Haleh Banani – Bullying With Q and A

15th November 2016 – Epic Parenting Class Children shape the next generation; therefore, raising them as believers is one of the most noble and important tasks a Muslim can blessed with. Imparting children with God consciousness, sound values, and proper manners is a trust from Allah, and therefore should not be taken lightly.

Haleh Banani – Parents Empowered 01

Learn innovative and proven techniques to raise your kids effectively and make them emotionally intelligent from Haleh Banani whom has 20 years of experience. In this talk Haleh explains 4 different parenting styles.

Zohra Sarwari – Modern Muslim Family

An all-powerful message by sister Zohra Sarwari who has home schooled her children, in regards to parenting the children with the right balance of dunya and akhirah. She shares her beautiful experiences and gives some practical tips to help the parents to motivate the children in learning the deen and applying it in their day-to-day life. … Read more