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he had this What have you so

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how does it feel God unmuted me through

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and Tatia

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welcome is a manual

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on your Ada m fellow

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Tawny bionic

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leg Canada

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and Latina crommelin minha Marina who Tillman has an anti him

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woman a very Eman him modality him Mohammed a messiah

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Matata multiple modality so basically him

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with a V will allow me to

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be Tara daddy as an advocate a DD as many

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like as hava Mohammed in solo and he was sitting

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with a US Hello Mohammed in Salalah and he was setting up

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and Medina Seidel navidea Salalah alayhi wa sallam

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what can go

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home and Islam What do I

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one more happy Tina

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that within Islam he I'm pushing him

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one more happy Tina.

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Leave me I want you back in Makati Allah How are him? Minetti alakea me, happy devotee

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ready to him.

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Once he had if he said Viva La,

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la chica de la tala. He says that this afternoon, we're going to talk about a group of people

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who it is very rare that you find their likes. We're going to talk about a group of people who the wombs of mothers have not been able to bear the likes of them after them. We're going to talk about a people who, as time has gone by, there have not been a group of people that are like them, we are talking about those people who every good deed that we do is the result of their data. Every good that we do is also a good deed for them. We're talking about a group of people, that when we mentioned them in our gatherings, and in our sittings, the gatherings become

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they become better. And every time we breathe, and we mentioned their names, that it is something that makes our breathing even better. These people that we are talking about are the companions of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the companions of Muhammad Sallallahu it was some of them. Those who were with the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. And they were those who defended and protected Islam. And they made the Tao of Islam manifest in themselves. They were those who practice what they preach, they practice Islam, and they carry the responsibility and the obligations that a loss of Hannover was placed upon them, as it related to them giving dour calling to the weight of a

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loss of Hannah was added and fighting in his path.

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The hobby if you

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saw him, Cody Adeline who are koulamallah unobvious Allah alayhi wa sallam while I was at and movement and v one Metallica.

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Asahi, who akula Maria and Maria sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what else atom min and v? Max Allah? Heather

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fareeda Navarro nahi hai Saba alladhina Harpo sallallahu alayhi wa sallam what can

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the author Islam in a while Mohammed Abdullah Al Islam a while

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no sauce? alopecia it probably him. One mcconathy him we're putting him in a dean Meredith an aloha to America with Allah. Batista

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Wimberly, Adam, the songbirds in Libya Salalah adios

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Similar to Spa zoa gel, one calm and Bailey NASS. Leah kulu. Home cassava. Also Linda has a lot he was alone doing a nasty I don't

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know, check with a lot of data he went on to say, answer the question Who is this a hobby as a hobby or a companion, and the definition that has been given by the people of knowledge, what is known customarily amongst the people knowledge is everyone that has seen or met the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, even if it may be a short period of time, believing in Him believing in Him, meaning they met the promise that aloha day was send them or saw him at a time period when they believed in him, and they died upon death. That is they die believing in Islam. He said, If we look at the ones who surrounded the Prophet sallallahu Allah who was suddenly

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we will see that they were those who call to Islam, they invite it to the way of Allah subhana wa Tada. If we look at them, we find them those who were the flag bearers of Islam. If we look at the text, that is mentioned about them in the book of Allah Subhana, who was Adam, and we contemplate this status

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with Allah Subhana, who was Anna, then it will become clear to us that Allah as the origin,

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chose a group from amongst the children of Adam, to be the companions of His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam so Allah was the one that chose them, and he picked them and he raised them up from a most people to be those who surrounded His messenger and a selection center. They have

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yet aluna Sahaba merkaba earlier, bad MBI evil mursaleen

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de sala de Sala via the oma la harpoon, whom he had in America has a min Mangia,

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Mangia whom he had in America. Now, for this reason, the people of knowledge have mentioned or have shown that the campaigns of the messenger sallallahu Allah who was selling them, they had a status that was only next to the status or only beneath the status of the prophets and messengers. And in this particular oma that Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam there is no one that is better than the campaign's except for our Prophet Mohammed. Ra Salatu was Salam there is no one that comes after them. That is able to reach their level there is no one that comes after the campaign's that can reach the level of the campaigns. Well, hello Sahaba tada la him leads to my third Gina

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Holly minella tadi what are the Santa Barbara Santa Ella?

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Hello Zoltan philia he Wolfie sama he subhana wa tada for the finale him be coloring tech lmnop kita

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jell O Allah, wa bajo mccannon

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Gina Houma Isla De De De to him what I left nav what I asked you, Monica de la comida todo la terracotta IRA hombre de masala one Latina ma she

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ohama avena home to la hora con su j then you're Corona favela Milan lot he wouldn't wanna see my own people Julian methods to do that method.

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One method indeed because after the show's over as a festival of a festival, so your idea was Zahra Lee Robbie Mancha.

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Now, say hello to Allah he went on to say that these that that those companions of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the reality of the situation is that they don't need for us to say that they are great. They don't need for us to to praise them. After Allah subhana wa tada has praised them and along with the praise of Allah subhana wa meaning along with the praise of Allah subhana wa tada for them and Allah subhana wa tada considering them to be trustworthy and reliable. And to the end of the praise that Allah subhana wa tada has given them from above the heavens, Allah subhana wa tada spoke about them in his book.

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The Quran and he mentioned their status and he is the one that has given them their place in this station in Islam. So after that they don't need anything from us, they don't need for us to praise them. And there are many acts that come with the with this particular meaning clarifying for us the status and the station that the companions hold in this manner. From amongst those

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are the statement of a loss of Hannah with Anna at the end of Salton 30. What is translated to me, Mohammed is the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the Messenger of Allah, and those who are with him as the companions are severe against the disbelievers and merciful amongst themselves. You see them bowing and falling down prostrate, seeking bounty from Allah and His good pleasure. The mark of them is on their faces from the traces of prostration. This is their description in the Torah, but their description in the Injeel that is the Gospels, is like a sown seed, which sends forth its shoot then makes it strong and becomes thick and it stands straight on its Stern,

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delighting the soldiers that he may in raised the disbelievers with them. Allah has promised those amongst them who believe in the righteous deeds, forgiveness and a mighty reward.