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This Man of the Year Award as well, Dylan, is that both with both men both do two very different things. But in a way, there is a bit of a crossover because obviously with casing privacy, you know, all companies and that includes Malik Taylor would need to know about that as well about his data protection for his companies.

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You Yeah, very important. And also, I just enjoyed having Taylor here, because set those talks had so much fun they do indeed.

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Now it's time for my favorite segment with Shaq Yaga Ibrahim, and we are going to go talk about that car. Well, we are going to go and talk about conversations in the Koran. So we had in that

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sound when a Kaushik while he was

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there he is, we have you here, how are you shaped Alhamdulillah? Very well, it's good to be back with you.

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That's good to have you here. So please tell us what are you going to be talking about today and enlighten us When are your words of wisdom in Sharla 100 About salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam Allahu alayhi wa sallam, we're that we're continuing with our journey with the Quran. We began this journey a few weeks back mashallah there were little interruptions of travel and other things, but always our theme as Muslims has to be the Quran. As we travel through life, we travel through the Quran as a compass as a map as a guidebook that leads us to where we eventually want to end up the Mercy of Allah subhana wa Tada. That by the sum total of our life that we have done of greater value

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and worth in our own presence and in the presence of others, that makes us of those who the prophets I send them describes how Unicom and federal committee NAS, the best of you in the sight of God will be those who are most benefiting to others. And the Quran is really a manual of how to do that, how to live a balanced life that is upon the fitrah and natural inclination of worshiping God of honoring one's family of being a respectable, responsible citizen to the world.

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We've been traveling through salt and Bukhara in particular, salt on Bukhara, as we said, is really a synopsis of everything that is in the Quran. It's the longest chapter of the Quran, and it's the second chapter after one of the shortest introductory opening chapters of the Quran. Surah Fatiha, which is the mandate of all of our prayers. It does if ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala was saying you open the Quran traditonal Quran you unlock the Quran with the key of Surah Al Fatiha now enter into a completely, very early on in the Surah. We soon discover that Allah speaks of three types of people, those who hear the truth and accepted as believers, those who hear the truth but rejected out of the

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blindness of their hearts, and the arrogance of their souls. And then there are those who masquerade as as believers, but are more inclined to disbelieve, then to accept faith we refer to them as NAFTA fluid, the people of hypocrisy very early on in the Surah. In fact, verse number eight Allah says Wamena Nassima young men nebula who will believe will enter three women whom people need, you will find that some of mankind are those who will claim and say that they are believers, that they believe in God, they believe in the last day of judgment, but in fact, they are not believers. That some of this is really should strike myself and you as Muslims, as something of word of caution. It

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was something that was so important that people like are muddled up or the Allahu Anhu Abu Bakr was studying for the Allahu anhu, the elite of the Sahaba the best of the best, the creme de la creme would always check their internal intentions and their external practices and words in accordance to the tradition and Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wanting to make sure that they did not run a firewall and enter into this place where you claim belief. But in fact, your actions, testament and maybe even intention of doing what you do is countering the claim that you have made. Allah subhanho wa Taala of course invites us as believers to be of those who are upright in our

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public image, but more importantly is the emphasis on what resides in our heart. The prophets why Selim says in the Hadith, all of us know really well in the mill Amma Lu Binney yet that all of your actions in life are qualified, predicated built on the initial pre intentions the sincerity of heart that begins it before the action is committed to or the word is made or the contract design.

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Allah subhana wa Tada

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wants us to enter faithfully into a relationship with him that is not masquerading on conflict of interest or certainty of profit for other reasons, rather than the glory that we seek to bestow in our hearts and minds for Allah subhanho wa Taala the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam therefore gives us litmus test things that you and I are to assess ourselves by. They're not to look and find fault in others. Most people understand these Hadith in a backwards way in an incorrect way. The here for example, the prophets I seldom say, men can the one who has the three and in one narration, four qualities, that they are a hypocrite. And if they have one or more of those

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qualities, then they have characteristics of hypocrisy. And he said, Sal, Allahu alayhi wa sallam that have those traits either had that, Kevin, that when they speak, they are prone to lying, exaggerating, omitting masquerading, deceiving in their words, were either I had

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enough, when they make a promise, they break it when either hos of pleasure. When they enter into dispute, when there's a moment of tension, they go overboard, they transgress the rights of others and the rights of those who are present. And when they make a vow, they break their covenant to Allah and to others. Those are meant to be things that you and I are monitoring our heart. How truthful Am I with Allah? How truthful Am I with my family? How truthful Am I with my employer, my employees, my friends? Do I add on to a conversation more than these necessary? Do I omit information that is essential for the one who's requesting it? Am I a person who's duplicitous in

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conduct the very word of the file, this concept of Menaka comes from the character of a rat and the Arabs, they would look out around the environment and they would describe things in the Arabic language as they saw them in reality in real life, so they noticed that a rat it would burrow itself with one entrance and exit, but it would have an emergency escape hatch that was enough of a place that it did not use, except when it was cornered and had to show with reality. So the rat each and every day would go in and go out from the same entrance and exit of its burrow. But if a snake followed it into the hole, it had that escape hatch already set to exit from it. And such a

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hypocrite. They show you one face as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam describes the worst of mankind doodle which Hain is the to face person yet 201 B wedge with a haram. He comes to one group with one one demeanor one face one attitude, one word, one description, one conduct one way of life, one ensue enthusiasm, and when he meets others, they're completely different. It's a schizophrenic life where you're trying to balance your deception amongst so many elements, and of course, it's untenable in your relationship with Allah and others. So verse number nine of Surah 10 Bacara. Allah says you have their own Allah, when Medina M and when may have their own the inlet and footer who

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Why am I so rude? They seem to think that they can deceive God, Allah Almighty, and they try to deceive the believers with their words with their conduct with their attitude, while all the while they are only deceiving deluding themselves, and yet they do not perceive the danger that they're in. The characteristics therefore, that are itemized in this surah in these chapters of the Quran in these verse, verses are really significant for the believers to look into. Now there are two levels of hypocrisy. There's one level that exits a person from faith which is where in their heart they do not believe in Allah. They have a hatred for Allah, a hatred for the prophet, a hatred for the

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sacred, they, they despise faith, but they're willing to commit to it just because there's mutual benefit. There's something I can gain from it. And this was something unique to the Arabs at the time of the prophets I seldom that had not occurred before its message. The Arabs were always seen as a very regal people, very noble people, even before Islam, they would rather be committed to death than to speak an untruth. But when the Prophet moved to a Medina, and he began to mix with particular types of people, they began to show this duplicity because they wanted financial gain. They wanted political aims and power. They wanted somehow to usurp and control that which was when

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the prophets I send them for their own fortune. So Allah says, they think that they deceive God, but they don't. This becomes probably

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medic for you and I is our regular date Muslims where we at times we assume that you know we're some into prayer but in our heart we really are not are not there for Allah it's only because my father or my husband or my wife or my you know parents or whoever expects it that's why I got up the faith in my heart is not what caused me to answer Hi yah la sala come alive through prayer Come to success through this moment of standing before the almighty the creator the dispenser of mercy. And that becomes a major issue that all of us struggle with an authentic hadith the prophets I seldom said in the Aqua Maha for Allah Almighty Ashoka, Sufi of the things that I fear most for my nation, for my

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community of believers for my ummah, is that they commit Schimke in a minor capacity that they fall further and further away to disbelieving a God and they said, What is the ship kill copy your messenger of Allah? He said and yeah, Homer Raju will tell us the universe Aleta will be agilely novel remark is that a person will stand committed in their prayer, but they will beautify their prayer not because they're before God but because they saw somebody watching them observing them in their solar, so they become more devout and they humble themselves more and they they put on a show rather than seek it for Allah. So be careful. Of course we there our families and those who are

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under our authority, that we kind of push them towards that unintentionally. You know, as a father, I must be very careful when I come home, that my request of my children, did you pray us or Have you prayed your president yet? That it's not leading them to fear me or to be more worried about my thought about them than what Allah saw a saw of them, that they should be willing to come to prayer, perhaps rephrasing the question. Instead of saying, Did you pray it's rather if you haven't prayed, come join me. I'm going to do my salah. And now those of you who have been prayed, come join me. It's much more inviting, it's much more liberating than making the other assume that their account

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is with you only rather than with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tirana people to be him model. The essence of hypocrisy is that in the hearts, there is a disease, there's a disease of not believing truly, that one is ultimately accountable to Allah. The second level of hypocrisy is that level that we all encounter, where there are lapses, in our judgment. We stand before Allah in prayer. And we know that somebody's watching us so we improve it a little bit. It can lead us further away from Allah, but it's not disbelief. Lying is not disbelief in Allah, you know those things. But when they add up, they can cause a corruption of the heart that poisons the heart fee, who will be immoral, that

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it can kill the hearts faithfulness darkened it to such a degree that one can trance, trade away from faith, you and I, as Muslims who humble ourselves to Allah who are engaged in this battle of saving our soul and that of our families, always must monitor our sincerity with Allah, our truthfulness with Allah. And I leave you with two of the most important ways to assist you in that. The first is to do something significant that is only between you and Allah that is honoring to him, whether it's to or archived before you sleep without your husband or wife, knowing whether it's a you know, a charity that comes out of your bank account that not even your spouse knows you've been

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sponsoring this orphan for years, right? Do something that's only for you, only known to you and your maker, Subhan Allah to Allah, that on the day you return to him, no other living beings is aware of it, but Allah. The second is that when you fall a foul when you've done something wrong when you've spoken an untruth, when you've made a promise that you didn't fulfill, counterbalance it with something of greater magnitude of righteousness. So make it up to the person you broke the promise to even if it's your child, go beyond the promise, go do something great, that settles your score and more and increases your awareness that I'm dealing with Allah. I'm not just doing this

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because I promised but I regret that this was something that I failed before Allah in and I must improve it and make amends and do better in the future. I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala answers the drought of the prophets I sell them for us himself, where he would say, Yeah, I'm with a bitter Pulu Oh ALLAH who makes the heart steadfast said bit call reality. Make my heart steadfast upon faith, remove from it hypocrisy, and we are removed from it. The desire to show off and be seen and celebrated by others for righteous conduct make us a new army in Allahumma. I mean those who worship him as he deserves to

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be worshipped and protect us for doing it for the vanity of this world, and the feigned celebration of those whose worth in our life is meaningless in comparison to what we seek from Allah, in the actual May Allah subhana, Allah to Allah rejoin us always kindness and happiness and fidelity, in faithfulness in our relationship with Allah, may Allah uplift us and protect us from hypocrisy, that which we know of and that which we were unaware of. May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah allow us to be celebrated in the heavens for our sincerity, rather than on Earth, with the famed celebrity of others, Allah, Matt.

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Thank you so much, Jake. And it's a really words that something for a fool to think about, especially when you're saying about when we're trying to get our children to pray as well. Trying to encourage them to pray, not just because we're saying not just because we say, your prayer time, you have to do it, but so that they know that Allah is watching them, and they're doing it for Allah. And for us as well. We need to make sure we're doing things purely for Allah and not to impress other people. You know, that's really important.

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You know, I've come to really love these reflection sessions. And especially Sorry, no should have favorites, but especially with Sheikh Ibrahim because I just feel like we really takes us through, you know, under to understand it, and especially for us, as presented as being on TV, you know, it's important, you know, this session, this session, in particular, no, going back to that whole,

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the importance of renewing your intention, the importance of really, and then, you know, the reflection of looking at that particular part of the story about the hypocrites, you know, because it's very easily we can fall into this

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into doing things to please other people that, you know, do things for, for other people that sit on the grounds of ship shakes, such as sessions that grounds us, that helps us to reflect as well. And that, you know, in fact, the shape is one, you give us some hope. And I think that's really important as well, because we are humans, humans make mistakes. But you can follow up on that if you realize you have done something bad. I mean, Chris, you were talking about being too faced with a really awful sort of traits to have, this feels like they weren't being genuine, to a friend or family member or somebody that you know, you can follow it up with adapt, you know, you can and then

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that would be between you and Allah. Absolutely. No, you've done that. And I think what's important is, I think for many of us, we have moments of regret, but we don't follow through with that which uplifts us from the regret. And Allah subhanaw taala doesn't just want us to wallow in sadness and remorse and say, Oh, I wish I had done this in the past. We've all had that had that moment where, you know, we were in a conversation with someone then you left and you said, Oh, I should have said and if I went back I couldn't you know, I would have said that. And Allah encourages you the prophets I send them soon that encourages you to actually will go back and say it or texted or call

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or you know, let them know. You know, where where things actually do stand there. As long as there is a breath in your body, as long as you have been given by Allah another day. Do not ever assume that you cannot make amends that you cannot come back and redeem yourself, even if it is with Allah. And it's through your redemption with Allah that Allah turns the hearts of others towards you. The prophets, Allah, Allah, Allah he was suddenly teaches us that the hearts are held in the hand of Allah, he turns it as He wills, most of us, we assume that I just need to speak to that person and then they'll hear what I have to say. But it's not about that. Usually it involves, what is your

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inequity with Allah? Where was your heart and where is your heart and when you set yourself right with Allah, Allah helps you set your self right with others. Al Imam Sophia and Marina, he would, he would say, I'll slam a V neck our beam Allah, you'll learn my beam Nickleby. If you can fix what is between you and Allah, what is in privacy between you and Allah, then you will find that Allah will assist you to fix the problems you have with others.

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Thank you so much. And I guess also the message is don't leave it too late. We're not you know, don't wait for a long time forever until you do that good deed to get do straightaway. You know if you can help that person, do something good. Do it straightaway while you have breath of hands I thank you so much shake. Well, let's just

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say Yeah, it really is soon again in shock because that was absolutely wonderful.

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Thank you so much. But now we will be heading to a short commercial break. Do join us in the kitchen shortly.

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We'll be joined by chefs