The Final Daily Dua in the Last 10 of Ramadan #17

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Allah Mohammed

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mudding camera Baraka lemina in the Camino Majeed Allahumma salli. ala Mohammed Ali Mohammed in cameras are late. Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim Allahumma barik ala Mohammed

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Ali Mohammed in camera Baraka Allah Ibrahim Ali, Ali Ibrahim Filomena iNec hamidou Maggi masala Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed Inca Massa late Allah Ibrahim Allah early Ibrahim A long my buddy barik Allah Mohammed Ali Mohammed

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Ibrahim Allah The Ibrahima Philae lemina iNec, Hamid doomadgee Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed in cameras on late Allah Ibrahim Allah Ali Ibrahim Allahumma barik Allah Mohammed Abu Ali Mohammed in Camp Rock tala Ibrahim Allah Ali Ibrahim filla lemina inaka Hamid doomadgee

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Allah Sanjana Mohammed Ali Mohammed in camera sunlight Allah Ibrahim Allah Ali Ibrahim Allahumma barik Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed in camera Barack tala Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim Filomena iNec Hamid Majeed.

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We begin with sort of unfair to how we ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us a new beginning at the end of the month of Ramadan, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, who has allowed us to complete the month of Ramadan Believe me, he to Allah, may Allah allow us to complete it in good and to earn the reward that we are seeking from him that forgiveness that we have asked of him, that for that we have begged of him in the last 10 nights of the month of Ramadan. We ask Allah subhana wa Allah to allow us to have a new page in our life as we enter into the month of show Well, we pray that Allah Subhana Allah opens for us the doors of all that is closed our wilhemina shaytani r rajim Bismillah

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Ar Rahman AR Rahim

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen Ar Rahman AR Rahim imati kiyomi de Caen Abu Khanna starring in a dino Surat Al Mustafa Kamal Serato ladina and I'm daddy him. All you really must do vi d monoball lean mean.

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Allah we ask you to lead us to the straight path to open our hearts to it not to lead our hearts away from you. Yeah, Allah.

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Robin Allah to the Cordova Nevada it had eaten up. All we ask you We beg of you not to let our hearts deviate from you we a lot. We ask you your hammer. I mean after the hidayah that we have experienced in the month of Ramadan. We ask Allah not to take away our elevated the man or law Some of us have been consistent with our federal prayer throughout the month of Ramadan. We have woken up for our CIO hood and our cm to get strength in our day. It will not allow us to maintain our solar after the month of Ramadan, allow us to wake up before the Fed would allow us to worship you and honor you Allah, Allah Allah some of us you've opened their hearts to re citation of the Quran

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you've allowed them the first opportunity to make their hetmyer Allah, Allah we ask you not to deprive us of this matter I mean, I will allow it ask you to allow us to continue to recite the Quran outside the month of Ramadan, to set for yourself a schedule so that we can finish it regularly love Allah some of us you open your hearts to attending the masjid for jamara for Salah to Asia and for the tawi Allah we ask you not to deprive us of heading out to the wards the Gema as often as we can Yeah, a lot of Allah some of us you have opened our hearts to the blessing of charity and solidify and giving to others. Allah allow us to continue this tradition in our life and

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with our families a life where we share from the bounties that you have provided us yeah Allah I've been Allah to the holy whereby the inhabitant our Lord Don't let our hearts deviate from what you guided us to yet Allah Allah after this guidance don't turn it away from us yeah Allah Don't let us turn away from it. Yeah Allah. Oh Allah you are the more can live and more sorry for the Hulu. You are the one who controls and turns the hearts Yeah, Allah. Seven bit kulu and sorbic Cordova and Allah Dena Philip fluvanna la K or hamara. Hamid Allah who method bithoven Allah dainik Allah we ask you to maintain our Eman to maintain our heart as being joined with you yeah, Allah.

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Africa Alina sobre Allah we asked you to maintain the patience that you have taught us in this bliss and month of Ramadan of holding on when we are hungry and thirsty, of being accountable to you. Yeah, a lot. Oh Allah, you've increased our taqman in the month of Ramadan by us restraining ourselves being of those Tuesday semirara now, I'll find

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We hear your order yeah Allah we follow it yeah Allah you told us to eat at a certain time and drink at a certain time and not others and we followed every letter that you have sent out Allah for October now Masha heavy Raiders amongst those who have witnessed you yeah Allah witnessed our belief in you yeah Allah, Allah Minkus of those who begin to adhere to the truth in a greater way than we were before the month of Ramadan. Allow us to maintain a better lifestyle than we were in the month of Ramadan. Allah some of us we've come closer to our families in the month of Ramadan bring us closer to Allah, Allah some of us would become closer to our extreme estranged spouses or our

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estranged parents our law brings us closer to them. Allah, Allah some of us we've come back to the massage Vidya Allah to our learning of the deen yet Allah of practicing the hijab, Allah Allah don't take this away from us yeah, Allah

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no better vondom net amphu said we're in limped off Elena What are Hamner coonan the middle ha serene? Allah we have wrong that we're souls we acknowledge our mistakes we know we have committed our word Cynthia Allah. Allah we ask you to help us not to relapse to the via Allah. O Allah we're in love Duffield and if you don't give us this opportunity to earn your forgiveness by doing good deeds yeah Allah to cover up our shame yeah Allah by giving us an opportunity to apologize to those who we did who deserve an apology from us yeah, Allah. Allah Allah allow us to be from those who seek this forgiveness for from our others yeah Allah when we have wronged them and to be able to

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forgive others who have wronged us a lot. What are Hamner if you don't show us your mercy? If you don't send us your guidance your love you don't send us the those who will teach us our faith Yeah, Allah we will remain as ignorant people yeah, Allah Linda coonan nominal ha serene in a state of forgetfulness La ilaha illa Anta Subhana indiquant control of volume in

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the Illa illa Anta Subhan Allah in Nico terminal for alameen La ilaha illa Anta Subhana Allah in the conterminous body mean to Allah in the cantata Weber Rahim to Ballina mo learner in the cantata wherever Rahim Allah accept our repentance I will return to you Allah, except I will return to you tomorrow he mean you are the one who continually accepts the repentance You are the one who is able to lead our hearts to Allah

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or better lead to the fitna in nesina.

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Allah don't hold us accountable and send blame upon us for that which we have forgotten in or that which we have made a mistake and we're not intending Allah. Well, Tamil Allah is from Canada Hamilton who Allah the devil complainer Robin a while to tamela Lena is from karma Hamilton who Allah lady never complainer Allah don't burden us as the people before us were burned it would have been our letter hominem Allah Takata nabee. Allah don't put upon us more than what we can withstand yet Allah wa for now Oh Allah grant us here if we are Allah, Allah grant us if we are Allah, Allah you promise that your life will remove all Cinzia Allah as if they have not been committed yet

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Allah, Allah Allah we have asked you in the last 10 nights and throughout the month of Ramadan Allah indicar forward to him with alpha for Allah you like to remove sins to pardon sins to forgive sins. You're the one who loves to do this yeah, Allah, forgive us our sins part in our scenes, remove them from our record here Allah, Allah indicar forward to him Bula for foreign Allah mikako went to him Bula for five for wellfield Lennar, O Allah give us an opportunity to earn good deeds to cover up our shame and our mistakes Allah will have now Allah remove this feelings of inequity Allah from our hearts allow us to believe we can be better people, better Muslims better practitioners of this DVR

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Allah that we can teach it and practice it and teach it to others, Allah that others become those who are better because we are in their lives. Yeah, Allah antimo Lana, Allah You're the only one who protects you are the only one who gives You're the only one who raises You are the only one who blesses and demo Lana, we ask you for all of that from you. Yeah, Allah from sadhana I will call me Catherine. Oh Allah grant us support against those who rebel against you those who disbelieve in you and work against your path. Yeah, Allah, those who see the believers harvia Allah, Allah we make special mention of our brothers and sisters in Reza and philistia Allah, we make special mention of

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our brothers and sisters and Morabito Allah, Allah, pestilence and evil and crime has descended upon them in a lot. Our love the barbarity and murderous ness of the occupational forces have descended upon them via Allah, O Allah, everyone acknowledges that it is a crime to disinvest in dispossessed people from their homes and justly Allah, Allah we ask you to return these people away back from where they came out Allah, push them away from these innocent people and if not, I Allah allow these people to be from those who are able to live their lives with happiness and, and normalcy as it was before. Yeah, Allah, Allah will ask you to protect our sacred sites to protect the off site, you

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way that none can protect you to Allah. Allah protected with their their intent of lava Allah, Allah give the Palestinian people subbiah Allah Allah for Allah food obey Him sobre o Allah shaohua down patients into their hearts, give them the courage and the sustain and a sustaining ability to push back against that aggression yeah Allah allow them to resist in a way that doesn't bring them or others harm yeah Allah allow them to be of those who remain in a state of fasting to you in the month of Ramadan and that they are protected. Yeah, Allah, Allah those who have put up that resistance put it in their scale of the day of judgment to Allah, those who support them with food

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and drink from a distance Allah allow them to be rewarded equally Allah Allah we ask you your hammer, I mean to make our wealth, their protection and shelter Yeah, Allah. Allah we've heard of the dozens who have been murdered Yeah, Allah has with falling bombs that are rained down upon them. Yeah, Allah. Oh Allah. These were innocent people walking about their day Allah. These were people who were living in their homes and in their buildings, Allah, Allah the terror that rained down upon that we are Allah, we ask you to grant the Shahada on account of this, our hammer Rahimi Allah those mothers who have lost their sons Yeah, Allah and daughters Yeah, Allah show them patients who are a

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lot out of the Tyler for lwvma Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah tied down and fascinate with Emmanuel Allah tied down their hearts with a man and fasten it yeah Allah. Allah we ask you out of man we are him those children who have lost their fathers and mothers yeah Allah in these sinful reads O Allah we ask you to console them in to raise them under your watchful eye Allah Allah those who have been orphaned yet Allah we ask you to maintain them yeah, maybe Allah bless us with the honor of doing something for them. Yeah, Allah. Allah their buildings have been flattened allow them allow us and them to rebuild it for them. Yeah, Allah. Allah their homes have been destroyed. Yeah,

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Allah Allah was the owner of contributing to rebuild it yet Allah Allah their infrastructure has been destroyed. Yeah, Allah they're searching for water they're searching for food. They're searching for shelter. Yeah, Allah. Allah Allah our prosperity to extend and cheat them yeah, Allah. Allah open our hearts to be generous and donating towards their causes here Allah Allah allow us to replace their ambulances and fire trucks Yeah, Allah. Allah allow us to provide for them food so that they don't need to think of these essentials yet Allah Allah we ask you your man we are here to be from those

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who allows us the honor and the dignity to give back dignity to these people. Yeah, Allah. Allah whatever has been removed from them. Yeah, Allah allow us to be of those who help to return it to them. Yeah, Allah use us for this good. Yeah, our hammer Rahimi. We asked you Yeah, well yeah Avi arrabida fildena only valid enough Allah forgive us in our world today in our hammer I mean, Oh Allah forgive us and our parents Yeah, Allah. I'm a bit fiddly really well either Yeah, well even the hell of it. We know Oh Allah we ask you to forgive us and our parents and whoever has entered into our homes and into our lives as believers

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whether Hello at Amina when in Medina will want me to ask you to forgive and to honor the believing men and women yeah our hammer I mean wherever they are yeah or hammer I mean well tested volume in a lot of our we asked you to bring ruin to those who seek to bring ruin to the believers and those who seek to harm with corruption and sinfulness and barbarity in their lives yeah a lot better at Tina Fey Jr. has a better one Phil has said that Okay, now that but now, I want to ask you to give us good in this life good in the next life and protect us from the punishment of hellfire. Yeah, Alma Robinette accompany me in the semi on Olive Oh Allah accept from us the month of Ramadan. You're the

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one who sees us and hears us and knows of our attempts at coming closer to you. Allah, Allah we ask you to bring us closer to your thigh to you yeah, Allah, Allah bless us We therefore By Allah, put our love in Salah as you put it in the heart of the prophets eyes and put our love in the Quran as you put it in the heart of the prophets. I seldom Allah we ask you to put light in our life. Yeah, Allah to put light in our eyes in our hearts. It's, I mean, our earring or whatever. I mean, we asked her Yeah, well, he and Mr. Glavine to put light and Eman in our homes. Yeah, Allah to send your hedaya into our households. Yeah, or hamara. I mean, we ask you a lot to make us from those who

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are connected to the truth. To be from those who are loving to you. Yeah, Allah. We ask you Yeah, I'm a rock I mean, to bring the light of your faith into our hearts to put the light of the man in front of us and behind us to the right and left of us and above and beneath us. Yeah, a lot. We asked you to envelop us in your life. You are the light of the heavens in the earth. Allah tenuto semiaquatic Allah muffuletta Hata Yana. Jelena is Rafi Evelina, Allah forgive us our sins. Our ignorance is our excesses and our lapses, women in tandem will be human now you are more knowledgeable of what we have committed yet Allah than we know ourselves. Allah for Linda has been

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our jet then our hopper and now I'm Daniela kulu Delica Indira Allah we ask you to forgive us our sins whether we were joking

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Or in seriousness and error or in deliberation or Allah we ask you to forgive all of that for us. Yeah, however, I mean, Allah Hama felina put them know about how to know about us. I don't know Matt lenova and Dan and we'll be hearing them I will only ask you to forgive us our past and present and future sins yeah Allah, that which we have committed and will commit secretly or openly a lot. We ask you to protect us from the filthy high Allah of being exposed for our sins and our mistakes in front of others. Yeah, Allah. Allah will ask you to forgive us the secret and open sins and that which you are more knowledgeable often I'll say, Allah, Allah, Allah and tell Makati more and more

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federal law and our law you are the one who is and then events are in a postponed or you are the one who has ability and strength over all things itself through law they sell federal law and I'll be self reliant I'll leave we turn to you and forgiveness and seeking you love Allah forgive us yeah, I'll have a rock I mean La Ilaha Illa whoever you are, you want to LA you were the only one the living the sub sustaining the one that we all repent to Allah. Allah indicom forward to him Allah for five for now Oh Allah we ask you to grant us your forgiveness and your if we are Allah, Allah in there now they'll be coming they'll help me well Has anyone ever become in lanzi? Well cancel winner

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or become ineligible to vote. When they become invalidated the name of our region. Allah we ask you to grant us refugee protection from anxiety and grief and inability and laziness and cowardice and stinginess. Yeah, Allah, Allah protect us from the burden of debt and from the coercion of the standing over of men above us, Allah, Allah we now know that we can even lay and that woman called bill, shower woman FC Natasha, a woman that would allow us to jab Allah, Allah we ask you to grant us refuge and protection from knowledge that is in practice that doesn't benefit from a heart that is not humbled and some do to Allah from a soul that is always craving and seeking more and is never

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contented satisfied. We ask you to protect us from our do not being entered by you Yeah, Allah, Allah and then our older becoming zywall idiomatic, with how will they theoretic were fauja Attila formatic with me so how to Allah we ask you to give us refuge and protection from the ending of your favors upon us then your kindness and graces and bounty is being shared with us law we ask you to protect us from any change in our well being that you have given us a lot from the unexpectedness of your vengeance yeah Allah and we ask you Yeah, I mean to protect us from the from all that which angers you in deeds and actions Yeah, Allah. Allah manana although we can either have in your hand

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or low ask you to protect us from the punishment to Agenda woman other than woman or the other. Or Allah protect us from the punishment of gentlemen the punishment of the Fire the punishment in the graveyard, Allah will move the camera here will protect us from the fitna. The test in the low moments of our life and at the moments of our death. Woman shared with hypnotic messy head the jail and from the fitna of the Antichrist and the mercy hit the jail the one eyed liar Yeah, Allah and all those who proceeded all over the world is full of deception and lies at the moment, Allah, the Prophet told us that there will be those who will be believed, although they are liars, those who

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are truthful will not be believed. Yeah. Allah give us the forefather to judge you right from wrong and truth from falsehood correctly. Allah allow our hearts to able to see what our eyes misia Allah, allow our beliefs to be strong and new. We are a law that we are not shaken by the tests and the trials that come upon us Allah, Allah in no lock, I'm in Sahaja Kona where I know there'll be more effort to Kevin are robotic, but there will be coming Kabbalah and gnosis and Laika and to come as Nita Allah and f6 Allah we turn to you seeking protection and refuge in your acceptance of our deeds so that it turns us away from your anger Yeah, Allah in your forgiveness from your retribution and

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you holding us accountable Yeah, Allah for our sinfulness we asked you to protect us from you with you yeah, Allah. Oh Allah we do not have enough praise is to be able to praise you as you deserve to be praised. Yeah Allah you are the only one capable of praising yourself as you deserve a lot. Allah who met me are either becoming a min karate or Allah we ask you to protect me and me and my brothers and sisters listening and saying mean from the undesirable and evil moral morals and sinful lack of ethics yeah a lot in our deeds in our actions in our intense in our

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ailments Yeah, a lot to protect us in all of it. Allah may now know that becoming Adele Bella whether Sha wosu whichever tatil adapt Allah we ask you to protect us from the distresses of trials in life, from the lowest levels of miseries yet Allah that we will face them yet a lot from the difficulties that fate has not yet unrevealed to us here Allah, we ask you to protect us from maliciousness and the rejoicing of our enemies at our downfall now with difficulties Yeah, a lot. Yeah, tomorrow. I mean, protect us. Yeah, well, you iavi from any hardship in any difficult

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Do Allah protect us from any hardship and difficulty that is waiting for us outside the month of Ramadan? Yeah, Allah. Allah we ask you once again for our brothers and sisters in Philistine that you send them your peace and your security once again Allah McCullough from Baghdad, have Davi Amnon Yarrow, but I mean after this harm grant this peace and salvation and Victoria law, make them from those who are accepted by you, Allah and allow us to be of those who are able to serve them from a distance. Yeah, I mean, Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik lsvt. Now whenever you know Habib, Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah grant us with nearness to our prophets, I sell them in

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the highest levels of jenaya Ma, Allah we ask you to allow our nebia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to be from those that we are near on the day of judgment to Allah, bringing us closer to him on the day of judgment that we're able to drink from his blessing hand from his cows. Sonia Allah, a dream that will never make us thirsty again. Yeah, I mean, we asked you Yeah, well, you hear of him to make us from those who are honored in this dunya and honored in the Ophelia Allah protect us from any difficulties and harm Yeah, Allah with the chef out of the prophets, I sell them on the Day of Judgment. We ask you to make us of those worthy of the surf. On the day of judgment of our Navy is

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on the law it was said that we are joined with him with the first group to enter agenda to fifth MC Allah, Allah we ask the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to remain our most important reference point in life, Allah. Allah bless us with the love of his Sudanese Allah make us from those who are endeared to his path and his way of life have a lot because for those who see Kim in this dunya and Farah, as a way of an Imam for us in all of our affairs here a lot, make our WSI Salah more beloved to us than our families, our children, our parents. Yeah, a lot. Yeah, our hamara Hamid in Groasis in the love of our VSI send them let us prove it by practicing as soon as a lot also Lila whom I was

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selling was it wa barik Allah say you did our heavy now whenever you know Muhammad, Allah Allah Allah Allah Mohammed Ali Mohammed came out so later Allah Ibrahim, Ibrahim, Allah, Allah Mohammed Ali Mohammed kemo Baraka Allah Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim Philomena in the Camino Majeed Allah bless us and our spouses and our two siblings and our children and our parents with happiness and buying this altogether Yeah, Allah Do not let the child teen whisper into us so that we dissolve our marriages and our happiness in our homes with our children families yet Allah Allah grant us righteous children and make them so they're called God for us as we move forward in life Allah allow us to

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leave a legacy of humility for them to follow your Allah that they are the best of offspring for us yeah hammer I mean we ask you to forgive us our sins a complete forgiveness that leaves no trace to Allah to reform us and upgrade us as a male as a result of this blessing month of Ramadan yeah Allah we ask you to grant us the best of ways and the best of outcomes in all of our affairs yeah a lot yeah a lot except that we do our and our a bad and our deeds in the month of Ramadan yeah of luck. Or like except these little things that we have done forward for your pleasure Yeah, Allah we seek them we seek you through them yeah, Allah. Allah increase our Emad and our our and our yes, even

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you, Allah. Allah remove doubts from our hearts and make us from those who are resilient in New York Allah. Allah give us strength to be steadfast whenever trials fall apart and say Allah give us a soft conscious heart content with your laws. Yeah, Mark. Our lawmakers from L mursaleen. From al McDuffie from a local scene from a local law scene from a Serbia food and affiliate enemy well Emily with the hammer I mean, Allah will ask you to increase us in our beneficial knowledge and that we are given the honor of transmitting it to others Yeah, look, I will I improve our behavior within each other and within our communities and within our homes Allah allow us to relate better with

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positive relationships with our families yeah a lot protect our children from harm and self harm and sickness and illness and mental health yet Allah illnesses Yeah, our hammer I mean, allow us to remain resilient and firming up love. We ask you to remove from our family's evil and calamities in the eyes of the engineers and the shale team and mean men and we have men engineer Allah Allah we ask you to protect us from all of the trials in this life in the next year however, I mean, you will are the only one who opens hearts open our heart to that which is the truth Yeah, Allah. Oh Allah we only raise our with the hens and dry it to you and we only prostrate to you a lot. A lot except our

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Torah and except that we're turning to Allah there's no door that we stand out except your door Yeah, Allah. Allah there's none that can answer us but you we love Allah we stand there until you enter SEO Allah enter I went through and read because for those who are saved in this Blissett month of Ramadan, forgive us and have mercy on us and guide us and guard us against harm y'all.

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Lot O Allah provide for us with sustenance own salvation in this life in the next year a lot of Allah we ask you to protect us

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from the wrongs that we inflict upon ourselves and the evil of our intention.

00:25:13--> 00:25:43

Allah but I had aluminum in a minute the FAFSA hermelin me not react, Allah protect our hearts from hypocrisy and our actions from showing off yet Allah, Allah we ask you to make us from those who are blessed by you in the nays and in the night to Allah. We end by asking you to send your choices blessings upon our bu Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed came out so late Allah Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim, Allah my Berdych, Allah Mohammed

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Mohammed come about Abdullah Ibrahim while early Ibrahim Philae Lavina in Dhaka Hamid Majeed Subhan Allah be characterized as a fool or Salah al mostly saline I will have been doing here on bill I mean, also Lila Houma, wa Sallim wa barik ala Sayidina whatever you know, I mean, I never you'd only you. He was so happy he was holding just leave and kathira please my dear brothers and sisters do not forget the important campaign that we are have at the moment trying to fund for ambulances that have been targeted in Palestine as an afterthought.

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You will find the links in my Instagram up above in the in my bio, but also in the comment section I asked you in chat law to continue to support your brothers and sisters from a distance. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant you that Baraka and healing Allah Ameen through our charities. So how not to become a bill is it is a food was Allah when Allah says he Rob Bella alameen wa salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah