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Is masturbation halal haram or just macro As salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh My name is Wally Brahim, the founder of the aware Academy, a platform dedicated to help those people who are struggling with pornography and masturbation addiction. I've been working in this space for about 14 years now and became certified sex and Pornography Addiction Recovery trainer and a coach. This is the question that was answered recently by Dr. Yasser potty and Dr. Zakir Naik, they posted their answers to that question online very recently. And they have adopted the view that says that masturbation is more cruel. And for those who don't know the definition of micro, it's an act that

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is not sinful, it's discouraged. If you perform it, you are not sinful, you're not punished. But if you abstain from it, you're actually rewarded for abstaining. So leaving it off is much better for you islamically speaking, but I'm not here to debate the legal aspect of the presentation. In fact, I agree with most of what they said. And I of course respect the scholars and the hobbies, the companions and the tablet in the best of all generations that were quoted in the videos. Now, I'm not here to quote what they have said and respond to them. I will leave the links to their presentations in sha Allah Allah in the description below this video. So this is not going to be a

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refutation really, to what Dr. Zakir and shared he has already mentioned in the videos. Rather I will be discussing from a completely different angle perhaps when they look into that area which I believed was lacking in the presentations. Perhaps their views may change. So I'm not debating the legal aspects they have presented. I'll leave that to Mashallah Dr. Muhammad sallahu Hossam and Hakeem look to lead the Sunni Shia Brahim hinder Mary and many others who have agreed with the views that masturbation is haram following Imam Shafi is common on Salatu known or the iron moon for many Vitara Delica. So

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that whosoever seeks pleasure sexual pleasure from means other than fulfilling these desires with one spouse, then those people are considered to be transgressing all limits or all bounds against Allah subhanho wa Taala. So I'm not here to debate the legal aspect. I'll leave that to the experts, but I'm primarily recording these videos for two things, my expertise, and my experience, my expertise in the field of porn, masturbation, and undesirable sexual addiction and whatnot. And my experience with 1000s of people in the past 14 or 15 years now, who have been struggling badly with the habit or with the addictive habit of masturbation and undesirable sexual activities. Now, Dr.

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Zakir Naik and she so Claudia put me into a very, very awkward situation especially when they mentioned great names of the past great scholars like novellas great tabbies Mujahid great students of American humble and so on and so forth. So who am I to come now and try to even come closer to their virtues and their knowledge however, I firmly believe that if not the best or the law or law may Allah be pleased with him and other tablet email law have mercy upon them all. I believe the first word on this issue of masturbation was intended for very, very specific situation and not a generalized federal for everyone, especially for our time today where we live in over sexualized

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society. And that specific situation I believe it was to prevent a person from falling into Xena the major sin of Xena which was listed by Amanda Hubby, as all of us know, the 10th major sin in Islam. So if if it is the only exit from Xena, then I 100% agree with both approaches of Dr. Zack and check yes, but again, this point should have been made very very clear in the videos that masturbation should be carried out only if marriage is not an option or if fasting is so difficult for people because this is the advice given by the prophet sallallaahu Selim to young people. Yeah Mashallah shabam Minister Tom in Canada at affiliate has a word, all young people because young people usually

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experienced those sexual tensions. So if you are able, physically, financially and whatever else, then you should get married. Why? Because the professor selling gave you the answer, because it protects you from falling into sin it protect your private parts, but if you're unable to get married, the second advice given by the prophet sallallahu Sallam

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Fasting, and fasting, according to neuroscientists today can actually curb our sexual desires. So panel lines are lean. So the advice of the seller is gold. But if these two options are not suitable for many people, and it's a reality, then perhaps masturbation can be a solution only if it prevents you from falling into Zina, which means that if you are in a situation where Zina is about to be performed, not just in the confinement of your home sitting in front of your computer watching random videos and you got erected and as a result you felt you wanted to relieve yourself, then you take that easy way out, no, no, we are talking about if it prevents you from falling into Xena the

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actual act of Xena then perhaps it can be an option. Other than that, it shouldn't be loosely advised. Because there are many people today as doctors that can accept 95% or I believe 98% of people masturbate today so if those people are masturbating and many of them are religious who feel the guilt and the shame while doing this action then how could we just give them away out by by advising them to just you know do it without guilt? This is something that I found a bit problematic in the videos on the top of that if Dr. Zakir and shared he has he knew that most people today most people today masturbate to visuals to pornography. Will they hold the same view? I know that in the

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videos they said clearly it's Haram. watching pornography is absolutely Haram. No one disagree on this issue. But if we knew today that factually speaking most people masturbate to pornography not not just masturbating without looking at something and those who don't watch porn and are addicted to masturbation only the masturbate to their own fantasies and imaginations. Now, what is the Islamic Sharia? What the Islamic Sharia states about masturbating to your own imagination by imagining sexual scenes in your mind? Now if you imagine your wife or your husband one masturbating, maybe that could be a different ruling. But what about those who are unmarried or those who imagine

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their neighbors, their colleagues or their classmates? What Islam says about that? Now? I'm not talking about hassanal basri if he hasn't, and morada we have not bass honorably dinar Mujahid jabber inside Hamel and his students, those are the names mentioned by Shia He has called in particular I'm not talking about those people. Those people were known for their virtues for their Ida Yama, Lyle, people fighting in the battlefield, how can we compare their views on masturbation by the views of young people today, who perhaps are struggling to even wake up for pleasure or doing the minimum requirement of a man that so I found it very difficult to use their examples, or their

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views on masturbation to be just better than Xena and give that opinion to young people today who are suffering from spiritual crisis as well as behavior of crisis. So we have to be very realistic. My brothers and sisters most people, as I mentioned earlier, they masturbate to pornography to visuals and those who do not watch pornography, they masturbate to their own fantasies and their own imaginations. So we don't want to open that loophole for people to say, Oh, *, yes, I said, Oh, Dr. zakka said, therefore it's not haram on it. So we should also educate the masses and tell them that fat words or Islamic rulings are not general. They're not to be followed by everyone in every

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age. They could be sometimes very, very specific to a certain group of people or certain individuals. Just like how Omar mahapatra Viola Anwar changed what the prophets Elias and I'm started regarding the the booties of war, the process is to give the the spoil wars to non Muslims after the battlefields on the hope that their hearts will be, you know, melted and come to Islam where our pop said that these this approach was when Islam was weak. However, now Islam is strong, we're not going to give them anything. So he changed the ruling depending on the context, the situation at hand. That's why many people now who have watched those videos are agreeing with that

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approach that you know, masturbation is alright, therefore, I don't have to feel guilty about it. Plus, masturbation can become really very compulsive and addictive. And I know that the DSM or the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual that's being used by psychiatrists and psychologists to diagnose certain mental illnesses did not include masturbation to be addictive, but as those who have experienced the harmful impact of masturbation and they will tell you definitely, it is addictive, it is interfering in the work, it's interfering in their relationships. Not only that, but it is

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escalates, addiction never remain at one level. So if addiction escalates and part of the escalation to masturbation is actually Zinner it's a gateway to the undesirable act of Xena there, will we still hold the view that it is just McCrone? What's the Islamic ruling actually regarding actions that may lead to major sins? Are they simply macro? Or are they also harm? This is one of the question that I wanted to get my head around to be honest, a las panatela For example, sywell karabo, Xena do not come closer to Xena. So if masturbation can become a gateway for people to commit that sinful act of Zina, will we still consider it as mcru? On the top of that, if we came to

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know from a mental and physical health perspective that masturbation could lead to certain illnesses. And I know that not everyone may experience those illnesses. I know it's just like, not everyone will drink beer or wine or alcohol will get drunk or become alcoholic. If we knew that pornography and masturbation and other undesirable sexual activities could lead to mental illnesses and physical diseases. Will we still take that view of macro? To be our view? This is really a question I wanted to get my head around and all the studies and the references will be posted in the description for anyone who wanted to go in depth on this issue in Charlottetown. But I have been

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working with porn and masturbation addicts for the past 14 years very, very direct contact with those people who are suffering from pornography and masturbation. And all of them with no exception have suffered from similar symptoms like what depressive symptoms which have led some of them to either attempt suicide or reflect on suicide relationship problems with one spouses. When a wife discovered that her husband is masturbating, whether to pornography or in the bathroom on his own, she feels that she's not good enough. And as a result, the fight together and as a result, divorce is one of the fate for many people who are into this lifestyle erectile dysfunction, and then may

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experience inability to function sexually with his wife. Why because his brain became conditioned that sexual pleasure is only attainable through screens, pornography, or masturbation and orgasm er for women in ability to reach climax with one's husband. Again, it's called situational, an orgasmic a condition again, that has been fixed by the brain by the pathways in our brain. Why? Because we have fed our brain with this habit of masturbation and as a result, when real life partner is presented when, when the actual act of intimacy is there, our bodies don't function. Why because the brain didn't register the activity as such escalation and tolerance. Again, as I mentioned earlier,

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addiction escalates never remain or never will remain. At one level, you will always want more. The more you watch, the more you engage in certain activities, the more you want more especially undesirable activities. And as a result, we find so many people so many Muslim singles and married who goes to prostitution houses because they are not satisfied with masturbation anymore. So whereas when they go, they're not satisfied with their wives, masturbation becomes less satisfied for them. And as a result, they end up going to prostitution houses and dirty massage parlors, and so on tolerance, because they've been doing it for so many years, they became numb. And so the guilt part,

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which was there before, it's no longer exists, just like how the second night in his video mentioned that don't even feel guilty about it. So pantalon guilt is one of the driving forces that pushes sinful people to repent. Like it's one of the requirement for us to repent and go back to the path of purity the path of Islam is to feel guilty. If we don't feel guilty now, then we will carry out with our activities without even going back to a long set of stuff at all. Another point that I wanted to highlight as well is that Dr. Zakat and Shetty Asad didn't mention the long term solution to the problem. So the only said that in case you are about to commit Zina, or if you fear Xena,

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then masturbation can become acceptable. However, they didn't address the issue of addiction or compulsive use of masturbation, like what's the solution to this islamically from an Islamic point of view, if masturbation becomes addictive, and a person cannot live without it, and it affected on his relationship with his wife or with his or with her husband, what would be the ruling what would be the verdict? We didn't discuss that and I think we should highlight this because many young people are coming to me they say that we are about to get married and we are afraid that we will not be able to function sexually because also part of masturbation is harmful effect is premature

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ejaculation which leads to frustration from the husband and from the wife side as well. There is no sex

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satisfaction. And as a result again many divorces happen because lacking of sexual intimacy, lacking of pleasure through this beautiful relationship that Allah subhanaw taala made lawful between spouses. So what's the solution, the long term solution to this problem? So let's go back to the point that we mentioned earlier, and that is definitely masturbation is better than Xena. Definitely. So I agree with Dr. Zakat and shaky so in this regards. And I agree with all of our oldest scholars, all the companions all the time, I mean, who held the same view, however, I wanted to stress the point that it is acceptable only when you are at the edge of committing the act, and

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not simply while you're sitting in your bedroom, doing nothing aboard, not even performed your prayers and so on. And then we say that you take it and it's fine plus, who can live up to that standard of fulfilling that I bet that fulfilling their spiritual requirements. And if something happened, urgent, urgency happened, then perhaps masturbation is the only exit from this trouble before falling into the actual act of Zener. Just like a brother who contacted me some time ago saying that he's in a remote area in a hotel room, and a prostitute visited his room and, and she entered actually his hotel room by mistake. And as a result, they couldn't communicate, she couldn't

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speak English, he let her go. And but he was aroused, and he masturbated out of fear. So in these circumstances, maybe we can allow masturbation, but other than that, I feel that we need to discuss the issue from all angles, lest we leave those loopholes for people or people to misuse these verdicts and these rulings and do as they please and as a result effect on their spirituality affects on their memorization on their level of focus. And they become addicted and dependent entirely on the habit instead of fulfilling the desires with their love whole spouses. So my brothers and sisters in Islam, hands off, hands off and seek professional help if you cannot get rid

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of this addictive habit on your own. Because most of the time, most of the time those who are addicted to either pornography or masturbation, they cannot get rid of that cycle on their own. So seek professional treatment there is no problem with that. seek professional help get practical tips along the spiritual advice given by the prophet sallallahu Sallam regarding this issue. And in sha Allah Allah you will live up to the standard the manners, that the Prophet sallahu wa sallam is expected for expecting from you. May Allah Subhana Allah protect us all. I hope that this video was beneficial if you find it so kindly share it with others as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi

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