Children Around The Prophet 01 Introduction
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Series by Hesham Al-Awadi

Children Around The Prophet
Life Of Imam Bukhari
The Four Great Imams
Women Inspired By The Beloved
Yusuf AS

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About Hesham Al-Awadi

Dr Hesham Al-Awadi was born in Kuwait and educated in the United Kingdom. He completed his BA, MA, MPhil and PhD in the field of Middle Eastern Politics and History, in various British universities including the University of Cambridge and Exeter.

He also has a Diploma in Islamic Studies from the Institute of Islamic Studies, Cairo.

He was a lecturer of Middle Eastern History for graduates and undergraduates at George Washington University in the United States, and at Exeter University in the United Kingdom. Currently, he is a professor of history at the American University of Kuwait.

He is an author of numerous books and produced audio albums including: Children around the Prophet: How Muhammad Raised the Young Companions (2005), Women Inspired by the Beloved (2007) and The Four Great Imams (2004).

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