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Our next question, Sister, I don't know how to pronounce his name in this from Bosnia Marshall, that's about a cola. She emails. And she says that she has read an article in some magazine that a painting has been discovered by humans in a cave that goes back 45,000 years. Then she says, But does this not clash with our belief that Adam alayhis salaam

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was around 6000 years ago from our time?

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out of seven,

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poverty in region? No, he lay him first.

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So this is a question that deals with chronology. It deals with timeframes. And she is asking a question that there seems to be a conflict between the the archaeological evidence for the existence of mankind, and the notion that we have been on this earth for 6000 years. So with regards to the archaeological evidence, it does appear to be pretty conclusive. There are multiple genres of evidence is not just one evidence. There are multiple, you know,

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areas, if you like of study that demonstrates that our species of mankind of human beings, our particular species, we're not talking about CRO Magnon, or Neanderthal or Homo erectus or Homo habilis, we're talking about actual us as Homo sapiens, our species, it has been around for at least 50 60,000 years, at the very least, this is like now this is pretty much definitive, in terms of, again, so much. So many evidences, you have only brought one evidence, which is paintings in a cave. And there are paintings in multiple areas, a famous cave in France, that was covered up and basically left untouched for 25,000 years, that it was discovered only a few years ago, because of a

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certain crevice that opened up and you find paintings that can be easily carbon 14, dated, and handprints and you can put your hand and there are modern archaeologists that have put their hand next to the original and it is exactly the same. This is human beings. And you see art, I mean, you know, no other species is drawing art other than us, you know, so you see art of an animal, you see recognizable animals that we recognize, that would have been around, you know, 45,000 years ago, as well, the aborigines in Australia, there's evidence that they have been there for around 40,000 years, there's archaeological evidence, bones and whatnot. So and the aborigines are of the most

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ancient of all races that have been cut off from the mainstream of humanity. And so quite a lot of research has been done on them, their genetic structures and whatnot. And other things also point to mankind having been on this earth for, as I said, at least 5040 to 50,000, if not more, some have posited even a few more

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millennia than this, but the point being Yes, it is pretty definitive. Now, the next thing you mentioned is that our family history existed 6000 years ago, and this is where we say Where did you get this number from? Because we firmly believe that there cannot be a actual clash between definitive science and between explicit and authentic scripture. There cannot be an actual clash between something that is searching and something that is clear cut from observable science and phenomenon and something that is in the Quran are authentic, sooner, that is clear in meaning Why? Because the Quran is from Allah and our creation is also Allah is our Creator. And so to Allah

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belongs the creation and the command Allah Allahu Allahu Allah. So the creation is the world around us and the command is the Quran and the speech of Allah. So when the both of them come from Allah subhanho wa Taala, the one of them is created and the other is uncreated. Then how can there be a conflict between the two, we believe firmly There can never be a definitive conflict, if there is it is a perceived one in our minds, and we need to work out how to reconcile and in this particular case, we say that the 6000 time frame that you are coming from, in reality, it is not based on any Islamic sources, it is coming from Judeo Christian sources we as Muslims do not believe necessarily

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that Adam alayhis salam existed 6000 years ago, rather, this is something that some segments of Judaism and in particular Orthodox Judaism, and of course, they have a calendar By the way, like we have the HD calendar, and the Christians have the Gregorian calendar, and other civilizations have their calendars. The Jewish people have their calendar and in their calendar, they date the beginning of their calendar from the time of Adam it has Salaam that is

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Their mythology, and according to them, our year is 2021 in the Gregorian, and meaning that not ours meaning hours of Western civilization, and there's the Jewish civilization, their year is 5781. So we are currently in the year 5781. So according to the Jewish calendar, them existed 5781 years ago, however, that is something that is found in their sources, we do not have to have this particular timeframe. And in fact, we are not bound by any dates. And therefore, as Muslims, we say that we do not have a theological chronology, we don't have a calendar or a timeframe that we are bound to believe in. And so people are free to believe whatever they want from a Islamic perspective. So if

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somebody for whatever reason, wants to believe 6000, that's their prerogative, we don't know, nobody's saying that as a Muslim. Islam tells us to do that. And if somebody says, well, science tells us that we've been for 50,000 years, so we're gonna have to extrapolate Adam Valley, his setup to be back 50,000 years or whatever, that two is permissible. The Shetty does not does not have any numbers when it comes to dates. So at Hamdulillah, we thank Allah that there is no actual conflict between the chronology of science in this regard and the chronology of theology, because we do not have this in fact, in my other lectures, I have actually mentioned that we actually might have some

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evidence to indicate that the 6000 does not make any sense and of them is the it is a Hadeeth, even though it is very weak, some have said

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that it is alleged that are prophecies that have said, most likely This is a bust, but it's alleged that our profit system would stop his nessa for his lineage when he gets to add none and are done is 20 generations before the Profit System. And then he would not go beyond this. And there is a report that he would say, urbanists boon, that the scholars of lineage are lying or mistaken, they do not know, boo who is before I'd done because Allah says in the Quran, while Karuna baina Daddy kathira, this surah Furqan verse 38, this is a key verse. Now, the Hadith might be from a bus, it's not from the Prophet system, it's actually it's ascribed to him in the books, but in reality, it has people

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in the chain that make us say that it's not authentic. In fact, it might be bolted or maybe even mold or, but it might be from a tablet, or maybe even in our bus. And the concept of we don't know who is beyond Edna, this is an authentic concept by the who is Adnan. I then is the father of one of the main two branches of the Arabs. The Arabs were two main branches, we can very simplistically say, middle Arabia and South Arabia, and you had Adnan and katan, to be these two major players that were roughly the same timeframe. And it is considered, the Arabs would consider that the descendants of both Adnan and cloth on these are what make all of the out of tribes. So all of the Arab tribes

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were divided into adnani or catani. And our Prophet system was an identity. And I'd done was of the descendants of is married, and it's married was of the descendants of Noah and Noah was of the descendants of Adam alayhis salaam, however, the the names of the individuals between Adam and Noah, and between New Hanover Rahim and between Ibrahim and Adnan, this is something that we do not know. Now, you will find charts in many Muslim households in many Sierra books, you will find charts that have names, but we do not know we do know for certain, pretty much the history is pretty clear, up to none, because the Arabs documented their tribes, their autos documented, the founders and so you

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know, who is correct, you know, and the descendants of Porsche and the ancestors of Porsche all the way to Adnan. However, between Adnan and is married, we do not know how many and is married is the son of Ibrahim, between Ibrahim and Nora, some reports mentioned 10. But in reality, these do not go back to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam and we do not have to believe in them. And also between North and Adam, some reports again mentioned 10, but these are not a hadith. And this is like you know, people of the past, maybe even a companion speaking. And so this is not something that we have to necessarily believe in. And we do not know, therefore, how many generations existed

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and and in fact, it doesn't make sense for a lot to use this, use the term Gauthier Ah, Allah is saying, lots of generations between them, and this isn't the Quran surah Furqan verse 38, will own and baignade Attica kathira. And if you look at these charts, you find that there's only 10 or you know, people

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Between a human and and no, no hand and Adam, just 10 is not Kathir kathira 10 is not that much that Allah is saying there were many generations between them for a lot to say many, it does not make sense that there's only 10. And in fact, we have other, you know, evidences that might indicate this of them is the fact that Allah subhana wa Taala sent 124,000 prophets 124,000 prophets, we know this from the Hadith. Now, the names of these prophets and their stories, and even from common knowledge of history, we don't know from our Quran. And so now we know around 25. And we can add another 20 or so names, and we're not certain about from the Old Testament, because the Old Testament mentions,

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you know, some of the prophets that were between Sulaiman, between Musa and between Isa, the Old Testament mentions all of the names of the Prophets. So we can say, Okay, this is what they you know, and it's not something we need to accept or to reject. But still, the grand total that we would be able to get is less than, let's say, 50 names, okay. And that's from including sources that are dubious, because the the, the the Judeo Christian sources, we don't have to believe in them, but we can narrate them. So 120,000 profits, and we do not even have knowledge of the majority of them. The only way to explain this would be to extrapolate the beginning of mankind, to many, many, many

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1000s of years ago, and then to posit that there were prophets that came in antiquity, there was no record record, there was no writing, because, again, reading and writing is something that very, very recently has been invented a lot less mankind with that otherwise, for most of human history, writing did not exist. And even paintings were rare, but they were there they could draw, but they the concept of writing, and speech being written down and recorded in alphabets or hyla graphics, this is something that is relatively very, very, very recent, in human history only goes back, you know, we actually have records, maybe 2000 3000, the very, most have some things here. So in

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reality, we don't have and, of course, that even those, by the way, hardly graphics is not the type of writing that we do. It's basically symbol writing. So the point being that one of the ways to interpret and explain this would be to extrapolate the timeframe. And another heading that might indicate that the times are much beyond what we can comprehend is the famous Hadith in most of the about Mohammed and it's its basis is also in Bahati and others and his version is in, in multiple books, that when Allah subhanho wa Taala created the creation, when Allah created Adam, he extracted from Adam, all of the souls of Adam. And he showed Adam all of these souls in front of him and Adam

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saw the brightness, some were brighter than others, and some were darker. This is the Newton North of a man. So Adam was particularly drawn to one particular light, he was drawn to one particular light. And Adam said, Who is this? Oh Allah, Who is this, that I can see a brightness coming from his forehead? And Allah azza wa jal says, this is one of the last of the generations of your descendants by the name of Dan wood. Okay. Hi there, Roger loon, Minh Hiromi minzu Ria tick, this is a man from the very last of your generations by the name of wood and then the Hadeeth goes on that, that Adam gifted with 40 years of his own life, right. So Arden was initially just destined to live

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1000 years, and he gifted 14 to his son diode. So when the angel of death came at 960 years, Adam had forgotten that he had given 40 and he denied it, and a lot of gifted him another 40. But the point is that he had gifted 42 that would fit his setup. Now, the point being that the interesting phrase that we have over here is that

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Alonzo just says to the to Adam, this is that wood, who shall come in the very end of times. Now for us, we think of food as living in ancient times. Okay, from our perspective, that wood is the very beginnings of humanity, right? I mean, I'm being a little bit stretching, but you get my point here, right? We think that wood is long, long time ago, even though of course, you know, technically, he might have been

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2000 years from now. Okay, so 1000 something bc 900 something BC is though, so, from our timeframe. Okay, sorry, 3000 3000 years from now. So 1000 years in the past now, so from our timeframe. Deadwood is 3000 years ago, okay, and that's way back and in the

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We are told that the old is going to be at the very end of times, which indicates from Adam to the wood is such a large timeframe that that wood is considered to be now this if we if it was 50,000 years, and the wood is 3000 years from now, right, then we understand 3000 years ago, then we understand 50,000 years, and in the last 5000 years, Allah knows when is the day of judgment, we ask Allah to not have us alive when that happens, we don't want to be there towards alcoholism on but things are happening in Illinois, how much time is left, you know, we are living closer and closer to our closer man. So the point being that, once again, I hope you get what I'm saying here, if

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Deadwood is our hero, xmr and Roman, then where are we? And it does indicate that between Adam and wood is a far larger gap than a mere 2000 that the Jewish calendar would have posited because the Jewish calendar would say there's around 2000, between them and the wood. And, and that means 4000 between us and so are 3000 between us and out. So how then can Allah say that the old is the last of your own of the last of your omus and he is in fact before even half of the 6000 I hope you understand what I'm saying here. So bottom line, that theologically we have no obligation to believe in any number. And in fact, I argue that the Quran and Sunnah might even indicate that 6000 is too

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small of a number. And that in fact, the the notion of us having been here 50 60,000 years actually makes more sense. If you look at these other factors, and Allah says in the Quran, that you know, some of the prophets we have told you their stories and some we haven't been home monocle sauce nidek woman who made them not also cyclic, and so the majority of profits, they are in such antiquity that we have no knowledge of them whatsoever, and therefore this explains this large gap and a lots of Hannah with data knows best