How To Make Allah Happy With You

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How to Make Allah happy with you….Riyad-us-Saliheen. Vol.1..#140

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So when you guys when you eat what do you say when you finish eating?

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You said hunger. They said that was awesome.

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Both right. So that was awesome. hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah That was awesome. What about what you drink? What do you say when you finish drinking? What would you say?

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That was great.

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So these things, you know, we do them spontaneously right? And sometimes you don't even think when you say the word Alhamdulillah you really think, but what is the value of saying that hamdulillah after you finish eating or drinking, and this headed headed NSR de la terranova Kala Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in La Jolla Yoruba anila Quran Medallia a version of a Sherpa Madhu la Roja Muslim powerless head etc actually gives a lot of hope. Those have been missing up in their lives and going through a lot of difficulties and son this has he can gives you this a great hope in the mercy of Allah subhana wa tada in what is in the translation or sort of La la la Salim said

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Allah Yoruba which means Allah be pleased. Allah will be pleased lol be satisfied. panna wa Taala. With a servant who praises him which means says that hamdulillah when he eats, and Allah subhanho wa Taala will also be pleased with him or her when they sell hamdulillah we praise Allah azza wa jal when he drinks from Muslim Okay, so what's what does that exactly mean? Mr.

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Nam is when you eat your food and you finish, what do you say? Alhamdulillah and what's the meaning of Sanger hamdulillah

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translation they say All Praise to Allah right? But in Arabic language at hand is actually very profound, very profound. There's two words for when it comes to showing gratitude and gratefulness to Allah subhanho wa Taala. There's the word sugar and there was the word.

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A sugar in the Arabic language means thankfulness that you're very thankful. And when you've been grateful,

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much more important, much higher than just being thankful. Now when you're thankful, you're thankful in comparison or in opposite to it to a favor someone has done for you, right? You think somebody when they do something good to you? Do you think someone will do something bad to you? You don't, but you think they will do something good to you? I'll hand now I'll hand you show you give Allah Subhana Hamden, all the praise, even if there was nothing in return to them, which means in good and bad, what do I need to do? To handle you press a lot?

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Even when it's difficult, even hardship, even in trials, you still hamdulillah why, even though I don't see the name, I don't mind not see the blessing that it's in there. But Allah Subhana knows best, there must be some hidden blessing for me, that I'm very grateful that Allah subhana wa put him in situation like this. Or at least I asked a lot, so to make it easy for me.

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I want to thank Allah subhanho wa Taala thank Allah azza wa jal for your actions, your statements, and also by heart,

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but always by the praise of Allah Subhana. Allah bitung is Alhamdulillah. Now when he said have the laughter, eat or drink, what are you getting out of this? The professor says in Allah, Allah Allah, Allah be pleased.

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What is significant? What is the significant one a loss of significance, you know of Allah Subhana Allah being pleased with you? What do you guys think?

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You get more, what else?

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What is the ultimate reward in Elgin?

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To see the pleasure of seeing Allah subhana wa Taala his beautiful face, right? What comes before the

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river? You see when Allah subhanaw taala gives the people of agenda the reward, Allah subhana wa Taala satisfied that people have agenda with the material reward of course, you know, you need to eat, drink, feel satisfied, feel safe, and so on. Right? So first of all, you eat your drink 100 you have the pleasure of the carnal delights of general then what comes next and the hammer the the perimeter, you know, what comes next after that you have security, you need security, to feel safe.

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And that's what Allah subhana wa Taala shows that people have agenda, death in the form of a sheep column the agenda. Do you know what that is? Yeah, that's that. Yeah, not all people. jahannam Do you see what that is? Yeah, that's that. And I said on the last time I give the order for the death to be sacrificed no more that

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the people have agenda now. They know what house security no more than and they believe john, of course. They're going towards, you know, the torment because of that. And then as

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enjoying everything of that? Allah subhanho wa Taala comes to the people of Elgin and he will tell them Yeah, well Jen, Do you need anything from me anything else you need?

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And of course the agenda says What else? Allah we asked for we have you have given us every

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I have something want something harmful, something better than what you have?

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And they will say what is that, that the last part that's better than all of this calorie diet

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that you will be I'll be pleased with you. And I will never expose it to my wrath.

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So lots of Hannah's making this a higher reward than just eating and drinking. You know, just an example of dunia. If a mother or father comes upset with their child, they're still gonna provide for their child, right?

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The child must sit at the table eating with them.

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He will eat or she will lead to their satisfaction physically, or are they happy? They're not until the father or the mother they talk to their child and say, how's your day? Are you okay? When they start opening you know with them and they start having a conversation, you know that okay, they're pleased right now. That's the ultimate thing for them. Right? The legal method Allah tala belongs the best example to enjoy, and then allow the peace with them.

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And then higher than that, of course, see the pleasure of seeing the loss of Hannah Tara's face in a manner that suits His Majesty. But what we get from this Hadith, the prophet SAW Allah Sam says in Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah will be pleased with a servant who eats and sell hamdulillah who drinks and says that 100 can you imagine getting a large return just for doing something as simple as saying Alhamdulillah after every meal you eat, and a handler after every drink that you have?

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Imagine getting a lot better. How How, how graceful Allah subhanho wa Taala you know, to give us the opportunity to get his Radha and his satisfaction to be pleased with us. Just for saying that hamdulillah when we eat and I want to shout out to make this as your task for the next few days for the rest of your life. Every time you eat something or drink something, remember this is

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not just about saying it handed in law, it's now how you say it.

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How it's gonna come up the meaning of it. So when you eat, by the way for the brothers in particular, even what was left over from yesterday,

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when you eat that what you're going to say

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if it was the same food you had twice, you're going to still eat that and say what Alhamdulillah because no longer about the food. It's about me winning the pleasure of Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah make us among those who will win the pleasure of Allah there was adorable anime. Any questions?

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Good question. Does it have to be in Arabic? to sell hamdulillah to count as part of a louder condition or door on English or any language in any language should be fine. But if you can send out a bit obviously it's much more beautiful is Alhamdulillah that's much more beautiful. Now since you asked this question, as a matter of what type of food you eat as a handler for it doesn't have to be disabled.

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Can you sell handler after eating hummus? ariella Gemma, of course any food that is halal.

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Okay halaal is a hamdulillah Allah will get to the reward the shallow Tana

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I mean, the very good point. Okay, so I'm not I'm not a native Arabic speaker. But however, if I said I'm going to set with the intention to also in addition to saying the praise of alized origin, I'm also having in my heart that attend the intention to follow the example of the Prophet salaallah Salah in this case, do I get extra reward for that? The answer is yes to Charlottetown just for the love of the prophets, Allah Salah, you have the devotion now.

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If you say sugar Alhamdulillah that's all the format right? Angela? Does that count as praise of Eliza? Of course Absolutely. So if you Adam, both the sugar and the hand Muslim, so then said in English to probably sugar hamdulillah thank Allah. So

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the more the more sugar and ham you should handle, the more reward you'll get the knowledge and that's why would you finish your food. The least you could say isn't hamdulillah but more than that there are multiple drugs. If you would like to learn this. After you finish your food, go to this app or go to this books where you can learn an extra half

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to praise Allah subhanho wa Taala to be grateful for the origin to Allah subhanho wa Taala after every mandatory mallamma come and go so grateful to Allah Xhosa sobre como la vaca Okay, why not just coconut coconut. So tomorrow inshallah we have after satellizer we have the children program, the puppet show, and there is actually dinner for purchase for those like to participate in Sharla Make sure to bring your kids they will enjoy it. It's gonna be fun inshallah. xojo on Saturday and Sunday between Lauren answer from two two