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was this unhappy or

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were you somewhere around when he was sad when powerforce was shadow with

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most of the big one

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in the minutes or hours of our field will then be a part

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of it either in law laws will be

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what we hand

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out the man out

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was soft

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he was really low

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is nice he was urology pumila for Raisa Amana Manasa and oma Akasha, Allahu

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Akbar Jihad it had

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been Allah massages et and

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method was to land and our TV What is

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my most respected elders, mothers and sisters

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living in 2012

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and in the country of Australia

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and in a time and in an age and an era in which humankind have learned and understood that image is everything.

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And with this newfound knowledge,

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they have sought to associate with the sacred divine to religion of Allah and damaging English

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such as their religion, which of its 114 chapters 113 starts with words, in the name of Allah Ramos kind, the Most Merciful with this religion they have associated hatred with their religion will take this route name from this Islam or Sam, as in peace or submission of peace through submission. They have associated violence and a huge amount of negativity. This plan has paralyzed the Muslim masses, and especially the young Muslim, who finds himself associated with this negativity. And I tell you when as all of us might have witnessed, the attempts are designed and purposefully to shut you up to keep you quiet, to maybe to have an inferiority complex so that Allah forbid, Allah forbid the

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amount of the Muslim not open, but it is important as I look around this room and alpha to the Vulcan the majority of the attendees are young and

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educated looking Muslims and Allah protect you. And it is important for us as young Muslims and future Muslims to go and search through the annals of human history and see what was the world like before Allah honor that with this man.

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And this does chef Aslam said at the beginning, part of the design of this convention is to give confidence to the Muslim in his religion, and then his way of life so that he can leave these doors and say, that is my religion. Let's go do something about it. And what a lot of

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honor the wilderness is on 14 and a half centuries ago, and the dry deserts of Arabia next to the two big house at that time and that age over that era, humankind was very different to what they are today.

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They were very different.

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They used to bury their own daughters alive.

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Okay, all of your loved one who says and how do you model that? I can't forget when I got my little daughter and I told my wife dress her up. For what? Cuz I'm going to go and bear with a life. So the little girl is dressed in the best that she has an automobile one time a non Muslim Chinese to a makeshift grave digs the hole and pushes into it and pulls the dust on top of that. He says

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I can't ever forget, the little one was rattling onto my sleeves fighting for dear life as I tried to bury her.

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That was the status of man before our honor that with Islam, and one of the first verses of the Koran revealed a lot of essays, we put it all into one for what sins were you killed? Why did they bury you alive, and one of the first commandments and decrees that Allah sent was to stop the killing of these innocent children just because the agenda had to be or happen to be female. And that isn't just in Arabia. And they've already come with me to the subcontinent of India. And in India, they have the different rank systems. So they have divided human time in different social status or social standings, you have the Brahmin school, the priest sick, and then you have the

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whole your second division is sick, and then the untouchables and strictures of safe that if I'm untouchable, what to look at the face of a Brahman Brahman can pull his eyes out of his eyes out and have a problem or to kill an untouchable, who's the human just like the Brahman just a different flavor, then a different sound, then there's okay.

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And if you happen to be a lady in India, and your husband died, and in those days, young adults used to marry older women or older men, and at that time, it was likely that husband was going to go before you. So the husband died, they have this practice by the name of Sati. And it was there, even when the British went there. And it's documented and recorded in the annals of history. And time, if you are the life that your husband had died, it was part of your social obligations to go. And they think those Well, they they just as background information, they burned it. So what you are required to do is go and jump, and sit on top of that fire and be burned with the burning coals of your

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husband. And they used to hold you down with six so that you don't run away and imagine the agony of the lady whose only sin was that her husband died.

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And God forbid, if she chose not to go through that painful ordeal, and be burned alive, then that used to shave her head, and she wasn't allowed to wear sandals. And she was required to stick to a strict code of diet and routine. And this was the status in the subcontinent of India and it goes to the educated and advanced and intelligent West. And so having a look, they didn't consider women decrying human

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greed, the history of the Catholic Church, they did not consider women crying human. Later on the church decided that no, she's human, but she has a right to Ducky soul.

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This was the world before a sound can

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you leave India and leave Europe come to the empire of Persia.

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It was the system would seem to suck the blood of society for the welfare of a few. They say the immigrant

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as you

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used to wear a gold crown, you know the weight of the gold crown 92 kilograms of gold, there isn't a neck made on earth that will bear

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so they used to suspended from the ceilings, and he used to sit under it. Such a magnificent 92 kilograms of gold. Anyone that entered the room and saw him and that he would bow down and set it up to him.

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And the evils didn't stop there he was married his own system so that he could have pure blood shield.

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What were you before us non-country?

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What was the world before Islam can do?

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And it is important for the young Muslim and the old Muslim and the male Muslim and the theme I want them to understand over and over again. That's what we'll cover if there is a savior of humanity. It is

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the final Sahabi when this man reached doodles of pleasure.

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His name is Ronnie Illinois No.

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And when he reached the doors of Persia,

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as in the Muslim army, which to those of you out there fighting the surgeon, General by the name of rostrum, asked for an invoice to be sent from the Muslim ranks so that he could talk with them. So this Sahaba usually and understand. Southern river passes the leader of the army, the jungle, and he has just been

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told the gentleman on the other side once an employee wants a representative once an ambassador send someone so he looking through the Muslim ranks, find this individual discover say he was a smaller man like size wise not magnificent like while you do mastery with your knowledge stolen from here to there as a small, small size ones and this month was a small little thing and he wasn't well equipped. So a lot of stuff in preparation for his coming

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have brought all the pomp and ceremony of the Persian Emperor the the royal guards and the carpets you know they had accomplished one acre made of gold plates.

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So now he comes into this gathering and on his mount on his new lawn, his horse, and they expect him to park outside, you know, and then walk inside but not it's the hobby has no room for this type of stuff. He arrived from the carpet all the way to the throne of grace,

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then finds this new and one of the posts so often asks him, says listen, what do you guys hear?

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Why have you come and I want to recite and share with you the response of this hobby. Because if there's a mission statement that is this.

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He says Nathanael Coleman, epitaph Allah, an individual Alba Minaya that Elijah, Elijah, that

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we haven't come up with our own code,

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although it's summoned us, we have been called out, we have been sent by God for worth, so that we take man out of the slavery of man, and into the servitude

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we have come to set your people free from the bondage that you have seen them with, we have come to release human karma. They don't

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mean either in either in either that you're good either. And second, one we can leave in dunia in our socket, and to free man's from the confines and then narrowness of this world and fake him to the vastness of the afro woman jobaline idea and Neela Islam and from the oppression of the other religions, and I just mentioned with you momentous moments ago, what religion used to do and Arabia and what that did to the people in India and what it was doing in the mountains of Europe, an oppressive man made system,

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men jolin and yelin illa academic Islam to free man from the oppressions of religion and take them to the justice and other office now. And that is the contribution that Islam made and has made and inshallah will continue to make of the AMA to come. And although sometimes we are going through difficult days, and we have lost our ones held on and glory but I want to mention this with you, and I know time is running fast so bear with me in sha Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that would allow has given the proper season a hardy, beautiful hardy outlining the different steps of humankind from his Seinfeld Tiamat come so listen to what he saw. Nobody was lm says that

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no Moto Z con Masha Allah and

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Allah Al Fatiha Nobu Prophethood will be with you as long as Allah Allah wills then Allah will lift up profit for any profit with will end so outline of the profit profit diet refers to the end so what will happen after that

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then after we will come the right the guy that a lot of people Masha Allah on the scale alpha will last until Allah wishes for it to last mile federal law

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will lift this age of right behind that follow up and there will be no more so your solo law what will happen after that from kupuna will then further follow vehicle Masha Allah

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so my your federal law will get a shout at our fans up then we'll come out of Ireland age, an age of wars and battles Yasuda like how long would it last it will last and look how long it was just for it to last then the age will be lifted. What happens after that macapuno can jewelry then it will come at her in a cold raining

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and he will run a ha strain

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For the movie from Masha Allah,

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it will stay with you. So I want

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to say from my own

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young fan, that

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when he asked how much he wishes to lifted yasutaka what will happen next and glad tidings to you actually, I wasn't part of Salahuddin he was seldom so macapuno he laughs at an admin hygiene over sort of a high level concept

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that will come and aim at leadership and governance following the footsteps of Prophet your good days will return. the aid of glory and strength will return on the tongue of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam out of

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this religion except to make it manifest above every other religion, or the journalist ohana Fabiola de la jolla baboon, wonderful Astana Memphis summer work they will

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say wouldn't you see another religion instead of this religion to this surrender what is in decadence in the alcohol component is the safe who will lead the other side of us who will never be the Buddha hour and half they don't go over it they will let me see who sent his profit with divine guidance and who lied so that it becomes manifest and shine outclassed outmaneuver outdo every other way of life, although the most excellent blanket although the policy is one of those are far

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from proven in

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the future.

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But there was no defeat on the future of Islam.

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And I'm coming to the last woman humbled and

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honored me to win this fight and chose us and cleanse us through this fight that might

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keep us on this fun until we meet him and my reward you and the brothers who have prepared and organized and continue to organize these events will destroy us versus what

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we will do after Madonna and

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me for Santa Monica.