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M Wiley coma and forsaken valetta smartone. Amina levina Nikita amin cabela Amina leadin Shaku as an Cathy ra were in the US Bureau at Taco in Delhi come in as mill more. So more so to focus on the first portion of the IR led to Bella Luna v m Wiley comm we're an fusi comb with absolute certainty with absolute certainty you will be tested in FY m Wiley comm in your wealth, your assets, your property, Wolfie unfussy calm and in your health and your lives. And in another verse of the Quran in the 17 Jews in Surah, al anbiya, Allah says, what not blue can be Sheree well hiree fitna and we will test you with ease and prosperity and difficulty and adversity. So either way, in fact, Satan

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Amaro the Allahu anhu used to say bulleen Habibullah for savarna bouboulina Bishara Philomena swear that Allah tested us in the initial stages with adversity we persevered. And then came the test of Allah with effluence and said, Now Amaro the Alon was Wordsworth, we could not persevere. And of course, that was modesty and humbleness on the path of honor of the Allahu anhu. Because if Omar could not persevere, then who can ever persevere if Amara vilano did not excelled in whoever excelled but the quotation does make us understand that the trial was effluence often is greater and more intense than the trial with adversity. Now listen to this profound reflection, which Allah

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necessary Rahim Allah writes in his seed under this ayah that Allah forewarned us Allah cautioned us Allah alerted us that you will be tested. What's the wisdom that Allah told us that you will be tested? Hopefully by the mean una beha liyu what the new and fusa whom Allah, the mighty man Samuel Kona mina shuddha id Hata de la cuchara wahoo Mustapha dual layer ohakune Maja Haku men to see bull* the two button he says hold me know that we had that legal what we knew and fossa Humala mlms a unicorn Amina shadow shadow shadow IT the believers were alerted in advance so that they could mentally emotionally religiously prepare themselves prepare themselves had a lacuna so that

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when they deal and they contend with this prior to marriage, you send people for marriage counseling, why not that you want to scare them, but when they have to contend with it? Well this is the reason I went for the workshop so that now when I'm dealing with it I was warned about this these are the inevitable challenges of married this is how it happens had that either like whoa whoa whoa whoa mystery dude, lie your Roku. Roku meant to see bull*.

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So, a believer will then not

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conduct himself like how an average regular common mortal would do that for him it comes as a surprise unintended suddenly why how what a believer will deal with it with respect maturity in a calculated way. So that is one quick reflection. We continue with the Hadees and we're going to touch inshallah, today on the aspect of raw and, and sovereign, and that is, you know, one is to persevere on an affliction, and one is to make peace with the affliction. So in in, in, in LA, you actually happy on the affliction because this is what Allah has intended for you. This is what Allah has intended for you, while in sobor. You don't blurt anything incorrect or you don't challenge the

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question, the authority of the Almighty, but within yourself, you are, you know, going through difficulty and that is also acceptable and it's fine. I will try and expound on that. We move on to the next Hadees in this regard, on the strength of Jabba the Allahu anhu Kala rasulillah his father Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam de Missa Nabi sallallahu wasallam said to Masai Ravi Allah and her letter should be an homage to the Hebrew papaya, Benny Adam, gamma use the Hebrew key rehobeth al Hadi raha Muslim, so the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to Masai Mara, the Allah Allah, do not curse fever, do not curse fever. Sometimes we say Oh, I got this nagging

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headache. I got the stubborn cough. I got the silly flu. I got this irritable pain, I got this stubborn fever we used and that's precisely Do not Do not you know use abusive language we sometimes say these things towards something which has become chronic something which is persistent.

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Something which is just not, you know, disappearing. Generally you have a period of time and then it disappears. But this has been a bit longer I finished to cause of antibiotics, etc.

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Let the soup be why the message and by the way, I just have a thought quickly. On a general note, you know, one is to say the silly flu, the nasty cough, the stubborn headache, etc.

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We make these

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comments and remarks and we don't realize the consequences. There's an incident mentioned by Abner Raja hanbali Rahim of a lion I read it in his writings, where once a person said, silly donkey. So sometimes you say, the stupid car or the silly phone? Oh, this this is this terrible network. Right? We all say it, we all say it. I'm not pointing fingers. But just to say to teach us that belief is we got to be so conscious of our appearance. So conscious, so calculated on what we add. And we need to audit ourselves. We need to audit ourselves. What did I say? How did I say was it correct, etc. And I just have a reflection on this quotation on the word laughter should be so I'm sharing it. So

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a person said that recently, Mr. Orr will be to the silly donkey this foolish animal for Carlos Ahuja. meenie miney Moe has an October Wakanda Sakaguchi Malema he has a twin October so now this statement was added the angel recording good doesn't want to capture the angel record in bed doesn't want to capture the angel recording good stands for reason. Silly donkey foolish mule. It doesn't have any noble connotation so I cannot capture this amongst his good deeds. The angel record in evil Well, it's not very pleasant. It's not palatable, but then again, does it constitute a crime and advice? No, not really. So this is now like you know what? suspended hanging here. Neither of the

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angels want to record it and of course Allah says Michael Phil boomin Colin Illallah de hiraki burn it. So the word love literally means to throw out to utter in Mantis to the whole batch of unfiled you study about the position of words and the formation and the construction of sentences. Love about yellowfin tuna young Federman Colin whatever you utter Illa de la Cubana it, but that there is a guardian and there's an angel that captures it for our Halla who for Oh Ha Allahu la casa hubbies shimelle Matata Casa La boulia Nina min Shang in October.

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So Allah then inspired the angel that records vice and wrong and Allah said that the screen in process will be done by the angel that records good. If he does not deem it to be a virtue automatically it gets captured in the account of bad wrong advice. Of course it will then be graded differently ultimately by the almighty because there will be different gradients Allah speaks about the occupants of hell, from Allah nano Allah mubin Latina whom Ola Bihar Celia, that in Cofer, they all will those that have this belief May Allah protect us And may Allah preserve our Iman and may we die with Iman. I mean you're a banana mean that there were those that had Kufa and they didn't have

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any other crimes and then there were those whether whom are murder mean don't either Malika Humala Milan welcome, madam Indonesia Delica hula ha Milan, in addition to cover, there was abuse, there was theft. There was, you know, a host of other crimes and vices. So Allah says we will even grade the occupants of hell. And to melanin Xia Nam in Cali. She attained a Johan as shadow Allah Rahmani Tia so just a word of caution there our tongue our tongue what they say in order to do that

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o'clock eight

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o'clock in Ghana or Nirvana Scott Allah tala coulda had the potential Takeda con sonica colicky

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o'clock eight o'clock a ganja character is a sharp character is a sharp or Zavon whose khattala hair and the tongue is the lock in the door to enter into the shop. Zavon job qilta hair when you open your unlock and a person speaks then you realize is this man selling gold or gold? Is this man selling gold or gold? o'clock dukane zemana scatola here. Zavon qilta pata chalta Hey kiddo can go lucky Hey so Nikki here and yet somebody else said we Allah blesses would see the sweetness of speech speech. k meetings avant la meetings avant valet key mirror Chevy Victor here jumpcut carvanha. CATIA had been EBITDA

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meetings of annually I can see my producer there, the back is also having a good laugh, and

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Good chuckle our good student Masha Allah May Allah preserve him with goodness. Amit is avant la la ke Mira Chevy big jetty hair jumpcut carries avant la la casa had been a victim. If your tongue is sweet, then people will also buy chilies from you. Because you know how to talk and you sweet you're polite, you're courteous you cordial. And on the other hand, if you are uncouth and uncultured, and you are abrupt and you don't have the necessary mannerism, then the likelihood is people won't even buy honey from you which by itself is sweet by its very nature is sweet. So just a word of caution on that word there is that lattice of Bay leave alone saying silly flu, nasty fever, nagging

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headache, irritable, cough, persistent pain, etc. You know, a believer these words shouldn't feature in our discussion at all. The famous Hadith that I often go where Satan Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu retorted to someone who was hurling nasty words to him. So Abu Bakr radi, Allahu retorted, retorted, and Nebula Sam said la en su de kala, kala horrible Kaaba si de la Cala horrible GABA, like Abu Bakr, Siddiq, the truthful, the honest, and then strong words unpleasant words, you simply cannot marry the two, you cannot reconcile the two, this dichotomy between the two this inconsistency? Those two, you know this noble quality and attribute of honesty cannot be married and tired and fed

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up with the trade of strong speech etc. May Allah protect us and grant us the understanding. So, the messenger sallallahu wasallam said to Masai Mara the Allahu anhu do not curse fever for it removes the sense of Bani Adam, in the manner in which the furnace removes the rust from iron and anything that can lighten our burden of sense is a plus for us. Anything that can get our unfortunately we have not appreciated how heavy sends us so Allah refers to sentence in the Quran as as weighty as a burden as colossal right.

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Set was illumio mal pm at the hem la voz de la or an evil indeed will be the load that they get a waka Latina cafaro de la Vina manual tiberiu Sabina what is normal hapa young woman won't be Hamelin amin hopper young woman she in a home like as a boon Milan as

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a scholar, scholar him a scholar is the plural of the word fatale. Right at times Allah says Latin 010 to withdraw a lotta zero nuff soon. Lotta zero was rotten, and no soul will carry the burden the weight of someone else. A companion came to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and he said, Oh, boo, bah, bah, bah. Like all these sins are just so weighty. They just so heavy on my back. They are so heavy. So nobody saw some said say a love of my mother Farah Tuco Suleiman zoobi Oh, my Lord, Your pardon is far more vast than my sense. What are the mean homily and your mercy is something I invest my hopes in more than your my actions. And the messages a lot of them said repeated and he repeated

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it and he said it twice, thrice. And he's alarmism said stand up. You have been pardoned you have been pardoned. So by a fever by a flu by a headache by a pain by discomfort. It's a form of expiation, atonement, and a cleansing process to rid us of our sins and our vices. Yet again another Hadith of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and a symbol of the Allahu anhu Clara Samaritan nebia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ayoko Allah subhanho wa Taala either patellae to Abu Dhabi hubby but a Masai Mara was to whom in Houma la Jana, you read Buhari, a famous Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam because everybody's test and affliction is different. Everybody's test and

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affliction is different. And I often say it's very naive and foolish to think that the next man has no problems because he doesn't have my problem. That is very very naive. You know what you married so you don't understand the challenges of being lonely? You know, your problems are trivial. Okay? You You married you have children you don't understand of not having children. Okay? You have children, you don't understand the challenge of having rebellious children, so each person magnifies and perceives his or her problem to be the ultimate. But the beauty is that in every situation in every situation, regardless of the nature of the test, or the trial or the affliction, gender is

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open and guaranteed for all he sallallahu wasallam said when I afflict my bondsman with his two beloved possessions, he then exercises patience, I grant him gender in lieu of it. Here it is meant the two eyes the two eyes

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a lot about debt companion Abdullah urbanization Abdullah behera the Allahu anhu, whose narration features in bubble as

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than in Babylon, right? And it's authentic, that when the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam passed away, then each Sahabi had this passion that I don't want to live beyond I want to ideally pass away before Nabi sallallahu, wasallam, or shortly thereafter, because the pain of imagining to live beyond was just too, too challenging, right? Again Subhanallah while that was the general condition, there was a Sahabi by the name of Martin being idea of the olana. And I read this in Buddha when he had this amazing passion. He said, as painful as it is to live beyond the demise of the Prophet sallahu wa sallam, I hope I can live beyond why Leo sadita who may attend kamasan Dr.

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Leo sadaqa, who may attend La ilaha illAllah La Ilaha just look at the thinking of Sahaba so that I can have the honor and the privilege of believing in the messenger sallallahu sallam, and following his dictates post his demise as I did it while he was alive. So that honor and that privilege and that challenge can only happen post the demise of the messenger sallallahu wasallam. So that was his particular motif in this regard. And then you had the Sahabi of oblateness at NAB, don't be here the Allahu anhu he said, Oh my Allah, I enjoyed the pleasure to look at you and obese and Allah Allah wa sallam, and now that he is gone, Oh Allah, I asked you claim back my vision for Kofi basara, who I

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remember the first time I read this narration in terms of remote start, which is one of the shadow heart of Mischka back in the days when we were studying, and subsequently I came across the narration elsewhere as well for cough basara, who his gaze was then seized. But that was he volunteered, he asked the Almighty Allah sees my vision, Allah sees my vision.

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It can only be a man that can take a person to this level. Yesterday, I was sitting with his sister, and I asked you to make it to alpha young sister who lost her husband, and sitting with the family, just like four or five days back, and she was just going through the motions and speaking through the last moments of her husband's passing on. And she said as we came to just about three, four days back, anticipating a death on a Friday, and I sat in his hospital room, and I was with him. And he said to me, he opened his eyes at 2am. He looked at me, he said to me, my beloved, you know, my ally is waiting for me. And I said, Yes, I know. And he said, you know, it's Friday has come and I said,

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Yes. And I said, Subhana Allah look at the courage of the sister as she is narrating the sequence of events. And then he started chatting something and then I said, Are you talking to me? And he said, No, I'm talking to medical mode. These were the words of the system. And then I comforted him and he made a gesture of salah and we started reciting universals of the Quran, and then very peacefully, he moved away into the next life in Allah he were in LA Raja own. So for a believe that it's a win win situation. It's a win win situation, again, on the Hadith of the loss of vision, the loss of vision. There is a narration that I had come across that Saudi Arabia workers who was known from the

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Mr. Jabu dharwad, one whose prayers were answered, and he himself makes mentioned that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam had told him that at the Met Thomas Kuhn, Mr. dabba dabba,

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dabba dabba that ensure what you eat is halal and pure and your prayers will be answered. I often quote that advice which is in Medina qutenza shall we say, the nanny or the loved one who had asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Mother asna olena Jatin FC, a prophet of Allah What can I do for the salvation of my soul? Now yours again, another quick point here. Generally when we have a prominent and erudite a learned scholar and people stare at the floor is opening us then we ask things that are irrelevant to our entry into agenda asks the things about your own dealings your own methods, you know, well this compromise my issues whenever a person would come to hakimullah, Rahim

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Allah, and he would want to take a spiritual allegiance, the first question or in the questionnaire that he would be asked, Is there any monies that are owed to anyone? Is there any inheritance goes sort out all your money related affairs before you can enroll you before you can enroll yet? Those are the elementary aspects. Now we would typically one typically want to know if either a Salaam is alive or not, and will perform optimally salatu salam nica and if I'm on the moon, which direction do I face? No. And these are the kinds of things that as you say, the gnarly asking the Prophet of Allah right and it's guaranteed and what's the question? Or maybe of Allah, what can I do for the

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salvation of my soul? What can I do and the prophet SAW symbol was Damilola cannon, whatever he added was comprehensive. He said, cool. Holla Allen.

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Cool Hello Ellen wakasa done it that which is pure and utter that which is true. So again, it comes back to the aspect of speech and the consumption of halaal society

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Have you ever thought about the young man who came to America and people lined up because he was Mr Jabu da. So people would say pray for my spouse, pray for my child, pray for my business, pray for this and he would pray and Allah tala will restore, you know, whatever people anticipated or grant them good and ease, but he himself had lost his vision. So Abdullah bin sarebbero, the Allahu anhu says, I took the opportunity, and I came up photography to LA. I then introduced myself to him out of money, he recognized me from my voice. And generally we know if a person is impaired in one organ that Allah subhanho wa Taala compensates it in another organ and a limb for that person. You know,

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what if he's visually impaired, his hearing faculties and abilities are much more advanced or his mind his cognitive abilities, etc, on a different level altogether? So he said and takari only MCE unto the famous party of Makkah. I said, Yeah, pretty much that's me. So I said, Oh, sorry, I didn't because Can I ask you a question? He said Go for it. He said I I asked you that Allah has given you the ability that when when you request Allah Allah answers your prayers and people have lined up in their numbers requesting you and you are graciously making an alliance accepting your dua on their behalf Why don't you ask Allah to restore your vision?

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Why don't you know you are blind like probably you need it yourself and you don't need to go elsewhere just ask yourself and it's done. And he said Baba will law he have boo la Ameen blood the bursary for me to be happy on the decree of Allah gives me a greatest sense of accomplishment, then to ask Allah to change what he has decided in my favor. And that brings me into the very profound discussion of the difference between Kaaba and Saba. So, in terms of Baba the nmsa, and there's a Hadith of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the law in the law, either a hubback Omen Abdullah whom the fellow who Riba woman Sahaba, that whenever Allah intends it, when Allah loves a

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nation, Allah tests them, the one who displays happiness on the test of Allah, then he receives the happiness of Allah, and whoever becomes unclean or displeased or angry with the decree of Allah, then Allah forbid, he becomes the recipient of the Roth and the anger of the Almighty. Yesterday, the sister was saying something to be so profound, and it's so fresh because it was just barely 24 hours. She said, because obviously her husband went through a very severe and intense

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cancer and chemo and radium, etc. And she said, towards the last two months, every day, I would just say to him, you know, promise me that you are happy with Allah promised me that you are happy promised me that you've made peace with the decree of Allah. And this is only a man statements of this can only be you, you cannot have a logical reconciliation. I mean, we've seen during the days of the Christ Church, and the end the mass murder, where people were pardoned in the perpetrator and actually empathizing on him. Like I feel him Sorry, I feel him sorry. Probably. He's not probably absolutely he's disturbed. He needs help. He needs intervention. How can you How can you possibly

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reconcile that statement on any level other than a man other than a man when when I came to the Prophet sallahu wa Salaam, a prophet of Allah I heard that my son has passed away. If he's in general Phantom abiti then I have nothing to cry. And if he's not in Jana, Bucky to manage to fit dunya then I will cry as long as I love because I want Allah to forgive him and grant him into tender and then the messenger Salah Sam said, Yamaha in algernon Nikita Saba dosa, Allah, that it's not a paradise, it's multiple and by the way, for the record your son is on the highest level of gender. So,

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the messenger sallallahu wasallam. In his daughters used to say as Alucard bah bah, bah bah, Allah I asked you favor me inspire me with happiness and submission and joy on your decree and your decision and there is a portion of duration in which he sallallahu wasallam said that to him, ALLAH hafiz Baba, he do not challenge or doubt Allah subhanho wa Taala in the decree that he has made in favor of his servant. Of course, it does not mean in rabaa al Qaeda, that we cannot adopt any forms of of precautions or medication, etc. So that is within the reason and within the realms of acceptance. But the thing is, you're not questioning and you're not challenging the decision of the Almighty.

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Yet again, Abu Dhabi Allahu anhu. used to say in the La Isla de la Cava and a hub in Yoruba behave. Any person as a father if I say something, I want my children to embrace it not challenging. As a manager. I want you know what the staff to oblige and complete

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When Allah pronounces a verdict, then Allah also once he servants to accept it and embrace it. In a verse of the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala says that and they bow to Allah, tala and what Callaghan and what Callaghan that you know happily and reluctantly. So the scholars under this I arrived that happily other believers and reluctantly when Allah decrees death when Allah decrees something unpleasant, whether you like it or not, you don't have a choice in it. So if you embrace it, then that that affliction becomes meaningful and becomes rewarding for you. And not to say that if you express displeasure, then that is a recipe for that particular challenge to be taken away in the 17

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Jews. Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about some people who accepted Islam. You know what, standing on the periphery standing on the boundary, standing on the edge woman a nassima jambu de la Hala harv Saba, Heitmann, Nabil if if after accepting Islam, they seen good ease prosperity, material growth. They said oh well Islam is great. This is amazing. Why in Sabah to fitna and if they were tested by a trial in Calabar, Li Hua Ji he turned on his face. So Allah says bye bye bye You been tested your world was being challenged and when you abandoned faith now you lost the letter as well. hasura dunya will Arthur now you are lose on both sides that eco who will Hassan will move in this

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is a manifest a destruction and then Allah says yet around lemon badru who acaba me naturally he abandons me and turns elsewhere. As if what I didn't give him someone else will give him yet the rule he supplicates lemon. I don't go into the details yet. When it comes to Allah Allah is nothing and bar. Allah has the ability to reward you Allah has the ability to punish you Allah can do anything and everything. But when it comes to anyone else, lemon baru roughly in reality, they don't have any strength or ability.

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allama Shabbir Ahmed osmani Rahim Allah right under this ayah that our La

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la la la la la, la la la la him cola. Don't they see that these objects cannot even reply. He writes and he says that they don't even possess human abilities nevermind the qualities of Allah. Anyway, time has lapsed. Yeah, just to mention again something or other the Alon who said that in the la de da de da de de la Roja will for affiliate

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with jalila hammer will first nephesh Shakti was Sati. That Allah by His grace and kindness has blessed comfort, peace, contentment in what? in having conviction in him and accepting his decree. And Allah has kept anxiety and depression in uncertainty and doubting the decision of the Almighty. And there is a mention of Ahmed Abdul Aziz Rahim Allah He used to say us back to Amalia surah Illa FEMA welcome Parvati. Well, Padre, I no longer have any desires because my desires conform with the desires of the Almighty. So whatever Allah subhanho wa Taala wills for me, I am happy with it. And just to you know, share quickly one two quotations here some of the Center for Salah hain say that

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100 Reba Tara Thank you una de Luna Hekmati. morbidelli What are Ratan udah Hey Luna Sahaba Reba, without Ratan EULA, hey Luna as mattala that those who are blessed with cada, it's not like they don't feel pain, but they reflect over the wisdom of Allah, Allah has his perfect wisdom in what he has done. So by virtue of that reflection, it makes them numb to that pain, it makes them numb to that pain, Allah just gives them in English, they say, we all are tested, some, some just have a different art of concealing their tests. We all are tested, some just have a different art of concealing their test. Some are just amazing in the manner in which they can conceal it. And when it

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comes to cyber, in cyber in essence, a person is is experienced in intense pain, difficulty challenges. As long as as long as then these are my closing words and takeaway reflection. It's perfectly fine to complain to Allah but not to complain about Allah. It's perfectly fine to complain to Allah. You can complain. We're in the history, Mohali mihara in Makati, maratea, Tehran, family melancholia, Allah I'm afraid who will take over the deen and I'm old and my wife is a bad bad and Allah you blessed me with a child. So Satan as a carrier painted the entire image etc. imploring Allah, complaining to Allah but not complaining about Allah. And of course those that have suffered

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Allah says in the manual for sabi Runa I drove home the lady is up. So Subhana Allah delay Vanessa April the Allahu anhu when he asked us about vision, someone who was tested in that regard, he said for me the decree of Allah I am happy where Allah has placed me. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala as is the prayer

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that may Allah grant us Rama Bella Cava happiness on the decree and the Divine Will of the Almighty, mineable alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad while early he was happy here tomorrow he will hamdulillah