Ahmad Jibril – Tawheed 37

Isti’aadhah and Istighaathah 1. The worship of Al-Isti’aadhah. Definition Forms/types of Isti’aadhah with proof Is it permissable to say I seek refuge in Allah SWT (and then) in you? Proof for Isti’aadhah 2. The worship of Al-istighaathah Definition of Istighaathah Forms/types of Istighaathah with proof Proof for Istighaathah The difference between Istighaathah, Isti’aadhah, and Isti’anah … Read more

Ahmad Jibril – Tawheed 36

The Ibadah (worship) of Isti’anah Definition and meaning of Isti’anah 6 Forms of Isti’anah 1. Isti’anah from Allaah Subhanu Watala 2. Isti’anah from a creation (Halal vs. Haram) 3. Isti’anah from a creation in something they can’t do, but not in matters that are hidden or unseen. 4. Isti’anah from a creation: a) who is … Read more

Ahmad Jibril – Tawheed 35

The Ibadah of ‘Inabah The meaning of ‘Inabah: Linguistic/Sharee meanings The relationship to Tawbah ‘Inabah entails istiqamah ‘Inabah requires other heart ibadat like (love, fear and hope). ‘Ibadat of the heart are intertwined and need each other. The importance of ‘Inabah Inabah is so essential that it’s considered part of establishing the deen Ibn Al … Read more

Ahmad Jibril – Tawheed 34

Ibadaat of: .Raghbah  Rahbah  Khusoo  Khashyah 1. Raghbah: Fervent Desire Definition How Raghbah affects Ibadah along especially when combined with Rahbah and Khusoo: The Amputation story. How Raghba affects Duaa Proof 2. Rahbah: Special and Prolonged Fear Definition Difference between regular fear (Khawf) and (Rahbah) Linguistic meanings of (Rahbah) and how they relate to the … Read more

Ahmad Jibril – Tawheed 33

Hope (Rajaa’) & Reliance (Tawakkul) The Third Ibadah : Al-Rajaa (Hope) Proof: “Whoever hopes to see His Lord and be rewarded by Him, then let him make his worship correct and make it purely and sincerely for Him; and let him not make any share of it for anyone other than Him” Definition of Rajaa’. … Read more

Ahmad Jibril – Tawheed 32

Fear (Khowf) The evidence: “So do not fear them, but fear Me and beware of disobeying Me, if you are truly Believers” Definition of fear Two methods of proofs for ibaadat. Reviewing the verse the author used as proof for Khowf Types of fear (4 types) 1.  Natural Fear 2. Prohibited fear Explanation Being forced … Read more

Ahmad Jibril – Tawheed 31

The Author said: “And from that is invocation/supplication (du’aa)” In the hadeeth there occurs: “Invocation is the core of worship” The hadith is classified as weak, however there is a similar hadith that is authentic. Inspirational short talk on the importance of making Duaa Amazing explanation of the verse”And when My slaves ask you (O … Read more

Ahmad Jibril – Tawheed 30

Tafseer and overview of the verses the author used: 1. “And from among His Signs are the night and the day, and the sun and the moon. Prostrate yourselves not to the sun nor to the moon, but prostrate yourselves to Allah Who created them, if you (really) worship Him” 2. “Indeed your Lord is … Read more

Ahmad Jibril – Tawheed 29

The proof is “All praise is for Allah, the Lord of all creation.” Word for word tafseer of (All praise is for Allah, the Lord of all creation.) Everything besides Allah is a created being and I am one of the creations So if it is said to you: “How did you arrive at this … Read more

Ahmad Jibril – Tawheed 28

So if it is said to you: What are the three principles which a person must know? Then say the servants knowledge of His Lord Why he presented the issue in Q & A format? He also started with a general statement on the three principles then went specific. So if it is said to … Read more