S6E3 Zayd Learns How To Be As A Person – Lessons On Character And Conduct.

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Akhlaaq The Islamic Way

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The keeper of oaths,

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dead was searching for a truthful question. But there was so many of them.

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Tell me just just how to be, to be of decent folk like you

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who mood came forward, a man of 60 broad, liked by all,

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an astronomer and a mathematician.

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And komoot spoke

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to be,

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Allah said for you to be and there you were.

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he uttered you in hope that from yourself you make the most.

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So be thankful. Thankful for the glowing moon above you. So pale and simple is the partner to our Earth.

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Be like the moon in thankfulness, face the earth eternally, observing all creations

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the old

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being all that every tree and bush use fruits and leaves and flowers. Each is sculpted from instructions in a seed

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be ordered things and seen a vast dimensions, Diamond planets, suns as vast in size as all the sky above us.

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be hopeful,

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be like sunflowers, their faces always to the sun. But when it's gone, they turned to face each other.

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Hope conquers your greatest fears. But if it leaves your site, you'll find it in each other.

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Be humble.

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to school years ago, we sent a sentinel to space. It sent back pictures of Earth. But all we saw was a tiny speck of blue, suspended in a ray of light.

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All we know and all we are is human flex upon a tiny speck of blue.

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be purposeful, like a hunter stalking prey only visible to believers. Pray with all your heart for clarity of path ahead.

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Be generous. share everything you find with others on your journey. First help others brothers, sisters, people who you serve.

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All we have to gain is earned in what we give to God.

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Be sure to love.

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Love will bring your tree to blossom, countless roses and it will shake you to your roots as quickly. But stand firmly all the same. Make each day your mission to show love with firm conviction. hug and kiss your mother's brothers wives.

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plant the seeds of love. Knowing that love gives endless seeds The more you so

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be trustworthy. clear conscience is the softest pillow.

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Do what you say you will do. Your honor and your character lend firmness to your hand.

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have hope but don't expect to trust in others deeds. Sleep restful, only if you place your trust in God, yourself and nothing else.

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be dignified.

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Angels themselves bowed at your creation. So respect the act of God that you represent.

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take actions only as if someone is watching.

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Suffer shame only if it's your own, never from others. Nurture and rely on what's inside you.

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Be steady.

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Face the Truth regardless of how harsh the facts for life seems just assume unfair than not, and grinds you into dust and then revives you.

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Life would put a crown on your head than hanging from a tree like a drying fish. So welcome all its turns with cheerful face, expecting endless change.

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Be careful. Have an appetite of life and eat freely all that is allowed. But keep your attention hidden, safe from any foods forbidden.

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Be insightful. Become a single strength and recognize yourself as strong.

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You may be overlooked by others. But just as often you have failed to see yourself

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and be yourself. Your path is your own to make in life. The same faith.

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paths to God are rarely ever shared.

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Be resolute

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Attend too good along your path and watch it straighten up.

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The stick you hold when climbing rocks or slopes is gripped by holding on to goodness, even when you think the path is lost

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and be reassured.

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If you are worthy of its course, life will not treat you lightly.

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That is the surest way to know you are living right.

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said was struck with a kind of lightning inside his mind, which roused 1000 more questions he wanted to know more. And for all the answers to come at once, it was hardly clear to him what he should ask about next.

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He also knew the classy custom, that young men and women take their first journeys together after marriage.

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Some words just build out of him, as if by pure chance, the lucky ones to find a sound.

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So finally, he spoke

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I must know about marriage