Haleh Banani – How to Improve Your Character In Ramadan 01

Learn How to Improve Your Character In Ramadan by overcoming your shortcomings and allowing your worship to transform your personality. By improving your character, you will get the true fruits of your worship which is becoming a better person. Get your free video series on RAMADAN RELATIONSHIP REPAIR: Sr. Haleh Banani will give you practical … Read more

Riyadul Haqq – Wealth And The Corruption Of Character A Tafsir Of Surat l Humazah

The content of this surah describes the delusional and delirious effects of wealth. Islam has encouraged the acquisition of wealth when it is done with responsibility, charity, compassion and with the correct methodology, understanding and intention. When wealth possesses us rather than us possessing wealth, that is when it corrodes and influences our character and … Read more