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Coming from a Baptist background that right Christian Baptists and Christians obviously have this deep love for Jesus. But now just to touch upon this you love, would you say you love Jesus more now as a Muslim absolutely before? Absolutely, because we already know there's a lot of additions and subtractions. In the Bible that exist today, top theologist pastors, ministers all around the world, affirm this, even if the followers of this, you know, practical, this faith,

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deem it to be untrue. The reality of it is those who are most verse, and understanding the text as present today, that there's been alterations that have been things taken out, there has been things added, so on and so forth. But the one thing that remains exclusive all throughout the Bible,

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is God's right to be worshipped alone without any partners, without any interceding.

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And then the messenger ship or Jesus,

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you know, saying becomes something very, very significant, and, you know, gravitation for the Muslim, because now, if you came from a Christian background, and you had your confusion, or your, you know, your, your doubts about whether Jesus is worthy to be worshipped or follow, right, whether he's worthy to be worshipped? Or Is he worthy to be followed? Because that's the confusion. His existence is not the confusion. We're not confused about his existence.

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You know, saying, but growing up as a Baptist, my confusion was whether or not he is to be worship, was he to be followed? Because we used to say statements like, what will Christ do? So these are statements saying that, okay, whatever he did, I should follow him. Right? Because you can't say, to the one that you worship, what will he do?

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I don't know, you know, if my intention is the worship, but if my intention is to follow Him, then I have to investigate what he did, what actions he performed, or what he implemented, when adversity hit, in order for me to follow up. So becoming a muslim, it becomes abundantly clear that he was one of the most beloved messages to Allah, you know, and I can't be Muslim.

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That's it. I believe in Jesus.

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I can't be a Muslim unless I believe in his immaculate conception. I can't be a Muslim unless I believe that he's the Word of God, meaning he's the manifestation of the statement be. And then he was Amen brother, not the walkie talkie. Even speaking words, he's the manifestation of this statement be. And then he was in the womb of a virgin. So now all this clarity only increases your inclination to this beloved messenger. And knowing that today, even as a Muslim, I'm following his methodology,

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you know, saying, So now my love and appreciation for him has grown and multiply.

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You know, and this is what brings a lot of Christians to Islam, you know, outside of other things that Allah choose to change the hearts, but when it comes to, like, a studious perspective, or, you know, analyzing, you know, saying certain doubts, like I said, or confusion, this clarity is what makes people who come from this previous belief, context now, let's touch upon that Tawheed because as a Christian, a lot of Christians, you know, they follow along, you know, they come in, jump in Sunday, and go through all the musical, you know, instruments, everybody's dancing, slings, you know, singing, clapping, and, you know, when it comes down to this trinity, right, people are

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confused, right? But, you know, Mike father did it, did it, you know, my parents and I just kind of blending in, you know, to me, absolutely. So you went through that also, I'm sure and you know, a lot of people but when you come down to the clarity of Islam, you know, for the person that this this is the thing that did it for me really, one of the things along with the evidence, Quran has the evidence that it's from the Divine, it's not blind faith, right? If you prophecies, miracles, there's no way that this book can come from a human being, you know, it is from the Creator. So now when you look at you know, the pure monotheism, right, because the Trinity is confusing what you

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know, like I wish the Father Son, Holy Ghost, how did this when you learn the pure monotheism of Islam? Well, the thing is

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the court No, it affirms everything, every book, there was the proceeding. So now there's a bridge, you know, saying it's not like you have to discard

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Everything that preceded

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that monotheistic command remains in the Torah, the remains and the gospel remains in a song though they're still there.

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tell people you know, like, this is the thing.

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When I have conversations with Christians, is a lot more easier for me because I was a Christian. Yes. So depending on what's the basis of a person's belief is something that's been handed down,

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then the dialogue that you have with this individual has to be very, very careful. Because you're not offending their belief. When it comes down to it, You're offending the one they got it from. Understand, it's like you're calling my grandmother liar. This is what a defensive Nick comes. It's not like you're using legislation to defend what you believe you're defending the one that you entrust it, which a belief which have faith, and me contradicting that is as if I'm calling them a liar. So this is where the, you know, the aggression comes in the budding and the argumentation and so on and so forth. So when I'm speaking to someone who this is their plight, I kind of tread

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lightly. But I enjoy having conversations with people who actually read the Bible. Because then it becomes easy to point out all the exclusive statements that still remain here, O Israel, the LORD that God is one. Yeah. Love your Lord our God with all your might, with all your strength with all your heart with all your soul. Now 1/3 for Mary 1/3 for the Holy Ghost 1/3 for the traveling St. Patrick 1/3. For No, he said all that's till he that means singling out Allah, or singling out God, we're all of these different characteristics, and the Lord's Prayer has Islam in it, or our Father in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done. This is absolute. And people

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don't really understand the King's English anyway. Because I'm gonna tell you that is a verse. When I was young, I used to be a Bible study, but you still still be in Bible study shows that you did your homework.

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I was a church six days a week, six days a week as a kid, wow, I left church because of the actions of the people. But what always remain is those exclusive statements and some of the misconceptions that I wanted clarity for, for example, there's a verse in the Bible that tells you call a man or earn your father.

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But then we have a command that says, Honor thy mother and father.

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I'm a child. That's confusing, right? Because dads don't get nicknames. Yeah. When you acknowledge and who they are in totality. You're my father, right? So you're my father. How can I follow this verse? That commands me to call no man on earth my father. So now the investigation leads to the King's English, the King's English, Father Son, linguistically, in the King's English means servant and master. So now if I convert the word into master, now it makes sense. koloman? Or if your master, now I can honor my father. No, say it's a little things like this is what get took in word for word verbatim as to be the word.

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But 1000 I placed no other God before me. That's till he write. The word God linguistically means object of worship. So now Thou shalt not please no other object of worship before me. That becomes clear to me that there's another verse in Isaiah says, You may know me and know that I am He, before me, no God was formed, nor shall be any afternoon.

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For I am the Lord and beside me, there is no savior.

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So now that clarifies who must save is, the One who created me is the only one that can save me. Not Jesus, not Mohamed, not me, because that was an old test. Yes. So this is before the advent of Jesus. So now, we cannot take this infinite wisdom and knowledge of their Creator, and say that he made a mistake. You know what, later on, I know, I mean, I changed my mind.

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He's want to be a lawyer and say that the only way to justify that would be saying that Jesus is God. That'd be the only way you can justify it. Because once you have an exclusive statement, where God is telling you that besides me, there is no savior. The only way you be able to justify a creative being

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to be a savior is if Allah gives his divinity relinquishes it and gives it to his creation. That will be your only way to justify. When you go into the churches, you go in different churches, you go to a Greek Orthodox Church, we got a picture Jesus certain color. Asian church you have Yeah, well, I've seen with Afro get out here, Jesus, that Jesus had an apple that apple. Yeah, I mean, Apple Apple pick, they had Spanish, you know, the Puerto Rico, they had us, you know, hey, Sue, she had a nice, you know, curly hair like, so I mean, this is, this is this is a symbol of hope, and belief and so on and so forth. And I'm not

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he'll attack anyone? No, no, no, no, no, it's just that, to my experiences. I've learned as a person who wasn't searching for religion after I removed myself from the actions of the people of the church. Yeah. And what I learned from the Bible and whatever misconceptions I have, I can never get dances, I will ask, because I mean, if I'm here, present every day I'm studying, I think I deserve the right to get clarity, when I'm running into certain things that are, you know, not clear.

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So that became a trial for me. And then humbly, like I said, later on in life, to be able to find Islam and be able to find that everything that was revealed before is affirmed in this book, I would have never been able to have a conversation with a Jewish person today, like I can't, I will never have an opportunity or ability to have a conversation with a learn Christian person, with the preacher, the ologists, whatever, I can have dialogue with all these people, no one can one but no one can say that like, now they're listening. someone watching said, Man, this guy was in a real Christian. Well, if they say that, I mean, we all entitled to an opinion, you know, saying, but

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I don't think that anyone that follow Jesus during His Messenger ship were considered Christians. They will consider Muslims. They will consider it. One who submits to the woman that's what Muslim means is a universal term. Yeah, no, that concept was there. Yeah. No more calls people that follow Jesus Moses nights. No one calls people who follow Abraham, Abraham means like these terms never came. And until good, solid. Yeah. Until the advent of a salumeria. Jesus, the son of Mary, as we acknowledge Him, yeah, you know, so now, God doesn't have a skin color, skin tone, or nationality, zip code. In Islam, it's clear Kulu Allah had a little son that lemmya lead will unmuted while I'm

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Nicola who Khufu. Now this is we just did something this is the living miracle. See, like, we didn't plan this, but know that this is like your reciting that you're not Arab. This is what the language the sister language to Arabic, Aramaic, it preserved. So you can go ahead and go with someone who's memorized the entire Quran. And they can go ahead just like we did with the Hoecker our back and forth, he wanted the greatest memory miracle that we have in our possession to date. And kind of say this, in closing is that if we were to discard

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every book that's possessed by

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a Jew,

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a Christian

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and the Muslims

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the Muslims will be able to reproduce another quote and ours because there's hundreds of millions of Muslims who memorize the Quran for front and back, children nine years old, memorize the Quran, from front to back. If you were to remove a single haircut, a single vow, we will know

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to recite is you know, saying and people you know who memorize the Quran, yeah, those other books would be lost. They'll be lost.

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Because even if there is a single soul that memorizes the whole Torah for front and back,

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it will never be to the magnitude of the Muslims because we recite the Quran every day.

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Every single day.