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Sheikh Suleiman Moola addresses the often occuring problem of being Power Hungry. What is meant by being hungry for power? 

It is seeking a position of authority that brings with it fame.  The ego yearns for power more  than it yearns for wealth. After all part of the package of power is wealth. Unfortunately  these days people hold on to that power for dear life and will go to unconscionable lengths for that power.

In the golden days of Islam our ancestors shunned positions of power. They avoided such posts for fear of failing in their duties. They  instead went the extra mile to deflect such appointments for fear of standing at the edge of Hell.

The respected Sheikh tells us of such a tale. It is the tale of the appointment of the judge of Basra during the rule of Umar ibn Abdul Aziz.

Can we in all sincerity lay claim to such love for Allah’s pleasure and such fear of transgressing His edicts that we would refuse and refuse such appointments?

If you have just a few minutes before the next meeting or are waiting for the bus or even caught in jam, listen to this short yet packed talk by Sheikh Moola.

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This will learn he was salatu salam ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were bound. When we speak of the word hunger, the automatic connotations is a person who doesn't have food. And probably that is the correct

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connotations attached to hunger. And may Allah make it easy for all those who find themselves in hunger May Allah alleviate their hunger. Hunger is not an easy situation to be in it Taku Sharif e la Jara fear a noble man when he's hungry, he loses his nobility. Always. cudney Rahim Allah every evening when the sun would set, he would give the last piece of bread that he had

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excess food in charity, and he would say a loving mama Mother juwan, Fernando, Sydney behave our law whoever dies out of hunger than to not hold me liable. I've given anything that I own in charity. However, today I want to speak about another form of hunger. And this hunger can be much more serious and severe. And that is the hunger for power. The hunger for power. The person who's hungry for a bread, probably he is going to steal a loaf of bread. He might steal some milk and we don't condone or justify but the desperation of anger can drive him to that point. But the person who's hungry for power, he will not stop at any level. He would kill he would plot he would assassinate,

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he will do anything in the crave of power. And that is why Imam kasari Rahim Allah has made mentioned something very amazing. He said that the ego yearns and binds for power more than wealth, the ego right so these were people who had studied the human ego, and they had understood the nature and the temperament of men. And he said the human ego is such the nerves it craves and it yearns more for power than than wealth Why? For in men for in demand medical jaha Medical mala woman medical mala lamium lik algebra Kandahar wow a person who's wealthy is not necessarily famous. And that's what the knifes once fame recognition everybody to Lord me speak about me how great how

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amazing I am. So a person who's wealthy might not have all that fame and recognition of course wealth will buy you some coverage, some mileage, some recognition, but not always. But woman medical jaha Mela Gulmarg by the person who's famous who's a celebrity, then he part of the package of fame is that wealth falls at his feet. So he doesn't need really he doesn't need the money because there are many times in life, even Money can't buy you what you want. But fame can buy you. Sorry, we close. We're not open now for anyone. No, but I'll pay you double sorry, we close. But if you come there with a personality, and you're a famous person and you're a celebrity and people want to dine

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with you and they want an autograph. Now without paying a cent, everything is opened up for you and it's a green light. So why your fame bought you more mileage and more coverage than what wealth can possibly buy for you. And unfortunately today, this is one of the serious problems that we have is everybody is hoarding their seat. Everybody is holding the power and I'm not even elevating it to the political seat. I'm taking it on a micro level from a simple small basic position of authority. Be the committee be the trustee, be the madrasa be the school, beat an institution, and then you know, so on and so forth. People are holding on to position with dear life. The messenger sallallahu

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wasallam said in Allah Nesta, Allah Allah Medina man arada we do not delegate a post to people who seek seek it over even a governor of the old man who had asked already been a hot tub. Why don't you assign an office to me as well? Why don't you give me a position? He said, actually, are you Dennis Edina? I'm afraid it will change your faith. It will blemish your faith. But unfortunately today people are holding on to it with dear life. I want to share with you a very, very amazing incident from our our our luminaries of the past, where they would deflect leadership, deflect leadership. No, no, he is more deserving not me. He deserves it more than I am. They would go the extra mile to

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deflect it like how we would go the extra mile to seek it. So I would campaign I would mobilize people vote me in and put my name in and I will do

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Want to be the trustee and the custodian and the executive and the person in charge? And you'll see what I will do because we understand the perks that comes with that seat. So it's just not the seat. It's the perks and the and the things that happened behind the scenes. So during the reign of Marina Abdul Aziz Rahim Allah who was the second aroma he had once called the evening or thought or the evening or thought was his governor. He said to him your ID, our ID that I need you to appoint someone as the judge of bussola either as a name or Aria of Kasim Abner BIA, and both of these people were great people say he said some Anwar Antonia ameerul momineen. I agree and oblige and I

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will follow up with it. So he gathers these two great giants and scholars. He asked him what are we up and toss him with Nevada and he says to them in the mirror, meaning upon Allah who Baka who Mr. Ronnie and only Kumar Baba al Abbas. Rafa Matata Yon I have been assigned the task that I got to a point one of you as the judge of Basra so please let me know what do you people feel now who Which one of you is going to embrace it? I mean, understand the position the judge of Basra during the reign of King Abdulaziz what a responsibility it was what an elevated position for kinda koloa Haida min Houma and sahibi and who Ola Bihar Dolman sub was that karami leaving me he were fugly he Masha

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Allah as guru. Each one of them said, I'm not going to use the word rival because there was no rivalry about his counterpart or his colleague, my brother passing deserves it more and passing me said no, no, my brother he has deserves it more back and forth, up and down, no progress. I'd even thought who was the governor in charge during the period of Omar Ibn Abdul Aziz, he said lenta Raja Maha majilis had Tata Sima de la Mora. lesson we going nowhere till one of us don't embrace this responsibility, because I go to report back to Hungary Abdul Aziz.

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So he has it no more are we are rocking a hula then tells it even a salami Now listen to this, this is just beyond me. This is just amazing. These were our glory days, these were and it is when you don't seek position. And then you are given the position, do people make a mark to people, you know, bring about some reform and change. But when you come there, and you ask people to appoint you and elect you, you know, in a general context of today, then I'm afraid people advance their personal agenda more than you know, advance the cause of other people. I often say to people, that if you are sitting on

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you know the trustees or of any institution, as long as you have children or grandchildren, you are on the board on the executive board, and the day your children leave and the day your grandchildren leave, then you also resign then I'm afraid you will not represent in the oma you will representing the interests of your children. We need people with with a with a broader vision and a more selfless, selfless approach than just a narrow limited and selfish approach. So here's even more how we are constantly never be ourselves. I need one Anil Kasim. Fatih Hey Allah Allah. Al Hassan al basri Mohammed,

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Omar Abdullah nazjatar Musa Bina, that listen I am saying he has been a mommy I said, I'm saying my brother passing is deserving. He said I am deserving. Let's resolve the issue. We have two giants here. We have a son bursary, and we have Mohammed urbanicity these are luminaries of our time, approach them ask them what their opinion whatever they say we will accept it. Now the thinking of ESM Nemo Aria was because his brother, his counterpart, Kasim Nairobi, was connected to these two scholars. So he consciously deliberately gave the reference of the two mentors in the life of Qasim because today it is if we have an argument I will call my Mufti you call your Mufti I will call my

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Judas. You call your Judas? I will get a verdict from my institution. You get a verdict from your institution. I will call my cronies you'll mobilize your cronies and we make no headway. So you have a verdict to support your view I have a very No no. He has even Mr. We are told idea or thought who was the governor in the role of Ahmed Abdul Aziz, let's approach to people who are great scholars and we accept them. However, Kasim had a closer bond with them than he has never been. He has evening while we're when Kasim Abner Robbie, I heard this proposal of EOS evening Mojave and he knew exactly where he was going. He stopped he stopped ID evening our thought in his tracks and he said

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Listen, listen. That's that's now tedious and that's cumbersome and that's a tall order. You have to approach them engage them get a you know, input from them. Yours my advice, lattice Allah honey, voila, and who I had for law Hill Levy, La Ilaha

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Rahu in the ears and f tomini v Dean Illa Allah mobile kado You don't have to ask Hassan bursary and you don't have to ask Mohammed urbanicity I swear by aligners control is my life my brother EOS is more deserving to be the judge of Basra then myself for the ban samaya Hello laka and to when lionni al Kaba Anna appetit a full case, if I'm speaking alive, then how dare you make a liar a judge? And if I'm speaking the truth, then it would be ethically incorrect for you to make me the judge when he is more skilled and more competent. So don't have to go there I take an oath is better and if I'm speaking a lie in my oath that I'm allowed to do what law he they went the extra mile to deflect to

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divert to avert that I don't want to get involved in it. So the Hannah law is not like now he has been Mario says okay, yeah, well, you took an oath, so it's done. So right now I'll accept it. No. What does he say? He says the most amazing thing. He says in NACA jw juhlin. What the outer who lol acaba, you have invited my brother and that is Kasim Abner Robbie had to accept the pose to accept the post of the judge of Basra for our coffee who Allah Shapira jahannam. This is such a daunting, challenging task, that it is like standing at the edge of hell. This is how daunting it is. So here's the way allies and emphases my my call out to anybody in the position of leadership. Right?

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Do you understand the responsibilities they normally have? Not, Bob said the funds of the public that I have the National Treasury, I only have access in that, like how the guardian of an orphan has in the wealth of an orphan. So it's on my money. I'm in charge and I'm the custodian I've got to manage it. And the Quran says in alladhina akuna Wallonia Tama in Namibia. Guna phoebo Tony him Nara, you devour the wealth of an orphan, you are eating the flames of hell armor in the hot tub set my access to the National Treasury is no more than the custodian of an orphan. We need to realize the responsibility, the perks, the recognition, the fame is short lived. The consequences continue

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beyond. He said in the cutout of Mr. Julian. you've invited him towards Qatar to accept it for all of the whom Allah Shafi returned them listen to this. You've made him stand on the edge of hell for nyjah nafsa who mean happy Ameen in cagiva. Oh my word. What did he say? A love about a phonetic john f. So who my brother that is Kasim Ebner. Robbie is a very pious man. But today Unfortunately, he has spoken a lie. He's sworn a false oath, when he's taken the oath and said, I am better. I'm afraid that is a false oath. But I know in that also is a hidden wisdom of his piety. He would prefer to swear the false oath and repent from this oath, then embrace the responsibility and

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potentially tarnish himself and then perpetrate multiple offenses when he embraces the responsibility of Kadar Can you imagine the challenge for those listening to this back and forth discussion and debate here, each one of them proving the other one to be allied with air Sydney Amalia pronounce this Verde, in response to the comments proposed by passing a beneva bR even adding our third set in Romania mithila makaha, de Lucha de Rouen bill Cava Hurry up. It only takes a man of talent and skill to understand and unpack things with the final I like a you've done it. And if this is how you can read into it. Then for me, you are the man from Allah who Kava and bustle, and

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then he was given the post and the responsibility as the judge of Basra and what a judge indeed, my message in a nutshell is that the responsibility of position is very, very daunting as believers don't seek it. But if it is put upon you ask Allah to guide you that you can make a difference for the oma