And this is a juicy question for the exam by the way to

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anything coming from the private first first thing second thing

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coma Third thing

00:18:49--> 00:18:52

calamy fourth thing sleeping fifth

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setting carvers window when did this is this is the payload like i said i go to consciously okay 16

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terminals and touching the spouses, everybody falls under that. Okay.

00:19:08--> 00:19:09

Pre seminal fluid okay.

00:19:11--> 00:19:44

No, no, we didn't say brakes it with what did we say? It's encouraged. It's encouraged Careful, don't you carry a dead body you don't break your will Oh, no. Careful, don't fall is encouraged to do this because the person who said whoever washes the dead bodies and he should take a shower and whoever carries it and bodies and he should perform. This should is not for him. It's for Sonia in this in this video. So we're gonna get to watching the dead body in a few maybe next week. But if you watch the dead body, if you are the actual one that is Washington, it is encouraged to do a whole host of yourself. And if you only carry that and body is encouraged, it doesn't require to

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it's encouraged to do again. There was another practice.

00:19:48--> 00:19:49

What do we say about comedy?

00:19:51--> 00:19:58

It's recommended again careful. Don't get confused between what breaks it will go and what is recommended to do will do for okay what is another factor

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What do we say about sleeping? A deep sleep? Yeah. How about bleeding? What do we say about bleeding?

00:20:06--> 00:20:08

No, it doesn't. Okay, it's recommended. Yeah, but it doesn't break.

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I mean, every every time something comes out, it's recommended to remove it doesn't break your little bleeding.

00:20:20--> 00:20:38

gushing blood does not break you will do, but that blood itself is okay. gushing blood and alcator there is the reason I'm mentioning all of these points is because some scholars said that they do break through. Okay. And you know, I'm teaching you this and you know, like I said, I'm in fifth or something hamdulillah go and study it. And if you think one opinion is stronger than other, follow with him and don't feel

00:20:40--> 00:20:46

something hungry, it can be a bit more lacks about you. Is that clear? No, every all of these points are clear. Okay.

00:20:48--> 00:20:57

Now, the next chapter that we get to is, what are the acts that are prohibited for a person who is not in the state of will?

00:20:58--> 00:21:07

What are the long chapter titles? Basically, what do you need to have to do for the opposite of the chapter targets? What are the acts that you need to have will do for

00:21:10--> 00:21:28

obviously, the first and foremost thing is prayer. And this is why we're studying this chapter right now, before prayer. The first three requisites, the first act, which you need to have to do is prayer. The prophets of freedom said, Whoever add that to our braces will do that alone will not accept this prayer until he does.

00:21:29--> 00:21:42

Okay, whoever breaks it will do Allah will not accept his prayer until he makes. So if you break, you will vote by any one of these factors that we just mentioned. You have to do before. For your timing, this is very clear, every single one of us knows this. Okay.

00:21:44--> 00:22:10

Another factor that you need. Another factor that requires will is to touch the Koran. Okay, if you want to touch the Quran, not recite, not recite, touch it with your hand physically like this suppose into the Koran. I wanted to touch the Koran, pick it up and read from the Koran. This according to the vast majority of the scholars of this oma and opinion of all of the Sahaba and the setup is that you have to have will do.

00:22:11--> 00:22:38

Okay, we'll get to the question where you have to condition you have to have to touch the most part. This is because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, in a hadith narrated by Adela hooked me and they have been others that no one's to touch the Quran unless he is for his no one to touch the Quran unless he has thought he is by his meaning he is in a state of bohemian spirit pure, so no one except the one who is pure. He has a little dish attached to hold on. Okay, so

00:22:51--> 00:23:03

yeah, this hadith is not really related to touching the Quran. So the Muslim doesn't become religious. Yeah, the Muslim himself never becomes legends. But in this article, the person says for his right, the Muslims in the city of Geneva ever.

00:23:04--> 00:23:35

Of course, he's instead we're gonna get to stage in our next race. But if you're a citizen, of course, he's a surgeon. But he's done instead of legends. So the people that use that Hadith, they are mixing up between two things. Okay, the person is in a state of Geneva. Yes. And in the state of Geneva is not as he is not measured. So in other words, everyone knows what Geneva is, we're gonna get there in the next chapter. Okay. It's actually founded right in Geneva. But first is the state of Geneva, he himself is on notice, you can touch him and you don't have to do if you touch him. Okay. But that doesn't mean that he can just the foreigner do things like that. So the confusion

00:23:35--> 00:24:07

between two things, the opinion of the majority of the former has an audit of their own setup is that you have to have to touch the foreign not to recite the Quran, to touch the Koran to touch the Muslims. Now, this doesn't mean this means that the books are sexier, for example, you can touch them, because that's not the Quran. We're talking about the Koran the pure must have in which the Arabic text is the most. We're not talking about the testes and the Hadees notes, just for the most half the Quran, like it must haves over here. Okay, books of the year in which there's a lot of tissue for every verse and most of the books that says you're allowed to touch that that's not the

00:24:07--> 00:24:09

Quran, it's not the most okay.

00:24:11--> 00:24:19

Another factor another factor for which you need to do is to do a walk around the cabin, okay. So, these are the three main things which you need to do

00:24:20--> 00:24:22

to do the last around the cabin.

00:24:24--> 00:24:40

This is because the process of them said that a walk around the cabin is like follow a walk around the corridor is like cider. In other words, the president compared to the walk with Salah except he said the block you can speak and swallow you cannot. So this implies then that one of the conditions for

00:24:41--> 00:24:50

Colossus will do likewise, the processing when he entered McAdoo cola. I think I forgot who reported it. She said that the process indeed will do before he started the philosophy.

00:24:53--> 00:24:54

We can save the quiz because after finish,

00:24:56--> 00:24:59

but the majority of this talk is a prerequisite.

00:25:00--> 00:25:03

block is to have Waldo. Okay, now

00:25:04--> 00:25:06

what do you need in order to?

00:25:07--> 00:25:17

Well first let's get into know what to do. Okay? So these are the three main things that you need to follow the what are the what is the first one? Prayer This is everyone knows this by a giraffe no differences opinion. Okay, second one

00:25:18--> 00:25:36

touching the muscles and third one a walk around the garden okay these three things you need to have Windows attached to to do these three things. Okay, now we get to another chapter well before move on to the chapter one principle that you should know right this principle down whoever is sure of his purity and in an unsure of his impurity,

00:25:38--> 00:26:12

whoever is sure that he's in a state of purity, meaning he has booboo and he's unsure whether he broke his will do or not. Then he relies upon what he showed us how we put that into practice. Suppose you did with Oh, and you're positive you did with what? 10 o'clock. Okay, now it's 12 o'clock. And Stefan comes in says, Oh, I think you both do I think you pass winter events. If you're not sure, though. Okay, but you're sure you did, we'll do. In this case, you ignore the whisperings of shape and you take them out and you throw them away. And you bet based your acts upon what you are sure of IE that you have. Okay? Likewise, the opposite applies. When you are sure to for

00:26:12--> 00:26:27

example, you went to the bathroom mechanical, okay, and you're unsure did i do after that or not? Then you go back to what you are sure about. So in other words, you don't let a band come in, you know, whisper to you and give you what you are sure of you act upon that, and what you're unsure of, you reject.

00:26:28--> 00:26:59

So this is a principle that shavon really messes people up with this, you know, any causes without doing prayer, he comes into sending a prayer like, Hey, I did it go to the you know, I did go to the Waldorf. And I'm not sure but I think I might have broken it. And during the whole period, where do you have to do or not know, you ignore it, you ignore it? As long as you are sure that you did will do and you're unsure that you broke it. Now suppose you're sure you broke it? Obviously, if you show your Roku, obviously, you go by based upon what you are sure, for example, you did with what 10 o'clock and then you went to get to the bathroom or you booked it was like 11 you're sure you did

00:26:59--> 00:27:08

it, cause you're going to do again, we're talking about if you're unsure if you just think that you have doubts, you base what you are sure about and you do reject what you are uncertain about.

00:27:09--> 00:27:11

Okay, now, we talked about

00:27:12--> 00:27:14

before we get to horses, let us do

00:27:16--> 00:27:31

the factors that necessitate will. So, before we jump into the how to do versus we get to the next chapter, which is the factors that necessitated Wilson. In other words, when do we need to do hosts and when is it wajib when it is obligatory to do listen

00:27:33--> 00:27:33


00:27:37--> 00:27:38

The first

00:27:39--> 00:27:59

reason or the first condition or the case in which we have to do listen is when a man injects seminal fluid, okay, when a man ejects seminal fluid when he has an orgasm, basically he has to do although he becomes in a state of job, and he has to do in this state, okay? Likewise, if a woman

00:28:01--> 00:28:17

was you have to do if a woman like Superman has a wet dream, okay? And he wakes up and he finds the traces of his of his sperm on on his body or on his clothes, and he has to do, okay, likewise, if a woman also she has a wet dream, and she finds traces of the water,

00:28:18--> 00:28:23

when she wakes up, then she tumors to Okay, also, excuse me, getting late.

00:28:29--> 00:29:09

So releasing seminal fluid, which is the actual sexual fluid, not pre sexual for the actual fluid from which the baby is formed. Okay, so if the woman has a woman for the woman doesn't apply to the man when he releases his sperm in a state of weakness or sleep, okay, then he must do a lucid when the woman she releases, or she has an orgasm, and she is asleep, and she wakes up and she finds the fluid, she finds the liquids, then she must do, because the person said to the woman that came and asked about we mentioned this earlier yesterday, the woman that came and asked about if I have a word to draw has to do with horses. And I said, What do women have what genes because it's very

00:29:09--> 00:29:42

uncommon amongst women, okay. or in another narration, she said, You have embarrassed women by saying that I should told the unsightly woman of embarrassment by saying that because it's not very common. So I should the processing review for Ayesha. And he told her that, you know, it does happen, and that she should not be embarrassed to ask this question. And in fact, she praised the woman for not being shy about African religion because this is important proposal did Mississippi State also that she didn't do host of enterprises not going to be accepted? So it's very important. So the process has said yes, if the woman sees what a man sees in his dream, and she sees the water

00:29:42--> 00:29:59

when she wakes up, right, then she must do both. Now the question arises, especially amongst men is that suppose they have a dream? and yet they're not sure that they actually have an orgasm or not. Okay. Suppose just dreamt had a wet dream while you're not really working, but you have a dream, and you woke up and you didn't find any traces.

00:30:00--> 00:30:25

Have any liquids, in this case, you don't have to do. Why? Because until you are sure that you actually had an orgasm, that that actually the liquid came out, likewise for the woman until it is sure that the liquid actually was emitted. until this point you don't have to do if you just saw a dream of a sexual matrix, you don't have to do okay, you have to emit or you have to have the Oregon seminal food has to come out. That is what also is obligatory. So the first thing that obligate COVID is what

00:30:28--> 00:30:43

when the man releases his seminal fluid, okay, is his sperm. My question and that you can put under not necessarily point to but under this is that when a woman has a wet dream, also when she see unlike with a woman when a mother has a withdrawal. The second thing that makes hosel obligatory

00:30:45--> 00:30:46


00:30:47--> 00:30:48


00:30:49--> 00:31:13

a man enters a woman, when the penis of the man enters the vagina of the woman, even if it doesn't go all the way in, this is very important, even if it doesn't go all the way in, if it just enters, that's all it has to do. Okay, and this is very important that we have to leave it explicit here. Okay, but again, the brothers should realize this is something that every single one of us the married couples will have to face. Even if you're not married. No, you will have to know these rulings when you get nine, okay, is that

00:31:14--> 00:31:22

if a man is playing with his wife, but he doesn't enter her, even if his private part touches her private part, okay, but he doesn't enter her it does not

00:31:23--> 00:31:59

cause Wilson, obviously, if there's sexual excitement and the Andes burn, the priesthood is coming out, then the will who is obligated, right, so we'll lose obligated, but not also, only when the tip of the of his private parts enters her, even if it's a little bit but he has to enter her body only then at that point also becomes obligatory, whether either of them have an orgasm, or none of them how orgasm or both of them, it doesn't matter. As long as the tip of his private parts entered into hers and the hosted becomes obligatory at this point in time, it doesn't matter what happens after that, okay, so you can exit her right then and there or you can continue or he can have an orgasm or

00:31:59--> 00:32:12

she can have it or both, it doesn't matter. The point is what the process of instead that when the two circumcised organs touch, when the two circumstance organ meaning the, the the penis and the vagina when they touch when they and when they

00:32:14--> 00:32:41

will, the heavy says when they touch with the scholars have said what it means by touches and when it enters into her, then Wilson becomes in the laboratory, this was a possible set, okay, that when the two circumcised organs, they come into contact with each other, and then it also becomes obligatory, but we said that what is meant by context, it doesn't mean that the private party is just touching, the total private parts are touching each other, it means that it must actually enter Okay, even if it's only a small amount, the point is you must enter for the whole so to become

00:32:42--> 00:32:42


00:32:44--> 00:32:48

Another point that makes listen obligatory is

00:32:50--> 00:32:59

when a person accepts Islam, when a person accepts Islam, this is how many points have we done proposer say what was the first one

00:33:02--> 00:33:02


00:33:04--> 00:33:05

second one was

00:33:09--> 00:33:35

okay, the third one now is when a person accepts Islam, okay. This is because this on the Hadith of the Prophet phenom when a person accepted Islam, he said, culture, Jamelia here, right. And in some narratives, he says, take a shower. Okay, take a bath, take a shower. And there are other narrations of the process and commanded basically asked him, I'll swim to take a shower when he when he accepted Islam. He commanded him to take a bath because it is so when someone comes to you and he wants to accept Islam, right?

00:33:36--> 00:34:13

Don't tell him Don't act as appointed until the decree shall we say okay, it is encouraged what is you know, you should take a shower so that it spiritually is as if you are washing away your foot from before. So you tell them 100 are very good. Once you come to the master, take a shower and come to the masjid or even just say Shahada now, and but the point is, parents to take water as soon as you can, Okay, tell him to take a bath as soon as he can. So it becomes obligatory to take a bath when a person wishes to accept this now. Likewise, another point or another factor, which causes the obligation of Wilson is when the menstrual blood stops when a woman stops her menstrual blood she

00:34:13--> 00:34:17

has to do also. Likewise, when a woman stops her

00:34:18--> 00:34:52

post Natal reading currently fast post Natal reading is a video that occurs after childbirth. When that when that blood stops, she is obligated, she is obliged to take her shower. And this is something Unfortunately, many many, many sisters are very lazy about. They think that because they don't have to pray and we're going to get to these rulings in a while. They think that when their blood stops, and it's proposed an hour before, let's say well, let me just you know, not take the shower till after hours. So I don't have to say no, she is obliged to pray. As soon as her blood drops we're going to discuss this in more detail. But the point is, suppose there's 10 minutes left

00:34:52--> 00:34:59

for Lord for suppose our servers at five o'clock and your blood finishes at 450. Okay, she will say okay, I want to take the shower until 510. So I don't have to pray for her. No

00:35:00--> 00:35:16

As soon as the blood stops, and she knows that she's about to take a shower, she must take a shower and pretty bored immediately. Even if the time exit suppose there's 10 minutes left and her shower took 20 minutes, that's fine. She's not sinful for delaying the prayer, because she was forced to take a shower. But she is sinful if he doesn't

00:35:17--> 00:35:49

understand the difference. Okay, even if the timing has exited, she must still take a shower and pray as long as your blood stopped before and there's something Unfortunately, many, many sisters are very lazy about and they think that stuff or they're trying to play tricks with a lot that if they just delay their showers, and this is true, many sisters they do this. They think that if they delay their shower, they don't have to pray. No, it is it is obligated for as soon as your blood finishes to take a shower as soon as possible, and to offer a prayer that reflects doctors and we're going to get to the ruling. So the mystery woman in a shell in a little while, maybe 1020 minutes or

00:35:49--> 00:35:49


00:35:50--> 00:35:59

Okay? Likewise, there's one last factor that obligates Wilson but this is beyond the person's control. And that is when he dies. When a person dies, someone else has to wash him.

00:36:01--> 00:36:12

Okay, when a person dies, someone else has to wash him. So how many factors we have than than the system that says that it was five or six? Six? mentioned one by one so we know this for sure. First one is

00:36:14--> 00:36:18

okay. Okay, what's the second one? Second one

00:36:22--> 00:36:23

is okay, third one and run

00:36:25--> 00:36:26

one at a time.

00:36:27--> 00:36:28

Except this on fourth one.

00:36:30--> 00:36:31

Look at your notes.

00:36:33--> 00:36:34

Or you miss the fourth one.

00:36:36--> 00:36:38

Okay, when it comes to mental reading the fifth one

00:36:40--> 00:36:42

know if you're getting postnatal beating

00:36:43--> 00:36:59

No, it's not the same blood is different. That's a different category. The first postnatal reading, we're gonna get to the rulings of women's blood in a short while. Okay, six one death. So there are six things that we mentioned that necessitate

00:37:00--> 00:37:01

Okay, when a person

00:37:03--> 00:37:07

now when a person is in a state of Genova, what is Java

00:37:09--> 00:37:25

sexual impurity, so sexually pretty is caused by what's in one of two things. The first two that we mentioned, either he releases as he has an orgasm or he enters his wife. Okay, so one of these two things, causes Genova when a person is in a state of Genova. What is he not allowed to do is another chapter now.

00:37:27--> 00:37:45

Well, obviously, obviously, whatever was there, we don't have to mention here, obviously, whatever was mentioned, that you're not allowed to have, you're not allowed to do without will do, obviously not allowed to do without those rights. Okay, without a volume decision. We're not talking about what are the factors that he can do without will do but he cannot do in the state of Genesis.

00:37:47--> 00:38:12

Okay, according to the majority people he cannot recite the Quran reciting the Quran, okay, this is different from when he was in a state of when he was not in a state of booboo. He cannot touch the forest, but it can replace the phone now that he's in the state of Geneva right now he cannot even recite the Quran, according to the majority of scholars and there is a strong defense opinion about this issue, but it is really better not to recite the Quran when you're in a state of Genova okay.

00:38:14--> 00:38:18

Okay, another factor that he cannot do is what can anyone get?

00:38:20--> 00:38:21

Well, I quickly look up some more,

00:38:22--> 00:38:36

what is another thing that he cannot do? Now, obviously, what is mentioned over there is obviously you cannot do it here you don't have to you know, you understand obviously, what you cannot do without will do, you obviously cannot do what you say you cannot, we're not talking about what are the factors that he cannot do? Even

00:38:38--> 00:38:39

we are in mattress so what else can you not do?

00:38:41--> 00:39:15

Stay in dimension. Exactly, exactly. Very good. This is referred to in the hold on is that in Surah Nisa, verse 43. Allah says what our universe in the IBC we don't go into the machine in the city of Geneva, except if you're passing through. So supposedly those days the messages you know, they used to have like doors here and doors there. So it's like pass through. So unless you have to pass through or just you know, do something quickly. You can't sit down to the mustard you can't just relax in the mist. You know, if you're in a state of Java, you cannot enter the message. Likewise, women in their menstrual cycles cannot enter the masjid according to the current opinion. They are

00:39:15--> 00:39:41

not allowed to enter the masjid according to the Christ opinion. This is because the Parkinson said in an explicit Hadith law is generally higher than what as you know, I don't allow the messages for the highest for the woman in menstruation and the jewel of the man incision was the wound security number. This is reported by wood and some of this was made advice even though they have a device. There are other evidences also the show that the woman should not enter the masjid in a state of

00:39:42--> 00:39:42


00:39:47--> 00:39:50

The prayer hall the prayer hall does not qualify as a Masjid unless

00:39:51--> 00:39:59

five prayers are offered there and joomag offered admission means that you have the five prayers here. Many places in Houston dermaflash, which means sometimes you pray sometimes you don't to prayers.

00:40:00--> 00:40:11

offer three plus offers. This is not the message. The message is that place in which all five prayers are offered that is domestic. According to the crazy opinions, women cannot enter those types of places. Okay.

00:40:12--> 00:40:20

So these are the two main things that are prohibited for the person in the state of Geneva. Okay, what are the two things present foreign

00:40:21--> 00:40:57

and enter domestic, okay, now concerning menstruating women touching the Quran, obviously they cannot act upon because they're not. How about reciting the Quran? Now in general, they should not recite the Quran for the sake of worship in other words, you know, there is experimentation that say, Okay, I want to do a good deed. Let me recite the Quran. No, they shouldn't they should just make something good right Allah Subhana Allah Al Hamdulillah. However, if the woman has a habit, the woman the woman has the habit of reciting the Quran I really support you recite one page or two pages every day. In this case, the scholars say it's allowed for her if she wears gloves or she has

00:40:57--> 00:41:07

some type of cloth to continue her habit of before. In other words, she shouldn't make it a point during her ministration to recite something new unless it's a habit from before for example, everyday she

00:41:08--> 00:41:41

reviews one suit off or supposes memorize just hammer Okay, everyday she reviews one suit on one page in her menstruation she shouldn't stop her habits continue her habit but don't make a new habit that okay I want to do some worship. So let me resize you know, so that the bottle kusuda some ginger they know. Okay, is that clear? is that if she has an old habit or she wants to memorize the Quran, or she's a Quran not memorize because she wants to review from the Quran or she's a quality journalist her job to, you know, touch the horn or something or to review the Quran. In this case, she should wear gloves, or she should have a cloth or she should have a pencil something that she

00:41:41--> 00:41:48

doesn't physically touch the must have. And she can recite or do this. However, she should not make it a point to recite in the city of Geneva. However, nothing

00:41:50--> 00:41:55

in the state of Geneva, why is the state of Genoa different from the state of administration who can give me a good reason to

00:41:56--> 00:42:01

use a specific reason. Why is it saved in a different from a state administration while we're making differentiation? I

00:42:02--> 00:42:03

think I

00:42:07--> 00:42:29

mentioned menstruation is a long period of time, six days, seven days, Genova is in your hands, you can do it one minute and then take a shower, you're out. Okay, Genova is in your hands. So therefore the scholars have been more strict when it comes to gentlemen, both men and women when there is when they are in a state of Geneva, they should not touch the foreign national do this, this house administration that's called have been a bit more lacks, right? Because of the fact that

00:42:31--> 00:42:53

it's not in their hands is beyond their control. Okay, so it's long days, six, seven days. And it's possible that they might forget to put on the damn memorize, or they need to review some code on so therefore, the scholars have been locked in, they said, as long as she wears gloves, as long as she has something that prevents her from actually touching the Koran, she can recite it if she has the habit of old, she shouldn't make a new habit, it's clear enough everything clear. So let's move on now to

00:42:55--> 00:43:06

how to perform a looser Okay, how to perform also we talked about what necessity is most of the six or seven factors that necessity now we talked about how to perform, listen.

00:43:08--> 00:43:31

Okay, know that there are two ways of performing a puzzle, there is the bare minimum that is necessary. And then there is the complete way. Okay, so there are two ways of performing there is the bare minimum. In other words, we'll just get the job done. Okay. And then there is the perfect or the the recommended way of doing we'll do now the bare minimum way of doing

00:43:34--> 00:43:41

the bare minimum way of doing hosting is that you make sure that all of your body is wet. That's all you have to do.

00:43:42--> 00:44:12

Okay, obviously before, before your eyes are down, make sure you obviously understand just like in the window, you have to have an ear, just like in water, you have to have the need for water. So suppose you're walking in the rain, and then you realize that you were in a state of Java. And you needed to also unless you had the Nia that I'm doing also now probably walking in the rain. That's fine. As long as it What's your whole body, right? I'm doing it. If you have that Nia that's fine. If you don't have that Nia doesn't matter. So you have to have the Nia propulsors that I'm going to take the holster now this obviously understood this is because the prosecutor said all actions are

00:44:12--> 00:44:32

by intentions. All actions are by intention. Okay? So if you don't have the intention of proposal, your boss is not going to take place. But the point that I'm trying to stress is that the bare minimum proposal is that you have to wait every single external part of your body including the model that is in shock. What is Mother Mother? Mother Mother? Now essentially what is this a shot

00:44:33--> 00:45:00

into the nose and out of the nose? So you have to wet every single portion of the body. Okay, now careful many people they take a shower, it doesn't necessarily qualify as lucid. Why Firstly, you have to have the knee. If it's a hot day and you just jump in the shower to cool down and you don't have the knee of rehearsal. This is not possible. Secondly, okay. Many times when you take a shower, you don't wet every section of your body. Okay? And I have to be explicit but you know Forgive me because like we said for example, because

00:45:00--> 00:45:39

The budget, okay, you have to wait this section of the body. If you don't, then this is not also like what is behind the knees. Okay? Like we're under arm all the ways. I mean, every single external portion of the body has to be made with this is the bare minimum. And the processing we do also with some very small amount of mortar perhaps, unless, which is like a bit less than this cup causes total losses from this amount of water. Okay, how do you do that, you just basically rub water all over your body. Okay? But the point is, you have to make sure that every single millimeter of your external body has been touched with water, you don't have to rub, okay? instead of walking

00:45:39--> 00:45:55

all the way, you can just pass it forward, and then the the end or the end of it, you know, we still have 20 minutes before we ask questions, you know, counting yourself out, you know, you don't have to rub your whole body just at the end of it. You don't have to rub your whole body. Just like with those, just like with Lulu, what do we say about rubbing wood for the What do we say?

00:45:57--> 00:46:19

As long as it's what is fine. Okay? Likewise, the same thing applies for muscles. As long as it's wet, it's fine. But suppose you have very little water, of course, then you have to do awesome. I mean, you have to do rolling, because if you have a little water, there's no way you're going to be able to make sure that every single portion of your body becomes wet. Let's try to close the questions until the hair also okay, the hair also we're getting this come down

00:46:20--> 00:46:21

the hair.

00:46:22--> 00:46:22


00:46:24--> 00:46:43

with regards to the hair, we have to make sure that the roots of the hair are wet and not like Whoo, we don't have to make sure. With regards to the hair, we have to make sure that the roots become wet. So if we have a little amount of water, we have to, we have to basically rub it in, rub it in the hair. We don't have to pour water on our heads. But as long as the

00:46:44--> 00:47:16

water reaches the roots of the hair, and it reaches the scalp, which is the scalp if it's okay, if it doesn't need to stop, you have to make sure it reaches the scalp. Okay, now we get to the perfect way of making what was this was the bare minimum is that. So basically, theoretically, now you're in front of a swimming pool, you need to do Wilson, you jump in for a dive and you come out. You've done your position. Okay, as long as you've done, what month is the shop on the way to the dice, you know, I don't know how you're going to do that. But supposing you did that. As soon as you came out and you didn't love medicine shop, okay. Suppose you dove into the swimming pool and you came out

00:47:16--> 00:47:38

immediately your whole body is wet, you just do my mother essential, and you have done your minimum. This the minimum was, likewise you jump in the shower, you jump out less than 10 seconds, a minimum also will take you less than 1020 seconds, jump in the shower, what's your whole body, make sure everything is wet and Jamba Juice. So Alas, brothers made the solution very easy for us. Now the complete opposite or the sooner wavemaker. Wilson is as follows

00:47:40--> 00:47:57

the processor when he would say Listen, this is like Asia and other additive process. And when you would make the first thing he would do, obviously, in those days, they would make also sitting down, right, the first thing he would do would be to wash his private parts with his hands, left or right, left Why?

00:47:58--> 00:48:12

Because it is how long to touch the private parts with your right hand. We said this yesterday, it is how long under any circumstance unless of course, an emergency medical fudosan how long under normal circumstances to touch either repair requests with your right hand, you must do so with your left hand. Okay.

00:48:15--> 00:48:46

He would first wash his private parts with his left hand wash it with water with his left hand. And then he would wash his left hand that he would bang it or did it with the sand on the of the ground and then wash that off. In other words, just like soap and water of our times is that he would cleanse his hand. Because obviously when a person is in a state of sexual department that his private parts are dirty, okay, there are legislators not just on them. So you have to watch the measures off and then there's registers on your hand. So then you watch the news a few hands off, so the processing would after he would wash his private parts, he would then rub it with the sand or

00:48:46--> 00:49:20

something and then wash to wash his left hand. So now both of his hands are cleaned again. Then he would do a complete booboo, not also will do, he will do a complete walkthrough. So start off with the hands, mother essential face, okay, arms all the way to the elbows, washing the hair, but he would leave the seat he wouldn't do the seat to leave the feet for the end. So wash the hair. And then that's it. Okay, he was there. After that, he would then take water and pour it on his right hand side three times like this. Remember, we there is no shower at that time. So you pour it on the right hand side and you rub all over your body, you have all the way to the bottom you up so that

00:49:20--> 00:49:38

there is nothing left then he would do with his left hand side. Why? Because you should start cleaning with the right and then go to the left. So he would start with his right hand side, rub his body all the way down all the way to the legs backwards with the left hand side. As soon as you three times. Yeah, but you can do it once the point is the bare minimum is once again, as long as you make it wet.

00:49:44--> 00:50:00

He's making his whole body West. Yeah, yeah. So you make a whole body which you put it on the right hand side and on the left hand side. Again, you have to be careful that every single part of your body is with to between the buttocks between the areas the size, all of this has to be West. Okay? There's something amazing

00:50:00--> 00:50:35

People that are lazy about and this is not a complete also that you don't have a complete job to make sure every part of your external body is what? Okay, after doing that, after you make sure that all of his body was wet, then he would move to another place move to three feet left or right. Why because that water was now dirty, and his feet were dirty. So he moved to another place and then wash his feet. wash his feet, just like you wash your feet. Okay, so this is the perfect manner of the perfect matter of Okay, you understand this now, you start off with wash your private parts. Why? Because that's what was just made dirty with your sexual, you know, x, then you do a complaint

00:50:35--> 00:51:13

you wash your left hand because you have just closed your private part. Then you do a complete, we'll do. Complete we'll do after that you watch the remaining links, for example, your chest, your upper arm, okay, your feet, your size, your navel below your navel, you could do a complete washing with water of your whole body. And then the processor would move so that he could get away from the dirty spots or the dirty water and do or wash his feet at the end. After that you have finished your. Okay, now obviously, in our modern day showers, all you have to do is take a shower, you can't really move anywhere, just take a complete shower and try to follow the synergistic it develops and

00:51:13--> 00:51:43

it says even under the shower just to just to get developers just to follow the suit of the processor and inshaAllah reward you for that. Likewise, you can't hit your hand on the sand or dust. But just to follow the Sunnah once you wash your private parts to wash it with soap and use chips to follow the sun, wash it with soap and do it the way the person did and if you do inshallah lower would you just because you are wanting to follow the sooner the pluses and even though in our times we don't have the way of doing it also that approximately we don't do it standing sitting awkwardly standing up you know and so many other factors but just to the point is to show that your love for

00:51:43--> 00:51:46

the process and you should do it in that manner okay.

00:51:48--> 00:52:19

It is obviously not liked to wastewater during Moodle is not like to waste water during Moodle or Kosovo things we mentioned Google arrange mentioned was also unfortunate our times we really do with a lot of water the processing we do will do with it too much amount of water or less than this. In fact, it was like two months, which is even less than this. Really a couple of words. And then there are times we use at least four or five buckets of water when we do at least if not more, you know. So along the stand, we should try our best to you know, make it short and move on. Okay, very important point for the sisters.

00:52:20--> 00:52:57

They always ask, do we have to take or undo our hair is tied up in brace. Okay, for sure it is better if they do for sure it is better. But the correct opinion is that both for menstruation and for Genova, they are not obligated to undo their hair, if it's long. And if it's in a brace. Okay, obviously, if it's very shorter than the original brace, and they have to watch it completely, but if they have long hair, and they have them in braids, and they have, you know, all twisted and turned up, they don't have to undo all of that. Okay, they don't have to take it all out and wash their whole hair. It's enough if they wash the roots, their scalp, and then they take water on the

00:52:57--> 00:53:15

outside of their hair. This is based on the hypothesis in which he said that misalignment with a Prophet's wife sets the other sort of law I am a woman that has very tight and thick hair long hair. Do I have to take it out every time I do also the progenitor to the president said no, it is enough for you that you throw on your head, three

00:53:18--> 00:53:26

handfuls of water, three handfuls of water and the nature that the water goes all over your body. Okay, so if you have your hair tied up in

00:53:28--> 00:54:03

a braid or something this is the only has to make sure that the water is on their head on their scalp it gets to the scalp and then on the external part of the remaining here they just pour water. Likewise same thing for the menstruation a woman came to the processor and said that, do I have to take it off when I take a holster for menstruation? The Prophet said no. And this reporting simulscan so both for Genova and for ministration she doesn't have to however she is encouraged to strongly encouraged to especially for menstruation because a long time is gone. She's taken a shower, she is strongly encouraged to undo her hair, but it's not a watch or a obligation for her to

00:54:03--> 00:54:03

do something.

00:54:10--> 00:54:48

Okay, after this, we will briefly mentioned quickly mentioned when it is encouraged to do versus not mandatory, we talked about when it is mandatory to do so. Now we'll briefly go over quickly when it is encouraged rules and firstly Joomla okay Joomla for the men that are going to attend the prayer and the woman also they're going to attend the prayer. The person said, Whoever whoever attends you might have to do majority watch a little more than that the host will have the day of Juma or the Friday. It is obligatory upon every person of age when he says obligatory. Other studies show that it's sooner. Okay, we don't have time to get into all of that. But basically it's strongly strongly

00:54:48--> 00:54:59

encouraged to take a shower every Friday. Also it is strongly encouraged to take a shower after you've washed a dead body. We already mentioned the pool for this deposit and said point number to the process instead of whoever won

00:55:00--> 00:55:09

Is anybody who should take a shower but it is not mandatory it is just strongly encouraged. Also on the day of reading on the day of release, you should take a shower.

00:55:10--> 00:55:38

Okay? Likewise It is recommended that if a person becomes unconscious when you wake up, you should also take a shower. Okay? Likewise, it is recommended when a person enters into the state of a head on what is enhanced. When you go for hydrometer to white sheets or even for women, it is recommended strongly incremented that they take a shower because this was a student of the purpose of the law, why do you send them likewise, before they enter monka right before they enter Moscow, so you put your aroma outside of Moscow, then you when in those days used to walk in hard times,

00:55:39--> 00:55:56

maybe 10 minute drive or sometimes three hours drive depending on where you put your home on Monday, you just before you enter markets also need to take a shower there. Likewise, the 10th day of changes in hygiene, in other words, the day of alpha. In other words, if you're in or out of us as soon as you take a shower on that day, okay?

00:56:00--> 00:56:26

Likewise, when the woman is in a state of St. halben, which we will talk about in part camisas Allah when a woman is in the state and is to halvah. In other words, she is continuously bleeding. And this is not the blood of menstruation or a postnatal bleeding, then she is strongly encouraged to take a shower, every time she prays it is not obligatory, but she strongly critical full shower every time she prays when she's incentive is to help and we're going to talk about this tape in a little while. Okay.

00:56:28--> 00:56:37

So with that we've finished what are the recommended timings to do well, so now we move on to thermal quickly thermal, very short chapter very easy.

00:56:39--> 00:57:20

Firstly, when when it fan will resorted to everyone knows what a moment this is washing yourself or doing will do without water, basically, a water less will do. In other words, it's a substitution for Woohoo. And for horses. They understand that it's a substitution for Voodoo and for horses, both things, okay. When is the animal resorted to it is resorted to when there is a scarcity of water or when or when there is no water? Okay, so suppose you're traveling. And there is you don't have enough water to take a shower with, you only have enough for your drinking. In this case, you don't have to do what's an oil, although you can do them when the time for prayer comes. Likewise, suppose

00:57:20--> 00:57:32

you don't have any water in Israel or the desert. Okay, time for prayer comes. Okay. Likewise, you do the same thing. Suppose though, you know that if you were to walk 10 miles, 10 miles or 20 miles, you would find water? What should you do that?

00:57:33--> 00:57:35

Well, it depends. If

00:57:36--> 00:57:42

this time that it takes you to get there would cause the time for the prayer to leave, then you do the moment you pray.

00:57:43--> 00:58:15

Okay. However, if the time it takes you to get there is within the time for prayer. And then in that case, you delay praying until you get to that area. Okay, so suppose you're driving along and the type of oil comes, you don't have any water in the car. But you know that after half an hour, you're going to come to a stop or whatever, and there's going to be a place for you to do in this case is not allowed for you to get out of the car museum. And it's not allowed free. Because you know, or you think you presume that you're going to get water at desktop. Okay. So only when you have a strong suspicion that the time for prayer will exist, the type of prayer will leave, and you still

00:58:15--> 00:58:47

would not be afraid unless you do them and you pray Only then can you do family. Okay, understand the scenario, clear everyone shall play. So when there's a scarcity of water, or there is no water, and the time for prayer is about to leave us with the two conditions that are required for a person to do family. And it doesn't matter if a person is in the state of Geneva or minor impurity, because you know, Java is major impurity. And there's minor impurity doesn't matter family lists both of them timeless, Java, Java, and we'll do the same as the same thing. Okay. So, how do you do them?

00:58:48--> 00:59:11

How do you do to your moon? Well, another case what M is a lot actually is for example, for the month cast here, okay, he will happen same over the cast, because he has put water on the cast, okay. So you just do a lot of detail over that. So, if a person is in a medical emergency, in that he cannot touch water, okay, or water will not reach him, then he should just do damage. Okay. So suppose someone has a disease journey, where you cannot

00:59:12--> 00:59:19

do say a month, okay? You can or you cannot touch water, in this case, is a lot also due to those animals.

00:59:20--> 00:59:58

So in this case, or how do you say a month is very simple. The way you do them is that you tap your hands on dusty ground, it has to be dust, sand, soil, something, so you can do it on the carpet, you can do it on the wall. No, it shouldn't be dust, okay, you touch your hand on dusty ground. Or if you like sand, you know, I mean, like, for example, outside here, I mean, as long as there's some type of dust or some type of soil or some type of, you know, pure substance and it has to be pure. For example, if someone's urinated that you can't obviously table from that. Okay, from pure sand. You tap your hands, right, and you wash it until not to the elbows, but to the wrists.

00:59:59--> 00:59:59


01:00:00--> 01:00:12

Watch it because this rabbit demo is symbolic, realize the moment symbolic, you're not really going to mean anything, it's just symbolic that you wash your hands like this, okay? To the elbows, just watch them like this to the elbows, okay?

01:00:14--> 01:00:29

To the wrist, use me does that go ahead to the wrist not to the elbows, you don't have to go all the winner. And then with the same white, if you want, you can wipe your hand or your face. Okay? With the same way with the same hitting of the girl, you can wipe your face. And if you want to hit again, you can hit again and watch your face,

01:00:30--> 01:00:38

you have finished your family. The point is that your mom is symbolic, it is not an actual reversal or there or anything, it is symbolic, okay.

01:00:39--> 01:00:44

Now, obviously, you should do it in that order, just like we'll do you have to do it in that order. Likewise the same we have to do it in that order.

01:00:46--> 01:00:49

And also again, as for all religious act, you need to have what

01:00:50--> 01:01:07

need as for all religious acts, no religious Act does not requiring every single religious Act requires any. Likewise, if you want to do you have to have the Nia, you go to pure sense, you have to have the conditions for them, which means that you don't have water, you can't use water or the temperature is going to go out. You saw you you

01:01:09--> 01:01:22

gently put your hands to the earth, make sure that there's you know, you just test it, you don't have to make your hands muddy or oily. It's just symbolic. You just touch your head, and then you wash it to the wrist, not wash it the rubber to the wrist and then you rub your face. Okay.

01:01:23--> 01:01:49

So yeah, don't just watch this is just symbolic, it's just in one of the point of them is so that you don't feel diapering instead of gentlemen. For example, suppose you're in the city of Geneva, and you have to pray, okay, and you don't have water. So unless the Court has said there is no table just pray for it so that when you do assemble, it makes you feel that Okay, now I'm you know, at least temporarily pure, you know, it's just psychological, it's a mercy of Allah subhana wa tada that He has given us this act to move. Now, what breaks down those

01:01:51--> 01:02:21

same things that breaks loose and some more factors, same things that break through all of these factors that we mentioned that breaks Sam will do they also break them. However, there is another factor that breaks them and doesn't break loose and that is what Yes, when you find water Exactly. So, suppose you did say a month okay. You did it for a book. Most scholars would say that when the time comes, you have to do them again. But this is not the correct opinion. No, you don't have to say mm, again, your first salmon will count. But suppose

01:02:22--> 01:02:52

suppose when the time came, you found water in this case your home is not invoiced, it is broken. So, you have to do a full house or a full water whatever you needed to do, if you needed to also not have to do if you needed to do a window you have to go to that water. So basically when you find water, your dam breaks, obviously if you pass gas and wind and and all of these things also recontaminate just like well, but on top of that, if you find water, this to automatically breaks you too as soon as you find water it breaks.

01:02:54--> 01:03:14

So you have to do also you do also have to assemble you do the rest for a moment the Quran is Surah Nisa, verse 43. If you don't find water and you are sick or on a journey, then they are mobile, then perform them with pure sand with your soil and wash your wood you and you wash your hands and your faces with it. All you have to do is just wipe your hands and your faces and that is

01:03:19--> 01:03:20


01:03:22--> 01:03:27

After that, we get to let me see if there is something left how much time you have left.

01:03:29--> 01:03:35

15 minutes. Okay, and then question answers. We have two minutes left. Okay, inshallah we can then finish

01:03:38--> 01:03:41

we can finish the chapter concerning women's blood.

01:03:43--> 01:03:43


01:03:46--> 01:04:16

Divine women's vote is a topic that is of utmost importance is very important to study this, because it affects every single woman on the face of the earth. It affects our brothers, our sisters, our wives, our mothers, our daughters, we have to know the rulings pertaining to this. Okay, we, for example, I know we're brothers, that's when he got married. He didn't even know that a woman administration doesn't have to pray. He was going to force his wife to pray and getting angry at you. Why don't you pray? Because he was ignorant of the fact that women, they don't have to, they don't have to pray ministration so the point is, the brothers have to know these rulings. And they

01:04:16--> 01:04:26

have to be able to you know, instruct their wives and instruct their daughters and the sisters have to know the rules even more necessarily that the brothers do so that they can worship Allah subhana wa tada properly. So you

01:04:27--> 01:04:59

know that women's love is divided into three categories. Okay? No blood comes from a woman's private part except that it is one of three categories it obviously comes from clarifies a woman is bleeding. It's just like a manly from outside. But from the private part. This is what we talked about when we talk about women's life. Okay, so there are three categories of women's was. The first category is called time for menstruation. Okay, so the first type of blood is the type of that is called high employment situation. The second category is called the fast or postnatal bleed

01:05:00--> 01:05:16

Post Natal reading. The third category is called this they have this they have okay is the house which is everything else besides the first two? Okay, anything that is besides the first two is called the house. Each one has its own rulings and its own

01:05:17--> 01:05:22

what you might call it. Can you can any rulings okay firstly with regards demonstration

01:05:26--> 01:05:58

many scholars they have given a minimum age limit to ministration and the maximum age limit and they have given the minimum time that a woman demonstrates and the maximum time you know and the minimum time in between the two ministrations and all of the formulas they have different figures for the okay. However, the correct opinion is that the foreign listener is silent about this issue. So we don't put forth numbers. Many scholars say that the minimum has duration is one day or three days and the maximum is seven days or 10 days or 15 and so on and so forth. But the correct opinion like the Indian Ocean what they mean is different than others. And without a doubt it is correct because

01:05:58--> 01:06:17

the Quran in surah didn't come forth with these numbers. The correct opinion is that there is no minimum length of menstruation nor is there a maximum length of menstruation okay. Nor is there a minimum amount of time between the two menstruation periods nor is there a maximum length of time between the two ministration periods This is all left to the nature of the woman so there is no minimum or maximum.

01:06:19--> 01:06:57

However there is a narration from Isaiah which gives a minimum age for menstruation. So I said that no woman reaches the age of puberty before the age of nine. So then because I said this we say then that any girl that sees blood before the age of nine okay this is not menstruation. This is to have an obviously cannot be decisive just to have Okay, so therefore it has different rulings. So menstruation then the first age for it is nine the last age there is no last age a woman can be 60 years old and it is still possible that she might have a menstruation Okay, there is no maximum age the minimum time for ministry in other words each menstrual cycle there is no minimum time it could

01:06:57--> 01:07:03

be a day it could be less it could be more again the maximum time there is no there is no authentic maximum time

01:07:04--> 01:07:27

okay. Likewise, the minimum time between two periods you know the woman has periods roughly once every month, it is possible they can have them maybe twice a month it is possible to have once every two or three months. The point is the scholars have discussed what is the minimum time between two periods and what is the maximum time between two beers once again, these figures are not based on the horizontal to the correct opinion is that there is no minimum or maximum time. Okay. Now

01:07:30--> 01:08:09

how do women know menstrual blood? Well, obviously there are certain characteristics, the smell, and the color and the texture, the woman they know these things, okay? Every woman knows that menstrual blood it has a certain smells, it has a certain texture, it has a certain color to it that is unique and separates it from other types of blood. So when a woman starts receiving this type of blood, then she is not allowed to create she is not allowed to pray. She's not allowed to pray, okay. But we said about the corner she should not recite the Quran, unless what she has a habit of before she cannot take the must have obviously. And the important thing that all of us should be very careful

01:08:09--> 01:08:47

of she cannot be sexually approached, meaning that you cannot have intercourse with a woman who is in her period. In her menstruation is how long to have intercourse with a woman in her period. Allah subhanho wa Taala has cursed the one who has sex with his wife during her period. Okay, this is a curse of love on this person. So we have to be very careful. Now the question arises, can a man enjoy his wife in other ways? The answer is yes. He can enjoy his life in any way he wishes sexually. And as long as he doesn't enter her sexually, he cannot enter her sexual. Okay, so the point is the POS system when the when the woman when his wives were menstruating, he would command

01:08:47--> 01:09:20

them to cover their private parts with a cloth and then he would do whatever he pleases with him I just had the default when we were menstruating is a process in which commanded to cover our private parts with a cloth tighten a cloth on a profile in other words, so that you will not enter the woman and then after that you can do what you wish okay. So, as long as you not enter the woman you can do anything you want after that, but you are not allowed to enter the woman if you enter the woman that allows curses upon you at this time and you have to give charity you have to give charity as an expiation you have to give a gold coin or a dinner or a good home you have to give it or excuse me a

01:09:20--> 01:09:31

did hump or half of them in other words, you have to give some charity to enter a woman in this state and you have to repent to Allah because you have done something that is how long okay. So these are the the rulings pertaining to my situation is that you cannot

01:09:33--> 01:09:58

a woman cannot pray she cannot fast obviously also, she cannot fast. Okay. And obviously she cannot touch the Quran and duplicate everything that we mentioned before. Okay, but the new things in here is that she cannot pray or fast. Okay. And for the man who cannot have intercourse with the woman during the demonstration. There are three things then that you should be aware of, including the actually mentioned about Hulu is that obviously the woman cannot do those things that are mentioned in Hulu. Which is what

01:10:00--> 01:10:05

What can a man not do without although we just mentioned him 10 minutes ago, pray,

01:10:06--> 01:10:24

touch the most half hour, obviously, the woman in the state of menstruation cannot obviously do these things, you know, likewise, she cannot enter the masjid and do the things that are permitted in Geneva. On top of that, the man cannot have sex with her and prayer and fasting is made, how long? Likewise,

01:10:25--> 01:11:02

divorce is not allowed during menstruation. And we're gonna if Allah wills and we finish up, Allah and Zakah and fasting, and if we have maybe three, four lessons left, we're going to talk about the rulings of divorce because something that everyone should know. And many people make a big, big, big, big mistakes when they're making the work to make life very difficult for them, and for their spouses. So it is not allowed it is how long it is sinful for the man to divorce his wife, while she's in a state of menstruation. And this is by inch math, or by unanimous consensus of all the scholars of Islam, that a man is sinful for divorcing his wife. While she's mystery, so this tool is

01:11:02--> 01:11:04

prohibited. Okay.

01:11:09--> 01:11:47

Now, obviously, we mentioned that the the woman she knows recycle, so she bases her rulings, these rulings based on her cycle, she knows for example, she's going to start after 23 days or so 27 days or 25 days. And in general, that period lasts for five days, or six days, or seven days or eight days. So she bases these rulings on those cycles. However, supposing she has other types of blood. Besides menstruation, this is not where the problems arise. ministration is very clear. You can't do this. This Is this okay? You have to make up the the fasting and you don't have to make up the prayer. Everyone knows this right? When a woman is in menstruation, even though she cannot fast and

01:11:47--> 01:12:22

pray she has to make up this prayer that fast and she doesn't have to make up the prayer is based on the hadith of Ayesha, in which a woman came to the process to ash and asked her about this, this and she said that the process was used to command us to make up this the SAS and he would not command us to make up the prayer. So this is also the great mercy of Allah subhana wa tada is that he has allowed the woman to he has forgiven the woman prayer has forgiven the woman the fact that she has to have a prayer but he has not forgiven her of the fasting so she must make up the fasting as soon as she finishes her ministration not necessarily as soon as but before the next month comes within

01:12:22--> 01:12:58

the next year, she should finish her obligatory fasting before that time, but the point is the question are the problems arise when the woman gets non menstrual blood? Okay, so how many types of blood are there we said three, the first type is type administration. The second type is the fact the past is also very easy. The fact is postnatal blood in other words, the baby comes out was going to come up with it and blood is going to continue to come out for a period of time a week, two weeks in general around 30 days to 40 days okay. So, this is the fat and the exact same rulings apply as in height. So, you cannot have intercourse they cannot do this, they cannot do that same rulings are

01:12:59--> 01:13:09

there for practical purposes hailed and the first half of the same room, the only difference is that massage has a cut off point and that is 40 days, after 40 days

01:13:11--> 01:13:16

if any blood comes out, it is not considered the past. So she must take a shower on the 40th day 40 to

01:13:18--> 01:13:19

40 day of the month the year

01:13:21--> 01:13:57

after she gave birth obviously. So you count from the day that the child was born after 40 days if the blood is still flowing out, she must take a shower and resume her normal life and after that her blood is considered to stay however and not and not be fast. Okay. Supposing the bleed suppose the bleeding software for 40 days, suppose the software the 30th day what you should do then, obviously if it's not before what it is and obviously she's out of the fast. Okay, so she finishes any fast and she continues her normal life. Okay. The problem arises, though, like we said, the other types of blood, in other words haze any faster, pretty clear. How about other types of loads, the ones

01:13:57--> 01:14:11

that occur beyond these two types, this is where the problem arises. So firstly, we should realize that his blood is not hired, or any fast it is. Any blood that is not hired and not nifa automatically is qualified as St. However,

01:14:12--> 01:14:14

what are the rulings of Halla?

01:14:15--> 01:14:23

We're going to define the House of Lords next but firstly, this talk about ruling How does this how the woman differ from the woman administration and the first, okay

01:14:24--> 01:14:59

is to have a woman for all practical purposes is like the normal woman. It's as if she is not in her height and the past so she can fast or in fact she's obligated to testify as to how she's obligated to pray. Her husband can approach her even though it might be wiser not to but it is allowed for her husband to have intercourse with her if it is to have a blood. If it is to have a blood her husband can have poetry. So for all practical purposes, that is to how the woman is just like the normal non menstruating and nondefense woman except for one factor and that is that

01:15:00--> 01:15:10

When the time for prayer comes, since you're always emitting the justice, potential, always emitting the justice, in this case, she has to do will do even if she had to do.

01:15:11--> 01:15:14

Even if she had will do she didn't break it, she has to do it again.

01:15:15--> 01:15:48

Right before the prayer right before the productive, the latest time she can afford to make Hulu, she makes Hulu. And then she comes in. And the President said that the woman should tie their private parts very tightly. So that in the sense that they should have a path in our times or something that would prevent the blood from going to the restroom or something. But apart from that, that is to have a woman the rulings pertaining to the woman are exactly the same as that of a normal will. Except that she is required, she is obligated to do will do for every single prayer. So the time for her to come she has to make Google as the time comes she didn't break a rule she still has

01:15:48--> 01:15:48

to do.

01:15:50--> 01:16:04

And we mentioned what else you see encouraged to do. And we mentioned this a few minutes ago, she's encouraged to take a bath for every pair, but she's encouraged is not obligated for she is only encouraged to take a bath for every pair. Okay.

01:16:05--> 01:16:06

Now that now

01:16:11--> 01:16:36

the crucial question though, the crucial point though, is how do we know what types of blood are what this is not where all the differences when it arises. Everyone understands how and what it is, is the menstrual blood. Everyone says the fast what it is, is postnatal reading the account or the rulings pertained to heyland effects are exactly the same, except for one difference what is that? In fact has a point a limit to it? Okay, well, there is no you know,

01:16:37--> 01:16:48

you know, minimum and maximum extent obviously, if the woman is in continued continual breeding, we know that this is not menstruation, it has to be just to have. So the The problem arises or the or the

01:16:49--> 01:17:01

difference in scenarios arise? How do we differentiate between high blood and halibut? The password is very easy. It comes after childbirth, you don't have any problems with the phosphors. Okay, 25 is ever a problem if a woman is bleeding

01:17:02--> 01:17:24

after childbirth is considered when she stopped bleeding, she's now back to normal, if she bleeds to 40 days, after 40 days is to help. So when a woman is in the fast, there is no problem there can never be a problem with a woman. Because after the 14 day limit is over, either she's bleeding or she's not. If she's not bleeding, fine, take a shower and you're back to your normal life. If she is bleeding, then that blood will be qualified as

01:17:26--> 01:17:26

as what

01:17:27--> 01:17:28

looks like the brothers of last year.

01:17:30--> 01:17:39

Are you understanding what's going on? Seriously, it's very important. I mean, you all every one of you will have to put this into use with your wife with your daughters. You know, you have to notice that

01:17:40--> 01:18:18

it's clear everyone's clear, right three types of blood kneepads will never give you a problem. Okay, the problem will be between high yield and is to have a high yield and is to help us now here. This is where the scholars say that there are three things that the woman should do. Now I'm going to speak very generally here and obviously women will realize more than the men what's going on. Firstly, she should look at the characteristics of the blend. Okay, she should look at the characteristics of the blood. The women know women know that menstrual blood has a certain texture, a certain color and a certain smell to it that other blood doesn't. So she if she is bleeding

01:18:18--> 01:18:25

continuously, she goes back to this criteria that she will look at this type of blood. So whatever is this type of blood, she will count as her

01:18:28--> 01:19:02

menstruation and whatever is not the type of blood is is to have. So the woman is not supposed to be reading for 20 or 30 days. This is obviously not her menstruation penetrations Are not you know, she knows that this is not a mystery. So, what did she do? She looked at the texture and the color and the and the and the was left the smell of the blood Okay, she looks at this and every woman knows that in general you can differentiate between high blood and is to have a blood so that blood which has a different taste texture or a different color or a different smell, she knows that this is her highest choice he stops with prayer her husband cannot approach her she stops fasting so on and so

01:19:02--> 01:19:11

forth. When the texture changes when the color changes when the smell changes. Now she resumed her normal life she takes a shower and she ignores the blood coming out except for the fact that she has to do a book for every prayer

01:19:13--> 01:19:15

clear or not Yes or no?

01:19:16--> 01:19:25

Clear Imran clear Okay. Okay. So, this is the first criteria to pose now theoretically, that she cannot

01:19:27--> 01:19:31

she cannot differentiate between the different types of blood I

01:19:33--> 01:20:00

suppose, you cannot differentiate both at the criterion are the same. In this case, she goes back to her previous habits to suppose now don't became became started menstruating at the age of let's say 11 or 12 or 13 whatever. Suppose until she's 25. She has a normal habit that every 23rd or 24th day of a cycle will begin and it will last six days or seven days. I'm saying or because the woman knows each one is different. Each woman has her own

01:20:00--> 01:20:21

It's pretty much exact, it's not exactly, it's pretty much up to 2324 days for Hayden's going to start and it's going to last for six or seven days, okay. And then when she reaches 25, or 26, or whatever he reaches, then she starts bleeding continuously. So she knows that it's Highlands to help her. And she can differentiate based on these characteristics. Then she goes back to her habit, it

01:20:22--> 01:20:25

seems that I'm losing you guys. Is it? Is it clear? Not really seriously?

01:20:27--> 01:20:27


01:20:29--> 01:21:06

Yeah, exactly whatever her habit was, before she started her is to help her. Whatever happened was before she started continually bleeding, she'll go back to that. But she will only do that if the first criterion wasn't met. In other words, she can't differentiate based on color or texture, or smell. If she can do that, she goes to the first one, if she can differentiate and the strongest proof that this is hype is the blood itself. Suppose she can suppose the goddess the same all the way through. In this case, he goes back to previous habits. Okay, so she will know, for example, that I have my menstruation every 24 days, and the last six days. So she goes based on the 24 days

01:21:06--> 01:21:45

as to how about six days times 24 days is to help us six days, until she gets back to her normal cycle and her bleeding stops. Okay. Now the third scenario is suppose she doesn't have a habit. In other words, either She doesn't remember it, or she just started reading what she's 910 years old, and she's continuously breeding, she doesn't have a previous habit. What does she do? Now? Obviously, the highest cannot be for 30 days longer for the whole year long it has to be to hold on higher. What does she do now? In this case, she looks at women who are closely related to her of a similar age and body structure, body size, and she bases her habit on hers. She, she bases her habit

01:21:45--> 01:21:49

on the other person's habit. Okay, because once I did the cost, the firm said that

01:21:50--> 01:21:51

if I can find this idea.

01:21:59--> 01:22:12

Yeah, so the process that I'm said to have been a bit, right, how many things she said the other foot a lot. I will, I am a woman that has a lot of St. However, a lot of blood comes out. Okay, so the person said,

01:22:14--> 01:22:19

one did away with a piece of cloth with cotton. So she said it's more than that. So the process of them said,

01:22:20--> 01:22:54

Take a cloth and put it on your private parts, like the pads of today. Okay, so that she said is even more than that. So she was really bleeding a lot. Okay. And by the way, the same woman when she used to pray the Prophet question, the woman would put a bucket underneath and that's how much load will be coming out to make sure that the magnet in the merge should not be contagious. Okay, so she had a type of problem with so much better to come out and she will have a cup or a pocket underneath her that will take this blood out Oh, put that there. For her. She said it is even more than that. So the process says satella Jimmy, right. Which means basically,

01:22:56--> 01:22:58

you bridle yourself basically that you tie something

01:23:00--> 01:23:16

like a belt and then you tie between that belt so that you basically block off the exits for the blood to go out. Okay, so it's like a a type of underwear if you like is actually tight tie yourself tightly to make sure that the blood does not spread out okay. And then the process that I will tell you something that will

01:23:18--> 01:23:20

that will in the nature's make your

01:23:21--> 01:23:59

makers make make it easier for you but that will tell you what to do in this case, he said that this is the how that is from the shape one. So in so count your head at six or seven days, Allah knows how long you have this this this was the pocket sustenance that you hailers in the knowledge of Allah how long it is, so counter hailed as six or seven days and then take a shower. And then it is as if you are pure. So every time you come to pray, then take a take a walk. Okay, so how many then once you heard this Hadith, in order to be more pure and more perfect, you will take it also not just a will to every time the type of prayer came to the shows it is preferred for the Miss to help

01:23:59--> 01:24:01

a woman to do also every time

01:24:03--> 01:24:34

the type of prayer comes but it is not obligated. She can do just pay she can do just do and it's efficient. The point is the point of this hadith is that the process that I'm told him enough to tell us you hate six or seven days so the scholars say the process that wouldn't come under six or seven days and leave it to her for no reason. No. What he is instructing her to do is to look at women of her size her nature her her cousins or sisters and see do the ministry five days or six days or seven days and base her haev on their height.

01:24:35--> 01:25:00

You see what I'm saying is that basically look at women who are closely related to her and then after hate accordingly to that. Now this would only be resorted to when firstly when when will this be resorted to once you catch up with reference to the hydrostatic secondly when she has no habit beforehand. So when you don't have criteria to differentiate between this case and this the habit and you don't have a previous habit, then and only then do

01:25:00--> 01:25:21

resort to this as a last resort, that you go to sisters, your sisters, your cousins or people that are close to you a woman of your you know ethnicity because Hades also depends on ethnicity when of your culture woman of your size, and you base your head on their height. So whatever is their head is your height and then after that you are in a state of is to Hello. Okay.

01:25:22--> 01:25:57

Likewise the ending Well, this is we finished the outcome of halen defensiveness to hover. But a point that I forgot to mention when I was talking about Heights is that all the sisters know that the hail ends when they see the white materials, or the white discharge, the yellow was discharged. Before this, the head does not end we're talking about normal head notes. I forgot to mention this when we're talking about height is that whatever occurs after this discharge is irrelevant. Suppose the sister sees this discharge, this yellowish or this white says discharge and every sister knows what this is. Suppose she sees this discharge that means that all hail is finished. So whatever

01:25:57--> 01:26:07

comes up to this yellow or reddish or brownish it can be ignored, I should have said that we used to consider yellowish and reddish discharge after this whitish fluid as nothing.

01:26:08--> 01:26:45

Obviously, if it occurs before the white food, it is part of your height. But if it occurs after this whitish, yellowish fluid, and it is not a part of your pipe, and you can ignore it, absolutely. If you took a shower, after this yellow is discharged, and something came out, you can ignore it. Okay. With that we have concluded the topic of hail and mythos and it's the halwa and tomorrow inshallah, we will start off with Adam and if Allah and Allah, and Hamza, we're going at a good pace, I'm happy, we're going at this pace. inshallah, we want to finish up our goal, my goal is to finish with you for Allah Zakah, and so on and go over the basics of marriage and divorce, the real

01:26:45--> 01:26:52

basics of marriage and divorce, okay. And we hope that it's all possible blesses us with his knowledge, and he causes us to act upon it in almost any

01:27:00--> 01:27:03

questions, questions? We have a lot of questions.

01:27:04--> 01:27:33

Okay. Once again, ask the brothers too. They can ask afterwards too. So for every two or three questions when the sisters will take one from the brothers. The first and this was the sisters topic. So they should be given more. The first has been asked a few times, and it's referring to Sunday school at the masjid. And one question was asked as a teacher and one as a student. If the sister is on her rinses, can she come into the mustard for a class?

01:27:37--> 01:27:51

Reading the scholars have been asked this question and they say that something should be arranged, you know, some type of room or some type of things can be arranged where the sisters do not have to enter a domestic dispute because the holiday is explicit that I don't allow women to enter the masjid.

01:27:53--> 01:28:28

But we have to realize firstly that many places where Sunday school takes place this isn't qualified domestic, okay, might qualify as a Muslim, but it doesn't qualify as a message. masala is the place where two or three prayers might be offered in the date, or maybe even for prayers. at the mercy of is a place where it is such that set aside especially for worship, like this place here. If it is offered here, I don't know if it is offered here and five prayers are offered here, then this is a message. Otherwise, if it's not offered fibers in our offers, and it's not a machine, it's a muslin so sisters can enter this place. Okay. Really. I This requires a photo. I mean, it's the sisters

01:28:28--> 01:29:00

cannot find the place. And she's a teacher, she's a student, and it is only a ministry that you can go into is she allowed to go into this place or not? This requires a fatwa. I mean you know because the general ruling is that no it is not allowed. But this is a type of boat or a type of you know unique circumstance and I can't I'm not qualified to give it to her. So I I asked the SR procedures to see whether this really is a mustard or not. If it's not a mess, you don't worry about it. Okay, well if it is MSG, can you arrange with the organizers and realize this is the opinion of the vast majority because the format I have they all say this, you know, so it's not it's not as something

01:29:00--> 01:29:28

unique we're coming up with this is the opinion of the vast majority of scholars of Islam, it is not allowed for the menstruating woman to enter the masjid. So if it is a Masjid, then try to get the organizers or the people in charge to arrange a room. And remember that the entrance room for example, this hallway here would not be considered dimension outside of this dimension. This woman the carpet starts if it is offered here. Okay? Likewise, I'm sure the sisters, they might have a little room where they enter where they take their shoes off. Try moving the cluster, take your shoes off somewhere else. Okay, this is not the ministry of the ministry. This is that place that is

01:29:28--> 01:29:39

set aside for the prayer and we're five highest praise offers. Okay. So if she cannot find a place other than the masjid, and the classes are being offered there, I asked the sister to go to an ATM and get a fatwa from.

01:29:41--> 01:29:59

You said that in the situation where there was a habit or something like that, that the woman could wear gloves and then read. Why does she have to wear gloves if her hands are already clean? We mentioned that the one who is not in the state of blue collar festival and this is why so the woman who was interested in menstruation obviously is not innocent of Lucas's religion.

01:30:00--> 01:30:36

is releasing ledges menstrual blood is not just one of the extreme types of measures. Okay, so she is releasing legislation obviously not in the state of Ohio, therefore she cannot touch the forearm. This is why some people say they may get sick, or they're not capable of lifting their legs in the situation of these things today to make will do. So instead they make them Can you tell me how strict we should be when we're crossing the line and in what situations they can be made? Can it be made in this situation? No, I cannot see them being made in this situation. Because of the fact that you can you can wash yourself in other ways you can wash yourself, for example doodoo from the tap,

01:30:36--> 01:30:37

and then wash your feet in the

01:30:39--> 01:31:05

back area of the shower area, but you don't have to lift your feet you lower your feet there and do it or you don't have to do from the top go outside and do it in the backyard with the with the hose. Okay, this is not an exception for sure. If you have a problem lifting your foot, you really have a problem. And it is a medical, you know, discomfort are very severe for you to lift your feet and then fine You don't have to do judo from the sink. It's not hard to do from the thing it is hard to do. So you have to do in other ways go out to the backyard, do it from the

01:31:07--> 01:31:34

even even pour water even pull out from the commode or something pour water onto your feet in the in the place we take the shower the shower area, I don't see this as a problem only when it is a problem to touch water when the doctors advise you, for example, a severe burn or they say don't let anything touch even water nothing in this case do we'll do over all the area except that which has been burned or whatever and over that you lose them. So we have to be strict progression is there is no leniency in this type of progress.

01:31:36--> 01:31:45

If one is in a state of Geneva can one listen to the Quran. Quranic teachings one can listen to the presentation is to recite the Quran. Also, I'd like to point out many scholars, they say that

01:31:47--> 01:32:11

suppose a person's going to sleep and he's in the state of Geneva. Right? And he is in the habit of for example, a simple rule of law who hides and those are the cards that as soon as you say before going to sleep many scholars say that this is forgiven is something very small very likely can go over what is prohibited is that you just for no reason or for the worship of Allah you know it's not your you know you're just reciting the Quran affiliation Allah but sometimes called the Jamaican exception for those scars are those Vic Is that true before going to sit down?

01:32:12--> 01:32:18

Yeah, there's some questions on divorce in this the brother said was going to be out later. So if you could just keep these for now

01:32:25--> 01:32:27

divorced before migration started

01:32:28--> 01:32:35

well, obviously if you divorce us in a proper divorce before menstruation is started. If you if the husband divorces you before menstruation

01:32:40--> 01:32:55

if you were divorced before menstruation, right? And obviously this is a property of course, we're going to get to the rulings of your work in sha Allah. And if we don't perhaps those that are interested, I can do something in my house or something because I'm going to be offering classes in my house after this one month long. So perhaps we can do a marriage and divorce there.

01:32:56--> 01:33:31

How do we know how to perform a solo Salaam did good? So did someone watered him? Or did he tell people after he did it one of the great mercies of a lesson title with the iOS and one of the greatest benefits of the process of marrying more than one wife is that these wives of his are mothers, they were able to preserve for us the smallest detail of the profits of the Lawrence and so it were it was the prophets wives who married it was how the possibilities because obviously only they could see the process and no one else could see the process. So I szenario it was in a very expensive Hadith she's the one that said that, you know, he used to wash his private parts and and

01:33:31--> 01:34:04

wipe his hand when we send them also narrated to us how the process of immutable so it is of the mercy of the scholarship one of the benefits as a prophet having more than four wives was that since he was a prophet, people needed to preserve his message people needed to preserve even the most detailed intricacies it was if you think about it, imagine if I had not told us the processes posted how would we know the process was okay. Likewise, if I had not told us that the processor would kiss him or his wife and go to the masjid we would not know for the rest of eternity we would not know is it allowed for us to touch our lives who will do enough You know, so it is at the mercy of Allah

01:34:04--> 01:34:14

subhana wa tada that the processor was blessed with so many ways that we could all preserve the religion of Islam and was through them. Like we said, I can almost send them an other than narrated to us the processor says who

01:34:16--> 01:34:28

is wearing gloves only necessary for the most half or also books of the year. Now it's only necessary for the most hotly contested books of the scene without gloves, but it's obviously encouraged to do so but it's not necessary. It's only for them.

01:34:30--> 01:34:37

If you have dreadlocks, you cannot and you cannot take your hair down. And you can just barely wet your roots as much as you can Is this okay?

01:34:39--> 01:34:40

Let me write a question what is dreadlocks?

01:34:46--> 01:34:47

Same thing as braided hair is

01:34:48--> 01:34:49

a little different, a little thicker.

01:34:52--> 01:34:59

Yeah, so same thing as same thing as printed here. So just make the roots of the hair wet and go over the rest of it with that.

01:35:00--> 01:35:00

With one

01:35:01--> 01:35:32

I've heard that the majority of scars and said it is okay for menstruating women to touch the most. Then how come you said you have to do to know this is not correct, the vast majority of scholars said it is held on for them, especially a very small minority said that it is alone. There is a difference of opinion, but the vast majority of dilemma of the past and of the present, they have said that it is how long for the woman administration and the man who doesn't have a lot and then obviously instead of Genova and the woman who says unable to touch the mustache is dependent the vast majority, but there is a difference of opinion.

01:35:33--> 01:35:34

I know that

01:35:36--> 01:35:46

some of the modern scholars they allow the allow the woman to customers have an estate of Jennifer and his days of demonstration, but this is like I said the minority thing, and I don't agree with the minority opinion in this case.

01:35:59--> 01:36:16

When you were talking about guzzle do two injecting seminal fluid What if a woman has an orgasm without ejaculation? Any fluid? This is very possible. I don't mean when the man enters I mean if the husband touches you in any way and you reach orgasm with no fluid does this necessitate goosal?

01:36:18--> 01:36:44

Hello from not mistaken yes a business associate also and I will inshallah confirm for you. But the point is, even if a man has an orgasm, but nothing comes out, okay. The point is, he has to feel the orgasm. Even if nothing comes up or he himself prevents this this person from coming out his stillness statement necessitates also witnessing this what necessity is Wilson is the actual orgasm whether something comes out or not. And I will inshallah check this for you, but I am pretty sure

01:36:45--> 01:36:51

that it does necessitate an omen or is it also recommended to make a zoo when you're very angry?

01:36:53--> 01:37:06

Yes, it is. recommended me when you're very angry. Another point when should make will do is when you're very angry. Add that to the list. And I mentioned the list of things. No, I didn't even mention this as often. Of course, I didn't mention when it's recommended to do although it's recommended to do we'll do a number of times perhaps you can add that to your notes.

01:37:08--> 01:37:15

It's recommended to double root for every product even if you have Okay, we'll take your notes out again. Sorry, I forgot that chapter. Another chapter.

01:37:23--> 01:37:25

Okay, all notes open. Okay, sorry about this guys.

01:37:26--> 01:37:35

It is recommended to do to have wood wood all times, this is just something that's recommended. It's also recommended to do will do for every solar even if you have whoodle. Okay,

01:37:36--> 01:37:49

then, you know, you renew your roof, you renew for every for every act of solar, okay. Likewise, for every act of worship with a walker and if you haven't already, it's still recommended for you to do we'll do another time that is recommended to do

01:37:50--> 01:37:53

is because someone mentioned it to me.

01:37:55--> 01:38:08

If you're angry, we just mentioned that if you're angry, why because the process and said that shavon is created out of the fire of health and water destroys fire or water extinguishers fire. So when one of you get angry, do will do okay.

01:38:09--> 01:38:18

Another time is before you go to sleep very good. The pastor said Whoever goes to sleep in a state of blue and he wakes up at night and praise Allah accept his prayer. Yes.

01:38:22--> 01:38:39

Exactly. Another time that is recommended to do will go okay is if you had intercourse with your wife, and you do not you did not do it yourself. And you wanted to have another intercourse before doing it before doing it. In this case, it is recommended to do against okay.

01:38:44--> 01:38:57

If you want to return to your wife without having to form horses, okay, if you want to have another intercourse with your wife, after you had already had one and before you had also so you and this is also some costume for the woman also, that

01:38:59--> 01:39:36

is going to be the second time The first time you don't have to have horses. Okay, the second time it's so nice, it is not obligatory, as soon as the second time if you want to come back to it is that you have you do again, the process of them said that whoever has intercourse with his wife and then wishes to do to have another intercourse, then he should do hosel because this is better for him and it will make him more energetic in the return. Okay, so make him more energetic in the return. So the brothers when they have a second time that it's sooner for them to do Moodle. Now this typo by the way is a strange thing here this type of window by the way.

01:39:38--> 01:39:59

It does not break with any of the factors that we mentioned before. So if you pass wind, or urinate or stool or anything, this type of Moodle is not broken. Why? Because it's not even the glue for the purification. It's a little for another purpose. So this might be a trick question on the exam. So pay attention. I might ask what type of window is there that does not break with you know gas or urine or stool or anything

01:40:00--> 01:40:02

In this type of Moodle, what breaks this type of

01:40:04--> 01:40:12

having intercourse again? So if you have intercourse for a second time you want to go back for a third time, then in this case, it is recommended to do we'll do again. Okay.

01:40:13--> 01:40:19

I think this question was asked yesterday, which are we permitted to look at our spouses private parts? Is there modesty in that?

01:40:22--> 01:40:57

I thank the person for asking that question. This is on everyone's mind, and people are embarrassed to ask. And like we said over and over again, we should not be embarrassed or shy or modest to ask questions, because it is very practical, and everyone wants to know it. So I thank the person, the brother or sister for asking that question. There are some weak IDs that mentioned that it is not allowed to look at the private parts of the of your wife and vice versa. There are some weak IDs. But the correct opinion without any doubt is that it is allowed to look at the private parts of one spouse, it is allowed to look at the private parts of one spouse. And this is proven in many right

01:40:57--> 01:41:30

marriages. The narration that we just quoted a little below is about profit profit sources. How did you know the profit? How did you know the profit was, except if she saw the process and performance. Likewise, it goes against the whole point of getting married. The whole point of getting married is that your wife serves as a barrier between you and other women. You don't want to be attracted to other women, therefore, you enjoy your wife vice versa, the wife enjoys her husband, she doesn't want to be, you know, let's shape and deceive her into being attracted to other men. So she uses her husband as a barrier. So she takes enjoyment from her husband's and full enjoyment is taken by fully

01:41:30--> 01:42:05

enjoying one spouse. So there is no doubt that the correct opinion is that it is allowed to look at the private parts of the spouse despite the fact that some of the scholars they use these IDs and say that it is not allowed. Another point that allows this for clearly shows it is there is a narration and even a bonus I had the headband in which a man is actually alone. And he said I have something very embarrassing to ask. And she said as I asked my son and do not be embarrassed again. It shows you over and over again. We should be mature when it comes to these topics realize that there is no as long as we talk about in the proper way we don't crack dirty jokes about we

01:42:05--> 01:42:36

understand the seriousness of it, we don't laugh at it, it is part of our religion to discuss so she said to this man and he was a man and he said embarrassing topics she said ask and don't feel embarrassed. So he said can I look at the perfect person my wife. So she said oh my son the process seminar used to take a bath together and we will be racing each other with the water because remember, the water like I said will be in this conference on very small containers. So I should we tell the process and leave some pretty decent for me because the person will be taking a bath and obviously the water is being you know, used. So I should say tell the processor and leave them for

01:42:36--> 01:43:12

me decent for me, I need to also do so I recorded this Heidi's when she was asked a question can we look at the credit cards over one of our spouses. So this shows you that not only does it show you this but also the context in which you said it is it shows you that it is allowed to look at the private parts of one spouse does the grand only with the English meaning count as mussaf? No, the foreign with the English meaning does not count as the most highest. So if you have a hold on a translation of the Quran that is not performed on now, if you have the Arabic texts, and the English texts are the same in the same book, in this case, you have to look is the Arabic more than the

01:43:12--> 01:43:31

English? If it isn't, it's the foreign if it's less than you don't have to touch it. Okay, that's how the scholars you find it, because you have to be a find there has to be criteria. If the Arabic text takes more space and is more than the translation, then in that case it is and if it takes up less space, or the translation takes up more space than in that case, you can search it without Google.

01:43:32--> 01:43:47

Can you listen to the sutra with such as in them like Surah 32 when on periods Can you make such? Yes, of course you can listen to the Quran when you're in the period. No one says you cannot listen to the Quran in your state of period or Geneva. The point is you cannot recite it. However when it comes then

01:43:49--> 01:44:22

for sure not in the state of Geneva nor instead of Hyatt but some scholars say you don't have to have booboo to do science and most that you did have that will do to the size. Okay, so there is a different similar window do you need it for things that are not but inhaled? And in general? No don't do don't do obviously realize during the stage that it's not obligatory anyway, it's soon enough. So even if you had full booth, you don't have to do size that is just some letter to say that this question is about utensils you said that we can use the utensils of the non Muslims. If there was none adjust on them before what about idol worshipers?

01:44:23--> 01:44:57

Likewise, the worse the utensils of idol worship was, is allowed to use because the process indeed will go from the utensil of a lady wishes it will do for her utensil. Okay, so it is allowed to use the utensils of the idol worshipers. As long as obviously that utensils not a religious act itself or religious for example, they have a certain cup with the opposite of their gods. Obviously we don't use that. And as long as that utensil doesn't meet our golden silver, in other words, it fulfills the other criteria. But in general, yes, we know that that if we don't know that substance that utensils have been used for an agenda we're allowed to use those utensils