Sajid Ahmed Umar – Rulings connected to the Corona Virus spread

Can I use alcohol based sanitizers? Do they affect my Wudhu and Salah? can I pray with a mask on? Can I wipe of my mask during Wudhu? Can I wear a mask during Umrah? And more!

Omar Suleiman – The Plague that Killed Sahaba and the Coronavirus

In light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Sh. Omar Suleiman delivers a special lecture on the Amwas plague, the first plague to claim the lives of hundreds of Sahaba and thousands of people in the 7th century. He highlights lessons we can learn from that time period and offers some spiritual gems that are relevant … Read more

Abu Eesa Niamatullah – Advice for Mosques and Attendees Dealing with The Coronavirus

Advice to Mosque attendees and those praying in their own homes as well during the COVID-19 epidemic.