Does Islam Oppress Women?

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tdlr conference 2016 prophecies

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in Arabia, in the peninsula

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when young girls were born. So when someone came and told the father, you've been, you know, you've just had a female child born to you, as in to your wife, his face used to go dark and shame and anger. And then he used to contemplate, how do I rid myself of this mostly Eva.

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for some of them, it was instantaneous for some after some time, but they used to, and for some, they didn't do it through, but many of them would go and dig a hole and bury the child alive. So this was the situation of women in Arabia.

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And if you leave the Arab Peninsula,

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and go to the subcontinent of India, their women kind of had other challenges. Traditionally, in Indian culture, and I don't mean Bollywood off today, I mean, India.

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In India,

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all the men used to marry younger girls. So by default,

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naturally, it could be anticipated that the man would die first.

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And yet when she died,

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the culture and the religion required

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because the Hindus burn their dead alive, army burn their dead after after the dead.

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So, when

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he used to die, the culture required that that young girl be burnt alive with his corpse.

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So they used to make the firewood

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she used to be made to sit on top of it. And then the fire used to be lit.

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And you can naturally imagine that when there's fire under you, you'll jump, you will run your scream. So they used to get these loans snakes and hold her down from afar.

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The practice is called Sati.

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It was there even when the British went there in India, when they colonized India, it was there. And they made it illegal after some time as in the Britain, the British.

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So that was the situation of women in the subcontinent. And if you left the subcontinent

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and move a little that way towards Persia,

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where our background is

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there, the king

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was in the process of marrying his own system

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so that he could have pure bred royal children.

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And you might think, oh, stars, let's go to the enlightened Europe.

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In Europe, they didn't consider women to be human.

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And then later they said, the church, the Catholic Church, that she is human, but defected, and that she is inevitably evil. She has Eve in her as a mother, he who took man out of the favor of God made him read from the forbidden tree.

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And in case you're wondering, what about our cousins, the Jews, even today, the Orthodox Jew gets up every morning, and makes this god bless it be God, Lord of the Universe, that thou has not made me a woman.

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Thank you for not making me a woman.

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And the girl gets up and says, bless it be God for making me in accordance to His will.

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So you won't understand

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that she was down trodden,

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killed, buried alive, burnt alive. Do you understand that the world was not a good place for women at that

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And I don't want you to think this was unanimous. There were certain women who came out of this oppression, strong willed people who faced you know, the,

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the difficulties of society and the difficulties of their, you know, the world of their time and, and one of them is Hindi, the wife of abou, Sophia, and you know, and you read the poem that she says, and the Battle of Nibbana totara namshi Island nomadic and took belluno out to the bureau Nevada, we are the daughters of Barak used to working on cushions, so there are, but these were an immensely acute minority. Most of them most of women were bearing the brunt of oppression, some because they were blamed for committing the original sin, as was the Jewish and Christian scriptures, others because they brought them shame or poverty, others for you know, an array of

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And in this climate Islam camp,

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a lot on the world with Islam.

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And one of the first revelations of the Prophet that a lot of polariser revealed to the Prophet is the versus what is Elmo? Ooh that too so a lot and on the Day of Judgment, when that infant girl will be asked the A them been put a lot for what sin will you kill?

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Or when the little baby asks and the Day of Judgment farther forward sin did you kill me

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establishing that in this Deen of Mohammed This is how long

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the days where he was finding his own survival difficult.

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He was preaching

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the emancipation of women can let the poor girl live.

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And not only that, Islam called the news of a female birth glad tidings Tyler Tyler, what is a bushi? A how to home bill when they are given the good news that glad tidings of a female birth and a lot of polariser called the female child a gift of God. What happened in my Yahshua Oh NASA, Allah gifts whomever he chooses women as in gills as invite as in children, who are girls or females and gifts, whomsoever He chooses with mild offsprings? Do you see that? This the Dean of Mohammed, initially, women are very downtrodden. Now the dean lifted them up. So the dean reign supreme in 23 years, the whole of the Jazeera fell to Islam. So what type of culture Do you think this new country

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and this new religion in this new system had this system

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considered the birth of a female child, a gift of God, it considered the news of her birth glad tidings when she was a girl, and in your house, as in your her father, the prophet said, If you bring three girls up, and Manor them and teach them till they reach independence, or they move to their, to their husbands houses, you will be resurrected next to me like this engine.

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So the Sahaba said, you know, he's, I don't have three daughters, you know, this is not my calling what's about to our Prophet? So he said, Whoever has two daughters and brings them up, as in teaches them and prepares them until they reach independence and go into their husbands houses will be resurrected next to me like this in Ghana.

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And the US hub site, how do we want to ask for one he would have said the same. Somehow this new nation, the Muslim nation, was looking at women and young daughters with an eye of respect. She's the gift of God. She is my salvation and the Acura and another Hadith in Sahih Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, Whoever brings up daughters

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and cherishes them and nourishes them and maintains them and told

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They reach you know, an age of independence, they will be sufficient protection for him from the fire.

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So do you want to see the product of this new society? Who yesterday hated women crying. Now they asked the leader of this organization and this religion Muhammad Mustafa, man, Vanessa, la cara sola la prophet of Allah, who was the most beloved of humankind to you, who do you love the most your soul?

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And one of this narrations from American allowance

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and the scholars say he was sitting in front of the soul.

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And the attention the Prophet used to give each individual person they used to feel like I am the most beloved person to him.

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So one thing to stablish this,

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you know, that I am the most beloved to the Prophet, he asked him, Who is the most beloved of people to you? So the Prophet said,

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My wife is the most beloved person.

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So amber says, mineralogy.

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From the men of Prophet Allah, you love her for from the men who do you love because he's hoping it's him because of

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So, the prophet said abou her, her father,

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Do you see? That's her as a wife.

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Then as a mother,

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the Sahaba came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, who is the most deserving of my friendship and companionship, he said, Your mother, the cousin of the prophet of nobis, a man came to him, I have committed murder. Is there any way out for me? forgiveness in the court of Allah, he said, Do you have a mother?

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So his students said, yeah, if we don't see the link, what does the mother have to do with with his clear case of murder? He said, I don't know a path more direct to gender than servitude to the mother.

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I don't know a more easier path and direct path and faster path and shorter cut to the pleasure of Allah them to serve the mother.

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So in this nation, of Mohammed, Ali Abdullah Saleh to automata slim, the one that was buried yesterday we can

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the gift the God and imagine Hajj comes

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What does the product of this nation, the man has his mother on his back?

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on his back

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for those of you that have been to hedge hedges, that difficult exercise,

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and he has hair on his back on his shoulders, in his doing the power

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proud and happy that I am serving on my old mother. And the pleasure of God is in this in the pleasure of the Prophet is in this

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and so happy is in this act that he looks at if not Omar? Yep, no Omar, have I repaid the kindness of my mother I have served. I am carrying her doing the rounds of power. Have I served? Have I repaid her kindness and if not, Omar said not even an ounce of it.

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You're indebted to her for eternity comm

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so this was the status that women occupied in the world of Islam. Donate now, go to the daily reminder.org slash donate