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Further to the subject of our discussion that we had

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a question here is Attica the closest thing to behavior of monks in an Islamic manner. This comes from delko Raja Rahman pada Mata mo Allah Tala when he was speaking about the secrets of Hajj because hardly resembles the concept of

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the service of the monks when you travel, leave everything behind and go to dedicate yourself for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala carrying minimum provision. So as a decaf similar to that it could be

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so Attica could resemble that actually because when you do Attica, you seclude yourself and cut yourself off from this dunya and extend the masjid for a few days and few nights during the month of Ramadan doing this for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala that's actually much closer to the concept of meeting a monk than the hundreds of Allah Allah

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in terms of the Hadith of the tawaf, or the camel, is that they asked for using a wheelchair nowadays, well, not necessarily a wheelchair, actually. But the hoverboard could be actually one of those examples. You know, the hoverboard is a man. You gotta like you go around the Kaaba and or throw off standing on those boards and just kind of keep going electric boards, would that qualify? Can Can that count for you? The answer is it does actually. It's permissible, because it's not an obligation on you to walk as long as you go to toe off around the Kaaba. So when the Prophet says Mr. Dawa he was actually writing on the back of the camera to make it easy for the people however,

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however, there is no doubt if you walk and endure the hardships of going through that process obviously because you have another option handler by men you reward inshallah will be greater than the Lazarus

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is arguing with your neighbors because of mistreatment or welfare failure to do damage to them fall within this now mistreatment you can have that even with Muslims doesn't have to be non Muslim.

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So they park in the wrong the wrong place they keep you know, blocking your

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mailbox ruining for example, your kids they keep ruining their flower beds and all that kind of stuff. This is Miss all of it. This mistreatment is not just that even not taking care of your front yard, the lawn is mashallah Tabarrok Rama and like the savannah right now, and you don't currently regularly You're ruining everybody's else's image on the neighborhood. So that's also bad. So it's extremely important that you take care of these things in the neighborhood, but still, if you have issues with your neighbors Subhanallah I tried to minimize the conflict to the as much as possible to make the conflict and the least. And what about failure to Dawa well i That's up to you. If you

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would like to initiate the given the Dharma and shallow that's great malas fan accept from your Brahmin if you fail, are you going to be held accountable on the Day of Judgment? I'll leave this to Allah subhanho wa Taala to judge

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and by the way that does not necessarily mean you have to open any a booth in front of your your garage and hand pamphlets or does not die simply your good manager o'clock Good morning. Good evening. Hey, I need help with that. Hey, can you help me with this and that's part of that was one two.

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What does it mean when you say how do you turn metaphor? How do you can can you explain difference have to have had it so the word metaphor had only a say in the book, Hadith and mark for his smartphone. Elon Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So the the Hadith has two parts. There's the methane, which is the text. And there's the Senate which is the chain of narrators. So the chain of narrators is the carriers of this method, this text from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. To the scholar who documented the Hadith in his book, like Imam Bukhari Muslim Imam Muhammad termina sign so these are the those who documented that hadith and their books, before the documentation

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people dependent on memory. So how do they memorize said I heard that from my chef Furlan who heard it from his chef Falon, who heard from a chef Holon who heard from this Companion of the Prophet Salah Salem, who heard it from the prophet who said so on so that chain needs to be completely sound and completely connected to for this hadith to be considered acceptable. Now there are specific conditions I'm not going to go into details here. But this hadith is connected from Al Bukhari for Muslim from Imam Ahmed, the one who documented the Hadith all the way to the Prophet Salah Salem nobody missing in that link. This is called Hadith and marfo because it reached the Prophet

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sallallahu wasallam Raphael Antabuse rasa, if there's a hobby is missing.

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And, or sometimes it's a hobby and the one that comes after the Sahaba the time even if they're missing the cord. malkuth some they called Mako

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So eventually Malkov Allah Sahaba which means it stopped at the other Sahabi so we can't confirm this to be from the words of the Prophet Salah Sam so here when he says fill Hadith and marfo which means this hadith actually the sahabi attributed that to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that's what it means

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what are the some of the top reasons that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala would not accept your Hajj to me May Allah subhana wa Taala accept our hijab I mean why so why be so pessimistic right now? Hope for her house to be accepted inshallah Donna, but for some of the reasons, the Hajj will not be accepted. Of course, if someone or the biller Yanni stole money and go do this for Hajj, for example, and we say stealing money doesn't have to be stealing and they go and go rob a bank and go to Hajj with that. But no, you're wrong. Somebody took the money in a business trade for example, volume. So that has been accepted that says the spirit among the Aloma some dynamite they say the

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Hajj is acceptable, but they still carrying a sin of carrying that haram money on that journey as well too.

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If someone of course, when they go to Hajj over there, and the poet called halogen mob rule, you did not make any faults or mistakes that will ruin your hedge. So that's a long list of items can be found in books of 15 Sharla. Diana?

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What if the neighbor is a bad person or harmful?

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sell their house?

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I'll buy it from him.

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If it's if it's somewhere in the area where no, no but seriously, what if my neighbor was bad? I mean, we talked about us in the previous session, if you remember, the man who came complained to the Prophet to call out Rasulullah my neighbor, you know, keep her harming me and hurting me. So the Prophet says, I'm told him took your luggage and your furniture and put it outside and put your family there with it. He didn't know why. But he areas later because as he was doing that the neighbors were passing by said what's going on? Why are you here for? Because I don't know I complain about my neighbor XYZ the Prophet told me to do that it was which neighbors that this one?

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And they wanted that neighbor, shame on you. Why do you do this to your neighbor? They kept scolding the other guy until he can say Please, could you please go back? I swear I'm not gonna I'm not gonna say anything bad to you after this. That's not going to work here in America.

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If you take all your luggage out in the streets, people are gonna think it's for free. So they're gonna pick it up. So don't do that here. But yeah, if you have a bad person, what do you do? Your duty and your job is to obey Allah subhanho wa Taala in the way you treat them.

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If they decided to disobey Allah and the way they treat you, that's their problem, not your problem. If it became unbearable, can I sue him? Can I sue my neighbor of they hurt me big time? And they did this? And the answer is yes, you can seek the path of justice or seek the path, the path of Sn so it's okay.

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So, sometimes sharing food with our non Muslim neighbors, there is a concern about sharing food with them. That because they would have their own celebration, like Diwali, for example, or Christmas or several others, and they will share food with you. How do we navigate this? Now look,

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sharing food in general is okay. But if you're not that specific food is done with a religious connotation with it. That's the thing that you worry about.

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So we're just general cookies that has nothing no specific connotation with it Gingerbread, for example, eat it Bismillah. But if it's something specific, and there are specific rituals, for that matter, that's what you stay away from. Also, you tell your neighbors basically, that you know it but that means that you have to have a relationship with them before that time. So they know beforehand. You don't celebrate these things. For example, these miles I want to eat you only eat specific, let's say diet that you are aware of, and I should be aware of as well to Hamdulillah we had actually neighbors and other communities. And they were very, very gracious. And when they

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invite you over they said oh by the way, we got halal from this store and that store, they care about getting something Halal so they can actually serve us in Havana.

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is wearing sandals are allowed during tawaf and say

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yes, it's allowed actually, you can do that

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I mean, it's simple. I don't know if this question is coming from someone here living among the non Muslims. Is that permissible? So where are you living then?

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If you if the question is coming from me if are coming from somebody from overseas, that may be applied to them but doesn't apply to us over here

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because a lot of questions, not a letter or subject here. Is there a for Hamanaka for Hayden marfo

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I didn't say hell dive is there a difference between Hadith and marfo and the hadith is considered sahih or dive, well, Al Hadith and more for it means it is connected to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam does not necessarily mean it's authentic. So hey means authentic,

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the if means weak, which was unacceptable. So the Hadith could be connected to the prophets of Allah Salam. But the reason why it's considered weak for other reasons like maybe one of the generators in that chain is not reliable enough. So they say the hadith is not reliable because this man is actually is not a reliable person. So what a man how much What do you mean by an unreliable? Well, sometimes it comes from somebody whose memory is not that strong. Therefore we consider this to be a weak because I don't think he memorizes properly or sometimes this person Yeah, he narrates the Hadith, but his character is not up to par that will make us accept that from them so therefore we

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cannot be cautious about taking height from them. So yes, the height is connected to the Prophet Salah Salem it doesn't assume it's actually so here but that's a here has to have a specific conditions under the if is any of these conditions. So here are taken out what are the conditions of the height

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to be connected with Asana center completed completely from the Prophet Salah Salem all the way to the generator on this case the Buhari for example. It has matassa Sana who binocular

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the the people who are narrating the Hadith all the scholars on that chain should be of upright character with good beautiful memory perfect memory in that regard. And Ms. Li la monta to the end in a very shows within one Arella and there should be no shadows which means like a shadow there's a specific condition that hadith which means something odd about the narration or about the actual chain itself or Allah there is some hidden

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fault in the in the chain itself as well too now

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we explained that an origin Crenshaw Zack Monica salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.