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guy's How you doing?

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This is what we were given out today the Quran and I encourage everyone all the not yet Muslims, even the Muslims will have an open up the Quran. They have it here in English. And this is something tell us what kind of shear was Shaykh Abdullah? What kind of impact does this have on your life? This book artist had a huge impact on my life, Mashallah. I mean, really realizing, I mean, like, my main concern was when becoming Muslim, if God was telling me how to live my life, I wanted to know if there was a manual, he was telling me do this, do that or telling me more about myself on things that I knew but really couldn't, really didn't know and totality, and telling me my reality of this

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life and what's going to happen after I wanted to know about it. So that's the impact it had on me. Really? Tell us now for newcomers to the religion, even some who are the old timers,

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US picking up this book, you're someone who is not an academic, you went to had a formal education in this Deen and Islam. But now you have nowadays people picking up the book and making up or we want to prevent people from picking up the book and kind of making their own. There's some things in here that are just straightforward, but you can go deeper. Exactly. You know, like Woodhall law, let's say God is one the absolute, the eternal is pretty straightforward. But you can go even deeper than that. So people pick up the crown, and then they get into some areas and it becomes kind of dangerous, can you say, right, tell us, you know, to prevent something like that? What is the proper

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way that the Quran is interpreted?

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interpreted? So people convert prevent making these huge blunders? Yes, man, that's a real good question. It's upon law. And it's, it's more of like how to approach the crime, because many times you know, we think that we can just give the non Muslim electronics a read it and leave them on the lead them to read it, which is good, in essence, but there are going to be some verses that may seem contradictory. And that further requires further education further, seeking consultation from people who have knowledge and have have studied the text itself. And what you're alluding to generally, is the issue of interpretation, interpretation. As we know, the word text comes from context, right? So

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there is a context to the text that you read. Right? So cold Hola, whoa, I had, it says, cool. Say that allies one. So it was definitely a lot telling the province or something to say that. But the general the generality of a lobbying one is something that's paramount to the religion of Islam. So there are verses that are very clear cut straight to the point, there's no room even for interpretation. And there are some verses that have a heavy context to it, that would require one to look at the history. What was the reason for it being revealed? What is the meaning of the word in Arabic? How do we interpret that word that coincides with the spirit of the religion that may

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coincide with the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, peace and blessings be upon him. So not every verses just clear cut? Yes, it means that and that's it. And I'm going to practice my religion. Therefore, there's a Sunnah to show the proper interpretation of it. And if there are some verses that may require a certain practice, that may not be in the sun, it requires scholarship. And that process in and of itself is in the Quran. So we see in the beginning of the chapter of Iran, it talks about that, that there are scholars that understand some verses, and some of them may be ambiguous. For the ambiguous verses, you go to the people of knowledge to find out their process of

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interpretation. And those scholars are the Prophet peace be upon him, that people that were around him, as you may know, like the disciples and companions, and then the generations that follow them, the three generations primarily that follow them, their interpretation, is an interpretive method that has a chain of narration that goes back to the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him. And if someone says, Why would God Almighty have some, some verses in there that are ambiguous? Is that what you're referring referring to the the ioer, God Almighty is saying, there are verses in here that are clear to the point and some are ambiguous. Yes, sir. If someone says why would God have

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ambiguous verses? Why would he do that? Well, see, the thing is, it's ambiguous from our perspective. Right? The ambiguity is not with God, but it's God answering the question, it's God giving a an answer to a situation that poses some encountered, right. So that requires some investigation from the person that wants to study it. So just requires some investigation and upon that investigation when they arrived, oh, that is the reason that that has been revealed as such. Can you make an example like let's say someone picks up the Constitution, or any kind of book. Now some things that I mean, not I mean, we cannot equate anything like with the Quran. But let's say

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you get into finance, not everybody's a finance expert.

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And has that in the Quran like inheritance, right? You need an expert in that area. There are other things in the Quran that you need to go to someone who spent and dedicated their life in this area to be able to explain that not just any layman can pick up the same way you can't just pick up you know, the Constitution some things you might understand, but you need someone who, who's an expert in this area that can go in and explain it. Right? Definitely, definitely, within they make that examples that people can understand. No, yeah, it definitely when they're in any type of ancient manuscripts. There may be some linguistic maybe some linguistic nuances that are important for

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someone to further dip into. Whether it's linguistic, whether it's contextual, so in the Quran, it's all of them. So finding out which one is it linguistic when Allah subhana wa Taala

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like when he says in the Quran let's have a little rebel Alba, often mobile alpha do not eat Riba do not consume rebound. Why does Allah say coal? As opposed to toppled mister to take? Tough cold means to eat? So why do I say eat here? Why do I say more? often more often? He says we'll go off in like more than one time or exponential amount of times. Why did he mention that? To show the danger and the

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the wretchedness of interest? Right? Even when we look at the word Riba means to increase, but he uses that word, even when talking about vegetation when talking about the seed, right? He's talking about it swells and increases. So all of that has a linguistic implication behind it, which further enables one to give a ruling, whether permissible or impermissible or further enables one to show the wretchedness of something. So that has a linguistic linguistic element behind it. You know, a couple more points we can give. Can you give us a couple of examples we were talking about? Earlier, one of them not mentioned one more will conclude. So this can really hit home with many people who

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again, might open up the crime, and they see and hear that, oh, it talks about intoxicants. But then you get hit with this a lot. Well, we marijuana is not like alcohol. So this would be a correct or incorrect way of interpreting the crime. Right was a person to go ahead and say, What are the things that you had mentioned? Oh, yeah, you mentioned that I mean, everyone first came muslimah Gaza, you know that lead is from the earth so it's allowed we can smoke it. Right. And last is who Olivia Haleakala campbellfield of the Jamia he is the one that's created everything on this earth for you logically is making sense what he's saying somewhere right leko means for you mean that it's for you

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to indulge and embark upon you can use it so I can I smoke dope. Why can I get water import import on my cell phone? Or I can I put a blow dryer into the water? I'm taking a shower. I mean, there are certain things that yes, it's there, but you have to use it appropriately for that which benefits you and once you call them across this year, which which which fulfills an Islamic objective, right. So when one smokes weed, for no medical purposes, it does not fulfill an Islamic objective of maintaining the health and maintaining ultimately the religion because one will be intoxicated. And intoxication is talked about in the Koran in terms of liquor. And liquor is impermissible and this

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process is what we call as an analogy. So that process is a scholastic process. If one doesn't study that, they may say, okay,

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smoking weed is is permissible taking, you know, handle bars that are ecstasy is permissible, because Allah has created it. So I'm indulging upon it, I'm using it. Well, that indulgence, how is it permissible? Does it have parameters? Or does it not? So that's where this comes into play of looking into this text and seeing how we properly apply those verses those possibly ambiguous verses. And another thing something may be ambiguous to you but not ambiguous to me. Why isn't that ambiguous to me anymore? Because I've studied it, it's ambiguous to you because you haven't studied it you just read it and took it for face value and just went along with it. But when you look maybe

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flip a couple of pages or ask a question you felt you realize that you were thinking total opposite of it. And this goes with our topic of proper interpretation giving the Quran it's right here right now that you come at it with a sincere heart and not just that but you come at it with knowledge you come at it interpreted the way it's meant to be interpreted Right, exactly. So interpretation itself has its parameters. Because some can say okay, your interpretation is based off of your experience you came from a rough background and your interpretation is to be rough with non Muslims. Your interpretation is to be rough, my interpretation is to be easy with with Muslims or with non Muslims

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as because of your background, even your personality, your psychology will cause you to interpret it in a way that the fits or what you think is be fitting to Islam. Right I remember I gave a handshake to a brother and he was like, I shook and he said brother and Islam with Safa, he you know, the process um, said there's not softness anything except that it protects it. He was trying to say that bro, you can't shake hands hard, man. Why are you being so hard on the people? I said, That's because, you know, he was in a mood of being soft, being easy. But then you

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There's other portions of Islam where he speaks about manhood, he speaks about being a protector speaks about being honorable, right? Islam covers both of those angles and aspects. But for you, it is for you to interpret it, interpret it without any process or method that has been sanctioned. That's where it can be problematic, because if we say interpretation is open for anyone, we will have another sect, as we see with even ISIS right now. Right, we see what even people saying that homosexual homosexuality in Islam is okay, it's valid. No, we don't say that homosexuality is allowed in Islam. But can someone be a Muslim homosexual? Yes. We don't say because he's homosexual

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is outside the fold of Islam? No, we say that it's a major sin. But we don't say that they are not Muslim. Right. So if someone says homosexuality is okay, not wearing Hijab as a Muslim woman, I say it's okay. islamically that's when we have a problem.

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What do you say it's okay, that's where he jumped, where's your proof in Islam? she'll bring or Heidi will bring, you know, a version of crime and then she'll interpreted a certain way. That's when we really look at Okay, your method of interpretation. Is it something that is sanctioned, like I mentioned before, this may be very controversial, you know, but allow missions in the Quran.

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We talked about the process of them. He talked about marriage. He said funkey, who met all bellicum million Isa mithuna. Was the laughter what Obama

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failed them tested the failed and taboo for why didn't Obama get a medical? Well, that's one

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marry from woman two, three, or four? How many does it doesn't matter to me?

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She had nine. So Someone may say we can marry nine in Islam. The process of them had nine during his lifetime, right? So we can marry nine and we're supposed to follow the sun. Where did you get that? Yeah, he read open the open the Quran Allah says it very clearly. funkier Metallica music must net what through laughter What robot what means and it came in and or it can mean or, or it can mean other than

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if you don't study the method of interpretation, you may come out and say it's okay to marry nine. But when we look into some of the power socialism, that's not the case. So interpretation does have a scholastic process. If one does not understand a scholastic process, they will use their intellect to interpret authoritative text. And that's where a lot of problems have arisen in Islam. You brought this

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point up, and we'll finish with this. It's very interesting about the having multiple families. Is this opinion? Are they both valid? Is this where you have the example of the interpretation being something that both are within the realm of proper interpretation, where one is saying that the preferable

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is that you have up to you not one, but more than 123 or four that you have more for families? And the other interpretation is saying that no one is preferable, which Now which one when you have two different interpretations?

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Yeah, man, know, when it comes to interpretation, the validity of interpretation, that's what we have to look at, what was his? What method did he use to interpret it like that? So someone will say, what means and, and therefore it's okay, so we're just looking at the crown and say, Wow, that means you can marry nine, we have to stop and say, Okay, what have other scholars said about this? Right? If someone uses a Heidi, that's authentic, that totally goes against the position of Nye was okay. Nine is not, you know, if we see the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had nine, in a hadith he mentions only for not to go beyond that. Right? We say, okay, we need the nine that was specifically

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for the process of aligning something, right? That's what we have to go through this academic rigor, and that's what's called agency had, that's academic exertion. So if someone was to say, okay, you know, for instance, you know, when it comes to seeing the person that you want to propose to, there are differences of opinion on what you can see and what you cannot. Now is this is his opinion is is his interpretation valid? That's we have to see where he's coming from, where exactly where what exactly that he used to say that that's his method of interpretation. Is it valid or not? And it depends on the issue and what he he uses to validate as you guys can see this is a very vast topic,

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give you a little bit of a taste getting you a little bit wet in the water and tell us if people want to go deeper into this. How can they go ahead and Oh, you got it resources www dot d n sh o w comm go to the deen show.

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Now, I mean, I mean, again, again, if we want to study anything, you know, you have to do exactly that. You have to study you have to go to the people of knowledge.

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You know not to say that this is a religion of, of, you know, the people of knowledge you you can never be one it's a certain nationality No. I mean when I first was coming into Islam and I was not a Muslim, I walked into the masjid with my San Diego Chargers jersey man and, you know, just came from the studio and the guy that the Imam, he said, Look, you can be better than under figures, you say you can be better than me. He said, it's about knowledge. Knowledge is what increases your nobility in front of a lot and amongst the people. It doesn't matter where you from nationality does that's totally irrelevant. Same thing with knowledge of Islam. If we want to go for years, 10 years

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to get a PhD in psychology PhD, and to become a doctor to become a lawyer to become anything. We have academic rigor in order to even be considered to get those letters behind our name. Why Islam the most noble of of any academic structure, any academic knowledge, Islam, it comes from God, why is it that we feel that we can just

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go online press quick and go to Google and think that we can answer the questions to save the world? It's the most No, no most noble analysis shuffle ambition for maloom Is it the nobility of knowledge depends on the nobility, the nobility of what you are studying. So if we are studying about Allah, and what he's telling us in life via Koran via some via everything else that branches from that from fifth Hadith, all those are sciences, if we're studying that we have to do exactly that. A study is not going to be over a year, it's not going to be over a seminar. It's going to be over, years on in. Right and then I'll end with this statement of Amazon it was who was a scholar of Eman Malik are

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the four men is the Maliki man. He was a scholar he said when ramen and Joomla Joomla he said Whoever comes upon him and arrive is arrived to knowledge all at one time. It'll leave them all at one time. Barely knowledge comes with Hadith and Hadith and Oh, one Hadees another highbeam gradual Nate day and night date and nights that requires passion, perseverance, discipline and most of all to feed and floss you have a website for new Muslims begging yes the website of Islam yeah hello it's called New UK in E w letter U www dot k and e w litter you don't want so people they have the basics of Islam there you have the law we're working on some other classes have like the 10 hot eat

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that every new Muslims should know the 10 is that every new assumption now what is an iOS howdy have seminars for people that want to learn how to teach new Muslims. We have some called a man planet seminar. It's a book that I wrote about, you know about five years ago talking about the conditions of light and the law some scholars mentioned there are seven conditions right to hot and solar How does one purify themselves the bare bones you know an introduction the last chapter is introduction to Quran and Sunnah. What is Quran and what does it mean in my life? What is my responsibility? And what is Sunday mean and give I give an example of a hadith and the relevance of Heidi.

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Learning growing everyday don't stay at the white pill keep growing. Keep learning keep expanding your mind. We'll see you next time. Subscribe if you haven't already hear the Daily Show to get our shows every week Peace be with you.

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