The Spiritual Ladder – Your Pain Will Surely End One Day

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Bismillah he was salatu salam, ala rasulillah salam wa alayhi wa sallam were bad. Life is a fluctuation of emotions in Arabic you refer to the heart as called the evolving organ. You get up in the morning, you're bright, you're energetic, you have this vigor, this drive this passion to conquer the world. But as the day progresses, you have some difficulties challenges, and towards the latter part of that same day you feel down you feel sad, you feel depressed, and Allah forbid at times you become even suicidal, may Allah protect one and all. Ask a person who has a chronic illness excruciating body ache, hoping, wishing, praying, will the day come in my life where I will

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be pain free, someone who's wheelchair bound, just hoping, wishing dreaming? Can I just spring up one day and have mobility in my body? Or someone who's visually impaired? Will there be a day where I can open my eyes and see my child or see my dad or see the Kaaba or someone who's hard urine? Can my faculty of urine be restored for a minute, so I can enjoy the athon? I can enjoy the party recite the Quran, a child cry? Well, my brother my sister, this is my message. It will all end one day This world is temporary. The Hadith is in Buhari, Fatima de la Miranda says Lama Tokuda sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I was sitting at the bedside of my beloved father, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam in his fatal illness Jalla Taka Shah, he became unconscious. I seen the pain I seen the agony. I said well, ba ba ba ba ba ba Oh the pain of my dad is so intense. Sometimes you're standing at the bedside of your mom or at the hospital bed of your dad. And you can imagine the pain that grips the pet the child or the beloved etc. While

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all the pain of my dad is so intense. And these are the words of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam I want to share with you which gives us greater hope, comfort and solace he sallallahu wasallam said laser Allah a BK carbon delio laser under a big carbon burden Yo, oh my daughter after today they will be no pain in the life of your father. Recently I attended a funeral of a relative visually impaired hardier in physical disability, a long life challenge and riddled with challenges and I comforted the family and I said he will stand up in shala on the day of the AMA, and in answer any of his grave with his vision restored with his hearing ability in tech, with mobility in his organs.

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There is a hadith in Sahih Muslim, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, You're a Tabby I said the nurse sent me an eyelid dunya the person whose life was riddled with the most amount of challenges will be summoned on the day of glioma through my use Babu, Phil jannetty Saba, then he or she will just be dipped into paradise, not immersed, just dipped into paradise, a cursory glance. And then Allah will ask that person has read the books and kottu Did you ever experience difficulty in your life? And he will answer in the negative? Oh my lord, there is no trace of any difficulty after I have witnessed these bounties of Jenna, I leave you with these words of the Quran in the

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22nd Jews in Surah faulted where Allah says when the occupants of gentlemen who will enter Jannah they will collectively praise Allah in the following way. What Allah Al Hamdulillah he led the as the habit has done in Nara Bana lava Fudan Shaco, All praise belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala who has granted us entry into Jenna and freed us from sadness from depression from anxiety permanently. So the message is, keep the hope going. This word is temporary. Your pain your agony will surely end one day