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Ahmad Jibril – Tawheed 1

Brief Introduction Knowledge is acquired slowly and surely. Ibn Shihab’s statement on taking knowledge in a lump sum. Be patient if matters get difficult. Alkhateeb Albaghdady narrates the story of the man who seen water dripping on a stone. Becoming a student of knowledge has its own procedure. 3 levels of studying from a teacher … Read more

Ahmad Jibril – Tawheed 2

Bismallah Do we say Bismallah or Bismallah Alrahman Alaraheem Who is Allah Definition Sole title for Allah (no similar in even merely the name Root/origin of the name. How Allah SWT uses RAB and ALLAH SWT in the story of Musa AS Allah SWT is the only name when called in duaa you use (Alf) … Read more

Ahmad Jibril – Tawheed 3

Intro to the importance of “ilm” It’s mentioned with it’s variations over 779 Verses in 2:30-34 – Adam AS and Ilm. Some of the verses that mention messengers and knowledge “ilm” the 2nd most popular word with it’s variations in the Koran after Allah SWT Characteristics of any leader is that he has knowledge. Reason … Read more

Ahmad Jibril – Tawheed 4

Definition of wajib Difference between Wajib and Fard Opinion of the marjoity (Shafeey, Malik, Ahmad in one narration) Opinion of Abu Hanifah and Ahmad in another narration. Proofs for each opinion and selected opinion Fruit/result of this dispute Did the author mean wajib according to the Hanify school of thought or that of the majority … Read more

Ahmad Jibril – Tawheed 5

1st matter of the four introductory matters 1. Knowledge { Knowing Allah, Prophet and Religion} 1) Order of mentioning knowing Allah, Prophet  and religion and Knowing Allah, religion and prophet 2) Knowing Allah, Prophet and religion with proof Definition of proof: Textual and intellectual proof  The dispute among scholars pertaining to the belief of a … Read more

Ahmad Jibril – Tawheed 6

2) Acting on Knowledge  Al-Shatiby: The main goal for knowledge is that it is means to worship Allah and every knowledge that does not benefit action there is nothing in shariah to indicate that its praise worthy.  Knowledge results in heart or physical acts. Knowledge is different than acting. Merely having knowledge does not necessarily … Read more

Ahmad Jibril – Tawheed 7

Calling people to it Calling people to what? What does the dameer (pronoun) refer to? Is Dawah Fard Ayn (personal obligation) or Fard Kifayah (Communal obligation)? Should one leave dawah until he fully becomes knowledgeable? Danger of speaking about Allah with no knowledge.

Ahmad Jibril – Tawheed 8

Continuation of the 3rd of 4 introductory principles (DAWAH) Being in a setting where there is sins that you can avoid is not justification for dawah! Proofs from the Quran and Sunnah on the noble task of Dawah Love that the Prophet Sallah Allahu Alyahi Wasalam had for Dawah and his agony over the message … Read more

Ahmad Jibril – Tawheed 9

You must implement good manners, be lenient, gentle and wise in Dawah. Just as dawah should be lenient (at times) it could be the wisdom to be harsh ta’neeb. It is exceptional but it is part of dawah one cannot deny. Difference between (Mudaraahمداراة) and (Mudahanahمداهنة) in dawah, Examples of our Salaf in Dawah.

Ahmad Jibril – Tawheed 10

Patience refers to all 3 principles previously mentioned more so to the last one because when one embraces dawah that’s when he begins to get harmed. Patience to a Daieh is essential: Patience is a like a steed that does not stumble Undefeated army Undemolishable fortress What do u get out of patience? They will … Read more