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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim a common question that people ask is this world outright condemned in the eyes of Allah? Or is it correct for us to acquire it? What is the fine balance between the two? We look at a verse in the second Jews of the Quran, second chapter of the Quran verse number 180. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, If you die and you leave behind wealth, then it is obligatory for you to make a bequest. So under this idea it is mentioned katiba la comida hora de como como to interrupt a higher if you leave behind wealth in Uttarakhand, ma la unifi attack welcome in my poopy leaving behind assets, wealth and an empire does not go against the station of nobility provided you

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discharge the obligation, yet another verse of the Quran just 16 chapter 18 verse 84, Allah subhanho wa Taala says regarding Zulu coralayne, who was a pious ruler in Namah, Canada who fill out we had given him power and kingship on the earth, and we had blessed him with everything in biannual Kalani. It is written in fosu landmark hotel Casa in what Zulu Elijah had the Sultana lunenfeld come out, to acquire wealth to the extent of treasures and to acquire prominence to the extent of a kingdom does not go against the station of piety, provided you discharge the obligation. Your is one of the many obligations I present to you all my brother and my sister. In that same chapter, chapter

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18, verse number 94, Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the journey of the alternate, which the scholars say was most likely in the northerly direction, where he meets a group of people and they asked him Can you erect a defensive wall for us because Gorgon Magog invades here and they cause havoc here, Niger I know like a hot region, we will pay you we will give you some remuneration and compensation. And this pious ruler says Mama canovee here up behind my Allah has given me adequate, I will not take a dime from you. And that's my message as a doctor, oh, my respected brother, at least one patient a day help without taking the fee as a restaurant owner filled the belly of one

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person without taking money as a grocery owner, provide groceries for one person at least without taking money. And hopefully we can be resurrected amongst those people who have discharged the obligation of the wealth.