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with Imam Karim Abu Zaid

Payroll Protection Halal

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I'm sorry to interrupt you because this this is like a question that is hammering us here. The pee pee check. You've probably heard about it the program the government is offering to businesses, have you taken time to look into this program? And

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is it permissible? Or should I explain some of the things because like an organization here, I have a school here, and I have a thing that I get to see. And so, so, here's, from what I've understood, that is, there's two different programs, right? There's the one where they give you a seems like there's a flat loan. And then there's another one where there's payroll protection, right? protection, right. So on some of these programs, because I, I have not done a deep dive, but I have asked some we have an accountant that, uh, that deals with some of our issues here domestically. So I've spoken with the accountant about it, and you can correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I

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understand from the accountant is that they will cover the payroll up to a certain period of time. And as long as you keep those employees on your payroll for a specified period of time, that whatever loan that they gave, you will be forgiven. Is that is that correct? Yes, it's a grant, it becomes a grant. So it becomes a grant. So if you believe that you can achieve it, if you understand at the beginning, you you have to agree to some terms that are

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not favorable. So you would have to agree that if so and so happens that you would repay the loan with a certain amount of interest? Correct? Right. So so it's sort of like, it's sort of like the situation where a person gets a credit card, because they need that credit card or hotel stays for car rentals, or for other things like that, even though they are agreeing, in theory, or in principle, that if they don't pay it on time, they still want to pay it back with interest. And so as you know, the defects of the roller man, even as it relates to to the credit cards, is that the default ruling is that it is impermissible, but for those who need it, and know that they will not

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pay interest. I know, for example, that I'm going to charge on this credit card, no more than $400 a month, and my salary is 10 times that, or 20 times that or whatever. So I'm not gonna have a problem paying this back but in the bank, in that scenario, where a person needs to have a credit card because not having one causes a an abnormal difficulty. Okay, so, as we know, not every ruling is based on doTERRA it's not based on a necessity where me not having it is going to cause me to lose my life. But when there is a habit that a need that is very strong to nasm and zita Dora it takes the ruling of the road. So in this case, I could get one credit card but I can't have 20 credit

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cards, you know, so in this scenario, if it person absolutely needs that payroll protection from the government, and they believe that they can fulfill the condition such that that loan becomes a grant, then I would say that in that in that scenario, it would be permissible below Tata items.