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Here we got someone's lying. Come on. You had the Constitution. Let me try more.

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I vaccination, absolutely not are here to quit here. Can you come to questions people are asking that I'm not pro vaccine that I'm not pro medicine. I just believe pro evidence somebody who wants to get for instance, Mercury out of fish, he's not anti fish. explain the difference between ingestion and inject shut down from Diet Coke, right? So if you stay away from Coke, then stay away from vaccines. That's what you're saying.

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The show

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nice to hook up with you. And talk about a very important topic that you actually had been talking about some time. And for people that don't know you're a professor, Teacher Teacher at the Institute. Correct. But you also have a lot of stake in the game. You're a pharmacist. Right? You're doing Yeah, you're someone who tell us about that. So yeah, I'm a pharmacist. So I read pharmacy, at university and then I went into when you read pharmacy, then you can go into different specialties. When you think of a pharmacist normally, it's, you know, effectively the one who dispenses checks to prescriptions in a neighborhood kind of pharmacy or shop for extensive purposes, then you've got a

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small percentage that goes into manufacturing and industry, which is what I did my first year, and then those that go into

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quality control, making sure that you know, injections and IV preparations are good and aboveboard, then those who are clinical, which are those who are based in hospital that would accompany doctors, and deal with various humanists, myself was the Neo negative in the neonatal intensive care unit, that's where I did my training. So I'm a clinical pharmacist, in terms of my qualification, but I did identical then I also was involved in medicines.

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Now, but vaccines per se, obviously is big money, big, big business that is but

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medication, I had my own

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cream, I had a couple of my own products as well that were marketed abroad, etc, etc. So yeah, I've got my fingers in when it comes to pharmacy and medicines,

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across the board, from community to clinical to manufacturing, so I guess that's right. And then obviously from an Islamic point of view,

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my Astana qualification means that I will teach and speak about medication, in principle, Islamic points of view. And then of course, Islam has a, I don't want to say that greater emphasis because clearly, from the western or the secular side, is a huge emphasis in the right places on holistic medication, whether it's non systemic or not, not interested, such as such as acupuncture or such as copying, which is pre Islamic by and by 1000s of years. But then also holistic Center, the big push for more kind of a healthy living something that you've obviously been promoting for a long time. That kind of thing is very in line with this. I'm excited. So I guess I could say I could argue that

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when it comes to medicines, I will come at it at every possible conceivable angle. And that's the beautiful thing about our Deen and I'm sure a lot of people who are not yet Muslim, non Muslim, whatever you want to call it, you know, tune in and see what these Muslims have to you know, say about health and vaccines and all these other things and, and Islam is a and then also maybe learn a little bit about Islam, you know, what I mean from our conversation, and what got me motivated years ago to talk more about this is to bring to the table the discussion about health, you know, and I started to bring out experts just like, you know, I wanted to share the dean this beautiful way of

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life. So I brought on experts, you know, scholars and, and to hear people's stories and to clear much of the fog, the misunderstanding much of the misinformation, and a lot of it was deliberate and let people have judged for themselves what Muslims are what Islam is all about. But then also health, you know, it's a part of our health we have so many as you know, you know, idiv talking about the thing that people take for granted the most time and health right, and what good are you what good, am I if our health is declining? You know, how are we going to get out there? And how are people going to get out there and make a difference in the world? So I started to bring on to

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motivate us to get the Coca Cola out of the machines, right? So

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you know, to start start, hey, Amanda, we're gonna find that Trump has been kicked out Have you lost his diet coke, but what got into that Aaron Okay, well, that was amazing. I did the first thing he does when he gets the death of button. Can you do something else?

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Through the hug, area, bro. Yeah, so so we wanted to I for my personal journey, I saw that, you know, I was really into working out martial artists and that but I was just eating whatever I wanted to eat. I thought that was you know, it was okay as long as I was working out, but then I lo and behold, you know, going to the doctor and just, you know, demanding the antibiotics, you know, give me something for it. You know?

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you're convinced pill for every ill. But then lo and behold these things, you know, at the end, all the problems start coming up and you're not getting to the root of the problem. And then you see that men last month Allah God Almighty, Allah has given us these beautiful tayyiba foods, you know, that really, you know, make a difference, you know that and then you see the science behind the foods and you hook up with, you know, people who specializes in this. And then tremendous thing happens, you know, you watch documentaries, or I don't know if you've ever seen fat sick and almost dead. You remember that one? Isn't that amazing? You remember that? Right? Absolutely. He's unlike.

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I want to, I want to comment on that as a Brit. Yeah. I don't know how many Brits you have on your show. But that would also be interesting. If the majority of your viewership is American, then that will be an interesting corollary that from our points of view from the Brits, and maybe I can even argue a lot of the rest of the world or maybe arrested a lot of a lot of the rest of the developing world, maybe speak for Europe, maybe not look, maybe not for this, the more natural kind of East. But when we look at America, what are the interesting things that we notice is that there are certain historical developments, and practical geographical realities about America, that are very

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much shaped his attitude to everything you're talking about today. So for example, and a pill for every ill, right? This is, frankly, in the UK, which obviously has a national National Health Service, right? Well, you don't pay essentially, or not directly, indirectly, of course, but not directly pay for your health care. Unlike in the US, in the US, you can understand the skepticism, the cynicism towards doctors and then wanting to make money. Because you know, they're gonna be shown to be giving something back, if you pay four to $300, to see a guy for a few minutes. And then you don't even get something out of it. At the end of it, you feel like cheated. So you know,

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there's a that's going to eventually play on your psyche is going to develop a certain state of mind. Here, if you can imagine, much of the National Health Service is based upon the principle to try not to give actually medicine. Now, that's not because they are high and mighty and moral and ethics, but just the finances of the monster, right. So you see a vast difference between when you go for private care, and I've used private care. And I know about the private care scene, even though I'm in the UK, but the National Health Service which while working, and I used most majority of my life, my family's life, right, there is a big difference. And it's no surprise that doctors

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and pharmacists even themselves as being the kind of you know, the proponents of medication are the ones who use medicines least themselves. And they will be trying their very best to get people not to be taking antibiotics were very big on antibiotic resistance, for example, because of the overuse of antibiotics cold season flu season, people come give me something for this doctor, give me some doctor, Hey, bro, this is a viral infection, you can't cure it, you can't cure a viral infection, we don't have a cure for it or a medicine for it. And me giving an antibiotic for a bacterial infection is not going to help a viral infection. So we actually have a very different philosophy because of

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our finances, our politics and so on. Whereas in America, you can understand people being super cynical is that Pakistan is not great. My ethnic background is people are very, very suspicious when they go to a doctor and doctor right now a whole load of medicines, you will see them go and negotiate all the time, by the way, with the pharmacists, when they take the prescription in and say, What do I actually really need here? What what actually do I really need from this hour, and you would negotiate with the pharmacist 10% 20% of what you are given in the first place. So that has an impact. And then in America, you guys have the ability to hunt, go out and eat fresh food,

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massive country, crazy kind of scenery. Once you've tasted Nash natural, proper food, you're a country that can produce virtually everything. Use this island, let us have the yen import everything right, okay, you guys make your own food, you've got people who grow their own food loss of, you know, rule size, font size, that has an impact, because people see it working. So it's not just theory and crackpot ideas that I'm getting off the grid. Yeah, if you said I'm going off the grid in the UK, we think that you've lost your mind in the US is a very real thing. Add to that the fear of Big Pharma, big government don't want to, you know, so it actually fits very well in

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America, a lot of these kind of mindsets and ways in which the rest of the woods can sometimes unfairly, if they don't understand this development, not kind of get to the crux of and understand why their cynicism comes or their criticism comes from and then I'd like to discuss that a bit later in the program. Yeah, yeah. So you can see where we then I had, you know, watching documentaries like that, and others and in talking to, to doctors, kind of doctors who are, I kind of compare it to like, let's say you have someone who finished them address, or let's say specialize in one little area, but then someone who went and studied let's say all the men madatha bright and just as open

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minded, you know what I mean? And his mind is because we have to be always learning so then you have doctors who because as you know

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We know when I asked him when I learned that doctors in medical school, this is just a fact they don't learn about nutrition. Is that correct? Right, you know, so then there's doctors, then there's doctors that go out. And so they graduate from the traditional medical schooling, and then they go out, and they still continue to learn, they learn nutrition. So I bring on doctors like this, and we talk about, you know, we talk about these things, and then always somewhere in the equation, you know, because it's big here, they're everywhere, is the the topic of vaccines, right, that comes up. And so then now I wanted to, I wanted to put for some time, we've been trying to get, you know, two

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parties together. Now, I myself, I'm not anti vaccine, I'm not, you know, because I don't like you know, and many people, they put these labels, you know, you get these lape, anti vaxxer, this, that and the other, but then you have, you know, people who are just sincerely trying to say I'm, I'm a, I'm for safe, you know, like somebody who wants to get, for instance, Mercury out of fish, he's not anti fish, right. And so you want to, you want to, you want to make sure what you're putting in your body safe is truly safe. So you have people who question certain things, and then they get labeled, you know, and you have a lot of a lot of family members who are just, you know, pro all the way

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blindly following you know, the doctors and then next to, you know, they lost their child. And it's not one case to case a 1000s of case we have, really, a lot of parents are concerned. So we wanted to get to the bottom of things and, you know, invite someone, a doctor from this side, a doctor from that side, a specialist from this or that, and just to talk to kind of get to the, you know, to the nitty gritty and really to find, ask those questions and see where, because our Dean encourages us to learn. So I wanted to I almost had some setup, you convinced me, you motivated me that it would just be me and you, but I thought it'd be interesting to have you I had Dr. Sherry tenpenny. She's

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one she's a medical doctor, board certified who had 40,000, out 40,000 hours of research. And I thought it would have been really just nice to see you guys not, you know, and I was really serious about just us together asking questions. And, you know, you can agree to disagree on some things, but let the audience those who are sincere, you know, really looking let them to evaluate, you know, to us what the last one FDA gave us got it, it gave us of our brains to look into dissect and to see, you know, where the truth is, you know, as I, as I said to you,

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that's the theory in the real world, there are no people at this moment in time off, or shut up right in the middle, that are looking to see the rights and wrongs or whatever, as you as you said, people are incredibly polarized. I never open many, many years of doubt me and you are of the same generation.

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2030 years in the game, I never saw any benefit come from any debate, all I saw was people coming up with an incredible adrenaline buzz, people only really on a high their side as one. And that is not conducive to my my intention. Like for example, my intention here very clearly in this conversation is, and I've given I think, two major public presentations on this, the spa, focusing on different things each time, also focusing on different vaccines each time. So now Pfizer's presented has been covered, done has been covered principles, metalla, whatever. One of my main aims in this one, I would argue, is all my head, that's how it's working out, is I want to show just how islamically

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this mindset is a problem that develops the plan, dynamic narrative, the

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the anti everything, this extreme skepticism that we're finding and whether that fits with our profile as practicing Muslims.

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That is something which I do not see conducive in a debate versus vaccine, non vaccine, blah, blah, blah. Like you said, you don't describe yourself as an anti vaxxer. I also very much do not describe myself as a pro boxer. In actual fact,

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other than AC, AC WI, which is the meningitis vaccine because I lead Hajj and Umrah groups.

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Other than that, the COVID vaccine is the first vaccine that I've taken in donkey's years. Right. And I spoke a little bit about that maybe we can discuss the you know, the approach to different vaccines and whether we should see them differently. Because they when you talk to people on you know, on other site like myself, I would say you know, I'm for Dave, Dave vaccines if there's such a thing, you know, that means

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there is such a thing, right? Because, you know, a lot of people have got to be careful, right?

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As you said at the beginning, you know that there are people who just want to just try and find out and not everybody is a hater, not everybody. Although right now, my biggest problem are those who spread lies, and that's unacceptable and fabrication. And that, for me, is a very personal thing. Because ultimately, if I lost a parent or listen to this, if forget about you, I mean, if I lost parents, Allah has not obligated vaccines upon a person, right? How can we say anything against the person who then says I'd rather not and I'd rather at or otherwise

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Problem is those people who spread fabrication and lies, that's a major, major problem and islamically Muslims can never Stanford. And when it comes to play,

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as I did in the first lecture that I gave on this, we are Muslims are the developers of the concept of vaccination. inoculation came with us. I mean, yeah, the Chinese had a kind of basic, primitive form. But when it came to smallpox, and the attack on smallpox, Muslims are the ones who dealt with it, ultimate Empire are the ones who smashed it. And then it was taken by Edward Jenner, Edward Jenner, and it was turned into, you know, the official form. But all of these vaccination schemes are as plain as it comes, if you are defining by him, pure and good, purely from an excipient point of view. And that's the problem definitions, right? If you think that fight you, right, because

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normally when we have the discussion of health, if this is we understand that those were switched, switched on, understand that food just can't be Hello, you can't Yeah, you know, keep a sheep or x or chickens locked up into thinking and destroy them mentally, socially, and you know, hormones all over them, and feed them all nonsense, and just say, Bismillah, Allahu Akbar, and that's a Highlander. Food has to be taken and will need to be treated Adam, there has to be no fear there shouldn't be stuffed full of antibiotics and all the rubbish that we do. So that's how people normally understand that the dichotomy of halal and pie we want both we want healthy Hello. When it

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comes to vaccines and medicines, we can't be so lazy, it's a different paradigm. What do we mean by buggy? Do we mean anything in addition to the actual active ingredient? Well, that's just not going to be possible in the modern world today, it's just not possible to just transport around a inactivated or mild form of a virus, or natural virus and give it back like the Muslim started off with, you start off small scale, where you take a posture of the actual infection, and you reinfect at a smaller level, which is inoculation, that's as big as it gets, if you are defining by him as no Mercury, no ethanol, no eggs, no, because it's nothing, right, it's literally you taking the same

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thing and putting it back in. But today, if we were to use that, then actually, we can't eat anything, we can't drink anything, we can't take any medicine because not possible just to have the pure active ingredient by itself. It you know, the idea of aluminium for example, or discussion that aluminium is a poison and and a metal that what you know, etc. It's an adjuvant, aluminium. Like it is an unnatural body like it is when it exists in food as well. It its function is not to be so it's not its function is not to be eaten or swallowed in of itself, it's part and parcel of ensuring that the other thing the second the primary thing is getting to your system or or whatever. So, it is

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important for us that our lofty principles, our ethics, which are really focused on value, does not cloud our mind to think that we have the same concept of buying food, in vaccinations, buying vaccines, or in medicines, or in other fields, even, you know parts of life. So you have people here who classify themselves as pro science, therefore, say vaccines. First of all you started out by

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people say I'm anti vaccine, because they don't want to have any argument with me about how to improve vaccines, and I'm on any vaccine.

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I am, I believe we should have safe vaccines, I believe we should have robust science, I believe that we should have independent regulators who are not financially tied to the companies that make our vaccines, you know, pro common sense. You know, and even you see people who many doctors who come and they, they're, they just want to, let's say delay the vaccine, they want to spread them out. So we've seen an attack even on those people who just go against the schedule and whatnot. So let's start off with this. So you do have we, the people would agree that okay, like you just said that if they've done the research, because we see also this demonizing where people say, Himachal

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Ah, what you use, you'll see people like make a fringe element of people, as if they represent, you know, what this group of scientists doctors is representing. For instance, I'll give example that they'll come out and say, all you think you're going to take this jab and turn into a frog, you know what I mean? Some are just some ridiculous statements. Maybe someone said that, but it just way out there. But you do have we have to admit, you do have qualified biologists immunologist, you know, scientists on on on this other side, and those are the people we're trying to get to talk. So I guess that's the first question. Why is it that you know, my my guests that I had last time she even

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they even put up $100,000 they had a backing of $100,000 to get people to step up and let's have this

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Dialogue if you there's they're saying, so now I'm going to be the skeptic, okay, I'm going to be the person look, because I'm in the middle, you motivated me to come, it's just me and you. So I kind of like I'm in the middle, right? So I'm saying this is what the other side is saying, you know, so don't have me as picking sides. I'm just the skeptic. Here. I'm saying I'm trying to relay the information, it would be nice to have someone so they can just speak directly. But now they're saying why don't they debate? Why don't they come up if they if they feel like weird, they're the quacks if they're the anti science, if you have truth on this side, you know, like we in Islam we

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have and here's a mixture of people can we're doing now at the same time we have tawheed, for instance, let's talk whoever it is to heed what God Almighty says in the Quran, when truth is thrown against falsehood, falsehood, by his nature is weak is bound to perish. So if you're on the truth, let's talk about it, you know, but let's have some perimeters not to insult not to the fall, let's be academic about it. So I guess that's the first question why what's the if? On this side, they won't even come and have these debates and talk, which to me, speaks volumes, because if they are so right, and so sure that they are so right, wouldn't you love to have an opportunity to take Dr.

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Sherry tenpenny on a public stage in front of everybody and put a heel of your boots on her neck and bury her once and for all? Because the thing is, if to shut it down? There's no reason to it. If you're a scientist, let's see. Let's hear everybody doesn't seem to want to hear much about it. It's shut down. And you guys are the ones that should be the investigating. Do the investigating. So from my side, I can tell that we're not you. I'm saying i'm saying i know i know. But I just want to say something from my side. I just want to say straight off the I never knew that they offered 100,000 they give me $100,000 Yeah, I will be there tonight. Not even next week. You told that person of

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yours? Yeah, who said $100,000? He never told me 100,000 Grand 100 grand? Come on, bro. undergrad, I'm dead, bro. Put my name down. It's signed? That's the answer to your second question. Your first question your second question, bro.

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I'm doing it for free. I'm not gonna go waste my time against a person that I know is going to waste my time. And that's that's that's the reality debates. As I said to you before, if we're going to be serious, I never there's a big difference between the establishment of evidence and the the referee the reputation, of falsehood, and of what we consider forward without any disrespect. Especially when it's something which is well done many, many years, like

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Dr. tenpenny. This is not something new. She's not a COVID denier. She is someone who has history, understands the concept of vaccinations and has an opinion on vaccinations. She's not changing that opinion. She's not going to just like I am not going to change the opinion of vaccinations on the science COVID did nothing, by the way for my pro or anti vaccine approach. I've never been a massive fan of medicines full stop. Right? I take very little medicines. So nobody was going to come and make me take medicines anymore. I teach that the subject of medicines. I am a promoter of the opinion that it is only permissible. Many scholars today are so oblivious to take medicines,

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medicine, save people's lives. As a medicines expert. I know what medicines do medicines aren't as rated as people make them out to be. So I don't need to have a discussion or debate with people who are trying to teach me that which I already know, there's a big difference between the the platform of debate, the platform of debate being used to reach someone's objective, or a particular objective versus that which is trying to benefit people that which is actually trying to

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reach the truth per se. But let me just make it clear. 100 grand makes that whole concept yet. very murky. I would completely throw that to the side. I'm telling your friend, whoever it was all your guests. I'm ready for that. 100% Okay, let me get more details on that because they have more deals. I don't know. I don't know if that was qualified. I don't know if that was specific for like the Paul, don't you think about backtracking now is a no Chicago behavior that we do in England when a man says his word is His Word. Okay. 100 grand, I'm ready, bro. off my site. I'll give him a chocolate bar. Okay, Dr. sherpani, if you're watching this, we're going to have we should be back on

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the show soon. So she's going to be getting the message through. Okay, so now look, here's an example that's given. It's like, would you so we get to the root of the matter because you have science here. You have peer reviewed studies, you know, on both sides. And now one side is calling out the other saying and we're just having a heart to heart trying to get to the bottom of things. But what what i what i see potentially maybe is one side missing something you know, to mean, the whole spectrum of the of the matter for instance. Let's go Let's go to this question. Now. If you knew that someone was a like a, I don't know if you've heard of Bernie Madoff. Oh, yeah. You know

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him. He swindled people out of billions of dollars, right? Or the mafia, or someone who was a serial felon. Now they use for companies

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Make all of our vaccines all sent medic to the vaccine shots. And our children. Every one of them is a convicted serial felon. x Oh, Sanofi eyes are in the past 10 years, in the last decade, those companies that paid $35 billion in criminal penalties, damages, fines, or lying to doctors for defrauding scientists for falsifying science for killing hundreds of 1000s of Americans knowingly and right. Would you with this person, his track record, knowing that he has skim scan people? Would you invest your life savings with this person money financially? that individual? Of course not people like that? The person I know?

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Of course I would. Because people are not represented by a person. Yeah. And this is the issue, Eddie, yeah. Okay. This is why this conversation is an absolute humiliation for Muslims to discuss, you see non Muslims, no problem, I will discuss with non Muslims this concept, because from their principles, which are very limited in scope, are secular in basis, not based in the divine, where our set of principles and methodology are men hedge is entirely different. We do not judge a system or a belief or, or Yeah, I mean, let me just finish the let me just fit you know, the question, you know, what I'm so you know, you know, what I'm getting to this is what, because this is what the

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contagion, obviously, there are certain people that are important that our representatives have spoken. So yeah, here's, here's what, here's what they're saying. what's being said is that So now, if we wouldn't trust, you know, our life savings to a criminal organization? Now, you have, for instance, you know, the four major pharmaceutical companies who are serial felons, they have ups. Okay, so I'm, like I explained in my first lecture, why is it Pfizer, and its absolute most corrupt? Well, and what so we're not where we agree, we're not talking about someone I mentioned earlier for people when I said tauheed, I forgot to mention, that's the pure monotheism, you know, because as

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Muslims, we only worship one and only one guy the same way Jesus, Moses and Abraham did. So that's what I was talking about. The truth is clear in this matter, but now we also have Toba if someone you know, there's no blood sacrifice going through anybody this down the other you goes directly to your Creator. So if you made Toba if you repented, right, you could see the worst, you know, the best in the or the worst, and the dean become in the dunya can become the best deliverers of truth. So we're not talking about people like that, who have made a repentance, you know what I mean? We're talking about piercing that criminality radically. So that's the point. How do we trust? This is my

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point, this is how do we trust? Let me just finish this point. How do we trust serial felons, you know, with our children with our health, these are not moral companies. And they only got us because plaintiffs attorneys could sue them.

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And they got the discovery documents and walk them out of the US Attorney's Office, it said, hey, there's criminal behavior. I can ever happen in the vaccine space. You can't sue them. There's no discovery. There's no depositions. There's no class action suit, there's no multi district litigation, there's no interrogatory nothing, they never get caught, you know, to be giving them a blade that we don't Yeah, and that we don't, neither islamically do we, and neither does the world of science. Now, if once a an independent individual, let alone an independent body or advisory body, or a national regulatory agency, or regulatory standard bodies do that. And they are the ones

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who are taking responsibility. And absolutely, so that's what something which we demand, and then the other side, then come back and say, Well, actually, they are all individually linked. You saw this person do this, you saw this person do that. And he used to work with this. And he used to work with that, and so on so forth. If we're going to if we if we believe that character assassination has to be done often has to be the basis of trying to ensure or prove your point that actually there is not a single honest person left in the world because of the corruption of said company or because of the well known crimes and fraud and falsification of evidences, fortification of data, things

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that listen come to me for that information. I know that I use drugs, I know who which countries to go to, to have clinical trials in which ones will turn one way or the other. What it's well known why the wh o looks down their nose in a to use a phrase that certain countries are certification of meditation, and does it look that way, other countries certain regulation and whatever, because the game is the game everybody knows what's going on the idea

00:30:00--> 00:30:42

That there is some mass conspiracy, where every single criminal entity, pharma company that has committed a crime at some time, or whatever represents all of the people who are involved in that is not just an embarrassing claim from a secular news, you know, just a reality point of view. But islamically, it is utterly untenable is completely unacceptable for Muslims to act and speak in this way. Otherwise, there's no point living life, because you might as well now suspect everything that moves. Yeah. Because if you start to believe that everyone, and every person who has been put forward in a position of responsibility is all part of some cabal, because that's old. And that's

00:30:42--> 00:31:18

what people have got to accept. If your guests and your people are making that initial step and then going on, that's where it ends. And this is not our dean. So I don't mind non Muslims coming out with this kind of nonsense, but I will refuse to allow Muslims to claim that and then to go on and practice as practicing Muslims, and make out that this is actually an Islamic defendable position. It's just completely unacceptable. But this is I don't know if you're familiar with the work of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Have you? He has the children's health in which, in which, in which area? I know of him? Yeah, okay. Yeah, he was. He's, uh, you know, he's the nephew of the former president

00:31:18--> 00:31:39

united states. And he's also a, a environmental activist. His story is that people started coming up to me at that time, and women with children, intellectual disabilities, who are vaccine injured. And they'd come up to me and say, if you're really concerned about mercury exposure to children,

00:31:41--> 00:31:42

and I didn't want to do it.

00:31:43--> 00:32:34

You know, my family's been involved in the issues of electrical generation. Yeah. It's something I grew up with, I care deeply about, but I wanted to spend my time protecting water. One of these women came to me on Cape Cod, and at the end of 2004, in a big pile of scientific studies, and she put them on my front stoop. And she was at a psychologist, Minnesota, her name was Dr. Sauer bridges, her son had been a perfectly healthy boy on autism vaccine vaccine court had acknowledged that that was true and given him a $20 million dollar settlement. And she put this pile on my friends. And she said, I'm not leaving here to read. And I'm very accustomed to reading science. As

00:32:34--> 00:33:12

part of my job, right. I've brought hundreds of losses of scientific Roddenberry. I started reading that science and I was immediately struck, I think, huge delta between what the actual science saying and what the public health and this is the last thing he wanted to get involved in the last thing, you know, he was suing companies like Monsanto and whatnot. So he saw the corruption from within he gives a story of how, you know, the EPA, who's the government regulatory agency is supposed to be monitoring people like, you know, Monsanto and whatnot. But but then they were going over this. They were suing them, because I think this black glyphosate, you know, as a carcinogen

00:33:12--> 00:33:36

causing cancer, whatnot. Now the EPA saying their experts are coming on and saying, No, it doesn't cause cancer. Robert F. Kennedy wins the case. And then they find out that the EPA, they actually they the head of the EPA was EPA was working. It was working with Monsanto, right. So the agency was actually captured, you had said we have to rely on the material already. I grew up and Virginia Allen,

00:33:37--> 00:33:44

when I grew up, it was illegal. majority voted. It was illegal for a black man to marry a white

00:33:47--> 00:33:52

Southern majority is not No, in a democracy. You have a court there that protect our

00:33:54--> 00:33:54


00:33:56--> 00:34:25

And unfortunately, we are in a situation today where we have tremendous corruption. I don't mean Congress which is receiving, which receives more money from pharmaceutical companies and any other industry, pharmaceutical lobby, lights, the amount of oil and gas just an extra four times what defense and aerospace are more lobbyists are not lobbyists in Congress, and there aren't members of Congress in the Senate. Oh,

00:34:27--> 00:34:30

we have lost the

00:34:31--> 00:34:32

legislature legislative independence.

00:34:34--> 00:34:45

And the unfortunately, Alan let the agencies are also captured. Now if you know about agency capture, it happens everywhere.

00:34:47--> 00:34:50

entire life we just sued the

00:34:51--> 00:34:59

the EPA weakness in Monsanto, with historic judgment, a $12 billion settlement in the month

00:35:00--> 00:35:44

Okay, so I was part of that trial team. And one of the things that happened during that trial is that EPA took a position against us, they took a position that at life and say, Roundup, this causes cancer. As it turns out, we got an internal memoranda show that the head of the pesticide division in EPA was actually working secretly for Monsanto, and killing studies and twisting studies and goes right beside each of the science. So now he starts to, he went through, he went through this literature that she had, and he would just, you know, he was shocked, you know what I mean? And, and this woke up the truth, you know, woke up his conscious. So then he started to go down that rabbit

00:35:44--> 00:36:05

hole, as you call it, he started looking at, you know, this even even deeper, and then he started to see, you know, for instance, the FDA 50% of his budget comes from vaccine companies, CDC 11 point 5 billion have a budget, you know, they have 4.9 billion is in buying and selling vaccines. Imagine this as EPA, which is an independent agency. Imagine US

00:36:07--> 00:36:10

FDA, at 50% of its budget,

00:36:11--> 00:36:15

um, vaccine companies from the industry 50%,

00:36:16--> 00:36:17

the CDC

00:36:19--> 00:37:02

has an $11.5 billion budget and 4.9 billion of that is buying and selling and distributing vaccines. CDC vaccine company, you know, owns 57 vaccine patent, so it can make money on every sale of a vaccine. And hundreds of vaccines patents, NIH arms have a patent for the maderna vaccine. So he started to see you know, the great conflicts of interest, he would see, you know, people who are working for the vaccine for the, for the pharmaceutical company or the CDC, next to you know, they come out and they start working, they have a nice position at the, at the at pharma, you know what it means? So he started to see all these contradict the conflicts of interest, and he calls it out.

00:37:02--> 00:37:42

So I bring him up, because this is he starts to point out and show, you know, when a person sees how they call it, the sausage is being made. They see all the corruption behind. So now, obviously, you know, and there's another great example give it I don't know if you've seen this documentary called Vax, have you seen the documentary? Yeah, you've seen it? Yes. Isn't it? So let me just finish this. I just finished Yeah. I'm really happy that you watch something like this, because I really think, you know, this is something that everyone should see. I think the movie is something that people should see. There was a backlash, which I haven't fully explored, and I will, but definitely,

00:37:42--> 00:38:23

there's something to that movie. And there's another movie called trace amounts. And these there, there's a lot of information about things that are happening with the CDC, the pharmaceutical companies, there's a lot of things that are not said, I as a parent of a child who has autism, and concerned and I want to know the truth, and I'm not anti vaccine, I want safe vaccines, when you get some people can't get a certain type of shot and they can die from it, you know, even penicillin. So why should that not be with vaccine, which it isn't? That one is is revolves around a scientist, the senior scientist, Dr. William Thomas, you know, they are not doing their job as regulators. And in

00:38:23--> 00:38:36

fact, the senior scientist at CDC today, the senior vaccine safety sciences, was still at CDC was a senior scientist there for 18 years.

00:38:38--> 00:38:51

He is the author or co author on all of the majors, CDC, on vaccine safety, and particularly the studies that show the vaccine does not cause autism. His name is Dr. William Thompson.

00:38:52--> 00:39:03

Three years ago, he came forward and he said, we have been ordered to fake science in the last decade on autism. And

00:39:06--> 00:39:31

we are in the major study which is called the 702 1004. The most cited study on this subject on PubMed, and he said in that study, we found out that black boys who get the MMR vaccine had a 363% greater risk of getting an autism diagnosis and black boys waited after three months.

00:39:32--> 00:39:59

He said he was ordered to come into a conference room with all that data with his four other co authors by their CBC pause Frank De Stefano with an order them to destroy that data in front of them and CDC headquarters and then publish a saying there is no effect and senior scientists from the CDC so he's on record is coming out.

00:40:00--> 00:40:44

And then there was another scientist that hooked up with him. I think it was Dr. Hooker. And the whole documentary mainly revolves around that, where you had this chief scientist who was the one who conducted the major peer reviewed studies coming out and saying that, you know, they they manipulated the data, you know, they lied. And there was actually a 360% greater risk of autism in African Americans. Right. So where do we go from there? And then you had his boss, they tell he talks about Frank de Stoffel, his boss in the CDC, coming, calling him and the other co authors of this study, I think the main study is that people quoted 772 14, you know, their study? No. So this

00:40:44--> 00:40:48

is one of the main studies that is quoted saying that there's no link between

00:40:49--> 00:41:02

autism and the vaccine. So just to make it short now. So now we see this this complete fraud happening right before our eyes. Where does the confidence and confidence go? I mean, doesn't our Dean teach us like, you know?

00:41:05--> 00:41:20

I'll tell you how it doesn't. You get the point that what he's bringing up? Yeah, like I said, I've seen facts. I've seen arguments. I know a number of these scientists. I've had conversations with some of them. Yes, the difference is that deserve skepticism? Does that deserve?

00:41:22--> 00:42:09

Let me tell you about the concept of skepticism. Yeah. All right. skepticism is an aspect and a tool of the Muslim. Yeah, it's not the Muslim. skepticism is an aspect that we use in Islam, to develop narratives to develop truth, and to develop an evidence trail to ensure that our methodology reaches an objective, which is that which is requested by Les Brown. Yes, the problem that we have today in society is that people turn skepticism into the entire cake. And when Muslims think that, you know, I can be a Muslim skeptic, or Islamic skepticism, where the skepticism itself becomes the religion itself, where everything is to be criticized, every single thing is to be considered to be

00:42:09--> 00:42:50

suspicious. They're gonna they're in for a big shock. I really have to be balanced. Our religion does not operate on these principles. Yeah, you will always find, again, I will. As I said, I don't want to bring this back down to standard principles. When it comes to our Islamic sciences. In any of the areas we just take, for example, Hadees, for example, you will always find eminent authorities that will go against the wider narrative, eminent, we're not talking Kennedys, and 10 pennies will migrate to respect to them who are very minor in the wider scheme of things. Yeah, I'm talking email, data cookies, for example, that would be in modern times, if we were limited. To give

00:42:50--> 00:43:35

you an example. If we were looking at the area of vaccines, it would be America pulling out there would be the world saying they're all good. And America saying they're not good, that that level, not even going to an individual level, it will be a huge upset to the system, there will be huge controversy. That still does not, as we know very well as Muslims, deny the consensus of the alternative opinion, even if someone as mighty and powerful and financially stable as America were to have a different opinion. For example, on Israel, for example, on Israel, America is the only country that consistently vetoes every single resolution against Israel. Does that deny the

00:43:35--> 00:43:49

consensus of the international community? Eddie, does it? No, no. I despite the size of America, the importance of America, the power of America, the vested interest and not interest of America. I think that means that I

00:43:50--> 00:44:40

should I lose you aim 10,000 1000. These figures in methodology do not compare to 10s of millions, hundreds of millions, it is important for us to understand that there is no way that we can account or explain and neither should we want to try to refute or assassinate or rubbish. If you're looking at if I was a pro vaxxer right. It will be absurdity. And it would be my downfall if I was to try to go off to Dr. tenpenny go off to Dr. Radford go after that study that golf that the filmmakers have that they've got many problems x y Zed try to somehow repulsively try to denigrate the claim of a mother that her child died because of x y Zed neither is that acceptable? Neither is islamically

00:44:40--> 00:45:00

required, there will always be voices and that are against and that will claim evidences, our arguments must be based upon the evidences not on the personalities not upon the reality. Okay, but upon the numbers look upon the consensus, okay, it's absolute consensus. Okay. But there is Robert a huge body of

00:45:00--> 00:45:07

science that doesn't support your position, show it to me. Okay, well show it to me, I can, but I'm not going to do that right here.

00:45:08--> 00:45:09

I'll show you a lot.

00:45:11--> 00:45:11

Listen, I just

00:45:13--> 00:45:57

are healthier than unvaccinated children. And I will put that episode. And I will quit. When it comes to the the authentication or the regulation of medicines, it is the international community as a whole. And the scientists as a whole that are looked at not the corrupt practices of XYZ that are found to be guilty in a court case, or found to have been playing with the fingers, or trying to avoid a scandal cover up whatever, we know very well, that every field has that whether it's the cigarette field, whether it's tobacco, whether it's oil, whether it's water quality, whether it's vaccines, Pfizer, for example, has got lots of game in this. Yeah, our our, our, our, our approach

00:45:57--> 00:46:21

to us as Muslims has to be based upon methodology and not individual circumstances, not individual actors. When it comes to the actual sharp end, we're looking at the figures on the ground, the people who are sick, the people who are ill, the people who are recovered, the people who are fixed, the people who are in hospital to be people out of hospital. These are this is the hard data, there's no doubt we can criticize how we got to the process where we start to apply a

00:46:23--> 00:47:01

solution or a vaccine protocol or a strategy. Absolutely no doubt. And I've spoken about that at length. And I've condemned the problems that that they've been part of. But we look at the reality on the ground. And the reality on the ground does not support even better, even the only 1% of the claims that are being made by the people against the authorities, against the science against the field against the individuals involved against all the healthcare workers against the reality, and our hospitals against the families have lost all their people. It just doesn't. And to deny this is very problematic. islamically because once you start to deny this concept of terroir, of unanimity,

00:47:01--> 00:47:35

in opinion, of the lack of possibility of feasible lies, the lack of possibility of everyone colluding together to create some great conspiracy. Once you start to go against human reality against that, like that, that's when your game starts to suffer. I don't mind people suffering in their secular and setting a vaccine, you couldn't care less. But if you carry on with this nonsense, your deen will suffer. So let me if I'm understanding correctly, so I'm not misquoting you. So the thing now that when I asked this question in our heart to heart, and me just playing the skeptic and trying to understand things, and relaying what one side to get to the bottom of things, so now what

00:47:35--> 00:47:55

we're saying when I asked the question is that there's a consensus if I'm understanding of scholarship, academics here, so that Trumps what anyone else is gonna say, without a shadow of that what you're saying, without a shadow of a doubt exists, show it to me. Okay. Well show it to me. I can, but I'm not going to do that right here.

00:47:56--> 00:47:57

I'll show you a lot.

00:47:58--> 00:47:59


00:48:01--> 00:48:02

healthier than

00:48:03--> 00:48:07

older, and I will put that on my website, and I will quit.

00:48:09--> 00:48:11

Say hello, honey. Yeah.

00:48:12--> 00:49:01

Ah, is it a book isn't authentic book? Yes. Already? Here's the key. did their leadership as ima did their leadership deny the consensus? And the absolute fact that it is the most authentic book and it only has authentic hadith? No, it didn't. And that is an insight into Islamic methodology. Exam methodology when it comes to sources when it comes to evidence is not what you may think that every person who has a point to say is not given a time, every statement that is made by an authority is not considered it is the evidence, which is considered a higher level one. And indeed, the higher realm of probability is what our religion is based upon. We do not have to have 100% of all people

00:49:01--> 00:49:42

in history agreeing on a point to be correct. We don't even need to be anywhere near 100%. Not even close to. And that's the difference, as I said, between people who are growing up in a, you know, online, everybody got a mouthpiece. Everybody can say what they want. And you're creating this kind of system, where when they have a problem with something, they start to deny the error, the United field. And I want you to your viewers to understand this, that we've had this parallel in our history, the groups in our Deen, like the more Tesla, the Geneva, the annual those who reject the Sundar in its entirety. That was their response when they come across a antivax report or a criminal

00:49:43--> 00:49:59

expose a of Pfizer, for example, or whatever, denied the whole field right off the entire site. So you can say you're saying you can't throw the baby out with the bathwater? It is not an Islamic principle or not. Yes, not there. Okay. So this is what I'm going to go convey back so I'm gonna you give me something okay, tomorrow.

00:50:00--> 00:50:45

But now if someone comes back again playing a skeptic, and we see at one time, there was a consensus that for instance, you know, because certain things develop science develops and whatnot. So this is a good show. So if we see certain things because the other side will argue that look, you will see, when they went in front of Congress, you had a certain amount of vaccines that were giving before, let's say, the 1980s, right, there was a handful, and you saw people, there's this huge body of science of what the science consists of is a handful a tiny handful of epidemiological studies are in my industry, and CDC, which is part of the industry, and not

00:50:46--> 00:51:29

all of them are fatally flawed, and I can go through each one with you as to what you would want a study that you want it to exculpate vaccines actually do, which is to compare vaccinated population to unvaccinated population and then look at health outcomes, that there was a limited amount of chronic diseases, right, then, you know, this, obviously, that then they went in front of Congress, since the Supreme Court actually issued the statement that vaccines are unavoidably safe, I believe, one in 300, from the DPT vaccine were suffering brain damage, and then they were getting sued so much. And then from there, they were classified, the Supreme Court said, vaccines are unavoidably

00:51:29--> 00:51:30


00:51:31--> 00:51:47

and there shall be no more lawsuits against any vaccine company. So legally, they're classified as unavoidably unsafe, that's their legal classification. And when I say that in court in the state, you know, cases that I have, which are not injury, obviously, that's that that's federal court.

00:51:48--> 00:52:15

The judges always stopped me go, What What did you say? Repeat, repeat? Like they're legally classified as unavoidably unsafe, Your Honor. And then they're like, whoa, wait a minute, they got the shield of liability. They said, Wait a minute. We can't sue them. I mean, even though that I have met that are pro vaccine, when you let them know that the vaccine makers cannot be sued, even they say, wait a minute, I'm against what you're here for.

00:52:16--> 00:52:25

But I ain't for that. You telling me that I can't sue the vaccine makers. If it's proven that vaccine injured my job. I said, No.

00:52:27--> 00:53:08

You can't touch them. And then you have the various vaccine compensation fund to this day, it's like 4.5 $1.6 billion has been paid out, the vaccine courts have paid out $4 billion, and the threshold for getting back into a vaccine court and getting a judge and HHS admits fewer than 1% of people are injured, ever even get to court. But and then so this is the other side arguing that look, if you're saying they're safe and effective, safe and effective, doctors and medical school, they don't learn about it, because they're already being taught vaccines are safe and effective. And they're the best thing you can do to further the health of the population. They're already being taught this. And I

00:53:08--> 00:53:48

was never taught when I was in medical school, 30 years ago, what was in a vaccine, we were only taught that they're wonderful, and do them. So no, most doctors trained today have no idea what's in the vaccines. This is we need to get back to doing that. If we're doing something to a healthy person, you got a healthy child in front of you. And you're saying, well, we're gonna do this thing to you this vaccine, and it's a good idea. And all they're being told, is it safe and effective? Do it. And oh, by the way, if you don't do it, you're gonna have to leave my practice. That's what's happening today. It's, that should be illegal. I mean, if if you have a doctor that's telling you to

00:53:48--> 00:54:01

leave your practice, if you don't do what I say, That's called paternalism, and we were taught in medical school, that is the worst way to practice medicine. He at the Academy of Pediatrics is now saying that's okay. Today, pediatricians are being trained on how to

00:54:02--> 00:54:39

I would just use the word coerce their patients into doing all the vaccines. This is an aside, by the way, what you're talking about is fact. So don't only think that this is a sign, this is not assigned. Anyone who's got half a brain should know this is absolute fact what you're talking about. Okay, let me let me summarize, I'm not making this stuff up now, including giving eight to 10 vaccines on one day. So that is something that Institute of Medicine has acknowledged, the federal government disagrees. But I think everybody needs to understand that child vaccine schedule has not been adequately studied for safety. Fewer than 40 studies have actually studied the schedule. That's

00:54:39--> 00:54:51

not enough studies to prove that that schedule is safe or effective. plus, plus there hasn't been any. There haven't been any studies that looking at the synergistic effects of the ingredients. So if you have one metal,

00:54:52--> 00:55:00

what does it do to the body? If you have one metal and another metal, what does that do to the body if you have one metal one

00:55:00--> 00:55:46

metal and antibiotics. What does that do to the body? And it's already been shown that metal detoxification in the presence of antibiotics is diminished. Versus metal detoxification without antibiotics, the studies in this book, Miller's review of critical vaccine studies this, this book, there's 400 studies in here. And these are studies, most of these studies are recent studies. These are all studies that are showing problems with vaccines, because I got tired of hearing medical doctors saying, there are no studies that show that vaccines are a problem, that vaccines are unsafe. What are you talking about? That is an outright lie, there are hundreds, if not 1000s, of

00:55:46--> 00:56:28

studies, it published in peer reviewed journals, documenting safety and efficacy problems associated with vaccines. Correct. Okay, that early vaccines had major problems, they had side effects, they were using certain you guys example, in the beginning of university, wanting to take mercury out of fish doesn't mean that you're against fish. Actually, it was those original people who kind of stood up. And I made this point in the lecture before, if they hadn't, right. Today, mercury, possibly Allah knows best, of course. But today, you would have found in the COVID vaccine, for example, mercury, right. It's very, very powerful. If our mercury in one of its forms, or a few years ago,

00:56:28--> 00:56:35

there has to be people that question and an argue and so on, so forth. So facts are facts. As for the vaccine

00:56:37--> 00:57:22

payout injury payment scheme in 1988, it is very important that we understand that you can make that fact reality. And we have one in the UK as well, which has also paid out huge millions, okay, you can make that either work for you, or work against you, just like numbers. So you either going to if you believe in the concept of medicines, and you understand the urgency, and this is from a pro healthcare point of view, if you believe in the the efficacy of vaccines, or medicine, in principle, safe and tested ones, I'm not talking about anything controversial, and you believe that the nature and the reality of the litigation culture that we live in, I mean, US obviously leads that right.

00:57:22--> 00:57:59

And it's now made a major impact on the rest of the world, where people are very, very afraid and scared to do certain things because of fear of litigation. And you see that that actually has a marked impact upon performance, safety, and so on, I'll give you an example of safety, right, just to break it down to to the to the viewer, as a pharmacist, or as a doctor, if I make a prescribing mistake, so I see it saying amitriptyline and aggiebuy amlodipine. Right. So it's a drug which is meant to send you to sleep or to give you for anxiety, and instead I give a drug for blood, high blood pressure. That's a pretty I won't say I won't say safe. But I mean, you're not going in most

00:57:59--> 00:58:29

cases not going to die. But it's a serious error. Right? Same strength, same whatever whatnot. And I now give that to you. Most of the time, some of the family sponsor has a look at this and says, you know, this is not what I was told by a doctor and they read it, or they don't spot it, they have complete trust in the pharmacist, and they take it and they start feeling really bad. They take the box into the doctor, doctor says I didn't want you that blah, blah, blah, blah. So this happens in all fields in all areas. And what do the regulatory bodies do? How do you think that they deal with that they

00:58:30--> 00:59:08

introduce systems that are error reporting, error reporting systems are meant to be that let's try to identify a pattern of how these mistakes actually occur, right? And see if we can find tightness, or if we can find where there's a mental blackout, you're standing in a certain position. And whether you should take a mental break, each time that you check your prescription is that the only way that you can make those rulings or those decisions is to get data, the only way that you can get data is for people to be honest enough to go and say I made a mistake. Now no one likes to say I made a mistake. And sometimes if you make a big mistake, you're going to be you know, it's a

00:59:08--> 00:59:40

difficult place to be. And so what was happening, it was a complete failure, it was a complete failure, because nobody was willing to report, we have to understand that, you know, these ideas that people come up with in their conspiracy theories. And it genuinely is they don't work in real life, the idea that you can somehow just assume that the world is going to be okay, because people are going to be honest and despair with one another, that they're not going to go for litigation that they're not going to, you know, hand someone out to drive they make a mistake, they're not going to, you're not going to look to whether a person is sincere or not sincere, the person did it

00:59:40--> 00:59:59

on purpose or not, whether there was corruption or not, but we're just going to hand them out to dry or I can make a living out of this or I can make some money, I can pay my house off with this. There are people out there that do that. That's the real world. And if you take this view, then you see that the injury payment scheme that allows genuine and obviously what we hope

01:00:00--> 01:00:40

Genuine attempts to try to create medicine that's trying to help that not trying to cause problems, and that there is a risk, and all of them will say there's a risk. And if there is a risk, at least we can minimize the the impact upon the rest of the good that's being done. Right. By mitigating that risk and taking it off their hands, governments jumped at that chance, because they saw greater benefits than a cost and risk, even 4.5 billion, which is peanuts, to how much it would cost them. If a pandemic went out of control. For example, just using 4.5 billion as a a year cost today, if the if the American government had the chance to pay 4.5 trillion, forget about 4.5 billion, to

01:00:40--> 01:01:20

avoid the impact of one year, Donald Trump would have paid 405 trillion to have paid, you know, to avoid COVID and him losing his spot, let alone the impact upon the rest of people in their lives. He couldn't care less about that, but any country. So everything is based upon benefit, benefit and risk. And if you look at that, as somehow, the government is actually a wider extension of the pharmaceutical company. And they're doing that to for the fraudulent interests of the of the pharmaceutical company, which I can accept is a theory right there. That's the reason they're doing it. So they can make sure they make their profits. Once you've gone down that line, happy the game's

01:01:20--> 01:01:54

over, would you smile as a go and find yourself in a coffin and jump in and die. Because once you've now said that the government is now the pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical companies is the government. And they're all just trying to rag you for money. And they're trying to make you die and make sure that you don't have to you can't claim enough money, and everybody is now protected. That is one massive conspiracy theory to life and existence in in its fundamental sense. Once that conclusion has been reached, then what's the point of life, then? There's no plus, what the argument that's being made is, and if I understand your second second point here is is that and let me just

01:01:54--> 01:02:05

kind of I have a I don't want to, I want to limit this to, we're almost out of time. But I have a I want to get your actual answer to some of these questions that we also have that are

01:02:06--> 01:02:07


01:02:08--> 01:02:13

If you can, like, give me some of a semi, you know, condensed version of it or directly.

01:02:15--> 01:02:48

So So back to the back back point. Before we went on, so if you have for instance, these inserts, right, which it's doctors don't learn about vaccines in medical school, right. They don't learn, they learn about the schedule, they learn about, they don't learn about the ingredients, they don't learn about these things. So but they've done something far more valuable. They learn the principle of how to deal with evidence, they understand the concept of peer reviewed journals of understanding authorities of understanding the key points of data points that matter. Nobody is expected to learn less. And I'm no favor. I'm not massive friend of the doctors, right. Okay, but just, you know,

01:02:48--> 01:03:25

being a fellow doctor myself, I'm this one enemy. Okay, so as a pharmacist, we hate doctors. But let's make it clear. Doctors are not expected now as pharmacists, as any professional in any field to know absolutely everything about everything when they're studying. They're meant to learn principles that equip them to deal with every single new release new medicine, on its own merits with its own details. So for for people to claim that because you're a professor of immunology, or you are an epidemiologist, for example, that the doctors themselves will not be able to understand this is patently untrue. Yeah, he said he false. Yeah. So the point that they make is that they

01:03:25--> 01:04:06

themselves, these doctors, who are also, you know, giving out the shots, they didn't learn anything. But then when they learned about, you know, the mercury that most doctors in America haven't actually taken the time to do the fundamental research that they need to do to figure out what the true risks and benefits are of any given vaccine. So, in this country, we don't really have informed consent when it comes to vaccines. And I think we've lost our way in looking at vaccines and looking at what are the androgenic effects? In other words, what harm is being done by our vaccine program? So you know, I wrote this book, the vaccine friendly plan, because because just to be so people

01:04:06--> 01:04:47

know, you're not anti vaccine? Absolutely not. So the dilemma I was in in 2008, after I had those four cases of children who regressed into severe autism, and I'd already learned about toxicity. I'd read studies on thimerosal on aluminum toxicity. I mean, there's books on this topic. It just, I could no longer ethically, keep doing vaccines business as usual with the CDC schedule. And the things that concern me the most were that Hepatitis B dose for newborns. Back then they weren't pushing vaccines on pregnant women that's happened since and the sheer number of vaccines that were being given. For example, at the two month visit, we were giving six different vaccines, three of

01:04:47--> 01:04:59

which had too much aluminum. So you're multiplying huge toxins adding on top adding on top, and it was just clearly not a scientifically justifiable approach.

01:05:00--> 01:05:45

When you understand toxicity, aluminum formaldehyde all these toxic chemicals then they learned about you know that there is no true double blind placebo the gold standard for vaccines. The Institute of Medicine, which is National Academy of Science was the ultimate arbiter of vaccine safety science has repeatedly said CDC, you are claiming that you have studied this issue, particularly the issue between autism and vaccines. You have not? Oh, it's an odd Robert Kennedy. Institute of Medicine, which is the highest authority scientific authority in our government has repeatedly said CDC, you have not done the studies necessary to make these claims that you are

01:05:45--> 01:06:19

making 20 they learned that there is no true safety team. What does that even mean? There's no true double blind study? What's that even mean? That there's no that's the goal, what they say is that's the gold standard is the gold standard for safety. Because of the shield the liability, there's no incentive. So for example, let me see in layman's terms, if you're trying to buy a car, you know that you cannot sue the manufacturer. And then the manufacturer has been sued and sued over for all the deficiencies in their car, would you buy the car? So now people are scared? Now they have vaccine injured children. And now they're getting these these doctors? That's a criticism against

01:06:19--> 01:06:55

the company when it comes to taking the vaccine. How is that criticism against the the trial? witch trial? I'm saying that the example that you gave? Yeah, that would be a good example of how we should be critical against the company itself when it comes to their product. Yes. Okay. How is that a problem against double? blind? placebo? So yeah. So the contention that people have is that now, because of the shield of liability, they don't have an incentive, nor do they do a double blind disable for these MMR and all these other vaccines, there's no double blind placebo. So that's there. I think vaccines have

01:06:56--> 01:07:31

saved millions of lives. And I just accepted that. They were safe. And at the end, I started looking at the science and I started calling people within the agencies I called pull off and it was a big defender of vaccines. And I call it all, Kathleen Stratton at CDC and other people within the agencies and I started questioning and their answers, Amy, the answers that they gave to the public, but I was informed about the science. And when I started drilling down with them on the science, it was clear that

01:07:32--> 01:07:46

not only that the science they were citing me was bogus. But that they knew that it was weak, and they were unwilling to defend it in front of informed criticism.

01:07:48--> 01:08:00

And that shocked me because these were not I was used to environmental agencies becoming captured as a public health agency that is charged with protecting the health of our children.

01:08:01--> 01:08:03

The lie about science

01:08:04--> 01:08:36

to manipulate science, which is what they were doing. Just same criminal trying to get them they're trying to get them there. And they're also trying to get the Robert F. Kennedy he also makes his point why don't they open up the records what they mean is every doctor that goes he documents, injuries that are happening to children which are vaccinated which are not if they would just open up the the records, we would we would end this debate. They don't they're not doing that. They're not doing that. In the UK, there is no secret records. The yellow we have a yellow triangle.

01:08:37--> 01:09:22

Every country has its own adverse effect reporting system. Okay. You've seen a lot of, you know, debate, you know, one of the most hilarious ones was the 3916 vaccine related injuries that were reported in December. Okay. And you've got people who absolutely not a single clue about neither vaccines, what adverse effects or injuries through the little videos going around saying that 3916 events and you think this vaccine is safe? Okay. Well, first of all, you either have to accept this, this ad is what blows my mind. All right, for a Muslim to claim this. First of all, I would say to such a person, are you happy to stick with 3916? Like, do you want to put this forward as a valid

01:09:22--> 01:10:00

point? What's it for 398 What is that? Yeah, it's it's the it's the latest, you know, salvo in this battle, that how can we you know, the 23 doctors or 23 people in Norwegian in Norway died as a result of this. The baseball player, whatever his name Hank, blahdy, blah, whatever you want American guy. Oh, who died after taking the vaccine? Yeah, blah, blah, blah. So this is all part of a crescendo that hold on. How is this even safe? How is it even safe when we have these people dying? Yeah, so you can admit, that is a ones and twos and 10s and 20s. Yeah, well, I'll say no, don't worry. Take your 3916 okay, right. And I'll give you that which

01:10:00--> 01:10:35

is very different to one or two people. 3960. If I gave you that 4000 people, as I say, I have had these effects. When people push it forward, they think that the rest of the world is stupid that as if 4000 people have died as a result of taking the vaccine, that the concept of adverse effect, which is sometimes an upset stomach, by the way, sometimes a fever, which has gone on for longer than two days, or three days, that gets noted down as an adverse effect. There are tears for what happens. Now. That's just one fact. What about what about what about the EPA? Let

01:10:37--> 01:11:19

me just make your point that you're about to put ahead. Less, I will give you even that 3916 people died and even say that for you. Okay, which didn't, not even 300 people died, not even 30 people died, let alone 3000. But I'll say say 4000 people died islamically forget about every other system, because this is the deen show. Right brother 4000 people died. Let's have a look at how many vaccinations have been given. There's been about four or 5 million in the UK, there's been about x million in the States. I don't know. I've got no idea. Maybe 50 million in the world have done or 10 million or 20 million. If you start looking at the numbers of people who are dead as a result of

01:11:19--> 01:12:03

that. I'm just taking a very fatalistic because it's all false isn't 4000 didn't die, but I'm just saying, let's assume that it did. What we reject the solution, the Savior, the that's a horrible word. And we could take that out, let's just say a medical aid in trying to combat a pandemic. And we would base its accessibility or not acceptability on 4000. Let's do this. Let's do the figure. So give me your Give me your question. So when I go back to someone like Sherry tenpenny Oh, they will know this question. They know it very well, because they low figures, naught point naught naught one. Okay, as a fatality risk. All right. That means one in I don't know how many billion, whatever

01:12:03--> 01:12:15

that risk is, of a person dying. I don't know, whatever it is, I wanted 1,000,001. In 100, I don't know, I can tell you that every act of your daily life is more risky of yours in your life. So it was so

01:12:16--> 01:12:52

close going outside and walking to your car, you have a one in 114 chance of falling and dying. Okay, one in 114. And people are going to say that the fact that there's a risk out there that that three, four or 3004 934,000 people have died, which they haven't. But let's just assume that means that the vaccine is off the table. It's a conspiracy. It's proof that the whole system is broken. is nonsense. Yeah. Listen, it's nonsense. islamically This is not sustainable. Yeah, we're not from an evidence. Yeah, going down a dark hole of going down a weekend. You know, I guess, you know, just like,

01:12:53--> 01:13:25

there are things that go on, you know, you have conflicts of interest. We talked about that. I think that's the main thing. It's not like, you know, okay, there's like people sitting down around, just like, I don't think we can be naive to the fact that you don't have you know, the the pharmaceutical industry is not really about eliminating disease. They're about managing symptoms and making profits and money, right. So 100% they're not about this. They're not they're not about sitting around. These are these people. Let me just finish. These are not people who have Taqwa, you know, God consciousness, and they're thinking about how are we going to change save the world? next year?

01:13:25--> 01:13:58

Right. You've seen my lecture on this. Yeah. You saw how skewered the industry? Yes, yes. Okay. I only did one bit of preparation for this interview. I spent five minutes doing some calculations. Yeah. Okay. Five minutes. That's the only thing that I want to show it to you. The reason why, you know, that, and I want to say this to calm the hearts of the people who are getting angry at what I'm saying because they are anti again, they are not, you know, they think that the COVID has been exaggerated. They think that they, you know, their civil liberties are trashed. They don't want to wear masks, they don't want all of this nonsense, but what would you say? would you would you say

01:13:58--> 01:14:02

that people are politicians, others I mean, there's some you know,

01:14:03--> 01:14:36

there's some validity to like for instance, the look look at one I don't know what your view now is of 911 for instance, you know, people capitalize on this Do you still think look, I'm not a conspiracy theorist even though I think this term you have labels that are thrown out there to kind of just make people look dumb stupid, you know, and, and to prevent you know, good healthy talks like we're having you follow me so but when you look at when you look at a building number seven, go down and no plane hit it, nothing. What are you supposed to say, you know, I'm not getting on to everything else. So but then I get it, listen, but but let me just finish this. But then you have

01:14:36--> 01:15:00

people. I don't understand it. But then yeah, but then you have people pay passing bills like the Patriot Act. You follow me? people, you know. So we must listen. So you do have you do? Absolutely. I do have people who are capitalizing off this for political gain. Okay. Yes, that's what I'm saying. We can't be naive to that. 100% but that does not deny that question.

01:15:00--> 01:15:37

You know, the problem? No, no, that's the problem, right? That's the issue that we have here that a valid argument is turned into the entire pie. And that is unacceptable. What how it happened, whether the Chinese made it, or whether it made it, or whether it was sent by a lost parent as a pure punishment is actually irrelevant when it comes to the treating of it. In a plan. A lot of planning a log, I don't mind is the best of planners does, yes. as Muslims is relevant in our spiritual response. Because if we spend all of our time thinking, who manufactured it, it was by a by a weapon, but we spend our entire lives we're wasting

01:15:38--> 01:15:43

time now. Let me get let me get some facts. Let me get let's stay. Let me say.

01:15:44--> 01:16:13

Let me stay academic. It makes it makes us yeah, let me go change our ways. Right. Yeah. So what I'm trying to say is that there's a spiritual response. And that's important. And then as a practical one, whoever is profiting about and we know millions of people making trillions out of it, whoever is abusing the system, whoever whatever, it does not change to passed away on Monday. It didn't change that. So and So passed away of it, that your uncle your uncle passed away? He did.

01:16:14--> 01:16:51

Allah May Allah grant Gentlemen, I give that example, because it doesn't change. It doesn't make me more emotional to it. It doesn't make me more pro doesn't make me more of a Why? Because we go on the evidence. Before my uncle was even ill. There were uncle's passing away before these uncles were passing away. And they weren't even people who are getting in and our community, our own brothers, myself included, and many people around me, were in intensive care units were in hospitals that was struggling to deal with this unknown disease that was decopatch de capacitating, the healthcare system, and so on, so forth. Now, now, listen, this is a very important point. Does that make the

01:16:51--> 01:17:35

pandemic the international catastrophe that is made out to be No it doesn't. But what do we read it as we do see it as this catastrophe? because it affects us more in the West, when you have a system because you asked earlier on that there was a time earlier on where vaccines were seen, as you know, basic, simple kind of idea and then suddenly exploded. And it you know, unavoidable injury, you gave the example right. Oh, sorry. What did you say unavoidable? The the Supreme Court a Supreme Court issued, that the vaccines are unavoidably unsafe, and they said to Congress, we cannot make this we cannot make vaccines safely. They are unavoidably unsafe. That is, is in the statute, unavoidably

01:17:35--> 01:17:35


01:17:37--> 01:18:20

unsafe, yeah, they're so unavoidable, to imagine that, as you said, that there was a point at which you can bring to a case of Supreme Court in a year, where the attitude towards vaccines like flipped, it was like, you know, portion, and suddenly it's now part of life. Right. And it and this is a reality that we've created. Yeah, right. That us in the West, when you become dependent on on a certain level of life, when you expect for every coffin cold or for every pain, that you're going to be looked after a by a healthcare professional. When you expect that an illness is just routine, when you expect to survive a heart attack. The vast majority of people that have heart attacks

01:18:20--> 01:19:04

survive. The vast people who have strokes survive. 1000 years ago, 100 years ago, to 500 years ago, the vast majority of people died, they died. We live in a different world. We've created that system, especially in the western developed world, in America. 25.8 intensive care beds for every 100,000 This is the figures I wanted to show you Yeah. 25.8 says take 26 beds for every 100,000 population intensive care in Pakistan. Right, which is my own country. And Nigeria, Bangladesh, the big kind of countries, Bangladesh, in Indonesia, the Muslim heavy weights, right? Okay, all of it is less than one

01:19:05--> 01:19:33

less than one, the numbers are infinitesimally small, if you're just talking about hospital beds, when it comes to intensive care, something else that just goes to show you, when you grow up in a village in Pakistan, it doesn't matter if the whole world is going through a pandemic or there's a disease out there that's causing you not to be able to breathe and you need proning. And you need ventilators and the C pap and all the rest of it. Because you're going to be left at home with no chance of going to hospital anyway. And you're either going to have to deal with it or just die and the rest of the village is going to just deal with it and they're going to pray over you and they're

01:19:33--> 01:20:00

going to bury you That's it. But when you leave and live in the West, where you've got 2526 beds where you've got every possibility of surviving what that was, you should not survive. You create a mindset when you have a certain level of food being available at all times when you want pineapple and mango and watermelon in the wrong season. When you want drinks on tap when you want life to be as it is like we live. You create your own circumstances you create your own problems very well. Not

01:20:00--> 01:20:38

someone like yourself, the over cleanliness and overuse of antiseptic, disinfectants and bleaches have created their own resistance to have created these, this rampant disease of allergies to spread even further and further and you're looking at people live in the deserts and in the forests, who've got absolutely no issues, strongest immunity in the world, not touch their medicine, they don't get taken down by any of this stuff. We create our own problems. Yeah, once the problems have been created, a disease comes along that exploits that dependency upon the healthcare system that exploits that reality the financial system that we have the UK for example, financially, we don't

01:20:38--> 01:21:17

create much we don't export and import much. Ours is a services based industry services. We have suffered, our GDP has collapsed because of our people not willing to go out confidence fear scared, blah, blah, blah, and their own desires and their wants and you know, that I'm going to be looked after, and the hospital is going to take care of me. Our our reaction is a manufactured artificial reaction has created an exaggerated a reality which is serious, but not that serious in the world kind of scheme of things. And that is an avenue of exaggeration, which is it which is acceptable should be taught to the people. But that does not that does not support the idea that it's fake,

01:21:17--> 01:21:58

that it's code that is a pandemic that is big for heart math, that if x y. And that's the problem. If we cannot be balanced and discuss the evidence as what it is. Let me get to a few more questions. And I know a few more questions here. Since you mentioned statistic and again, this is one that Robert F Kennedy brings up and I'm playing to skeptic here since I couldn't put you guys together 2010 HHS, a federal agency was was commissioned to look into the CDC claim that only one one in 1 million is injured due to vaccines, they found that it was actually 2.6%. That means one in 40 people were actually getting seriously injured. I was commissioned to look at accident injury

01:21:58--> 01:22:03

because if yours Vaccine Injury only occurs one in a million

01:22:05--> 01:22:27

what ah argue for federal agencies looked at one ancient model, which was a Harvard Pilgrim HMO and a machine cluster analysis. In other words, artificial intelligence counting a very, very accurate counting system. They just add the actual rate of Vaccine Injury is 2.6%.

01:22:28--> 01:23:09

And one in 40 people seriously injured by vaccines by these vaccines, so the contention is that they have is that we have a perfectly healthy human being and we're going to go ahead to prevent someone from getting sick, how do we balance that when you have a medical intervention? So you want a quick onset This is how you balance it you balance let me just let me just finish let me just finish here. So how do we balance when when we back it up, we got unavoidable be safe by then we have another by the Supreme Court. Then you have unsafe then you have in the vaccine inserts you have that? All these 100 200 plus side effects,

01:23:10--> 01:23:45

cellulitis, brain swelling, epileptic seizures, not just like, you know, Eddie, Eddie didn't make it easy for you. I'm a pharmacist, right? So you know, all this? Yeah, obviously, I'm a pharmacist right, then we start to die most of the time if I give medicines out to a person, but you guys don't want to hear this? Because you know, it's not sexy enough. What? Have you heard a pharmacist, pharmacists are banned for blood pressure tablets, every time but I will look at the person I'll make a decision or whether I take out the patient information leaflet or not. Because reading that is well known studies, right? Yeah, it destroys a person. It literally whatever you have a

01:23:45--> 01:24:23

conversation with them, you try to inform them and so on, so forth. All right. And you got to make a call that this person is going to become actually more ill than the reason they're taking a pen tablet for just reading this there is brain surgery, this brain even death. Even death, right? I'm gonna turn into a flippin copper Oh, is that whatever. He's having a heart attack reading this, this this thing? Yeah. And you got to realize that the evidence does not support that happening in real life, at the percentages that we know that a pain or a fever or whatever. So listen, when I vaccinate, I vaccinate people, when I vaccinate a person, I will tell them what they're likely to

01:24:23--> 01:25:00

get. And I will tell them that if they get this next stage level of symptoms at this stage, then you do this, this this this. I don't tell anybody that listen, there's a possibility that you could die. I don't have anybody who would say that every time that you give a medicine or a pill or you know, I might give you a melon. And I say to you, like eat carefully. There's a possibility that you could die on this is a lovely red apple. But there is a one in 300 chance of you choking on this. Do you say that every time you give an apple how, when you're giving a medicine and the chance of dying?

01:25:00--> 01:25:42

is one in 100? Yes. Which is not. It's like one in x million, whatever it is, okay, whatever it is, and it could change it could go up could go down. Is that what you say? When you give a person a medicine? Of course you don't. But there's an informed consent doctors desk, you know, you have every single person is aware right now, the realities of the vaccine. Yeah. I mean, if if there is, if there's winning disinformation, if there is, you know, as I said before, again, in the lectures, and never can any person say that these are 100% safe? Never Can we say that there is absolutely free of long term side effects. absolutely possible people. That's why in our country in the UK, a

01:25:42--> 01:26:06

product license for Pfizer, it has very clearly stated, we've not tested this in pregnant women have a compensation for pregnant women and make them aware of what the reality is fertility, we have absolutely no data that we could, you know, they haven't got a chance that the Pfizer is, you know, got damaged, damaged guts, even though it's protected, right? protect against being sued. And yet, they still haven't got the guts to say

01:26:08--> 01:26:44

if you want fertility is not a problem, because there's things bigger than just being sued. Can you imagine? Can you imagine if there were stupid enough to based upon the limited studies, which we all know, clinical trials, were only 40,000? By the way, good number. Not enough, though, to please everybody. But if I now turn around and say, Okay, then are you Muslims happy to take the 100,000 cohort study from Israel, then you'll be turning around, say, oh by the Israelis. And that is that is that? That's the problem. You can't please everybody all the time. There are figures that can be manipulated, that can be looked at, you can start to see certain subgroups. At the moment when

01:26:44--> 01:27:14

you're seeing the problems or the figures is because certain subgroups amongst the the trial participants are focused on 22,000 people that are chosen to receive the vaccine and other received the placebo. When you're starting to look at, for example, minority ethnic groups. It's only a couple of 100, for example, amongst that 20,000 and if you're looking at pregnant women, it was never intentionally tested on pregnant women. But some women became pregnant during the trial. Do we now use this data to say that it's safe in pregnant women? Can you imagine how stupid that would be? How do we answer the question? Like when we're after this shield of liability? The vaccine schedule

01:27:14--> 01:27:23

went from a few to like 72 plus doses and then they have the answer is that was an incredibly successful policy by the government. That's the reason they don't know what

01:27:24--> 01:27:28

they want to hear increased knock. Here's what they're saying. I'm playing.

01:27:29--> 01:28:06

I'm playing the skeptic. So here's what they're saying is that after that, we saw chronic health issues like never before, like you had. I agree with that. as well. So then you have one in 10,000 Christians entered into that once you've opened that door. Good luck in closing it. I completely agree with you. So we went away. We have wishes I could have my own food like you do. And wishes I could be as fit as you I know what it's like to want to be able to live that healthy life away from all medicines away from all artificials of everything organic Hey, the big money's and get everything pure. Once you like when the door to eating chicken. Sisters, I like what you said there.

01:28:06--> 01:28:13

You said that before you said, if you're somebody who's drinking Coca Cola, eating all this garbage, and I was in the backseat.

01:28:15--> 01:28:52

You know what I'm trying to say? It's true, though, isn't it? Here's the thing that people they're scared of because they're and you agree that you shouldn't if you don't want to take these drugs, you shouldn't be forced to. But here's the here's the problem the other side is worried about and why they're speaking out is because they're gonna assume they're saying they're eliminated. You're right, right. You're not eliminating any rights. This idea that we choose No, this has happened in California, California. No in California. I love California here in places in the UK. A cruise company went on record last week and said that no one is allowed to go onto a cruise company has not

01:28:52--> 01:29:25

had the vaccine. Okay, if the government decides to do that, the government decides to do that. Guess what, you're not going on a cruise with that company and the story broke if you don't want to take the vaccine because you are so scared about the meningitis AC wy vaccine and its impact upon you and you're not going to go and do perform Umrah or Hajj then Good luck to you. That's your own decision. Yeah, that's something which you as a personal person will have to question we'll have to answer for in front of Allah spawn tada is not obligatory to take medications and back What about what about this? What about this? So we, if that's your choice, but there's a big difference between

01:29:25--> 01:29:59

you saying, I don't know about any problems? I'm not sure. But what I know is that I don't want to take it or I am positive that this is gonna cause me a problem. I'm very careful about my food. I make sure that I eat I don't I avoid this I avoid I avoid that, why the fish would I get involved with, you know, some manufactured vaccine. I respect you more power to you don't say to other people that it's a corrupt industry. It's all over everyone's income. It's all made of fetuses. It's gonna kill you that the lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies. So there's a big difference between a person informed consent looking at the evidences.

01:30:00--> 01:30:29

Seeing what the overall ruling is? Yes, some people might die. Yes, some people more people won't come across an impure vaccine, HPV vaccine, which I gave a lecture about. I said any Muslim that is getting involved in the HPV vaccine has a bigger problem than the HPV itself. Right? You understand what HPV is? Right? The hepatitis? The what when when there is that whole kind of you know, young men and women are doing you know, sexual partners. That's another question. What Why are they giving? That's one of the questions here.

01:30:31--> 01:31:10

The us here on Watch, watch, watch the Islam 21 z podcast like I said, US vaccinates newborn babies with HPV HPV vaccines, which are originally designed for prostitutes and drug use. Why are they Why are they injecting newborn babies with the start that I just gave on that? Yeah, I just say to you, if a person is thinking about giving his or her daughter or family, you know, the HPV vaccine, preventative meaning before it happens, yeah. All right. You've got a bigger problem than the HPV vaccine. What on earth is happening to a tarbiyah? And are bringing up our families if we feel that as a country, we need to unite our Muslim population against HPV so that so you're against that

01:31:10--> 01:31:12

vaccine? Of course I am. Okay, so your

01:31:15--> 01:31:15


01:31:16--> 01:31:23

okay. I know but they didn't see it. I want you to I don't want to say it I want you to so you're saying okay.

01:31:24--> 01:31:25

Let me just get

01:31:26--> 01:32:05

the questions people asking watching. I shout normally it doesn't but he's an MMA guy. So when he sees the other guy and he come on Jani, you know, I smash this boy, then he gets oleana Mashallah, he lives up here. Happy today because his his other boy got smashed by Dustin Poirier the diamond smashed hardcore. So Eddie's happy, I'm happy. But my point is, is everyone who's watching this, we love each other. The actual Yes, free. Yes. These are my lectures that on this, you will realize that I'm not pro vaccine, that I'm not pro medicines. I just believe pro evidence. I believe that vaccines are safe on the whole, I believe and trust the regulatory agencies in general, I know that

01:32:05--> 01:32:07

there's corruption. I know that there's problems. I know that there are

01:32:08--> 01:32:30

deficiencies in every area testing, PCR testing, right? We know that they are super sensitive, producing so much results that you can't depend upon the results that the source, it is the irony. That's a fact. Why just say you agree with that, don't you? Okay, I agree with that. Here's the irony, the source and the authorities that gave us that information.

01:32:32--> 01:33:07

The people suddenly ignore them when they say, but we should still continue with PCR testing. So it's like her PCR tests. It's all false. It's all rubbish. Who told you that? Oh, the British Medical Journal of the Lancet, and it's gonna ask them, what do they say about using? They say, well, you should use it. Okay. Let's ask them what they think about the vaccine. Yes, we encourage all people to take the vaccine. we're ignoring that part. But you're focusing on the PCR testing being unreliable, etc. Yeah, you know, what I'm trying to say it this is a this is a discussion that needs to be brought back down to how we deal with evidences. And that's the reason why Muslims,

01:33:07--> 01:33:43

Muslims are failing in this area. And this is where I want to start bringing it to a close, and I'm going to come in with your Quick, quick fire. Questions. Yeah, let me get those questions answered. Yeah, our bigger problem is that the Muslims have forgotten how to deal with evidence, we are people of evidence, we have for our entire history dealt with evidence that suggests one thing and then a consensus which is just something else. And then difference of opinion, which is 5050. And, you know, specific positions from specialists versus generalists, traditionalist versus contemporaries, etc, etc, etc, etc. Our Deen teaches us key principles and methodology and how to deal with all of

01:33:43--> 01:34:19

this is because Muslims are so far away from their religion, that they are unable to deal with data, not able to sift through statistics, this is statistics, they're not able to attend who are authorities. And once they go back and apply basic established principles, then realize just how untenable the movement which is, whether you call it in a pejorative term, anti vaxxers, or whatever you want to call them, those people who are denying this or or reducing that or trying to create conspiracy theories, whatever, you'll realize why that's completely untenable from a practicing solid, Sunni Muslim. Here are the questions what would Poison Control tell you if a parent fed their

01:34:19--> 01:34:36

child some of these toxic ingredients every two months, like they inject in DBT and other vaccines, it would be completely unacceptable and harm if the evidence supported it. The evidence in our current vaccination schedule does not support that. explain the difference between ingestion and injection.

01:34:38--> 01:35:00

In terms of ingestion, islamically or, or just the question here is like, you know, when you go through like aluminum, let's say it goes through your mouth and some idea that people will say, no problem being injected with aluminum because we eat Yeah, aluminium injection or injection verse in January of jeshua. Correct. There is absolutely no doubt that's going through God's system.

01:35:00--> 01:35:33

So you have God's system of elimination, but now you when you inject it, don't go down that line. But you know what I'm saying, you know, Allah put the kidneys along with the system. Edie, be careful, don't bring God into it. I'll tell you why. Because that would suggest that Allah has forbidden injections, which of course he hasn't. No, no, I'm not saying no, no, no, no. Yeah. But that's my point. But what they're arguing they're arguing is not there's no such thing as God system. This is God's system. Everybody. Yes. Yes. Both system is not just through here. Right. So I know, I know, you went that you got a bit excited. That's okay. But the point is, is that automated

01:35:33--> 01:36:14

system, but your primary argument is good. We should not be testing and that's why it is a weak argument. It's not a very strong argument. And I know I put my hand up. I've made that point before that from your diet, dietary ingestion of aluminium, aluminium, aluminium, we say aluminium, by the way, right? aluminum, that is not comparable to direct into the bloodstream straight possibly going to the brain. There is no there's no, there is no there is no actual comparison there two different routes. So what should be the comparison? Is the data, the data that shows that the after effects, the side effects, the poisoning all that level of aluminum going to the brain via an injection? And

01:36:14--> 01:36:17

the data does not support that it is as simple as that. You know, you didn't?

01:36:18--> 01:36:57

Do you know about the toxicologist? They've done extensive work. Chris, actually and Ashley Everly effect that Alzheimer's patients and autistic patients both have one thing in common aluminum in their gut and brains. And you can see there there's studies on do you know about this? You don't have to you Don't I know about this. And you know what the great thing about this particular study is that you don't even need to know a single thing about aluminum, or about science or about anything to know that I'll heroin and Alzheimer's and senility and the increase of this problem is occurring in communities that don't even have access to aluminum, let alone adjuvants, let alone

01:36:57--> 01:37:33

injections, let alone anything of them to say that's just got to be said. Now, back to the previous point, that once we opened the door to Diet Coke, bro, okay, you should expect absolutely everything to go wrong with humans, human beings. And I'm very serious. I know people will find that funny. And even I make jokes of it. But it's true. The modern world, right? I actually support what these folks are saying, right? And I really, you know, I'm a massive Joe Rogan, for example, right? He's something that I'm sure that you listen to, because obviously, you know, you've got your younger version. Did you see him once wearing our red civic t shirt? I don't I have I have I have I have I

01:37:33--> 01:38:06

have? He's got pros and cons. Right? So just you know, you know, you know what kind of things that he does, which are disgusting, and haram and all the rest of it doesn't mean we throw away the good stuff. Right? Okay. And my point is, is that Islam teaches us that is good to be taken back to be taken. If you go to a person, you know, does a lot of the American culture that I've learned from him, because he is obviously a wealthy man, he's got access to doing certain things in his way of life. That way that other people can only dream about living off the land living off the grid living x living while blah, blah, blah. My point is this, that once you open that door to unhealthy living

01:38:06--> 01:38:38

or to eat like the masses do, and the public, whatever, I have no doubt whatsoever that we're all gonna suffer. I think I'm suffering from Alzheimer's now, bro. And our plant is damp and Diet Coke right here. Okay, I'm addicted to this stuff. That's why I couldn't care less what's in the vaccine. I'm gonna be straight out to you, bro. If you want me to give you the emotional argument, the lay people argument. That's the reality once you've opened a Diet Coke, the most horrible, disgusting, infected anything in human history. Right? And you're expected to worry about what's in it. So if you stay away from Coke, then stay away from vaccines. That's what

01:38:39--> 01:38:47

I told you. Even. That's a very high bar. Here's the next question. It looks share. We're almost going to have a gift for you. Have you seen this?

01:38:49--> 01:38:58

That's a vial with the What is that? It is indeed bro. That's for you. That's for you. only need to put it up and to put it on your desk your dartboard. Do you guys know you have dogs?

01:38:59--> 01:39:32

Yes, yes, yes. So you can put it down and you can just pack it crap. What's that one? Is that the vet? Is that the Pfizer? biotech? Yeah, yeah. Empty, by the way, otherwise, it'd be worth a couple 100 pounds. Yeah. And illegal as well. In pharmacy school, they learned that there are toxic chemicals that they need protective gear to handle. So the question is, why is it then that these toxic chemicals are okay to put in vaccines into tiny, tiny babies? And I'm taking Next question. Okay. Why is it that US has the highest number of vaccinated kids and yet has the highest number of infant deaths?

01:39:34--> 01:39:59

Bro, this is it. Now? That's a quality question. Right? That's a quality question. With answers that go way beyond the scope of this program. We should be asking ourselves when we look at the death deaths that is being compared to in another country, for example, how is the reporting of those deaths being occurred?

01:40:00--> 01:40:35

Inside country like, for example, Pakistan, if we were to take any a city and say 100,000, and we've seen the amount of kids that have died, right? What's the reporting? Like? How is the actual figures comparing to America? You know, the ones that are America American base? You see, here's the problem. Americans have created their own problem. Like actually, you know, everybody hates Donald Trump, but the guy come up with some pretty nice quality statements. Very, very true ones. And everyone really cool it for everyone. Everyone ridiculed him for it. Like last year, when he was saying that the reason that we have the greatest number of infections is because

01:40:36--> 01:41:11

what did he say? Trump? Yeah. The reason why I forgot what he say, because we do the most tests. Okay, because we're doing the most testing. Yeah, I see what you're saying. So that's true. I people were ridiculing him for it. But it's true. If you have a system. Yeah. Do you honestly think that in Pakistan and in x&y, and in all these other countries, which I speak to regularly, they're like, what Corona? What are you talking about? You know, Do you honestly think that they've got no infection? Do you honestly think that there is nothing there, but people don't care about it, people don't test for it, afford to test for it. People who don't have the time to test for it, people

01:41:11--> 01:41:48

don't care for the testing. So when it comes to numbers and figures, there's far more questions that need to be asked as well. So when you say the highest number? First of all, I wouldn't accept that I don't want to rubbish this data I find this particular area. Fascinating. I want to know, though, is that how are we measuring that against other countries infant mortality and infant mortality is of higher numbers, but the classification for the cause of death? and registration of death is in question. Just like for example, the number of people who die. So in America, there'll be multi 1000 everyday at the moment. Okay. dying of COVID. You know, and I know that the system that that

01:41:48--> 01:42:01

designates a person to have died of COVID is full of problems, right? In the UK, it is any death that occurs within a 28 day period of someone returning a positive COVID test. You know that right?

01:42:03--> 01:42:40

Great. You're miles away only your absolute miles away the person's eyes, it is Mosley, it's okay. It reminded me now, yeah, that would that is a problem. If you're saying that a death rate of death is being ascertained as COVID. Because he died within 28 days of a COVID test, you can understand that as a problem. At the same time, what's the alternative? what's the alternative? You can either go full the other side and say, well, let's not do any testing whatsoever, and just write it off as overall deaths. And some countries are doing that, right. So they look don't they don't look at COVID deaths, they compared to previous year's death rate for that month, they look at this year's

01:42:40--> 01:43:12

at this month, this year. And the discrepancy, they're putting that down to and they they they make an estimate, the algorithm makes an estimate of an increase in car accidents and increase in domestic abuse. And then they look and then the rest the difference? They say no, that's COVID. So that's the second approach, you can see the problem with that as well. Then you've got the other approach, which is no every person who dies upon death we're going to do from their bodily fluids, a COVID test, bro, these people can't even breathe in the intensive care unit, I'm talking about the staff, there's no time there's no nothing, they're not going to be testing every single cadaver that

01:43:12--> 01:43:52

comes off the intensive care unit. So you know, sometimes people try to cause a problem when it's not even there. When when the solution is not easy. The situation is not easy. There are problems all over the place. It doesn't negate the issue. That whether we say 1000 people died, 15,000 people died, or 600 people died to their COVID it will not change that our Intensive Care Unit beds, our staff, our doctors are an absolute crisis, that the nurses are absolutely in tears, they cannot learn it. They're all depressed, they're all seeing that die every single day, they cannot change the fact that I went to the graveyard. And I expect in three burials. So 18 Bear burials. And the

01:43:52--> 01:44:25

next day 18 more. That is not a fake. The person who does that is someone who I trained. He is making it clear to me that honor this year, last year, year before this is what the numbers are suddenly as a result, when what he lied, and their symptoms night and the fact that the whole family is infected, that's a lie as well and this person, he couldn't breathe and he died. That's a lie as well. And the positive PCR result, that's a lie as well. And the guy who's burying the body, that's a lie as well. This is only gonna cause a major problem for the Muslims when you're happy that is, is so

01:44:27--> 01:44:42

dismissive of factual realities. This is what creates cults. This is what skepticism when it's taken to a strong level creates. Yeah, this is the reason why I came on this program to make Muslims realize that you cannot have this approach to life. You can't.

01:44:43--> 01:44:59

Sorry, yeah. Couple more, a couple more questions. Some of these, you might have answered already, but if you did, tell me it says safe and effective. How are vaccines safe if over 4.6 billion have been paid out of damages from the vaccine? Injury Compensation mission of safe is based

01:45:00--> 01:45:35

On a percentage, because of course, if you talk about taking let me just finish the whole question. Let me finish the whole book. Yeah, let me finish the whole question compensated for and the inserts themselves indicate a long list of side effects and risks that include brain damage and death. How I'm almost done. Ask how do vaccine companies check the safety of vaccines? Keep in mind that they have never done a double blind placebo studies. So what are they using as a placebo? Okay, so that's the whole question. That's what that's a complete nonsense, that the last just just these three vaccines, you can see who took the placebo? And who didn't think we're talking this is a general

01:45:35--> 01:46:18

just vaccines in general, obviously wrong that part about which part is wrong placebo, which didn't use placebo, so use placebo. And they are using vaccines or attributes such as aluminum, keep in mind they are using vaccines or adjutants. is aluminum, the definition of placebo having no aluminum or not aluminum? Are you saying? Are you saying? Are you saying different continents? Are you saying like MMR DPT all these they do a double blind placebo or they don't double blind trials on vaccines. Okay, today, let's talk about today. Yeah, that are that are put if they do not use placebo, as their fundamental, a trial is not a trial. What are you testing? If you don't have a control? I

01:46:18--> 01:46:51

think here, here is where we did, like I said, Now says the end part. I don't want to ruin your point on this point. So you're saying this, it doesn't you say something is second here? How do we this a good point right here? Because one side is saying that, for instance, I can this is independent, because they've sued actually the companies to show these tests. And they they're not using it, you're saying they are so here, we got someone's lying. So this is like how do we because one side is saying everything? I don't even know, you know, there's no double blind placebo there. So I don't I don't I don't understand, unless we're basically saying that every single person is

01:46:51--> 01:47:32

lying. Right? Like every person involved. Every scientist, what if it's proven to you if it's proven to me that there was no placebo involved in MMR or any of these in the in the Pfizer in the in the in the Medina? And let me just give you an example. Because very painfully, I watched the independent Council of advisory to vaccines goes through the data, and I went through literally with them. If you're telling me that every single person involved from the scientists that accompany to the now I'm not talking about No, we're not talking about this new vaccine for the current we're talking about the MMR all these other currently, I don't know. I don't know if every single study

01:47:32--> 01:48:02

having gone through a show that I don't I don't sorry, let me repeat, repeat. I do not know the intrinsic details of every clinical trial supported the license of each individual vaccine as a standard as a standard, you would think that there's a double use against this evil, of course, because just to use, okay, I, I have to go cross. So you're saying they are and so you're I'm gonna go back and look, what's their evidence, and then this will be like a virtual.

01:48:04--> 01:48:44

Like I said, we're I'll show your video and then Okay, II, let's go from next one. Okay. How are the testings for efficacy, for instance, don't just focus on that point. Yes, also make up make up make a point here. Sometimes we can also get a bit lost on this. Right? So let's imagine, let's imagine that. And I want to make it clear, I don't know, let's just say that MMR or smallpox, smallpox or whatever, something previous in history, because I know for certain that these one went against placebo. But let's just say that in history, in a historical case, there was a vaccine that didn't go against placebo in its testing, and it does that to make sure it's efficacious. And say, that's

01:48:44--> 01:49:25

the reason, right? Yeah, there's reason to use a placebo to prove that it works. And it's safe. You agree? That's the gold standard? Yes, that's right. Let's say now, you you falsified it, or you didn't use it, or whatever. And then it comes out. And it works. And the data shows, it works. And it's safe, even if we assume if we listen to use MMR, for example. And we was to assume that it's true. And it's not the claims of the fingers of autism as a result of taking it. But let's just say that we assumed it. And we looked at the numbers, and we created the percentages, and it showed that 1% basically come out with a risk of this, okay, then, frankly, whatever they used in the clinical

01:49:25--> 01:49:59

trial doesn't matter, because it's now been going for 10 years, right. And you have hundreds and millions now in your cohort study as opposed to 40,000, your clinical trial, and you are now monitoring all of that. And your data shows that the rate of measles, mumps and rubella has absolutely plummeted. And it is now very low risk, etc, etc, etc. And the number of autism cases increases by a percentage and then you work out with songs, then it actually doesn't matter that that doesn't support the idea. You should now go and make drugs without placebo, but it means that whatever happened historically, here they quote a good bullet.

01:50:00--> 01:50:40

You know, they, they, they got away with it. The only thing that should concern us is now in the current system, any company that wants to prove his point is going to obviously have to make it work against placebo. Now, when it doesn't, it doesn't mean that it won't work or it's not safe, it just means that there's going to be far too many questions. Like, for example, Madonna, what a complete shambles of a clinical trials process. And up to this was AstraZeneca as well, they know for certain that US law, ethnic minorities, okay, Pat's black, all the rest of it, we definitely have a bigger problem with with COVID than our white, you know, Anglo Saxon counterparts. Okay. And yet, we

01:50:40--> 01:51:16

thought we will be we became a tiny minority of the clinical trial cohort, it would have made sense that there'll be more so than the more greater data, this is killing far more elderly people than it is younger people. So you'd expect more elderly to be involved in the cohort they want. So that shows the poor quality, or we can make excuses, etc, etc, etc. So I'm not supporting all the clinical trials and giving them you know, 100%, as whatever, but at the end of the day, the data shows that they are safe, efficacious, and so far, so good, long term, Allah knows best, no company is gonna say 100% safe. No person who's a healthcare professional should say that as well. There's

01:51:16--> 01:51:48

always possibility of side effects XYZ blah, blah, blah. And if you're drinking Diet Coke, don't ask what's in the flippin vaccine. A couple more questions. We'll come to the poll. So you mentioned saved now the next one is on efficacy, because we hear a safe and effective so the question starts off, how are they testing for efficacy. For instance, the Royal medical journal indicated last January 2020, that the HPV vaccine has never been tested for efficacy yet they are vaccinating everyone. Additionally, vaccine inserts indicate the vaccines have never been tested as a carcinogen, even though they contain carcinogens, and have never been tested to see if they they

01:51:48--> 01:51:55

cause infertility, asked him to define efficacy. So absolutely agree efficacy. And that's one of the problems with

01:51:57--> 01:52:02

that's one of the major valid claims against the COVID trials, right?

01:52:03--> 01:52:48

They've said that they're efficacious that the drug is efficacious. 95%, but 95%, against what? And you'll see that they say serious illness, right or serious symptoms. And there'll be people that will argue that that's just unreal, that's not accurate enough. That's a valid point. Right? How much better do governments and authorities want the people to be to give the companies the parent or the what the the framework on which to actually test that their products? Do they want a complete reading of their disease? Do they want what we call sterilizing immunity, which is that you might get, you know, better yourself. But I just don't want to infect anybody else. At this moment in

01:52:48--> 01:53:25

time, all of the vaccine companies have said, we do not know we didn't test. So I agree entirely. The efficacy is based upon the definition that the community the authorities that will come to this our expected goal, we just want people not to die, or we just want people not to have hypoxia, or we just want people not to have lung COVID or we just want so that's a big discussion, completely accept that point. The point before it was what in the beginning of the question that the Royal medical journal indicated that January 2020, that the HPV vaccine has never been tested for EPO. That's what I'm gonna say, ya know, I've accidentally I want every bit of data around the world to

01:53:25--> 01:54:03

say that the HPV vaccine is disaster, but don't yet but that's me emotionally reactive, because I hate the idea but not gone. Yeah. Okay, so now we're coming to an end. That's it. Just you're familiar with Andrew Wakefield? If I was to get him on the program, would you have 100? grand? Okay. Okay, that answers that question. But the reason I mentioned is that, do you know, Andrew Wakefield, right? I don't know. I don't know. I'm saying you know, that the study that he didn't say that vaccines cause autism, but he had 12 autistic children, and he found inflammation in the gut. And then they could then then because doctors use this every time and I and I heard your video saying

01:54:03--> 01:54:22

that there is definitely no link between autism and, and and areas and definitely no statistical proof that from one in 10,000, and you're my generation one and 34. In the vaccine generation, why didn't food allergies suddenly appear in 1989? are all coming from vaccines. And

01:54:23--> 01:55:00

it's not just me saying it, all those 400 diseases that suddenly became epidemic after 1989 every one of them is listed as a site is free of a number of factors. That creates that link. That is my scientific opinion. And Allah knows best, because once you base your opinion on statistics, yeah, there's always a possibility or you have the swelling of the brain, the medical term of the long term, f several itis, that's on the Insert. So that equals autism, doesn't it? And not necessarily No, no.

01:55:00--> 01:55:06

Every swelling creates autism. I mean, they obviously they know that. Listen, there's no doubt there's no doubt that

01:55:07--> 01:55:45

how do you explain this? When the vaccines went up to 76 doses, we saw all the chronic health issues. Also, autism just exploded last night about an hour ago. I completely agree with this. I completely agree with that point, your point that we live in a world now, where we have, and it will be completely disingenuous to try and make out that is vaccines. Of course, this is the modern world war is the developed world, bro. It's our diet. It's the way that we live. It's our approach to hygiene. And would I remove? Would I remove vaccines from this? Absolutely. That's fair, you're being fair. You're not saying like some people they say absolutely not. It's not your typical

01:55:45--> 01:55:59

products. Once you start dealing in synthetic products, once you start dealing with, you know, things that are created in laboratory, you're obviously opening the door to the unknown, okay, now we can. So I want you to understand, listen,

01:56:00--> 01:56:32

listen, all of your people need to understand that people who are extreme on either side, you know, everybody can see them for my love. They just don't know what they're talking about. Muslims need to appreciate that life is all about mitigation of risk. Our Islam teaches us that as a Muslim, you look for as much benefit as possible, and you minimize the harm, that you sometimes appoint in situation where you even have to take a home and you in that scenario, you take the lesser of the two homes. And this is a basic approach, all of life is mitigation of risk. We do not when we give an up who say that, you know, don't enjoy this purple, there's a risk of death, we don't go going

01:56:32--> 01:57:08

out for a walk and say that there's a one in 300 chance that you're going to fall and you're going to kill yourself. You say Enjoy your walk. That's what we say. What I'm trying to say is that when we take medicines, we should also put that as part of the general principles of life. Am I happy that we have created a world where we are dependent upon medication, where it has lowered our threshold to pain, where it has had a mental effect is had any internal effects? Am I happy? No, I'm not. I decided against myself when I had the COVID injection device, the one last Thursday, my arm was killing. absolutely killing that Thursday night that frightened me being a hero. I was like, No,

01:57:08--> 01:57:40

you know, they're saying take deposits multeq nicodemo? No, because I don't want to blow my pain. I've already injected myself with something that's continuing to a monkey. And Bill Gates is gonna know about it. I don't know, I need to also reduce my threshold as well. So I said no, you know what it is I put up with it. It killed me on Saturday. And then by Saturday night, it was great, my arm is not hurting anymore. There are some people that are going to say I don't want to touch or feel pain whatsoever. And they actually before they take the vaccination, they take the paracetamol before so that you can actually cover the period of any even appearance of pain. They don't want to

01:57:40--> 01:58:18

go in and rain and we need a there's a problem there just just for the profit taking about the lack of exposure to tough circumstances which a Muslim is not trying to or shouldn't be trying to avoid in its entirety. So there's many deeper ethical, moral questions about the philosophy of medicine and vaccines like to know the scientific discussion, that's an Islamic discussion, let alone the Aveda impact. As I said to you, the reason I came here is because Muslims have now started to turn into conspiracy theorists where their skepticism has now dominated their trust in Allah subhanaw taala and tomato and unanimity and he's mad. And that's the problem. Since you mentioned his turn,

01:58:18--> 01:59:01

we're done. But I'm not a conspiracy theorist. It's a shame we have to just repeat that. But you know, when this term was actually coined in 1974, when people were questioning the Kennedy assassination, to get people from, you know, questioning, but you had our friend, Yasser cardi, you know, elsecar, the, he was talking about the, the German parliament was bombed, the parliament was bombed, a fire was set up. Hitler immediately said that Jews did it instantaneously, the public ran with it. The perception was that this is a Jewish plot. And because of this one incident of bombing the parliament, Hitler asked and was given unilateral powers. Like what happened 20 years ago in our

01:59:01--> 01:59:35

own country because of one terrorist attack, you do have things that are happening out there in the world. I have no listen. I don't know, a conspiracy theorist itself. It depends upon the conspiracy right? It's a good phrase or no, I don't mind being called a conspiracy theorists about those things which are to do with American policy for example, look, Iraq, for instance. And you know, the, you know, 500 million definition of a conspiracy means Yeah, and you know, that the 500 they had fun the Pentagon spent 500 million to make fake terrorist video videos, you know, to make us look like terrorists and that you know, and whatnot so you have things these are conspiracies that Hartmann

01:59:36--> 01:59:40

conspiracy is that Yeah, you know, my new slogan, you know, my new slogan,

01:59:41--> 01:59:59

slogan because they say never know, they say never forget. And I said because every time that year comes around, more Muslims also where Muslims also die say never forget Islam and Muslims had nothing to do with 911 stop using us as the scapegoat. All right, let me just finish let me just finish. Let me finish here. When you mentioned consensus, it just stuck in my mind.

02:00:00--> 02:00:33

You know, when we look back consensus we look at at one time there was a consensus with doctors who were smoking and they were promoting cigarettes that cigarettes to the consensus around vaccines. It's just like tobacco science, you know, what would would we have fought for tobacco science, there was a time when every doc was saying smoking cigarettes is good for you, or at least it's not bad for you. I mean, that that existed, and the industry was just paying for tons and tons of science to be done that supported that issue. That's what's happening in vaccines. Then you had a small group of scientists like like you do today who were fighting the consensus, but then they actually won you

02:00:33--> 02:00:57

know, but you had the you had, by the way, I want to use a better example, bro. Okay, next, any point in history that the consensus was that cigarettes were okay, well come on. Then you had in the modern schooling in the universities, there's a consensus that there's like, No, God, you know what I mean? So then that bro, come on, man, you're using some weak example. Come on, when you had the Constitution, let me try more. You had emailed me, let me finish

02:00:59--> 02:01:23

it humble, who was under who was by himself and the consensus around you know, the people of his time. So that's so from every two thirds of the Constitution had to two thirds, the black man was two thirds of the white man. Right? So you had at one time you had a consensus, that we're fighting the Muslim saying that Islam is false. So we always had an Allah tells us in the Quran doesn't mean that that, you know, if you follow the majority, most of time you're going to be you know.

02:01:24--> 02:02:03

So now you do have you do have small groups at times, yet you binding to what consensus means. So you do have even scientists at one time, it's all Galileo, Galileo, right, Galileo, let me help. Let me help you. Yes, we did that point, you get the point. Right. The library, Mr. Wood said, the truth is the truth, even if you are alone upon it. So So like I said, there is no hiding. Muslims don't hide Yani did with the principles. The idea is that there's no definition of consensus that there is something called a silent silent consensus that there's a an active one, that consensus can change, that there are certain voices that if they go against the idea, the expected opinion is that then

02:02:03--> 02:02:48

called a global jumbo or is that is my these are technical discussions, what they do not what they do not affect is the is the consequence, when there is collateral when there is a, an unacceptable possibility, or the impossible reality of everyone colluding together to try and pull the wool over someone's eyes. And as I said, when you take that path, it's a very dangerous one. And that's what I just want to come on here to the Muslims and say that you know what, it's far better for you to, you know, if you're worried about your current situation, then don't take the vaccine, no problem. For protect your IP, the way you start to question absolutely every single person and every single thing

02:02:48--> 02:03:23

and likewise to those who are pro everything. Be very careful about that, that your data is not affected by your scientist or scientific or by your social or by your news based decisions, because it's not funny. We're Muslims once who have, by definition, submitted our will to the Creator of the heavens and earth for those watching who are not yet Muslim, because everyone has the potential to submit to one and only one God, we love you so deeply. As we love Jesus, as we love Jesus, Jesus is one of the greatest messengers that ever walked on the earth according with along with Moses, Abraham and Alaska fundamental problem I have a piece of buzzard via poem. So bringing this to a

02:03:23--> 02:04:02

close, we're holistic people. And in the Quran, which is the rate of a word of God Almighty, based on proven evidence, if we can agree on another thing, share that in the Quran chapter two verse, I think, 172, God Almighty is saying that eat all you who believe eat of the good things. So if we can agree to this, that we can get Muslims to get those Coca Cola out of the machines, we can stop eating fake food, eat real food, to support our immune system, the gift that Allah gave us, that God Almighty gave us to be able to, you know, help us in these things. We don't push away obviously medicines that are there that you know, the tire can understand. But, but at the end of the day, to

02:04:02--> 02:04:36

really, you know, live a holistic life and, you know, try to combat obesity and many of these chronic health issues by eating real foods that tell you about foods, avoiding fake foods, you know, taking care of this gift is vehicle that Allah gave us to get us to life. I mean, this is something that I try to encourage different scholarships to kind of, you know, to talk more about this, you know, would you agree that Allah says eat properly, but he didn't say hello, he said, that means organic food. That means a healthy food, yes, unfortunately means expensive food in a lot of times, but it doesn't have to be and the more that you hang around, and you know, I know that it spends a

02:04:36--> 02:04:49

lot of time on this. And, you know, I'm sure that maybe that's an area as well Eddie for a future show, how to make it affordable how to make it realistic and not just for folks in the States and the international kind of, you know, communities it's not an easy game not okay, and

02:04:51--> 02:04:59

and that definitely extends to medicines and I wish even as a pharmacist, I wish that we had a world that was less dependent on medicines.

02:05:00--> 02:05:34

I wish that we could do that. And that's my general approach. And it's in light of my standard teachings, I very strongly hold that people want me to live forever. I'm always being cold, cold all the time. Maybe, right? There's a couple jokes all the time my father is on life support, can I take him off, take him off, my mother is on life support. We are not people who are dependent upon this life, we have somewhere to go, we don't need to remain in a decrepit state of being fed and injected in IV. God knows what artificial life in comas does that whatever whatnot, we are not meant to be relying upon these medicines to the level that we don't just try to come about, we strangled the

02:05:34--> 02:06:19

down camera and put them down in the ground. And you know, there is a balance to life. And very much I agree that we have created a problem with our approach to life, our diet, our medicine approach. And so if a person can avoid for themselves, so anything, not just vaccines, but anything synthetic, etc, etc, then Soviet but let me make it also very clear, as much as I love at the end, as much as I love all the Muslims who may disagree with me, these vaccines are demonstratively safe, they are beyond the the limits that we would consider where the risk of them is greater than the risk which is happening to those of us of vulnerable age in the West. Okay, I'm not that foolish enough to say

02:06:19--> 02:06:57

that this is what people who are living in the East don't even care about it. We don't need hospital beds who are not dependent upon intensive care units that are not available for them, that don't have a life that depends upon that kind of reality, that are eating Pure Food, good food that have good good immune systems that are not are vulnerable. comorbidities are not over 70 8090 years old. But if you are like in our communities, then it's something which I promote, I am willing to stand and accept its safety and I will not only say that it is without risk, and that is all medication or food, unfortunately the way that we live our lives but do I go back to what Eddie said 100% and this

02:06:57--> 02:07:18

is the dean shown so we should bring it back down to Islam. Allah Allah absolutely promoting the halal and the pure. We love the show idea and we love the fact that we finally got on any you know, every time that you mentioned that we always worship Allah and we worship like the prophets. I always used to get excited man I love that behavior. So I'm glad that you've got those lines in even in a boring vaccine to a mother

02:07:20--> 02:07:26

Thank you very much. It was really nice talking with you. We had a nice healthy discussion we covered a lot we went way over time but

02:07:27--> 02:07:28

two hours you've mentored me Hey bro

02:07:30--> 02:07:44

it's 50 grand for this surely and he told the other guy 100 grand I'm gonna be a millionaire soon bro. I gotta go back now to Dr. Sherry tenpenny and inshallah we can put money down but they're ready to share that with her. Yeah, Shay thank you very much May Allah God Almighty, the creator love bless you and your family.

02:07:45--> 02:08:15

You as well. Alright, take care of Chicago, man. Shout out to Chicago. Hey, I'm teaching in Chicago next week, man. Oh, yeah, you got this. Let the people know you gotta Yeah, actually difficult medicines where I teach people that you shouldn't be taking medicines willy nilly. That's actually part of the module of the classes, the fear of death, the type of sickness, the pick of health. We go into organ donation, we understand what's going on there. All of this kind of stuff is being taught virtually. So I'd rather have.org check it out. Chicago, Chicago in Chicago. What would you call you guys? You guys, Chicago, Chicago and

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