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Marriage Makeover – 01 Self Development

Marriage Makeover – Ep 1/5 – Self Development – Haleh Banani Improving your relationship with others begins with acknowledging and making the commitment to overcome personal shortcomings. In this talk, Sister Haleh Banani explains how critical self-development is to achieving a successful marriage.

Nouman Ali Khan – A Quranic Lesson in Religious Psychology

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan delivers an amazing Khutbah on the topic of religious psychology and it makes for a very engaging listen. We are acquainted with the Ayat of Surah Al-Baqarah related to Ramadan and fasting. Nouman Ali Khan explains how the Qur’an confronts the religious psychology of those who believe. It emphasizes on the … Read more

Haleh Banani – Psychology and Islam

What role does Psychology play when it comes to dealing with challenges from an Islamic perspective? We had the pleasure of interviewing Haleh Banani. She has a Masters of Clinical Psychology with 20 years of experience within the field of Islam and Psychology.

Haleh Banani – Healing Emotional Wounds

HEALING EMOTIONAL WOUNDS presented by Sr. Haleh Banani, M.A. Clinical Psychology, will help you to set aside feelings of hurt and anxiety and move on toward healing your heart and moving beyond the emotion.

S02E14 – Season Finale, Highlights & Listener Questions [M&Ms]

Mifrah and Maheen, in an M&Ms episode, talk about the season 2 finale of the podcast as well answer listener questions about productivity, life, business and the upcoming season. Highlights from the show: -Upcoming Muslim Life Hackers projects – Zara: “What top five things will make me a highly effective person?” – Omar: “Can you … Read more

08 Shame Grenades And Fitna Bombs

Special guest Omar Usman joins the Baba Ali Show to discuss: Muslim trolls on the Internet exposing the keyboard warriors that start fitna on social media the negative impact of shame grenades the psychology behind why certain people who act like trolls the lack of productivity when shaming people into guilt  

S02E08 – Self Awareness, The Creative Process & Social Justice w/ Khalil Ismail [Interview]

Maheen talks to lyricist and vocalist Khalil Ismail about the work he does with the homeless and victims of domestic violence as well as his creative process and thoughts on self awareness and personal development. Highlights from the show: -“Could you tell us a bit about what has inspired you to do what you do” … Read more

S02E04 – Should You Pay For Personal Development?

In this new segment of the Muslim Life Hackers Podcast, Mifrah and Maheen ask the question:  Should you pay for personal development? Highlights from the show: ·         Is there a difference between cheap and expensive personal development content? ·         What part does perceived value play? ·   … Read more

Yassir Fazaga – Self Image Psychology

do you have positive self image about yourself ? if so good and well,,, but, Imam Yassir Fazaga tell us some key points that help us building good self image qualities