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Indeed we have granted you Oh Mohammed kofa So pray to your Lord and sacrifice to Him alone indeed your enemy is the one cut off

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time so

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we're going to talk about this inshallah tada towards the the end sorbitol. Kota is only 10 words

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it's only 10 words and it is 42 letters and there is a great significance to this inshallah Tada, we'll get to it towards the end of the chapter inshallah Tada. The main theme of sorts alcoves up

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is the status of our profits of the law, it was

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the high status of our province of light, it was sentiment that Eliza gel has honored him and Eliza gel has honored the province of the law it was some of them will also see in this sorta the recurring theme that came in quote, which is that when there is a blessing, a gift that allows her dad it gives his servant

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then he asked to meet that blessing with the bad with the worship of Allah subhanaw taala was showing his gratitude to Allah subhana wa tada

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begins the sort of by saying in our play NACA

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and D, we have given you Alico

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abundant, good we have given you abundant gifts and favors and good

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is also the name of a river in general, that the promise of the law it was seldom described. And a

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honey that is collected by Bukhari and Muslim I've met some of the other companions also described it as being a river that banks are made of gold and silver. And that's what is flow over pearls and that the water is wider than milk is sweeter than honey.

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This is one of the things that allows hematologist, one of the many

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blessings that He has given to the Prophet alayhi salatu was sent out one of the many favorites of Allah Subhana Allah

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is more general than just the than just the river that is in paradise. So lots of data says we have given you in abundance,

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the opposite of those stingy people that are being talked about. And

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we have given you a messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam in abundance for suddenly the ROB Baker one half

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so established or prayed to your Lord, and sacrifice.

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All of you were just making heights

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Day Of what?

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What does it mean though, Yeoman. Now, what does that mean the day of what? slaughtering, but not just any kind of slaughter.

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And now a nod is used for the slaughtering of camels.

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Because this is here,

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here right here

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where the neck and the chest meat that is called and so it's called Yeoman, because the camel is killed differently than than the than the sheep. The sheep is slaughtered Jani from one side to the other right, the camel is killed by and now by sticking it here then the blood flows out. Those are the cancers there's a different type of kit

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that it says here for suddenly Rebecca one half so

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Danny pray to your Lord subhana wa tada and slaughter as sort of a slaughter camel.

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Why do you think that is because the camel was considered to be the best and the most valuable wealth of the Arabs.

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So here a lot hair dialer is telling the province of the law it was tell him to pray.

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What kind of prayer

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for showing off law pray

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sincerely to a loss of hair Donna, the opposite of those who were described in a mound because they said they pray but they didn't pray to Allah they were praying to show off for

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Suddenly Robic, so pray to your Lord, one half

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and sacrifice sacrifice the best of your wealth.

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Not to sacrifice anything, but to be the very opposite of what is the mountain, the mountain is the lowest of the low

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end of the stingy. Now we want you to sacrifice the best of the wealth

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as a sign of gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala who is giving you a code sock, he's giving you the best in this life and giving you the best in the hereafter.

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So suddenly,

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you see some hella the meanings of these if we need to understand them, so many people they read in every salon because it's the shorter shorter

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and they want to get a lot over with think about what you read it as soon as I leave me and it's a great, great sorta, yes, it's a short sorta no problem. But think about the meanings. You might be in a rush, okay, that's understandable.

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That's understandable. So many people read it, only because it's short not because of the meanings. This is one of the greatest soldiers that show the status of the messenger so a lot of

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time so it says to him for suddenly Rob beaker,

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established a solid pray to your Lord and sacrifice for Allah subhanho wa Taala. And these two forms of the bed that is prayer and sacrifice have been mentioned other places in the Quran.

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the province, I sent him to say, in the salon, it

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was my

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pleasure, he can

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say that my salaat and my nusach Gani, my slaughtering my sacrifice, and my entire life and my death for Allah.

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He has no partners in that worship. I don't worship anyone else. Besides the loss of data, not a pious person, not a saint, not someone who has died, who was considered to be a molar or from the only yet no, I only worship Allah

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will be that he could omit and that is what I was commanded to do. And so here we see the combination of a bad debt, the physical, a better of salah and the monetary.

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The monetary form of worship, which is the sacrifice

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To me, meat in the blood of those animals that you sacrifice doesn't reach a lot. That's not that's not the intention behind.

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But it is the taqwa that is raised as your deed to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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So establish the salon. Pray to your Lord,

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as a sign of your gratitude,

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and sacrifice.

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AKA avatar.

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And notice notice too, that these two qualities are the qualities that have been mentioned as the qualities of the Motoki type. In the Shani alcohol avatar, the one who despises you, the one who is your enemy, he is the one who was

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what is

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the scholars of Tafseer they mentioned the story here. There's

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the authenticity of the narration itself is questionable, but there are a lot of different narrations that come with the same meaning.

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That there was a man by the name of allowes Hemingway

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who when he saw the coloration, how they were responding to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And some of them were worried about his dad. He said, though, leave him

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he his avatar, cut off me he doesn't have a son. He doesn't have a son. Now, how many children did the prophets have? The lady was sending her?

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times how many boys? three boys and four girls, three boys and four girls.

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That's true. He has six children from Khadija. Hello, Tatiana. And his only other wife that had a child was who? Marissa

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and her child's name was what? Ibrahim? Right. So that was after all of his other children were from Khadija. Well, the Allahu Tatiana he had four girls from Khadija Zina and

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and consume and

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and he had two boys. The first was al Qasim. That's why the province lights on

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right. That's where the idea comes from. I will cause him in a second but I'm calling him die young. And then Abdullah was born. And Abdullah was also known as a five and up by you, when Abdullah die. This is when

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he's not he doesn't have any lineage. He doesn't have any boys that will carry on the name of his family

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because it's the boys that carry on the name of the family.

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So he says he's cut off he has a laptop

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and allows her to respond to Tim

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in the Shani echo laptop, the one who despises you and test you and who is your enemy, he is the one who has truly cut off. What's

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true for the last we look right now.

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See, because they looked at this,

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Danny that your name will not go down in history because no one else no boys to carry on your name, no one's to carry on your lineage.

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Who is remembered from amongst the Hulk of Allah subhana wa Tada. His creation, more than the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who was the real avatar

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is the one who said that the parasite Salah was after

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he heard of his name before he doesn't have any place in the books in history, the Mohammed Salah light it was one of the most influential man

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to walk the face of the planet.

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Every time we pick up a book of size Bacardi or Muslim, as soon as we get to the end of Kala Rasulullah sallallahu. It was

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filing abuse

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and abuse a lot. It was

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the prophets I saw them do this.

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And he was telling me

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from doing this,

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he was telling me, the prophets I saw them commanded us to do this, and every time and so there is not a second that goes by. Except that the prophets of the law it was someone's name is mentioned multiple times in that one second solo it was. So it was tough

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is the one who was the enemy of the Prophet solo it was on them.

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And here, here, one of the things that we benefit from this, from this I in particular, is that Eliza gel protects those who believe and he defends them

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in general, and specifically are messengers of the law it was all of the believers, allies with your

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head says we're on the topic. In a lie you Daffy any Latina Eminem? Indeed, it is a law. It is a law, who protects and defends in words of evil from those who believe from is true and devout servants that it protects them.

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And about the promise of law to sell them systemically I lost her data says well, Allahu Yao seen him coming in ness and Allah will protect you from the people. So we see here

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that when this man or whoever was said about the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, that he's this

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he's one that's cut off, as mentioned is going to die with him that aligns with Joe was the one who took responsibility of responding to him.

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And he said in the shiny alcohol avatar, he didn't even have to say anything. Allah said in the Quad that is going to be read into the piano, that the one who detest you and despises you, then he is the one who is an avatar. And we see that this is the response

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that shows that aligns with your love the prophets a lot It was Allah.

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this is how one who loves another response when his beloved one is insulted. You look like when we were children.

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And somebody says something about your mom.

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What's that do automatically it creates feelings, intense feelings inside, you're ready to fight.

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Your mom, is this your mom? Is that?

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Why? Because you want to defend the honor of your mother because you have a natural love for her.

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She may have beaten you the night before.

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Then something that you didn't like told you you can't go somewhere but you still love you have a natural love for your mother. And the response to that natural love is that when someone that you love is insulted

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that you defend their honor, and this is for every believer as well. If another believer of another Muslim is assaulted in front of you with the honor is attacked, that you defend the honor of that Muslim.

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Let you defend their honor because their honor is sacred.

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aim is

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and the farewell hygena farewell. In the Malcolm

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the command that promise a lot It was Adam said that your

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your blood that is your lives

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and your honor and your wealth are sacred.

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Like this day is sacred, like this place that I'm talking is sacred. He was in the huddle and in the vicinity of the huddle.

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So the Muslim defends the honor of his brother, and doesn't allow others to just talk about him. Danny behind his back.

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And this is especially the case, Danny, this is Eliza Jones defend the believers in the defend the Prophet sallallahu sallam. We see that this is a recurring theme as well in the Quran that aligns with the fence the honor of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam

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the disbelievers

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try to accuse the Prophet sallallahu wasallam of lying against the law

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either that or he's crazy. Eliza Joe responded they will call it Medina capital.

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Allah scheduling unit bill comm

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Los Angeles isn't a crime we'll call it Latina capital Anadolu kumana Ragini Yuna Bo comida mucho tiempo La MaMa Sakina community How can God after Allah Allah He can even be Aegina Allah says that the disbelievers are going to say they kill it the disbelievers say, shall we show you a man who claims that after you have been ripped and shredded to pieces, that you will be brought back to life again?

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After either like, he lied, is he telling a lie about a lot or is he a madman? And Is he crazy?

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That's the claim. Allah azza wa jal took the responsibility of responding to them. directly. Belen leadin, Allah you mean

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by whether it is those who do not believe in the life to come into hereafter that are being are going to be punished are in are in grave error. And see this claim that is the province of light it was some crazy allies with y'all address that as well. Noon

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was after that.

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be named Mati Robbie could be mentioned. So let's have that even to close on it noon, by the pen and what it writes you by the grace of your Lord, by the grace of Allah subhana wa tada or not a madman. And so Allah subhana wa tada took the responsibility directly defending the profits of the law it was sent him the last benefit that we'll talk about, as it relates to sort of alcocer is that it is the shortest surah in the Quran. That is that it is only 10 words.

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And this shows you that the Quran that is the everlasting miracle that was given to the Prophet so low it was selling them and it is the miracle by which Eliza gel challenged the Arabs in Mecca to bring something that is like the Quran.

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Something like the Quran

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aligns with Joe challenges them to bring something that is like the Quran as a whole

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to be met the Quran and I

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say that if the if mankind and jinn were together up together, they cannot bring the like of this court

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even if some of them were helping others and even if they helped one another. And then allies Magellan saw that

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law is the challenge and he they're not up to the challenge of bringing something that is like the cry of you saying that the problem is it sort of made it up. Can you make up something as well?

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Do they say that he made it up?

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To be Ashley Suri myth leam of

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Wonder Woman is departamento de la Sol de se then bring 10 soldiers that are like in fabricated soldiers that are like it and if you say that did he meet you saying that he made it up? Then bring 10 other soldiers that are made up that are like it and call on whoever you like besides a lot of in fact you're truthful but they couldn't do that either. 10 soldiers that's a bit much Danny we have this one man Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam who you're claiming who you are claiming is making this stuff up

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he's by himself I mean get together help one another and just bring 10 sources that the whole thing just bring 10 and he couldn't do it.

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Okay, let's lower the challenge.

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As it comes in assorted units.

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Do they say that he made it up that he's fabricating this crime called fat to be sore timidly

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the same ring one sorta. That is like 142 letters here we have sort of tokota they can't bring it and they won't be able to bring it

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There's something that has been narrated and the books of history

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that there was one by the name who you probably all know his name was.

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What comes after his name was a cadet.

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He knew he was a liar and everybody else knew he was a liar. So he came in he said, You know what?

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I can do that.

00:25:25--> 00:25:25

I'll feel

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I'll feel

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the Rockman feedstock for

00:25:37--> 00:25:40

Dallas elephant. And what will make you know what the elephant is?

00:25:41--> 00:25:45

The elephant what is the elephant and what will make you know what the elephant is?

00:25:49--> 00:26:04

It has a long trunk. Why no one can carabiner jelly. And it is from the creation of our great Lord Subhana Allah ridiculous. We're big. See, everybody's laughing. Everybody.

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Why because because it's ridiculous. And they will never be able to bring a sort of like the Quran. Yeah.

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This Quran that Allah Subhana Allah has sent to the prophets of the law it was revealed to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and blessed this oma with we need to hold on firm to it. And we need to know that it is the truth from Allah subhana wa tada even if there are other aspects that come up shavon whispers to you makes you doubt certain things. Know that is nothing to doubt about the deen at all. But especially when it comes to the cry that will lie the fact that all of them they had the opportunity

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in fact the promise of lie it was Saddam was was a liar

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all they had to do was all come together and just bring one sorta it didn't have to be by himself. Hello, everybody. Let's get together. Let's put one thing together that resembles the crime they couldn't do it. And no for that matter that this court on is the everlasting miracle that was given to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when we asked Allah subhana wa tada to make us from the people of the Quran, those who are from the special people to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now

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there was a question that came up that I wasn't able to answer about the time ran out about the face masks and and to select

00:27:30--> 00:27:34

some of the the some of the brothers and asked about wearing

00:27:35--> 00:28:01

the the medical masks and the Select because they were saying that they everybody's coughing and after hydrogen, Danny they want to wear the medical mask in the salon, in the salon. in general. In general, the scholars have mentioned that covering up the face, or the mouth and the nose and the Salah is something that is Makau is disliked to do. And they say the Hadith

00:28:03--> 00:28:33

that the prophet SAW the light it was on a prohibited one from covering his mouth and the Salah. And I'm not aware right now I don't remember what the the grade of that Hadith is if it's authentic or not. But the point is that the majority of the scholars hold it to be mcru that it is something disliked to do in the salon. And here we have it principal and Islam. And that is that when there is a need to do something, when there is a need to do something, then there is no carozza that is that something that was disliked. That is,

00:28:34--> 00:28:40

if there's a need to do so then it is no longer dislike to do it becomes permissible the same way we have that principle in Islam.

00:28:41--> 00:29:27

Right to be right, that that which is haram, that by necessity it becomes permissible. When something is something that is haram when there is a necessity. For example, someone is going to lose his life, if he doesn't drink something immediately and the only thing for him to drink is alcohol. So for him, he drinks the amount that is necessary to keep him alive. And he also we have to know that necessity is restricted to what is actually necessary. So a person if it's a one cup is sufficient for him to regain what he needs in order to live or for example, something stuck in his throat. And he needs something to wash it down. And that's the only thing that he can find there's

00:29:27--> 00:29:59

only alcohol around. Then after the thing comes out his throat he can't say oh that tastes pretty good and continue to drink. It's no longer permissible only the amount that is necessary to remove the necessity that he has is permissible. And the same thing goes with the issue of Danny when a person has a need a need is less than a necessity. necessity means your life depends on it or you're going to lose a limb or you know something along those lines. Something that is going to directly affect one of the the five things that it's lacking.

00:30:00--> 00:30:02

has been sent to protector that just protects.

00:30:04--> 00:30:29

So here when a person has a need and hear the need is clear yeah and he wants to inshallah to Allah protect himself from the germs being spread then it is not makrooh for him to wear it in the salon and the medical mask in the fact that he feels that he has a hajer or a need to do so. And Allah subhanahu wa tada knows best, although it was a low so nobody can intervene or Mohammed

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shadowline to stop Furukawa to be like