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Yasir Qadhi – Lives of Sahaba 77 – Abu Hurayrah pt.2

In a continuation of the previous video, Shaykh Yasir elucidates in great detail the incidents that led to the defamation of Abu Hurayrah RA and attempts to clarify the common misconceptions one may have. Abu Hurayrah became an emissary of sorts in no time because of his utmost dedication and devotion to the Prophet ﷺ. … Read more

Yasir Qadhi – Lives of Sahaba 76 – Abu Hurayrah pt.1

In this lecture, we are transported into the life and times of one of the greatest defenders of the Sunnah – Abu Hurairah Ad Dawsi – by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi. The lecture begins with a brief transcript of one man – Al Tufayl ibn Amr al Dawsi- who was the chieftain of a tribe named … Read more

Yahya Ibrahim – Day 2 – Reflective Morning Zikr in Samarqand

This is the 2nd Reflective Morning Zikr Session studying 3 morning Dua made by the Prophet Sala Allahu alihi wasSalam during the HadithTour of Imam Bukhari homeland