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A great conversation about Atheism,Religulous and Women. A Story of a young university College student who watched the movie Religulous and ended up turning towards Atheism tells us what led up to him making this decision in life. He also gives us the inside scoop of what really goes on in the College dorms in the universities. How he would wake up in his College Dorm and find women passed out with vomit around them, and how all men really wanted from women was to use them for “Sex” so they would make a “Gentlemen’s Challenge” to see who could sleep with certain girls. All this and more parental advisory recommend.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah greetings of peace to everybody all around the globe. you're tuning into the deen show. And we got a young brother who just graduated from Loyola University. And he got up there and he gave his speech. And he talked about some beautiful advice about wasting time not wasting time doing good. And this is a Muslim. And you see the media usually betray Muslims are just fanatics. As soon as they start practicing Islam, you got to work down the radar. But this young brother is practicing his Deen. He's praying but before that he was an atheist. That's right, he was an atheist. So we get some emails and some times where you got some Muslims, they come from a Muslim

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background. And, you know, we know that this is something illogical, you know, to not believe in the crater. How can you deny the sun is right up there. But the maker who made the sun, you denying him? Come on now. And he was one of those atheists. So for the atheist, the skeptic and the people person who just doesn't believe but he's tuned into the deen show, you're gonna want to sit tight through this episode. So you can learn and benefit from his experiences. We'll be right back.

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Well, hello, how are you?

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Oh, you know what, man? I'm really excited, you know? Because, you know, I opened the show, and I talked about someone who was an atheist. Right? And now you're one who has consciously made the decision that you know what Islam is the truth based on proof. And many people, they go through the rituals, they're praying, they're fascinating. But you know, what, are not even that, you know, they're going through it, but they don't know why they're doing it. You know, now, are you doing it with full conviction that this way of life is from the creator? Yeah, of course. But after having gone through that journey over the past four years, what how did you end up going through that

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journey? Because your parents are actually Muslim, right? Were they praying? Were they were they implementing Islam? Yeah, they try their best to do so. Yeah. So let's, let's go back in history, want people to benefit from your story, because there's a lot of people in the similar in this similar situation that you are in. So hopefully they can hear your experience benefit from and then, you know, make a conscious decision that you know, what, this this way that I'm upon? It doesn't make sense, right? But what he's doing does make sense. So let's begin from the beginning. How did it start? Well, I started back in high school, where me and my friend, one of my best friends,

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actually, we started having doubts about the religion, because you're never actually taught what the religion says. It was just like pray fast, go to the mosque whenever you can. And that was about the extent of our religious knowledge. And then towards our senior year of high school, Bill Maher came out with a movie called religious. And we both watched the and we both became atheist after that point. So when I started college, I was already atheist. But I want to qualify that when I say atheist, it wasn't like, it was some logical reasoning that I went through to come to that point of being an atheist. It was more like I was never taught a religion. So I was just atheists to the idea

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of a god. So you think about Richard Dawkins, he describes how he feels about fairies and unicorns. He says that I am atheist to the idea of a unicorn. So I'm a unicorn as I am an atheist to the idea of a fairy summon a fieriest. In the same way, he was an atheist to the idea of a god. And that's kind of how I was I had no reason to believe, and no reason to really think about it. And no one ever talked about it with me. None of my friends ever talked about religion. The extent of my religious knowledge was that we can eat to be honey. And that's pretty common and most basic law that was like, as much as you know, you can eat halau meat xebia meat, that was it. That was it. All

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I knew was that there was a law. There was a man named Muhammad. And he had a friend named boubakeur. Yeah, I had no idea what Hadees was. I never heard that word. In my life. I never heard of a Sahaba was Yeah, I never heard there's something called Nabhi Yeah, we're assumed. I never even knew the Quran was actually the word of Allah. All this time. I thought the Quran was a word of just a bunch of Arab men in salt

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Arabia. Yeah, that's all I knew, literally. So now you see this movie which the movies really bashing Christianity, it's showing the inconsistencies in Christianity. That's what the movie is really about. Yeah. So it's showing, you know, some of the absurdities, you know, that are in the Bible, you know, and we're never trying to disparage against anyone. And we take strong exception when someone disparages against God, any of the prophets, Jesus being one of them, because we love Jesus and Moses and Abraham, the last and fundamental problem and peace be upon it. But you'll see certain things in the Bible that we can't attribute to God or any of the prophets. That's clear,

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there are contradictions he exposes. But Bill Maher is his name, right? He exposes those things. But now that you investigate it, did you obviously now you didn't know. But now how did you thoroughly investigate Islam? The Quran? Yeah, I did eventually. But in the beginning, I thought that was Christianity is messed up. And then Islam must be messed up. I just don't know. I don't care on what Think about it, I had no reason to think about it. That's kind of how I was I was just agnostic or atheist to the idea of any religion in general. It is some pressure peer pressure come from that, because most people they, you know, they want to follow their desires they want to like because it's

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a responsibility. Now, if you believe in the Creator, you have to believe that like, Look, he's the most wise he didn't just create us and leave us without a purpose. So you don't want to just think about all that you put that all to the side. It wasn't like I had any real desire. No, I wasn't never party never had a girlfriend, never smoked weed never drank. It was just I just didn't know. I was very ignorant. And no one ever really encouraged me to learn, so I just didn't care to learn. Uh huh. So I thought, well, this is just all made up. It's all baloney. Yeah, so I don't I just don't want to know about it. I don't care about it. No one talks about it. None of my friends ever talked

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about it. They never prayed together. What I mean, you're fairly young. So what do you know the people who are in your age bracket, younger or older? What was usually the conversations like, just sports school, like when I was in high school, I was in a lot of AP courses and sports. So we talked about that we talked about working out. We talked about what supplements to take a lot of my friends had girlfriends or talk about that. Come on girlfriends gotta be on the top of the list now women well for me, I see I just always find women kind of annoying. So I never liked any of them. Well, but so now someone thinks man this guy's you know weird he's going the opposite. The other way is

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that I know that's me. Like my story is kind of different than most people. It's not like I was addicted to drugs or women that caused me to Yeah, despairing but you're planning to get married soon right? Did you get married yet? No, not yet. But are you planning to get married inshallah I would like to But okay, may Allah find you, the creative finds you and help you find a good righteous woman. Mashallah. So tell us now? What what? Okay, the conversation is sports women. And you know, that anyone ever bring up like purpose of life? Oh, no, never. Never. Why do you think that is? We never knew about it. Yeah. So we didn't talk about it. Okay, you go to school. And

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there's a purpose. Right, right. Obviously, you know, you have a curriculum, you got to go to class. But what about like our existence? No one even bothered to think you know, I mean, it's not like, you know, I grew up here, we're talking about it. Now that I look back. It's a blessing that you you're living the purpose of like, but before, it's just like, you're thinking, how could I have not thought about that? It never came up in conversation. I didn't know there's something called a day of judgment. I don't even know that. That's like the basic tenet of our religion, we die, then go back and get judged. I didn't know that was even in existence. Does that make more sense now? Well,

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yeah, think about it. Right? Because people are dying every day. It's like a conveyor belt. Some people come into this life, and then leave this life. And then where do you go? We never thought about it. We never thought about him. Are you? Are you happy now that you that you've thought about preparing for it? Yeah. Okay. So continue on. Okay. You're in school. You mentioned I mean, how did you for for someone young in college, people go to college? Okay. It's like the crater protected you from that. But we know it's a reality that people go to college for the experience, man, for the parties, you know, the frat parties that would call frat parties. Yeah, frets and you had like 17

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floor, how many floors women in the dorm I lived in. There was 19 floors in total called Mertz Hall. And I mentioned that in my speech action. Yeah. And there's only four floors of boys. And the rest is all women. That's like for some men, I haven't said they're like, I'm going to that school. Right. Some guys. Some guys would just go to school for that. Actually, it's funny. You mentioned that because one of my friends before coming to college. Yeah, he texted me. Where should I live in in terms of dorms? Yeah. And I said, Look, man, I recommend you stay away from Mertz Hall. But he's like, no, I kind of like musalman go there. Yeah, he's a Muslim guy, too. Yeah, you can do if I told

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him not to go there. That's where we applied. Yeah. So how did you Okay, there's a lot of mixing between the men and women. Yeah, right. Yeah. So obviously from there, I mean, you put men and women together, there's gonna be some trouble that happens. People are dating hooking up. You know, is that happening? Yeah, it happened daily, right. Just like just like chewing gum. I'll wake up in the morning. There'll be some little test out on my dorm farm. They'll be like vomit all over the bathrooms farm it I mean, so how did you not get caught up into all of that? I honestly, I don't even know. It's all

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Was mercy He kept me away from all those sins. Yeah. I mean, you can't tell just this off the subject, but I know any woman that just you know, wakes up like that or man, you know, it's kind of cool in our society. I mean, I've been there done that, where you see that? And it's kind of cool that the man he's slept with all these women, right? He's like, but has it become today? Where How about a woman now? I mean, if she can she like, what do you have you seen from your experiences? Can a woman like go home, you know, to mom and dad's house and she's got a resume that she's like, been with 30 guys from the dorm. They just like, you know, she's been on Maury Povich. You are the

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she'd been on Maury Povich maybe can't figure out who the baby's daddy is, I guess the hypocrisy of the culture where if a man does it, it's kind of cool. Yeah, if a woman does it, she's looked down upon. So I mean to live, the organic way of life is pleasing to the Creator. Because I mean, Jesus wouldn't obviously promote fornication, and even if you're a Christian or a Jew, when a woman gives the man this before marriage, she is a nitwit of astronomical proportions.

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That's how you would never build a house and pay the contractor in advance. Or you know, a person of God consciousness, you got to realize that's right. You don't you don't have your conscious in the beginning saying, Yeah, go ahead and do it. Right. If you were just to give it to them, you would be

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a moron. That's what women are doing today. Their coffin this upfront, which is every man's basic fundamental interest in a woman. You've already given him everything he wants. And then you sit around say,

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aren't you gonna marry me? I can spend more time with me.

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No, he's not.

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I think one of the reasons is because I had a little sister. And if I never wanted someone to do anything to her, I will do something someone else's said, yeah.

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You ain't get nothing.

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Yeah, women are more precious than, you know, just

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a piece of meat that was seriously girl. I don't know what there's something really happened in the female culture. I think it's because of the women's lip thing. And they think, well, now we can go out and we can be as sexual as men and stuff like that. But they are fighting against their own interests. There are millions of women in America today that are so frustrated, they can never get this they can never get this you know why? Cuz they're dumb.

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I'm sorry, I don't mean in a mean way. But they're doing a dumb thing. I just coughing this up to every guy that comes along, thinking this, it doesn't work that way. That's why we try to give some good advice to our sisters and humanity to beware to dogs, right. So we'll be talking about more this your story here today show don't go anywhere. We'll be right back. It's like, when did you think that you had no purpose?

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Are you worth

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the value comes from purpose.

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Your purpose in life is to worship the Creator, not worship your desires himself, not worship, social pressure, the celebrity culture, but worship the thing that's much higher and transcendent, above and beyond by worshiping God and seeking His pleasure. You get pleased to have double pleasure.

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Back here on the deen show, we're getting your perspective. I just want to go off on this real quick because we want to help save our sisters in humanity, you know, because I think it's very important for her to get a guy's perspective. They did also like this is not Muslims doing this but they did on college campuses asking can men and women be friends? Yeah, see that? Yeah. Seen it? I mean, man, what are our men's minds? I mean, you your unique situation. But what most men want to want to do with women, I think is kind of obvious. But they just want to get their way. Isn't it fulfill their desire? Basically, basically? Yeah. I mean, you're we just want to witness that from someone who

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just came from graduated and was on the dorms. You were on the scene. Oh, yeah. What are your thoughts on that? Yeah, like all my friends were just talking about that every day. It was like, I wonder if I could get with this girl. They had something called gentleman's challenge where like a bunch of guys on my floor were trying to sleep is one particular girl. And it was called a gentleman's challenge. There's nothing gentlemen about it. But a gentleman sort of described it so that there's guys who are betting a gentleman challenge if they can get with a specific specific woman. Yeah, that was a gentleman's challenge freshman year. That's oppression of the woman right

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there. I mean, and it's sad that the woman's gotten caught up into this whole you know, game and then she ends up getting used in abuse, you know, turn like a door handle with so many guys and then what you got you just tainted your soul. I seen this so many times. Yeah. So many times so many times. So what was what suggestion would you have for the woman?

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I will just say that just know if a guy's a jerk. It's kind of easy to tell just from the stuff he talks about. And most guys in the age of 18 to 22 or not

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Dealing with their brains. Yeah, they have no intention of getting married at that age. And no intention, no intention, you know, unless they're really God fearing, you know, they want you to meet their parents. The parents are involved. But this is like old fashioned nowadays, but it's the truth. Well, that's that's a honest reality. Yeah, those guys are not thinking about that they're not. And women think by giving the man sex, that they'll get him to fall in love. But they're just fooling themselves. Yeah. I seen as some even Muslim women it happens. Yeah. So it's not something you need to the American non Muslim culture. You're, no, no, no, no. And again, if you're a

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Christian, or Jew or a Muslim, you know, Islam is about preserving the family, you know, preserving the society by preserving the family, you preserve society, and you got a healthy environment. You know, instead of all these abandoned children, STDs, broken homes, broken societies, and women just and men, which is broken minds and broken hearts, that's a fact, is a fiction. His effect is effect. So let's go back to your experience. Now. You know, you are an atheist. What happened? To have you overcome that? You know, and to come to where you're at today, now, a Muslim one who is submitted to the will of God, the Creator of the heavens and earth, talk to us? Well, what happened was that my

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freshman year when I was in the dorms, one of my friends named Jamal, he told me that we're going to have Ramadan prayer started with prayers for those 30 nights on campus. And then I said, Okay, fine, I'll come. But then I didn't go to any of them. I was on campus, I could have easily walked in five minutes and gone to the prayers were decided not to. And then I kind of felt bad for whatever reason, I just kind of felt bad that I didn't go. And then I saw these posters up everywhere. That would be an MSA event for an eat dinner, just to celebrate the end of Ramadan. And so I went to the UN I know anybody there. And so I'm sitting there alone. There's hundreds of people, men and women,

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faculty, even non Muslim faculty who come just to support the MSA. And then this brother, Ali hazama. I remember him very clearly, he starts reciting the Quran. And honestly, it was like the most beautiful thing I had ever heard in my life. Because when I was growing up, I used to write rap music, and hip hop lyrics and record them myself. like making my own CDs. I never published them. Like, for real you wanted to be a rapper. Oh, yeah, I should write songs myself. Yeah, yeah. You were like trying to do this stuff. I used to record myself. You got to do that hands. You know, like, yo, get that a jet. Right? Yeah.

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But I used to do that stuff. Yeah, recording. Yeah. Foolish. That is now. Yeah, I can't believe I was in there where your hands like or your jeans were down to your calves. Kind of like that. Yeah, you can see my

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Okay, come to the lossy. So I went to NCI structural siding and it was just the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. And then what I do is I go back to my dorm room. And because we live in the age of technology, I go on YouTube, and he's talking Quran. Yeah. And I spent the next three weeks about 678 hours a day just listening to people reciting the Quran. And then one day, I actually come across a dangerous episode from several years ago, we had Dr. Su Viola from Madonna. It was something like proof or evidence the Quran is the word of God or something like that. And I clicked on it. And then I'm watching it. And I thought, Oh, that's why sounds so nice is Oh, last words. I

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don't even know that. Yeah, even non Muslims know that. I just don't know that fact. That's something that pretty much anybody knows that Muslims believe Quran is a word of law, or God. I didn't even know that when I was listening to this book for three, four weeks, 678 hours a day, and had no idea until I Washington show. Mashallah hum did tell us you know, you're a medical student, Now, first year medical school, that would become a doctor, you have to fuel your brain with knowledge. Right, right. I mean, do you see now that you have you have to put some time into learning this way of life? You know, because many people will even memorize the verbatim Word of God

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the Quran. But if you don't internalize it, I mean, you do it for the bulk of the blessings. But if you don't know the meaning, there's no benefit behind how important is it to learn this deed this way of life. I think it's probably more important to understand even a few pages of the Koran, then you should memorize it. Cuz I know many kids personally who memorized it, and you know, forgetting it, because it goes into the party scene. I've seen that many times also. But I've also seen many kids who have maybe like the last 10 students memorize or last 10 chapters. And they're the most amazing Muslims I know. Because it really try to focus on what they know and try to implement that

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into their lives. They go to the masjid regularly, they try to read about what they're learning. They watch lectures, they attend lectures, etc. So I think it's more important to understand even a little bit. You How do you feel because you have a lot of, you know, people who maligned Islam, we know that Islam is a way of life that is from the Creator. It's not organized by human beings. It's organized by the one who created creation and anyone who takes

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a sincere humble look at it reads the Quran studies the life of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, who was a brother to Jesus, Moses, Abraham, you know, call people to worship the Creator, not as creation, they will see that this is not a man made religion, like you came to find out, right? So when you see people, maligning it and trying to make it look like it's some fanatic barbaric religion, and now you're someone who's, you know, graduated from from university going to be a medical doctor God willing, you know who's a productive citizen? What do you have to say to those people? I will just say that don't make the mistake that I made. If you have a question about Islam,

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don't take it from somebody who either left the religion or someone who's not even following the religion, because that's what I did. I had a question. I went to Bill Maher, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, all these famous atheists and agnostics. But then I didn't really think like, why don't I go and talk to someone who's actually following the religion. And when I started doing that, I realized what the religion is really all about. So if you have a question, talk to someone who is following the religion, not from someone else. Okay, did you get a chance to look at myself? Speaking of my so I opened up a world religions book, I wanted to make sure that this way of life, because I think

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anyone who's come to Islam, we have a lot of Bible scholar, Christian scholars, you know, Hindus, people from from around the world that they've, they really took an analytical scientific approach. They investigated Islam, because Islam is not calling you to blind belief. A law is telling us and according to think, to ponder, where did this book, you know, affiliate Guru nellcor. And when I consider the chair, had it been from other than the Creator, you would find much contradiction in it, there's no contradiction, the creator is challenging you. Right? So why should I? So I looked at Christianity, I looked at Hindu and all the other world religions, and it just doesn't make sense.

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You don't have to go too far, you know, into it. But the more you get into Islam, the more you're convinced, from your experience. I mean, you know, what are some of the things that you know, your friends, people ask you, you know, why don't you look at Christianity? Why don't you said Jesus as your Lord and Savior? You know, why don't you go into that? After Christianity, Hinduism, what would you say? Well, actually, when I was in college, my majors were history and religious studies. So I spent the last three and a half years studying different religions. So it's not like anyone can told me that I didn't look into other religions. After my conversion. I did. I studied Hinduism,

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Hinduism. I started Judaism, Buddhism. I mean, I was an atheist before, agnostic kind of related. But I studied everything. But at the end, Islam still made the most sense. It made the most sense. Yeah. Do you feel that anyone that would give it the time of day, right didn't just, you know, you think it's a cop out when someone just okay, they come from a way of life. And again, we're not trying to disparage on anybody. We're just trying to have people think they say, Okay, this Trinity doesn't make sense, for instance, or worshipping, like, you know,

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the sun or the moon or 3000 gods, you know, in some religions, and they just say, you know what, this is all men made. They say, I don't believe in any organized religion, but they don't give a shot. Islam is shot, are they are they? Are they selling themselves up short? That's exactly what I did. Yeah, I watched you religious, he spent most of the movie making fun of the idea of Christianity. And I interpret that as well, if Christianity doesn't make sense, nothing makes sense. And that's kind of mistake I made. I didn't really bother investigating Islam. Yeah. That you don't want to do this, like painting. You know, people with the same brush, right? Yes, that's exactly

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what I did. Yeah. Okay, let's take a break. We'll be right back with more here, with our brother Mansoor, onto the show. And it's simple to understand. I wouldn't know what the sky looked like what the trees look like. I would have never seen the faces of my beautiful children. If I didn't have the ability to see how blessed we are by Allah. And obedience was born out of gratitude. So thank him, call upon him, establish a relationship with him. Forget about the past, take it out of being a ritual and make it a spiritual experience. Islam is not something dubious, unclear, hazy. It's really straightforward. He said it changed his life.

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He said he saw every single episode that you had ever recorded.

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Back here on the Dean's show former atheist graduate from Loyola University. Do you feel that the the campuses that a lot of the professor's that they push atheism on the students? I think some of the philosophy professors do, boy in my experience, the Jesuit professors were actually the most open minded, nicest, kindest people I've ever met. For someone who doesn't know what that is. What is it? a Jesuit is like a priest in the Catholic order. Yeah, the Catholic Church. Uh huh. And they have always encouraged, you know, religious freedom and tolerance and interfaith. I mean, they've been letting me recycle on graduation. They let us do our own event, invite our own speakers. They

00:24:54--> 00:24:59

give us our own masuria with our own will do center. Yeah. So that's really nice of them. Yeah, really nice. Yeah.

00:25:00--> 00:25:10

Yeah, so So tell us obviously you're you're praying five times a day you're hungry. You get ready for Ramadan. Yeah, Allah. Do you find it challenging

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in a way that you know many people they're neglecting Salaam because you know the dunya you know the the worldly life is taken over. But you're studying you making time for slot? Is this improving your life? Yeah, I think it's better I need that personal time to have my fudger time I shine the mustard. I think it's better for me. And the times where I just neglect all that and focus on studying. Yeah, what advice do you give for some people older young, you know, male or female, who they're just like, I'm just so busy. You know, I don't have time to pray. What do you tell them? I think this is just an excuse is what I really believe. People who want to pray the Forgotten way to

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pray. People who don't want to pray don't make any excuse not to pray. Yeah, it's just as simple. You'll take time to call your beloved on the phone 10 times a day, right? And those conversations are lasts more than five minutes, or maybe a cigarette break right here on break. But to thank the Creator, you don't have a few minutes. I like I said, I think it's all excuses.

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We really want to motivate people to connect with their Creator, you did something else. So we are we are it's an obligation every Muslim was submitted to the will of God to share because we care the purpose of life with the world. And and you took that opportunity. You know, that's, that's what got our attention here the deen show. There's a video out there of you at your graduation. Yeah. And you're actually reciting, you know, part of the Quran well, acid, you know, indeed, you know, all mankind is in a state of love except those who believe right? And follow that belief up with good deeds, good actions. Talk to us about this. You mean like oh my gosh, like yeah, how what what made

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you want to at your at your graduation now, in a speech to recite the Quran? Well, actually, I didn't want to even give the speech to be honest with you, I just want to recite, so I emailed the president father, Michael Deron, zini. And he liked the idea, but because of his cabinet, they've decided it's best that I don't, because then the Hindu kids want to do something. And the Jewish kids want to do something. So they decided was best that we don't do that. So I just applied to give the graduation speech. And there's about 30 kids who applied and I got selected from all those 30 kids. And the dean called me and told me I've been selected and then at the last day, the morning of

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the speech, I asked him, like, Hey, man, can I recycle on? Yeah, he's like, Yeah, sure. It's your day. What are your noses respond? Exactly. That's what he said is your day, do whatever you want. Mashallah. So what happened? You didn't just recite the Quran, because it's been preserved. We have it in its original template free tamper proof for everyone wants to take take take a look. But we have it now. And you gave the meaning behind it. You translated it, right? Yeah. What What was this translation talk to us about it, what what was the, the the the message behind what you said, the basic message was just that we shouldn't waste our time. And just just to be sincere in everything

00:28:08--> 00:28:43

that we do, and to take advantage of every opportunity that we have to do good. And I use the example that even the Jesuits, they do a lot of charging their best for the world. They go everywhere, they try to feed the poor. I mean, like in the river understanding, they have to train with the best they can. And that's something that I think every human should try to do. Whenever understanding that we have our religions, you try to promote those, the main thing that we try to have people reflect on to have that built on a foundation of pure monotheism, that we do it with the sincere intention to please the One God pure monotheism. And that's what Jesus taught Moses,

00:28:43--> 00:29:23

Abraham, and that's Islam submission to the will of God. And you Alhamdulillah you know, you, you, you, you were you are giving us advice. So for the people that are stuck all day, you know, playing Xbox, Grand Theft Auto, you know, watching jersey shores, you know, just wasting time, does this, go back with the advice you're given? Yeah, like most of my friends who I started school with are pre med, they don't make it because they're everyday they're staying up late to three in the morning watching TV, playing video games, on Facebook or something. The wake up 1112, one o'clock the next day, they missed class until this day nerdom and medical school, but the kids went to sleep on time

00:29:23--> 00:29:57

woke up on time. They're also medical school, you know? Yeah. So before we cut out, you know, that's why we wanted to encourage people that a you can be one who is practicing the way of life from the Creator. And you can end up being a doctor graduating from school, and I ended up some fanatic, right, yeah, of course. So obviously, you can be someone who's well balanced. You can be the best in this life, because that's what the creator wants for us to be the best. But don't neglect your responsibility towards your Creator and preparing for what comes next the Day of Judgment. What are your thoughts on that? Yeah, like you said, it's all about balance is nothing complicated about

00:29:57--> 00:29:59

being successful. It's just about being

00:30:00--> 00:30:13

Like, so I have a balanced schedule, I have time for the Quran, time for school, spend time, my family I call my mom and dad every day. I just have everything in order now. For the person that's also an atheist,

00:30:14--> 00:30:40

agnostic, and they're kind of relating to your story, what advice would you give for them? I will just say that we have a question about Islam, talk to a Muslim, talk to several Muslims. I encourage you go to the mosque, just try it out. No one's gonna throw you out. They shouldn't at least. I mean, that's what I used to do with all my friends. were formally non Muslims. I will just say yes, forgive me, who cares? Just come to the machine with me. And over the years, several of them did end up becoming Muslim. Uh huh.

00:30:41--> 00:31:13

And that was only because I kept an open arm to them and try to read books on Islam not mistake that I made, which is good when a theist or an agnostic or someone who passed data from the religion and asked that individual questions as best to ask a source from people who have knowledge. That will be my number one advice. And you see people most people, let's say, because you mentioned left is because they weren't implementing it didn't understand it, right. You know, they came in, they thought it was something like some Hocus Pocus and you can just say, I believe and you're going to be, you know, say no requires work. And you starting to do the work and you starting to see the

00:31:13--> 00:31:50

benefits. Yeah. Alhamdulillah May Allah reward you the credit of heavens and earth. So maybe when you graduate from medical school, we'll get you to give some some advice here how we can stay in better health. Like I will see you again, thank you. And thank you for tuning in to the D show. Take a look at this Qur'an is from the Creator of the heavens and earth. Take a look at it sincerely. And you look around you see the sun and the stars, you see the galaxies, it didn't just happen by chance. That doesn't make sense. That doesn't make sense for any pondering person who really reflects in things you look at the heavens and the earth and all the different beautiful things of

00:31:50--> 00:32:30

creation and there's no way that you can just just just come to that conclusion all of that happened by chance. So really think about it and within yourself as do like one of our guests has shared with him with us his story he did the skeptics prayer he said you know if there is a guide, if you're out there guide me even start with that. Even start with that because this way of life is only promoting goodness, organic way of living. And that's what we're all shooting for. Right Whole Foods, isn't it? We all want organic. Well Islam is an organic way of life calling you to everything pure, wholesome goodness and at the end what do you got? If you live the good life? Then you got paradise.

00:32:31--> 00:32:53

But if you're an atheist and you just die and then as the Hellfire is true, which is is in Paradise is true, which it is, but you didn't work for it. Then what do you got? You only have yourself to blame and the signs are clear. One of them is that you tune in here to the deen show. And continue to tune in every week and call us one 800 662 Islam and start a healthy dialogue. We'll see you next time until then Peace be with you.