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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salam aleikum, which means peace be unto you. Welcome to another episode on the deen Show. Today we're talking and giving you we're going to be God Willing giving you some evidences some proof that the Quran, which was compiled over a span of 23 years, which is revealed, not just to the Arab, but to the white, to the Chinese, to the African to the American, it's a guidance. It's a book and instructional for the whole of mankind, my next guest is going to come out and he's going to give this a topic we can talk on for days. But in this short episode, he's going to give some of the top reasons that you can ponder over to come to the same conclusion that over

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1.5 billion people all across the globe have come to that this is indeed, not a man made book, not a man written by Muhammad, or any man this is indeed a revelation for you to find out follow to be successful, not only in this life, but in the hereafter when we come back, my guest knowmad alikhan. You don't want to go nowhere, right back on the deen show.

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Is his messenger.

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Jesus was his messenger.

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Why did that maybe? Maybe it's just a break the ice Salaam Alaikum. Brother particles?

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How are you very good. I'm glad and happy to have you here on the show to be here. And we're going to get straight down to business. People who have watched possibly the other show, they know that you've run the bainer Institute for the most part, I teach Arabic. Yeah. And I teach just recently started a seminar on behalf of Vienna Institute called divine speech, which looks at the literary miracle of the Quran. So it looks at the Koran from the literary linguistic point of view. And it's designed for English speaking audiences. Okay, so they can show we have actually your whole story of how you really got used to be an atheist, and then you that whole stories on the other show that we

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do with our brother, you can go on the D show.com. And look for nomen alikhan. He'll have his own section there on the dean show. But today, there's some sincere people out there that are looking for the truth. Now they might have come from a different way of life that they can sense they can see that they're intelligent enough that these are man's fingerprints all over these different philosophies, theologies, and they don't want to follow a man made religion. So we don't want them to put Islam in that same category. Yes. So tell us how would somebody know that this is indeed a revelation from the Creator of the heavens? Sure, this Quran is for establishing that the Quran is

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actually from Allah from the Creator of the heavens in the earth, the Lord and sustainer and provider of all,

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it's, it's absolutely critical for a number of reasons. For the most fundamental reason being that if you are absolutely convinced, after some pondering and research and reflecting on the evidences on your own, if you're absolutely convinced that this is in fact, the word of Allah, it's the word of the Creator, then there after all, the doubts are removed. So this is the fundamental doubt that has to be attacked, and has to be tackled before anything else. And then once this has been tackled with any other issues, you might have become irrelevant. So it's at the heart of the matter. Now, the Quran has been looked at as the ultimate miracle by Muslim scholars from the very beginning. And

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this is a topic that has been the subject of Islamic scholarship for now a millennium and a half from many, many, many different angles. Some of those angles that the most common angle is the most difficult to explain in English. Why? Because the idea is that the Quran is miraculous in terms of its language, Something in the way Allah speaks Something in the way that he communicates. His message is so profound and incredible that it can even be translated, the message can be translated, but the miraculous beauty of the words can't be translated. Now, this is the part that's a long discussion. You can't really do that in a 30 minute or 10 minute things they'll tantalize us to get

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us excited to want to go and do more research. Okay. Now, just to give you a taste of this, this topic, the Quran for example, one of its unique literary features, is that the Quran, a lot of it rhymes, a lot of it rhymes. And, you know, you could say, well, there's other literature that rhymes. But the amazing thing is you have these extended long passages, the ends of each Ayah or verses, it's called it's it rhymes, and all of a sudden the rhyme, breaks, and then the rhyme comes back again, right?

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You know, in modern literature, you have the idea of paragraphs and footnotes, like if you have a paragraph and there's one comment that the author wants to make, that's sort of a tangent, but you need to understand it before going forward, they'll put a superscript, one or subscript, and then they'll have something at the bottom of the page refer you to another page or another book, even the Quran does this incredibly in audio form, meaning a lot of talking about a subject, all of a sudden, he'll change the rhyme scheme. So the listener knows that this is a footnote. This is something that before I go any further, I need to understand this footnote and then come back to the original

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subject. So actually, paragraphs are even organized phonetically. This is incredible in terms of literature, that entire passages and discourse is organized just by the sounds that are being produced in the passages. Now, you can't translate that, but that's actually not what I want to emphasize in this episode. What I really want to talk about are some areas of the miracle of the Quran, at least three of them that are easily identifiable and people can ponder over them outside of the language issue that make the Quran unparalleled and miraculous. The thing of it is to appreciate what makes Quran miraculous we have to understand the challenge of the Quran. The Quran

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actually issues a challenge. It says if you are in any doubt in quantum theory, remember less than abdeen if you are in any doubt over what we have sent upon our slave, bring something like bring a suit I like it, bring it bring tensors like it bring a Koran like it. So the idea of the Quran is if this is not from God, you should be able to produce something that competes with. So let's talk about what how can somebody compete with the Quran? What does that mean? One way in which that is understood is Allah says in the Quran multiple times he says what are called yes or no or analytic. This is number one. He says we made the Quran easy. We facilitated the Quran for remembrance and

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also means for memorization for memory.

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Now the thing is in this ayah, Allah says he made it easy. He didn't say the Quran is easy. He said, Allah made it easy. So there's some kind of divine intervention here that makes the Koran easy to be understood or easy to memorize. Now, I personally am a testimony to this but more than myself, hundreds and millions of people on the face of this earth that are not Arabs that come from very different ethnic backgrounds. Children and adults of all ages, both genders, without photographic memory have memorized this book, beginning the end cover the cover all you know in some print 604 pages, all 604 pages,

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exactly in identical form down to the way they're supposed to recite each syllable. So just to give you a hypothetical scenario, if there was a child in Australia, and who's memorized the Quran at the age of 1012, I know seven year olds that have memorized the entire thing too. And these are not exceptional kids. That's the amazing thing. This is if you train your children, you know, this is a norm. Actually, there's some villages in Sudan and Somalia where the entire village is memorized on the mother, the child, the guy who delivers the groceries, everybody, have you met it, memorized, say the whole Bible, or what we have the Bible. I know people that know a lot from the Bible, but

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not covered a cover. And it's not it's not a cultural thing. And there may be people with super exceptional photographic memory that are able to do so. But this is a law making it easy for anybody, anybody for anybody, like for a good example, actually, my opinion, a great example is the mom sohaib Webb, who's one of the great dies he actually took. He became Muslim much later in his adult life, started learning Arabic and he's actually already memorized the entire Quran, American who accepted Islam as an American who accepted Islam traveled abroad, and actually memorized the entire parents didn't speak Arabic, so nothing at all. So here was the example I wanted to make. The

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Australian memorizer of the Quran meets a Chinese Muslim who's memorized the Quran. They don't speak each other's language. They besides a salaam aleikum, which is the universal Muslim greeting to greet one another, they could say that much, but they can't really even ask each other how you're doing because they don't have the same language. Yet, when these two people start reciting the Quran, and one of them recites the other one can actually finish it. When he recites half the half the verse, the other guy can finish it. They know exactly what they're saying, for all 604 pages, without even looking at the text, just just in conversation with each other. completely perfect

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strangers meet up at the airport, they're praying together, the guy leading the prayer makes a mistake and with something he's reciting people in the back can correct him and say no, no, actually, it's this way. So even if somebody makes a mistake in their memory, hundreds of 1000s of people are there to correct so it's been preserved. It hasn't been Is there any additions things different versions of the cross? So here's here's the next this issue is very central. The Quran is miraculous in its preservation, and Western audiences have to look at this different perspective. Our idea of preservation is archives, books, parchments, paper, documentation, libraries,

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transcripts, this is how we archive stuff, right? We are arguing that are much more powerful means of online

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archiving and restoring document is having multiple sources, hundreds of 1000s of people memorize the same exact document from the very beginning. So now you have, for example, if you had a written copy of the Quran, which by the way, like in in ancient times in one city, an entire village, maybe there's one copy, but 1000s of people that have memorized it. So the actual means became memorization. Why is that more powerful? Because a transcript can be edited, right? And especially if there's just one copy of it, yeah. But if you have 1000, people that don't know it by heart, I put it to the test. I mean, this is the challenge of the Quran, you take all the Bibles in the

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world, all the Old Testaments, all the New Testaments, all the Torah, every all the you know, the ancient Hindu texts, etc, etc, you get rid of them, you hide the you put them away in, in a wall in a vault, also the Quran, you put it away, nobody has access to these books. I tell you, in the city of Chicago, or in the city of New York, or in a small town in Georgia, somewhere, even in the United States, we're not even talking going abroad. So long as you have one or two people that have memorized the whole Quran, you'll recover the whole book in a day, the whole book, we can recover it. How easy is that to do for four other books? It's incredible that the book is preserved, even if

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you get rid of the physical books, it's still around. Right? So this is the number one primary reason of how the Quran is archived. And imagine if there were multiple versions, like you said, if there are multiple versions of the Quran, what would happen is some people would know a different version than others. Right? And so you would have different and it will spread like that. Yeah. But what you have now is consistency across hundreds of nations and hundreds of different people have different languages, reciting the same exact thing. It is important even if you tried to put a new Koran in place, would you you took some sutras out or you edited some words, and you this is your

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own Koran. It wouldn't last a day, because there's way too many people on the exact same message. Talk about corroborating witness, right. So this is actually a miraculous means by which the Koran is preserved, as so long as there are believers around in the literally in the millions that have memorized this book. You can't get rid of the Quran. That's a miracle. That is that is amazing. Are there any kind of other miracles things that are discussed in this Quran? That there's no way that someone living 1400 years ago in the desert, you know, it's unfathomable that somebody can

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you know, make something up that we just discovered today? Are there any examples of this? See, are give you another kind of example. The Quran speaks in very precise terms. It says well, oh, can I mean it right? In the if the Quran for was from other than Allah? Yeah, because I'm putting this hypothetical scenario if the Quran for us was from other than Allah, La vida doofy, St. laffan kathira, they would have found in it a lot of contradiction. They were found a lot of contradictions in the Quran. What's interesting is, obviously the text is talking about contradictions in the book. Yeah, but even the word if the laugh and the word for contradiction, the way it's pronounced in that

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ayah doesn't occur anywhere else in the Quran. You know, somebody could logically argue, well, I found another instance of that word. The Quran says you wouldn't fall you wouldn't have found a lot of contradiction, nor even the word contradiction. The logician might argue even the word in 23 years of this Koran being revealed the word Athena offend contradiction in that form, and that specific pronunciation doesn't occur again in the entire Quran. So the Quran is, it's incredibly precise in how it speaks. And imagine a person is speaking and delivering a message for 23 years. What are the chances of him not him avoiding that one word that isn't supposed to occur the second

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time so how to, similarly the word I had when Allah says he's alone, I had unique the word I had occurs only once in the whole Quran. And there are other mathematical nuances. For example, you have sola Baqarah, because the second syrups I can, I don't like the word chapter, really, we should call it surah of the Quran. It's made up of 286 iaat common term verses again, I don't like the word verse. I like it better. It's I think it's proprietary. Anyhow, the insula because there's a verse that says, What does Annika Giacomo Martin wasa This is how we made you a middle nation. This is how we made you a middle nation. Now keep in mind, the Quran is recited. It's not documented. This is

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number one, this is number two, this is number three that came later on. Yeah. That statement that we have made you a middle nation occurs in Iran number 143 of a surah that is a total of 286. This the ayah that says we You are the middle nation occurs in the middle Ayah halfway through 143 is half of 286 of the surah. Again, an old tradition of pseudo that was revealed different parts of different times and compiled over a long period of time. And yet even then look at the linguistic precision. In the Quran. It's remarkable and this is just one or two instances of nuance. There are hundreds and

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1000s of them. So the first was memorization. Yeah, the second I can only allude to which isn't really my main second point is how precise and intricate the languages. But here's my real second point. As far as the Quran is concerned, one of its profound, most profound miracles is actually the word Quran. The word Quran itself. Koran comes from in Arabic comes from the word Korra, which means to recite, yeah, but the way it's formed with that, at the end, what it really means is that which is recited excessively, one of the core meanings of the word Koran is that which is recited excessively. Now think about this. We're living in the age of mass media, right? We're living in the

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age where some artist comes out with a song Yeah, and a million mp3 is are downloaded. Right?

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And we are saying, We are arguing that one of the things that makes Koran miraculous, it is that it is the most recited it is the most precise. Now think about this. You have this song or this movie or whatever. That's on top of the charts. Yeah. How long does it stay on top of the charts, not too long. Let's just give it but let's say six months, which is crazy, but let's just say six months, six months, millions of people are listening to this one song and humming it and singing it whatever. Then it just gets played out. It gets played out. Just one phrase in the Quran. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. one phrase

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I began with the name of or With the name of Allah, the excessively Merciful, the constantly merciful, right? This

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is recited countless times a day, by millions and millions and millions of Muslims. Every single day for the last Millennium and a half. It's been that it's been on top of the charts. It's the most recited word. And it's actually more read statistic that even the Bible in the world and the Muslims are not the majority population. The Muslims are a minority as opposed to the Christian community in the in the world. And even then, being a fifth or less of the world population. This is the most recited book, come up with something that can stay on top of the charts consistently like the Quran, that people won't lose focus and will continue to recite it, recite it, recite it, recite it every

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single day day in and day out. It's incredible. So this is another actually miracle of the Quran. Another small miracle on the side and we'll go to the main ones but even before I get to the main one side miracle, the Quran says about Mohammed Salam it says what are for another credit clock? We have elevated your mention he called answers about Mohammed says that um, that he has elevated the mention of the messengers.

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If you know about the call to prayer in Islam, the event

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the event includes the words a shadow a number hamedan Rasul Allah, I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah and whenever we hear that we send a praise upon the messenger salallahu alayhi wa sallam May peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. Yeah. If you look at the world today,

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Muslims are all over the world. And you know how there are different time zones. There is not a minute that goes by that there's not an event going on somewhere.

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Somewhere in the world and advantage taking a call to prayer they call the prayers taking place, and in that call, who's mentioned is being elevated. The Creator of the heavens and earth, the Creator of the heavens and the earth and then dimension of is the messengers last in front of less than final messenger is being born, it's being born witnessed that he is the Messenger of Allah, and people are hearing it and elevating his status by saying, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him What did the Quran say? We have elevated your status. Can you imagine somebody else being praised like this consistently, every single day 24 seven globally across languages and cultures and

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alike. Just one small statement in the Quran, we have elevated your status. And you mentioned and his mentioned is taking place on the La Jolla Salaam just by that one phrase of the Quran unparalleled and other praises because he was our teacher is showing us just like Jesus at his time was showing absolutely, absolutely critical, the same thing. So we say as much as we acknowledge and honor and show regard to our messenger, we acknowledge that he is a slave of Allah, that he's not the one we worship. He is the one we obey because God gave him revelation. And he's a human being just like anybody else when actually he was commanded in the Quran. This is really critical. He was

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commanded in the Quran to the code in NEMA Anna Bashara mythical say I am just literally means a human being made of skin and flesh. It's literally referring to the mortal being he's saying tell them unless telling tell them I am just immortal being like you're just like all the message Jesus Moses. They had the same message worship God not themselves. Exact mortar mortals. Yes. Okay. Let's continue give us some more. Okay, this is so so you have this was actually aside but it's profound statement. I mean, come up with somebody else who's got higher celebrity status than the Messenger of Allah and no matter how much you criticize him and hate on him and have you know you have

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documentaries made or horrible speeches.

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Made by some, you know, some anti Islam groups that that spew lies and filth and take things out of context against them, no matter how much you do that it still doesn't reduce his praise any. Yeah, it actually continues to grow is mentioned and his his followers actually continue to grow. So actually they're they're actually fueling their home fire. So how to Chinese we're almost out of time give us another one. Okay amazing miracles. Now here's one that because I was a student of philosophy and also of history, it really it baffled me.

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You know the idea of when most Americans when they go to high school we study about revolutions, right, we study about the French Revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution, the Russian Revolution, we study in these revolutions we took when we talk about a revolution, we talk about a society that had some sort of an uprising against the regime. And something changed. If you talk about, for example, the French Revolution, right? It was authority used to be in the hands of the church, and it was overturned. And now it was in the hands of the people. So popular democracy, that was the revolution. A lot of people lost their lives, right? In struggling for that idea or that cause. But

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in the end, after that revolution was done, did people still eat the same things they used to eat? Did they still speak the same language? was their family relations pretty much the same? Did anything else changed dramatically? Not, not significantly, the culture was pretty much the same, the overlying thought process, and then it over over a long period of time, there were significant differences in the culture. Similar thing in the Russian Revolution, Russian culture before and after the revolution is very similar. What did change the economic system change the Tsar has been overthrown, etc, etc. But now, if you think about this,

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these revolutions that are great revolutions in history that people talk about, let's take the Russian Revolution, the Communist Revolution, is authored by great minds like Karl Marx, right? Marx was a German. He lived 60 years before the revolution happened. Did he ever imagined that his book, his writings, his ideas are going to get people to so fired up, they're willing to give up their lives for this cause? No, he never saw this. I mean, he's a thinker, a writer, a library, and even he's sitting in library doing his research, right? He's a thinker philosopher. Now compare all of this, these revolutions that are political in nature, sometimes social in nature, a lot of times

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economic in nature, these revolutions are political, social, and economic. compare these revolutions to what happened in Arabia, like you said, at the beginning of the show, in 23 years, the Quran was revealed to Muhammad Hassan, and when he was at the age of 40, it stopped being revealed when he died at the age of 63. So it is a 23 year period, the man who is presenting this idea that no one should be worshipped except Allah, and He alone is the authority that should be worshipped and obeyed. He presents this radical idea to his community. people reject him by far, but some people start joining in joining his ranks. Within 23 years, this has never happened before in human

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history, that entire society has undergone a revolution. But it's not just political. And it's not just economic. And it's not just social. It's also spiritual. It's also dietary. It's also hygienic. The way people speak changed the way people deal with their life changed the way they do business changed the way they the way they interact with each other with their neighbor changed the way in many cases, the way they dress changed, right, the way what they love changed, and what they hate changed what they wanted to live for, and what they wanted to die for change. And the government changed and the economics changed, right? The big stuff change. You know, when we talk about

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revolution, we talk about big stuff, but life on the lower levels inside your home, it's still the same. But these 2030 years brought about this change in this society, that you can never imagined in any society in such a short period of time, and completely revolutionized society. I don't know of any document in human history. That is, first of all, the one presenting that document, in this case, Mohammed sly Sonam. The one presenting that document is also the one struggling for its cause. Because all these other revolutions are philosophers and writers who died long before the actual revolutions happen. Here you have the revelation coming to him. He himself is struggling for this

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cause he's not sitting in some library or behind some couch and writing these things, and other people are willing to die for them. He's in front of the battlefield. And he brings about this profound spiritual, personal, psychological, social, political economic revolution in a complete way in this society, so much so it's already ready to challenge other world powers. I mean, look at Arabia 23 years ago, and he's at the age of 63. Right? Look at Arabia 23 years ago. It's a place where the Persian Empire and the Roman Empire and the abyssinians they're all surrounding the Arabs. Nobody wants to invade the US.

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You know why? What do they have? They got desert. There's nothing there. Why should we send our soldiers out to toast? Because there's no, there's no resources. Oil hasn't been discovered yet. Right? This, these people were considered powerless Bedouins that traveled the desert. And yet, in 23 years, they are ready to challenge the superpowers of the world. And they've completely revolutionized how they live. You have people that that were such criminals that were, you know, they were known for robbing and pillaging and stealing before Islam. And now there are governors, and there are treasures of cities. And if they find one penny missing from the Treasury, they're

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willing to give their life up to get justice for that one person, complete change in people. This is one of the most profound aspects of the Quran is a miracle. It brought complete change, not to just the individual. You know, when a person accepts Islam, it's a revolution inside that person. We're talking about revolution inside people, in their family, in their neighborhood, in their society at every level within 23. This is amazing. We got to just glance over a few things that we mentioned. You don't have to go into depth because we just have a couple more minutes shorter. This would just entice people to look into this further the scientific miracles of how we were developed and other

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things about the creation that was mentioned 1400 years ago that we're discovering they are indeed true today. Can you just glance over this real quick? Yeah, this is this is part of a larger subject called basically the consistency between scientific phenomenon and they'll hold on. There's a lot of research being done on this topic in the Arab world. Specifically, scholars like shifts and Danny have done a lot of work in this area. The one you mentioned that the the graphic and meticulous description of the embryo as presented in the Koran is actually completely consistent with modern scientific findings under a microscope. Right. And there's a great book on it the Bible called on in

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science by Maurice Burkhardt Okay, he's one of the first you can see that they could they could look up that book and look around and cite the Bible the Koran and and science is a great book on this topic. Murray's book a Moorish Okay, yeah. So you have you have that angle. Another interesting of the hundreds of scientific phenomenon that are in the Quran, just one quickly. In a very curious eye in solar 57. Allah says, well, enzyme al Hadid, we sent Iran down, we sent iron down he I mean, for mountains, he says, we created mountains. For the sunny side, we created the sun, we created the earth. But for iron, he didn't say we created he is a peculiar verb, we sent it down. I was talking

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to a few geologists about this. And they said they believe that the the iron came to the earth historically in the form of meteors and was very deep into the house is amazing. So you know, and just the verbiage of the Quran, and that he sent it down Subhana Allah. So this in itself is a consistent subject, which actually isn't my expertise, but I'm very curious about it. I'm more on the side of language and linguistic, we've got one more minute tell the people now what is this Quran? What is the creator through this living miracle that we have the crowd? If they submit to a What is it, the benefits of coming and doing what this book, God is telling them? This book, on the

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one hand is a miracle. But on the other hand, it is a personal guidance for your life. It is personal, personal guidance for your life. It guides you and it shows you the way in your daily struggles. And I'm telling you this from personal experience, and of those that are close to me, this book has opened doors I know people that went to the library, started reading the translation of the Quran and they came back and they said, I didn't read the Quran, the Quran read me. This book is a good picture of where you stand with your Lord, what you need to be doing on a daily basis. Which is why one of the greatest definitions of the Quran in the Quran besides it being guidance, is

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that it's a reminder. People forget their purpose in life. People forget what they're here on the earth to do. They get dissuaded or they get you know, distracted by entertainment and by movies and by YouTube or this or that or the they get distracted into many different things. And here you have a reminder, constantly bringing you back to your essential purpose. Thank you for being with us again. Sorry, we're out of time. We're gonna have to do something again with you. Absolutely. I hope you all got to benefit. You heard the men, he gave you a few things that you can ponder over you got to be what? honest with yourself, you got to be sincere. And ask the one who created the heavens and

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earth and everything in this universe to guide you to make it clear, and it's there. It's very simple. And we hope to see you again next time. Come back here every week at the deen show calm. And until next time, Salaam Alaikum. Peace be unto you. The DVDs for Dawa as Allah has said in the Quran in surah Now 16 125 will do Ls abelia applicable hypnotic, invite all to the way of your Lord with wisdom, beautiful preaching and reason with them in ways that are best. And this is a great opportunity for you to take up. The obligation take up the call is Allah has told you to do and share this beautiful message.

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With the world Islam submission to the One God see what everyone's talking about you find one contradiction it can't be from God

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but the rational idea the rational explanation is you do your best to give up worshiping God I will never give up spreading this hope that you take the unnecessary step you don't know if you're gonna live to tomorrow

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so you got to find that urgency to do the right thing right now.

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If you say that you do not believe in Jesus you have stepped outside of Islam you cannot be a Muslim is attended our face to

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AIDS comb. It's lay everybody asleep.

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I arise and ask a lot of thinking me Oh la You see, oh la you know, all the sins I do. A turn to you to forgive my sins a Maha.

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Yo man

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runs away. Ola guide me