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Yunus 75-109 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 88-93

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Lesson number 116. So that Eunice

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what Carla Musa and Musa SNM said

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robina or our Lord in NACA, indeed you are data you have given fit her own fit her own woman oh and his people, his elite

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you have given for their own and his mother, Xena adornment. What am Weiland and also wealth?

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Xena is from the roof that Rosa Yeah, no.

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And Xena is beauty

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and it is a various levels.

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First of all, Xena is of the knifes What does it mean? That it is internal?

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When a person has internal beauty, he is beautiful on the inside? How?

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With what?

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How is the person beautiful on the inside?

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With good character, good morals, man. Good luck, positive thinking. When a person is a very calm nature,

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all of this beautifies a person internally.

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The second level of Xena is of the burden. What does it mean? of the physical body when a person is beautiful in his physical body, and for that every culture, in fact, every person has his own standards. What the height should be what the color should be, how the eyes should be how the hair should be every person has his own standards. But unfortunately, nobody gets to make the choice.

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It's so sad.

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People are so picky when it comes to physical beauty. But nobody has the choice to select that beauty to select the nose to select the ears to select the type of the hair, nobody gets to make that choice. So I don't know why people have these kind of standards.

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So first of all, it is of the knobs. Secondly, it is after burden and thirdly it is external. outward. What does it mean by that? Like for example the clothes that a person wears, or the jewelry that a person wears, or the home that a person lives in the furniture that he has in a

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cemetery the status that a person has the business that he runs out of this is what external beauty so mozzarella Salamis making the rod that Oh Allah you have given for their own and his mela Xena adornment?

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What does it mean by Xena over here then you have given them all types of adornment.

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And in especially this refers to the Zener of the button, as well as the external, Xena that they were given that physically, they were known for their beauty. And at the same time, they were very wealthy, very powerful. If you look at it, their clothes, their hair, if you ever look at the picture straight here, the clothes that they wear, the jewelry that they have the lavish lives that they're living in the houses, the trees, the fortresses, all of that shows what external beauty

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what I'm wearing, and also wealth. Where have you given this to them? Phil Hyatt adonia in the life of this world, and what's happening as a result of burnout or our Lord, Leo lilu and sibenik. So they mislead from your way. Leo the loo. Lamb. Remember the different types of lamb, one is a reason

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and another is off consequence of result.

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So you have given them all of this. And as a result, what are they doing? They're misleading people away from your way.

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So Lele delu lamb over here is off our octava of consequence. You have given them so much. And as a result, they are not being grateful to you. They're not using these blessings to please you to worship you to be grateful to you. Instead, they're using it against you to misguide people.

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So our Lord Ravana infamous erase either unwell him upon their wealth. It misses from the room collectors thought meme scene and thumbs is to wipe out and to erase something in such a way that hardly anything of it remains behind. Hardly any traces remain behind so infamous either unworthy him that extinguish, erase wipe off eradicate their wealth wish did and harden other Caribbean upon their hearts make their hearts hard. What does it mean by that? The next part of the AI explains further you know so that they will not believe had the until Yahoo they see an audible alarm the painful punishment, make their hearts hard so that they don't

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Believe until they see the punishment.

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Now Messiah Santa is making this law against you, against our own and his people. When is he making this wrong? After many years

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musallam did our for so long. But yet, what did he receive from the people a federal denial and rejection,

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and for their own only increased in his oppression, in his tyranny, and the Bani Israel, they were suffering day by day at the hands of federal.

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And the situation instead of getting better, was getting worse every moment.

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And now, they were hindering people from the weight of a loss of parameter. It wasn't just the money Australia whom they were stopping, they were stopping themselves and the future generations as well. They were stopping them as well from the wave of law.

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This is why musala salam is making dua against them. That Oh Allah, now destroy these people.

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Because if you let them live, what's going to happen? They're going to continue in their oppression, in their denial in their misleading people away from the truth. Right now it is only one generation. Tomorrow, they'll be misleading many more. Therefore he is praying against them. And we see that new horizon. He also the Dharma for so long. And then finally he made the law against the people.

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As we don't know, I have 26 and 27. We'll call a new rock beat letter of the middle caffeine in the year in Mecca in our home, you'll be lewrie vida cola Yeti do LFR john cafaro Oh my lord, leave not one of the disbelievers on the earth don't even need one of them. Because if you leave them, they will mislead Your servants and they will beget none but wicked disbelievers.

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Who will they give birth to who will continue after them wicked disbelievers Leo lindora and savelic. So this is why musasa was praying against them.

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Now remember that this is not a result of frustration on the part of Masada center.

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But this door is a solution to the evil that fit our own and his people were spreading.

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Because you might think that the messenger is supposed to be good and sincere to his people. Why is musar SLM printing guns, and especially this door that satisfied upon their hearts hardened their hearts so that they don't believe until they see the painful punishment?

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The fact is that no matter what our own, and his people were showing, every time What did they do? That is believed they would come to Masada salon, they would say, if you remove this problem, we will believe, but what would they do? They will go back to their denial. So moussaka, Sam knew of the habit of the people of Pharaoh.

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He had observed them for a long time, and he knew very well as to how these people were going to behave.

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So this is why he makes us do are against them. Just like if a part of the body gets terribly infected, for example, a part of the body gets cancer, then what's the solution to that? If you don't remove it, that cancer is going to spread? This is a solution. This is not that a person hates that part of the body? No, no, it's because if you don't remove that organ, what's going to happen the cancer is going to spread. Similarly, if the people of their own are not finished, what's going to happen? People are going to go astray, day by day because of them. So this is a solution to the evil that Ron and his people were spreading. This is not out of frustration.

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Allah He said, meaning Allah subhanaw taala said, other orgy but dharwar to Kuma, your supplication has been answered. Would you bet from the real veterus Diem? Well, that joab and ijazah is to respond to answer.

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So your Dawa, your prayer has been accepted? It has been answered. And it is said that it was after 40 years that the draw of musala salon was accepted 40 years. It wasn't that immediately he prayed in the next day. For hours people were finished. No It took 40 years. So what was musar Listen, I'm told that faster female so you do remain firm is to clean up from the fetters of Wyoming.

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remain firm remain firm in what in your mission in your work. That just because you have made a draw against the people of Iran and you have been told that it will be accepted. It does not mean you stop doing your work.

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Just because you have made the law does not mean you stop doing your work. You have made the law you have been told it will be accepted by

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What are you required to do?

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stay firm, continue with your mission, no matter how severe the circumstances become still do what you're supposed to do. And meanwhile, while at the virani, and do not follow at all, Sabina levina lay on the moon the way of those people who do not know

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so that the law has been accepted. However, in response, there will be some delay, there will be some time until then don't give up, but continue your work. And this is what we need to do as well.

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That when we make to our

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last panel, tada knows if it has been accepted or not, we do not know. But we should think positively, that inshallah the door has been accepted. And either it will be answered as it is, or what's going to happen.

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When a person makes a draw what happens? Either it is granted as it is, as he prayed, or some calamity, some evil is averted from him or reward is secured for him for the Day of Judgment.

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So there are has been accepted, you don't know when and how it's going to be answered. So what are you supposed to do? Keep doing what you're supposed to do. The same goes for us that when we made the law, it does not mean we stop our work, continue. be hopeful that it will be granted but continue.

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When we made the law, we want it to be accepted right away, and we wanted to be responded to immediately as well.

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But there is some time. And this shows that with Dora, we have to do work as well.

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So how was it well accepted what Joe was nappy Bunny is through Elan Valhalla. And we took the children of Israel across the sea. Joe was not from the roof letters, Jean was a Joe was to cross the gel was a bee to make someone cross.

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So we took the money Israel across the sea. And it is said that the bunny Australia they were numbered 600,000 at this point, how many people were there? 600,000. Now just imagine earlier when the bunny is trying to work to hold stay in your houses, and worship and reform from your house. Now you can imagine why that training was important. The desert imagine a crowd of 600,000 people that don't Okay, let's go imagine how they would leave. They needed to learn that discipline that GM knows that training from where? From the center.

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Because in the soil, what do you learn how to work together, how to be patient, how to become how to remain silent, and this training was essential for them in order to escape in order to leave Egypt. So we're jealous nappy Bunny is like el bajo.

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And what happened for udvar whom fit our own fit our own follow them, what do you do and also his armies fit our own came along with his armies following who the money is for you. Very angry and upset with them that How dare they leave without my permission? How dare they escape

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and fit around in his armies. They even caught up with the Bani Israel. And we learned in the Quran that filamentous algae marani Carlos have Moosa in Moodle acun and when the two hosts the two armies when they met each other, when for their own caught up with a burning Israel, the people who saw this and they said we are sure to be overtaken. That's it, we're gone. But musasa What did he say? Canada in America, Robbie saya Dini. That name with me is my Lord and He will guide me. So what happened? Allah subhanaw taala told him, Felipe la junta de conf in Berkeley Everson, latter half of American Watashi wa, and strike a dry bath for them in the sea, fearing neither to be overtaken by

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our own, nor being afraid of drowning in the sea.

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So at this point, Allah subhanaw taala told Masada center that strike the sea with your staff, and what happened? a bath a dry bath. It formed in the middle of the sea for the many Israel to cross and as they were crossing for their own also followed them.

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Why did he follow the Bolivian rebellion? What are they doing and enmity?

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What does it mean by this bullying?

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bullying is rebellion injustice literally means to wish

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so what was his buddy? That intending harm for the Bani Israel and other one enmity hostility against them? He didn't want any good for them.

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until either other aka otaku until when the drowning overtook him as the rocket from the Tetris danabol calf, remember it rock? I'll call it rock. What is actually the rock, the intellect with which a person perceives with which a person does

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so hotter either at the rock on Heroku when the drowning overtook him, grasped him.

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In other words, he was surrounded by the waves and he knew he was going to drown. He knew that was his end whose end The end of federal because as him and his army they were crossing the sea after the bunny Australia What happened? Allah subhanaw taala caused the sea to close in upon them.

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So hotter Raka hola Rocco. What was his reaction when he knew that was his end? Allah he said unto I have believed that under who La ilaha illAllah de and at the Hebrew Israelite, you,

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I believe that there is no god except the one in whom the Bani Israel have believed?

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I believe in that God,

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which God, Allah subhanaw taala the one besides whom there is no God and who is he? Allah de m. And at the Hebrew Israel, the one in whom the people of the Bani Israel, they have believed in?

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If you look at it, for their own, does not express any humidity over here, isn't it?

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He doesn't say amen to under who La Ilaha Illa. Who, and he is Rob be? No.

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He doesn't say amen to be Robbie. What does he say? The God in whom the Bani Israel have believed? There is no humidity over here. And he says what an eminent Muslim mean, and I am of those who submit.

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I believe in God. So he believed at a time when he couldn't benefit from his faith. And he believed at this time, why because he knew he was defeated.

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So what does it show, all the while he knew that what musasa lam said was the truth, he knew that masala cinema was true. But as we learned earlier, that because a person denies the first time, then he is not given the trophies to accept at all.

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So for their own, he denied the first time and he was not willing to accept after that until he was at the verge of dying.

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We learn elsewhere in the Quran as well, that phenomenon Oh, but Santa Carlo Bella was the who was the founder Bhima could not be more shaky. So when they saw our punishment, they said we believe in Allah alone and reject all that we used to associate with him as as partners,

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at the time of seeing the punishment, at the time of seeing death, that is when many people surrender.

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However, such a man does not benefit a person for them equally, and for whom a man or woman lamella Albert center, then their faith could not avail them when they saw our punishment. As we learn from the Hadith, that Allah accepts the repentance of a slave, as long as he does not use it, as long as he's not at the verge of dying, that he's unable to breathe properly.

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So at the verge of dying, if a person accepts then such demand is not accepted.

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And Anna, he was told what now? Now you're believing worker there are signs of blue, whereas you disobeyed before this whole time you had been disobey. Now you're believing welcome Tommy that moves it in and you had been up those who do facade.

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What was the facade that frown was doing? He was misleading other people.

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He was fighting against the Messenger of Allah, arguing with him competing against him, persecuting people.

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So at that time, he submits What does Allah say now? Because I recite them in public before he were so disobedient, and he had been of those who are muscadine. Now your Toba is not going to be accepted.

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What did Allah zaidan folio oma? So today noona jika. We will save you What does it mean by that we will save you

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the bed Annika with your body, meaning you will die. But your body will remain

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you will die. But your body will remain. Your body will not drown in the sea in the water by the rest of the people. And energy from the roof letters known Jean well. We're going to save you with your body we will take your body out of the seat. And we see that the waves threw out his body out of the water onto a rock and the people saw but he was dead. In the movies that you see. He's alive. But in reality, he was dead noona g copy Botanica. Why was his body preserved later cooler so that you become Lehman Hunsaker for those who come after you I assign a lesson. Assign of what a lesson of what that this is the consequence of those

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Who are oppressive? Those who are disobedient. Those who are arrogant.

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Lita, Kunal, even hongfa.

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However, the sad reality is that we're in nikka Thielemann and Nancy, but indeed many from the people on Tina from our signs. They're the law fee to ensure the heatless.

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They see the Pharaoh, they see the body, but they don't take any lesson. So over here we see that Allah subhanaw taala said that he was going to save the body of the film.

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How did that happen? A low rpm how exactly it happened. It has been said that when his body was thrown out of the sea, the people that took it back to Egypt, and then they put it into the pyramids, into the tombs, and then later on that body was discovered a low art and what the realities, how, but we see that Allah subhanaw taala said that he was going to preserve the body of federal,

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however that happened happened, but we see the body of our own president today. I'm sure every person has seen it, at least in pictures. And it's taken around the world so that people can see it. But the sad reality is that people see it, but still they don't take a lesson from it. That this is the end of a tyrant. This is the end of an oppressive ruler. Look what happened to him, he had so much but his entire civilization his entire culture, his entire prestige and power it was finished. Finished.

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If you look at it, the pyramids, the standard till today, the writing is there till today, but nobody can read it. Nobody can figure it out.

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The skill with which they made the pyramids, the skill with which they built buildings and so many things. Nobody can figure it out. How did they do it? And look at how arrogant he was how much he wanted to save his leadership, his kingship, but he was not able to save it. He was not able to save it. So in it is a lesson for every oppressive and tyrant ruler for every person who is oppressive, that this is the consequence. This is the end of someone who does not submit to Allah.

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And when was it that for their own was defeated? When was it that he was drowned? It was the day of our Shura.

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We learned even our vessel that are no he said that when the Prophet said a lot of Saddam arrived in Medina, the Jews, the Bani Israel they used to fast on the day of our shoulder.

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So the prophets are a lot of students asked that what is this day that you are fasting?

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They responded This is the day in which musasa was victorious over fit.

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This is the day when Messiah Islam was notorious or fit on to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that you have more right to Musa than they so fast. But what have we been told that we must fast on the day of martial law as long as we fast another day as well along with it either a day before or the day after? And this is a report that is mentioned in Al Bukhari.

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So further on he was destroyed.

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What happened to the when he is what you

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want to call the but what Nirvana is right here? And we had certainly settled the bunny is what you were mobo was say the thing in an agreeable settlement in a good settlement.

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The word mobile what is from the roof Hydras bow Hamza, we did these newsletters earlier as well.

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But what mobile what

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mobile what is essence of what does it mean?

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It's a noun of place. So mobile, what is a place of settlement? A place of habitation. A place where a person resides.

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So the money is for you were given a settlement of sick. What does it mean by sick? What does it mean? What does it mean? Truth.

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We learned earlier at the beginning of solo tuners that sit does not just mean truth. What else does it mean?

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honor, remember, where what did we learn? Kodama said

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that a standing a position of honor.

00:24:31--> 00:24:36

Those people who believe they will have a position of honor where in therapy him in the hereafter.

00:24:37--> 00:24:45

Over here we see that the money is tight. You were given mobile what else meaning a place of settlement that was very honorable.

00:24:46--> 00:24:57

That was agreeable. That was very good. That was very beneficial. And what was this place where they were made to live? Jerusalem

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Philistine the area

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right now when you think of Jerusalem when you think of Palestine, you think of two different countries. But in reality it's one whole area which is known as a sham.

00:25:11--> 00:25:19

And about it we learned insulted Islam that Allah de Bella can now Hello. It's a blessing place a Lost Planet Allah has blasted

00:25:21--> 00:26:04

some will go a certain way that was their home was upon our home and we provided them with not a bad with the good things. Allah subhanaw taala provide them many good things over there. So on receiving these great blessings, what should the reaction have been of gratitude of obedience, that destination previously they were oppressed. Just imagine an entire nation that is enslaved, that is oppressed times of extreme conflict and fitna and they are told, start worshipping in your houses, make your houses Scribbler. Change your strategy, avoid the conflict avoid the fitna and then eventually when they have the training, they're taken out of that place, and they are freed. When

00:26:04--> 00:26:06

they are freed, they're given blessings.

00:26:07--> 00:26:27

When they are freed, they're given blessings. What does Allah say from a fella foo. But they did not differ had a homeowner until when the knowledge came to them? Which knowledge is this? The book that era when the knowledge was given to them, they began deferring with one another.

00:26:28--> 00:26:35

instead of staying united. Instead of being grateful to Allah subhanaw taala.

00:26:36--> 00:26:43

They began arguing and disputing with one another and found that their downfall began again.

00:26:45--> 00:26:53

And we see this, like for example, if you look at it, there have been countries in the past that have been founded for what on the basis of Islam,

00:26:55--> 00:27:05

for example, Pakistan, why did people want Pakistan to be there, so that Muslims can worship Allah subhanaw taala we can have their own state, but what happened?

00:27:07--> 00:27:29

Instead of being grateful to Allah, people have been differing with one another, so much so especially religious conflict, religious differences, that each person's focus is to highlight himself. each person's focus is to make himself prominent make his version of religion, the one that is acceptable by everyone.

00:27:30--> 00:27:52

So this is the laugh, this difference in religion, it leads to conflicts between people, and it diverts their attention from more important things. But unfortunately, the Bani Israel they began deferring with one another when after knowledge came to them. So what does Allah say? This difference it cannot be solved in the dunya. It cannot be solved in Indonesia.

00:27:54--> 00:27:58

Because when people become biased, they're not willing to accept their mistakes.

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In Arabic indeed, your Lord jacobina home He will judge between them yo mo piano on the Day of Judgment, female condo fee of telephone in that which they used to different. We see that fit our own he had a lot of dystonia. He was given a lot of dystonia. He had power he had weld, he had Xena, he had so much. But that dunia did not save him.

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On the other hand, the bunny is strangled, did not have anything. They were slaves, they were oppressed. But Allah subhanaw taala saved them. Why? Because they had even

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and upon receiving that blessing of being saved a freedom there should have been more obedient to Allah soprano.

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But instead of doing that, they began different with one another.

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We learn in total are off I 137. That was a lesson l como La Nina can we use still there are funa Misha can only one of arriba allotey Baraka mafia.

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And we made the people who were considered weak to inherit the eastern parts of the land and the western parts of the land.

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So Allah subhanaw taala made the bunny is trying to inherit the land, they were made the victorious. So when they were given freedom, they should have used that to worship Allah.

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And if you look at it, all people who want revival, who want a change who want to be successful, what do they want, that if we are given power, then we will do this and we will do this and we will do this.

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But when they're given power, what happens?

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They forget all their promises. Even if you see in politics, someone who is standing up for elections, who wants to become the president or who wants to gain a particular position in the government. They make a lot of promises. But as soon as they get that position, what happens? They forget. They completely ignore them. As if they never said those things. They completely go against them.

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And Bani Israel they did something very similar that they began to

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interact with one another despite having knowledge. And the question is, when do people have if they laugh with one another despite knowledge? Or elements, they're their enemies the same, the book is the same, then why do people fall in differences?

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You see, the text is there. And people do understand the text differently. And there is no problem with that. Remember that, from one text, we can understand several meanings. So many times I tell you this, it can be edited in this way, and also this way. It's natural, it's normal, and it is acceptable. Where is the problem? The problem is when you think that I am right, and they are wrong.

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And when you think like this, you don't stop there. You put in all of your effort to refute the other and prove yourself right.

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And every time you have a discussion and religion, what are you discussing about

00:30:54--> 00:30:56

matters of differences of opinion?

00:30:57--> 00:31:10

This is all that is being highlighted. This is what is being taught. This is what is being spread? How do we differ from this group? And how do we differ from that group? This is all that is being highlighted.

00:31:11--> 00:31:44

When this becomes the focus, then people are not really doing what they're supposed to do. Their focus has been changed. They have been diverted from their focus. So as a result, they will not do what they're supposed to do. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that the Jews they separated into 71 sects. How many sets did they separate into 71. And the Christians, they separated into 72. And this oma will separate into 73, one of which is in Paradise and 72, in hellfire.

00:31:45--> 00:31:57

So that's how they're asked, Who are they? The prophets are the laws and replied, those upon what I and my companions are upon, meaning those who follow my way and the way of my Sahaba, and what was their way

00:31:58--> 00:31:59

on and some.

00:32:01--> 00:32:25

Those are However, even they had differences with one another. But they didn't call one another coffee and ball and mill didn't know. They never called one another with such words. They accepted the differences amongst them. They agreed to disagree. They were never hostile to one another. The problem is that when we're differences, we develop hostility against one another. This is where the problem is.

00:32:27--> 00:32:35

Now the story of the Bani Israel has ended over here and from the following I at the conclusion of the surah begins. So now we will listen to the recitation

00:33:05--> 00:33:06

pulu me him.

00:33:11--> 00:33:14


00:33:37--> 00:33:39


00:33:44--> 00:33:45

no, no.

00:34:03--> 00:34:05


00:34:08--> 00:34:11

is Oh.

00:34:13--> 00:34:15


00:34:24--> 00:34:28

domina ed.

00:34:29--> 00:34:30

Una jika

00:34:31--> 00:34:33

Kelly chacun alleman.

00:34:41--> 00:34:43

Tina was

00:34:46--> 00:34:46


00:34:49--> 00:34:52

He is on

00:35:13--> 00:35:14

at FEMA,

00:35:22--> 00:35:23

what did you learn?

00:35:27--> 00:36:05

I was just thinking, the reason why are all my right now is failing, and we're not succeeding is because, yes, even though we've been told there'll be 73 sets, we focus so much on labeling ourselves or with this group or with that group. And that is our downfall. Because the minute you label yourself, you think you're better than everybody else. And instead of focusing on the things we have in common, which is the Quran and Sunnah, and teaching it and establishing it in our homes, and reviving Islam, we're so bent on focusing on our differences. And if you don't label yourself, if you don't say, Oh, I'm in this sector in this, then you're in trouble, then you're in trouble.

00:36:06--> 00:36:15

And until and unless we stop thinking like that, and we focus on you know, what, we need to become a United Auto, we are one people.

00:36:16--> 00:36:49

But up and until we stop thinking like that, and we change our focus, we will never succeed. Which is why you may have noticed that 100, a ladder over here, whenever we teach you, for instance, for example, you have just read, you're almost completed with your *up data. It's not that we have taught you a particular school of thought, Why? Because if we focus on only one school of thought, and what's happening, we're promoting that school of thought, our focus is what? The Quran and the Sunnah, which is why everything you were taught, there was an evidence from either the Quran or the Sunnah.

00:36:51--> 00:37:14

Because that's what our focus should be. If our focus becomes only highlighting the differences, that this is what the school of thought thinks, and this is what that school of thought things and at the end of the day, you think, Okay, what am I supposed to do? Tell me what I'm supposed to do. Don't tell me what the scholar said, Tell me what I'm supposed to do. How am I supposed to perform? will do? How am I supposed to praise Allah? That's what you need to know, basically. And that is exactly why our focus is this

00:37:16--> 00:37:16


00:37:18--> 00:37:19

we're talking about partner, like, you could see how

00:37:21--> 00:37:55

they have so much confidence in what they had, like sometimes, you know, like, it's like, if someone asks you a question, and you're not very comfortable the answer, we can change your decision right away. Because you know, this is the weak point of the person or you know, like that, like, I was thinking, if you do have the confidence that this is the right religion, this is the half the truth, then you wouldn't be able to you wouldn't get waver easily, you will never fall prey to what exactly, and if you notice the ads before and the ayat that will follow this incident in all of these, if the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is being given the confidence that don't have any doubt

00:37:55--> 00:38:09

about this, be very sure. Remember, we learned earlier that wisdom the owner could have gone who call he warabi? Yes, indeed, it is the truth be confident, don't have any doubt about it. Because if you don't have confidence, then you cannot convey.

00:38:12--> 00:38:12


00:38:13--> 00:38:18

I was just thinking about the eyewear, we talked about how a man is worth more than anything in the world.

00:38:19--> 00:38:26

goes to show that even if a believer faces some difficulty along the way, in the end, that he will be successful and so many times

00:38:27--> 00:38:35

that we shouldn't let the material success of others of disbelievers, like please us or discourage us. And then it shows that in the end,

00:38:38--> 00:38:50

exactly. If you compare what for own head to what the bunny is, like you had, at the end, who was successful, it was those people who believed, for their own had everything of this world, but he wasn't successful at the end.

00:38:52--> 00:39:25

I was actually just looking at number 87, where most Hassan was inspired to stay in his home, and made me think that a lot of times, you know, there are so many things that we'd like to do in terms of studying the deen. But sometimes our situations don't allow us to do so. So know that there's always another option or other options. I mean, for instance, many people may want to, you know, study within a university and you know, they may not be able to do so. So, you know, there might be something in your hometown or even if you're not allowed or you're not able to go to certain institutes. I mean, even within the household, we have the internet now. We don't have any excuse to

00:39:25--> 00:39:34

have no excuse. There are so many books out there so many lectures and CDs out there. You can just sit home. And even if you try to read and listen to all of them, it will take a whole lifetime.

00:39:38--> 00:39:54

I was thinking how like he didn't believe because he rejected right away in the beginning without thinking about it. So I was thinking like for us now, like we learned a lot of comments. And if we like reject, one may not have the trophies to do it later on. So do it now when you learn it

00:39:57--> 00:39:59

and if you find it difficult, ask Allah

00:40:00--> 00:40:02

thrust upon him, ask him to help you.

00:40:03--> 00:40:25

I was just thinking, when nauseas was talking about how we should, you know, do what we can, it just reminds me Don't bite off more than you can chew. And another thing that in order to have that like unwavering conviction, in the Word of Allah, we have to learn about it ourselves and develop our own base before we can start conveying to others.

00:40:28--> 00:40:30

And if we don't know that, how can we convey?

00:40:31--> 00:40:33

So for that, make sure you know your lessons really well.

00:40:37--> 00:40:43

who believe in masasa, where the young people so it's best to start from the young age itself.

00:40:47--> 00:40:55

And they're asking about, you know, setting abroad and going to Egypt and, you know, so on so forth, and just saying that I don't understand why any of the girls would even want to go over that right here.