Mufti Menk – Blessings from the Outbreak

The eKhutbah comes to you every Friday. This is not A Jumu’ah Sermon but simply seizing the opportunity to present that weekly reminder. The topic this week is Blessings During The Outbreak

Wael Ibrahim – Locked down believers

Being locked down is a positive opportunity to correct our lives. Attitude of a Believer while on lockdown: – Performs what is beneficial, both in this world and the next. – Seeks the Help of Allah, no matter how difficult the situation is. – Stays stronger: mentally and physically. – Consistently evaluated his life: his … Read more

Sajid Ahmed Umar – Come what may, remain firm!

A heart touching lecture delivered during Covid-19 Lockdown highlighting the reality of Istiqaamah (Steadfastness), what it entails, and the detailed rewards sanctioned for those who achieve it.  

Bilal Ismail – Corona Fiqh 101 – Hand Sanitizers to Online Jumuah

Issues covered in the video Preventative Measures Hand sanitizer with alcohol Triming bread for Covid-19 masks Social Distancing *Related to Worship* Suspension of Hajj & Umrah Closing of Mosques Jumuah Salah at home Following a Online Jumuah Joining between Prayers Qunoot Saying Takbeer Is Covid-19 a Ta’uun (plague)? If Affected Ventilator Allocation Death of a … Read more

Bilal Ismail – Sha’ban under Shutdown: Ailments and Cures 2

– A Summary of the last 170 pages of Ibn al Qayyims al-Daa wa al-Dawa (Ailments & Cures) – The ill Effects of sins